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  1. lol Cheers Mate (:
  2. That Is up to your Longshank but In my Big League, he Isn't available for Loan now, only for the Farmers.
  3. Great write up Chris (: I had planned trying out A&G, tomorrow against vRage with Skatha, with Fast Ground they can score with less INF than normal, It will be an option to close the game.
  4. That Is Beautiful and great to see you painted GB stuff again (:
  5. Not at the Q&A, they didn't mention a General Release but you never know
  6. At the moment you need to buy the book for the Fluff
  7. Are they Related?
  8. This Topic Is about discussion of the S3 Fluff, so how will that be defeating the purpose!
  9. Looking Good Buddy (:
  10. That Is so Beautiful! (:
  11. What part of It?
  12. Cheers (: I'm very Stubborn so will set time to paint and nothing stops that lol Thank You Mate (: