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  1. When I first picked up the Brewers, I was surprised that they didn't have access to any movement and/or damage buffs that were triggered by drinking (poison) - perhaps limited by the randomness of a D6 roll? (1-2 = no bonus, 3-5 = +1 damage, 6 = 2 damage and a +2 damage buff?)
  2. A badass goalie Captain could be fun.
  3. The Brewers' main problem is that they shine in the late game, as Steamforged intended them to do. I do not, however, think "late game" was originally intended to be Turn 3.
  4. Except that 4 or 5 Armor lasts for one attack.
  5. It's amazing how much I continue to miss the 2HP recovery on Esters Heroic. I found it freed up the Brewers to use their Heroics as intended. I think I find that nerf more mystifying than Tapper's.
  6. After the recent NYT article, I suspect Fresno is going to get the first SteamCon USA.
  7. "Not to be rude," eh? The rest of that sentence paints a decidedly different picture. And I would argue that taking joy in competition and being a "partciularly competitive (sic) minded player" are two entirely different things. As for the rest of your post, I doubt there's much that can be typed that would be of any interest to you. Thanks for the contribution, though.
  8. Except he has no counterattack because of 1) 2" melee and 2) no Momentum, right?
  9. How can Stave ruin T1 goal runs? In my experience, he's the Brewer my opponents are hoping I use for the kickoff!
  10. I faced off for the first time against the Brewers yesterday in our local Figo league. I went with a weird lineup of Esters/vSpig/Mash/Friday/Scum/Harry (leaving Stave, Stoker and Pintpot on the bench) whilst my opponent fielded Tapper/Hooper/Pintpot/Stoker/Scum/Gutter while benching Esters, Stave and oSpig. I received and (as usual) left myself open for a T1 tackle, thereby eliminating any early advantage I might have held. I managed to get 3 Takeouts and a Scum goal (I don't think I've scored a goal with someone other than Scum or Greed in S3 - yes, that's how bad I am at this game!) before falling to a final Gutter goal to bring the final to 10-14. Geez, vSpig continues to feel pointless to me. As does footballing in general, so I suppose that goes without saying. Esters sans healing really hasn't clicked with me yet. Mash spends zero time as a goal threat, and desperately tries to make a nuisance of himself long enough to allow for some Takeouts. Scum is my lone bright point, and I can't seem to get the ball back effectively with Friday. In short, I completely lost sight of my game plan - I Goaded zero times, chickened out and did not bring Stave in, and generated a negligible goal threat for the majority of the game. The score may indicate otherwise, but I was thoroughly outplayed from beginning to end. I'm starting to think that making any other roster choices other than maximizing the amount of 2" melee every time is silly - maybe that's just this guild, but perhaps it's the whole game of Guild Ball. Lots of mistakes, obviously, from player selection to positioning to activation order. A frustrating outing overall.
  11. I was eliminated from contention in our local Figo League, which can only mean one thing... Stave returns to the pitch! He pretty much guarantees a loss, but they're often fun ones!
  12. Still no news on this, eh? I know it's still nearly 8 months away, but inquiring minds want to know. And make plans.
  13. Were you able to sell these?
  14. Even if his barrels natively created an AOE of Rough Ground? Just a weeeee little buff!
  15. I fail to see how half a page of definitions in the rulebook that make positional keywords already on the player cards into playable options constitutes "rules bloat," but maybe I'm also keen on the brainstorming possibilities of this post.