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  1. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Stunning Mate (:
  2. Season 3 line up

    I would prefer a Metal release but there Is a chance
  3. Spigot vs VSpigot

    I agree with you, I would find It hard not using Normal Spigot. Vet Spigot still buff Friday DEF, he Is still Spigot (:
  4. Solthecian team members?

    It was put on the miniature but In the Fluff, he keeps It hidden. At one of the seminars at Steamcon, Sherwin (Writter) said It will be an Issue for him when the Brewers find out that they have member that doesn't drink.
  5. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Lovely Commission work by your good self (: I'm very pleased!
  6. I paint mine In their Guild Colours, they look better (:
  7. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    To be fair I thought It was one of the weaker sculpts for Mascots but I love It when I painted It and so far haven't used Princess because I like It too much! An awesome Job buddy (:
  8. Veteran Ox confirmed

    Where Is this Spoiler?
  9. New Union Captain

    I couldn't agree more!
  10. Pintpot

    I think he will be very good and unique (:
  11. Dear Steamforged, A Blogpost

    This ^^ I thought they would of had one after the Singled Out Episode
  12. Pintpot

    Because he Is a Drunk Brawler with a Knife, his arms will be swinging around but he doesn't have a big weapon, same sort of reason Bonesaw Is on a huge base when he Is average size.
  13. The competitive Hunters problem

    They would be putting the Hardback Rulebook together now, my guess that the Playtesting would of been finished by beginning of this year. They said at the Keynote not all Guilds will be getting the same model count and that was put to the guy who said about Hunters lacking players at the moment. I think they will get a second Captain, Mascot and a Veteran.
  14. The competitive Hunters problem

    I think they will be April, that will be a year since their release so a nice anniversary release (: