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  1. Both captains have real merit, Ballista can play a better "scrum" game with harry and colossus and can put a forward a really resilent game. Pin Vice can score very fast and can also kill players with a bit of set up, I have seen plenty of single captain Pin Vice in recent tournaments. I think with Thresher being released and just being able to delete models like Pin Vice, Midas and Filet we could see more double captain return.
  2. I think one thing Filet does that Ox doesn't is threatens the ball, while also threatening takes outs (multiple in fact) over 2 turns. That, the Ice Sponge change, Shank change AS well as Union changes I think feels like why play Ox, when you threaten take outs well enough with Filet and and easy win 2 goals, 2 take outs which Filet can actively help with. So maybe it isn't so much that Ox is bad, just filet is better? That said with Thresher hitting the pitch soon (Who just destroys players like Midas & Filet without trying to hard) we could see Ox rotate back in for that match up. I still don't think in games where people want to brawl (Hammer Masons, Tapper Brewers etc) oOx does so badly anyway.
  3. I mean.. Micheal decided to play Butchers on the day of Vengeance and then went 6-1 and placed 4th out of 116 people. I don't think anyone can realistically say Filet, <Mascot> vBrisket, vOx, <Other 2 players, like Meathook, Boar, Boiler> is in any, any, any way a bad team. Not only that but Butchers are in the top 4 for win % so far in season 3 from BO. To quote a nerdy Shakira "Those Statstics don't lie"
  4. This weekend is the fiances birthday, or I would of been all over this. Keep me informed on the next one!
  5. @kryzak Sorry I didn't mean to appear snobby, or anything like that. I meant moving from a player who finishes you know 7th-2nd to 1st. Really appreciate everyone's advice though, will keep all this in mind and start the note making!
  6. Really solid advice so far, thanks all. Keep it coming!
  7. I use little yellow glass beads, mega clear how many you have. I don't mind those wooden dials.. but man I have 0 idea how many VPs/MPs my opponent is on without staring at it very close.
  8. Hi guys. My names Aaron Wilson, I'm not a bad player and I've played table top games for about 11 years now. Once Vengeance is added to the rankings I should be placed around 50-60th on Black Orifice. I wanted any advice you can give a player who is fairly average wanting to become one of the better in the game, how to get there? Is it just raw practice or is there some things which you've found personally have really helped.
  9. I have a event planned for June, July, 2 in september and UK Nationals in August.. let's keep this ball rolling.
  10. After speaking to my local gang I've decided to add in Crucible in place of Flask.
  11. I suppose I could plop in Venin for Flask, I was being greedy and I'm not a massive fan of Venin my self. I could see Venin being somewhat useful with his 4/2 and good chance at retrieving the ball in some situation useful though. Thanks guys.
  12. http://rtoahb.blogspot.co.uk/…/git-gud-well-im-going-to-try… Get Gid? Well I'm going to try to! Check out the latest article on RTOAHB where I talk about my goals and aspirations for this year of Guildball.
  13. Couldn't agree with Henry more. I think another has to be said about the nature of the game - I turned up Vengeance with Engineers, Dan turned up with fish. The day before I nearly coined flip into playing Alchemists or Fish, Dan went with morts. I spoke to a loooot of people who coined fliped and changed there team last minute.
  14. I don't understand that point though. I can still play Alchemists and win best in guild for that limited edition model? Are you proposing that only some guilds have best in guilds, or the less popular guilds have better prizes?
  15. Vengeance has prizes for best in guild.