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  1. SFG will do their part to grow the game, and we'll all praise/bash those choices here. Altering gameplay for the sole purpose of increasing sales (as opposed to altering gameplay in order to create a better play experience, which will then hopefully generate more sales) seems dangerous to me, though. It's hard to accept for some, but much of the growth of the game depends on us. I love a game at home as much as anyone, but I still try to get out to my local FLGS and play, because every time I do, someone stops by and asks about it. Every time. I'll then take a break from the game and tell them more about the game, in-store events, and how to connect with local players (we use a private FB group). I'm working on creating opportunities to play in public elsewhere, as well, because 1) it's fun to play in new places and 2) it gives even more people the chance to be exposed to the game. SFG has given the game some amazing tools to make itself known - Kick Off! being one on the best, but also incorporating sportsball into the core design of the game. If we as players do not use these tools, or if we present negativity as being a core component of the local playgroup, people will stay away, and the longevity of the game will be affected.
  2. I was a huge fan of Esters (and the Brewers) in S2, but, with the healing removed from her Heroic, I just haven't been able to find a niche for her. I think a tweak is in order - upping her Max Inf to 6 (via Tactical Advice: Quaff?) and/or lowering her access to >> could bring her back to the table.
  3. Can B&G's auras be combined (with a friendly positioned in between them) to extend the range of Grace's Quick Foot to 19"?
  4. Forgive me if this has been asked/answered elsewhere, but can B&G's auras be combined (with a friendly positioned in between them) to extend the range of Grace's Quick Foot to 19"?
  5. I should have clarified that such changes to TNs would require some model stat adjustments. This was a quickly thought-out idea, and one that became increasingly intriguing as I attempted to fit an array of options into a d6 system. I think a similar argument has been brought up elsewhere when it comes to model design - is there enough viable statistical space in a d6 system for the amount of subtle variances in Guild Ball? Perhaps there is only sufficient statistical space for two TNs for goal shots - 4s for Tap Ins, and 5s for regular shots. The 3/4 system has always seemed a bit too easy to me. As for the rest of your response, equating 70/80% with "pure luck" and dismissing the notion as purely a means of addressing skill disparity are both weak arguments.
  6. Using Shark as an example: Under current rules: Shark has a 93.8% chance of success on a regular shot, and a 68.8% chance at a Snap Shot. (96.9%/81.3% w/ Bonus Time.) Under the modified system I outlined above: Tap Ins: 93.8% chance of success on a shot during his activation, and a 68.8% chance at a Snap Shot. (96.9%/81.3% w/ Bonus Time.) Shot: 80.2% chance of success on a shot during his activation, and a 40.7% chance at a Snap Shot. (86.8%/53.9%) Long Shot: 51.8% chance of success on a shot during his activation, and a 13.2% chance at a Snap Shot. (59.8%/19.6%) To me, this makes kick stats more relevant (# of dice = kicking accuracy, and Max Kick Distance = Strength of Kick) and more closely resembles sports-like attempts at scoring. And it significantly increases the relevance of defense via negative modifiers. I suspect it would also create a significant amount of design space, as well. Would there be more chance in the game? Absolutely. Such odds are still well within reason and control of the coaches, though. EDIT: And the great thing about the number 12 is how easily 2,3 and 4 fit into it.
  7. What if the TNs for shots on goal were (further) altered to reflect distance? Tap Ins = Shots taken from <=3" = TN of 4 Shots = Shots taken from >3 and <=6 = TN of 5 Long Shots = Shots taken from >6 = TN of 6 Snap Shots still require 2 results within the system above. The Momentum requirements for both Shots and Snapshots remain the same. Leave the points awarded as is, but create more risk for committing models deep into enemy territory in order to get better dice/shot odds.
  8. That was my point. Take Outs, in my opinion, have been over-shadowed (and over-marginalized) by Goals. As much as the healing capabilities of these two models are missed, they likely had to go in order to allow TOs to remotely possible/viable. When I say that Hemlocks and Esters feel incomplete without that healing, I was suggesting that they need something to replace it.
  9. I've said the same of Esters - as much as I feel that she is somehow incomplete with the changes made going into S3, how much worse would the Goals vs Take Outs situation be if she still had her healing?
  10. When I first picked up the Brewers, I was surprised that they didn't have access to any movement and/or damage buffs that were triggered by drinking (poison) - perhaps limited by the randomness of a D6 roll? (1-2 = no bonus, 3-5 = +1 damage, 6 = 2 damage and a +2 damage buff?)
  11. A badass goalie Captain could be fun.
  12. The Brewers' main problem is that they shine in the late game, as Steamforged intended them to do. I do not, however, think "late game" was originally intended to be Turn 3.
  13. Except that 4 or 5 Armor lasts for one attack.
  14. It's amazing how much I continue to miss the 2HP recovery on Esters Heroic. I found it freed up the Brewers to use their Heroics as intended. I think I find that nerf more mystifying than Tapper's.