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  1. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    Right that's it! Give yourself a warning!
  2. Looking for Blackheart

    PM me if you have a bog standard, unpainted metal Blackheart for sale. UK please. It's such a shame that he's not sold seperately! Cheers. I have a few bits and pieces that I could potentially swap. Butchers and brewers mostly.
  3. Hunters have too many 2" melee zones

    I don't even know what that means. My point is that every guild has something that the others don't. Hunters have little 2" melee, I understand that, but then they seem to be designed to be slightly below the curve. If that's not acceptable to you then maybe it's time to try another guild.
  4. Hunters have too many 2" melee zones

    Which team has the most bears and snowballs?
  5. newb strat qssss

    This has come straight from the monkey himself, so it must be true! A really intelligent talking monkey at that!
  6. Season Four Solthecian Player

    There's got to be a mascot on the cards surely? Brisket is the only captain that doesn't have one as far as I'm aware!
  7. New player in Wiltshire, UK

    This thread resulted in a game last Friday evening. Rage Union took on and beat Tapper Brewers 12-8. The two goals were scored by Rage and Decimate, both the takeouts were inflicted by Decimate. Much fun was had and a rematch is on the cards forthwith! Friday scored for the Brewers and then ate a retaliatory beasting. A couple of players got taken out including Fangtooth who got mullered by a combination of Spigot, Stave and Hooper.
  8. Veteran Fillet?

    She lured Meathook in.
  9. New player in Wiltshire, UK

    Hi, I live just outside Chippenham, between Chippenham and Calne. Could give you a game if you fancy.
  10. Season 3 Tactics for a Noob

    Growing up fast, mate. How's your good lady doing currently? Do you have Vassel? We could get a game on there, although to be fair I don't know how to use it. Nobs was going to show me how but I never got round to it.
  11. Season 3 Tactics for a Noob

    Yes, things are great, how about you?
  12. Season 3 Tactics for a Noob

    Evening! Nobby is the undisputed master mason but I haven't seen him around for ages. See if you can get hold of him.
  13. Blacksmiths Theme Song

    The lute arrangement though, right?
  14. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    If you can't refrain from personal attacks then I shall be forced to issue you a warning!