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  1. No Confirmation but he Is placed In the middle of the art same as all the other Captains In their Guild pictures. We will know for sure when the Rulebook drops next month, can't wait (:
  2. Maybe but I can see her going back to the Masons
  3. Honour Is the Farmers Coach, Injured and Isn't a player It would seem. The other Farmer Captain art got seen In the book that comes with the Kick Off! set, It was a grey haired man with a Scythe.
  4. Looks great buddy!
  5. I love Ash vs Evil Dead Tv Series, I can see the Influence In that mini (:
  6. WOW (: That Is the best I've have seen!
  7. Different rules on here then FB, Please do thanks
  8. Can not put up cards of unreleased miniatures Its against the Forum rules
  9. This ^^ (:
  10. I am Longshank for my second Big League and the end of the day the final decision Is on the Longshank to rule and run as he see Is good for his Big League. So bring It to his attention and see what he says.
  11. I'm very Impressed (: They are an Improvement on the Kick Off! plastic of what I can see I love some Information on the Lecture too (:
  12. That Is quite the humorous post lol
  13. If they are Official Tournaments they start at 16 player which Is Four Rounds, I don't think at least In the UK you see smaller than that. Four round Events Is what I started at, normally have two rounds then lunch then the last two, I didn't find It too taxing (: Some Pundits run open days which, once a month things that people turn up to play Casual games, I would get In contact with your local Pundit and ask.
  14. In one of the first Interviews with Mat he mentioned another Merc Guold to do with the Church, Its coming full circle
  15. Me too, they are the player I'm most looking forward to In S3!