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  1. It was Just me taking a Picture of the Quote about Stoker and Saying I calling the Blacksmiths as the Mystery Guild
  2. I think the Mystery Guild Is defo the Blacksmiths because of the Quote and called It on Twitter on Saturday (: I think they will of course a unique mechanic or condition to set them apart but I do think they will have some Fire based abilities
  3. Yes! Such an Awesome story buddy (:
  4. That my thoughts too!
  5. They will be Pure Guild and won't play for any other Guild
  6. Great Interview Dude, very original questions (:
  7. They wasn't winding us up, that Is the reason the put It In the Cabinet, so they would have something Leak and create a buff on Social Media. Since most of the stuff In the S3 book has already been seen.
  8. He Is a new Player Called Lucky, a Dual Guild player for the Brewers and Masons, me and other got told at Salute today by Loxam and Mat (:
  9. They need to put It on the Collected Spoilers section or It will be taken down
  10. I will be Just taken down, not released from a official source, go check out the Facebook Supporters page .
  11. Salute, Is a one day Event and doesn't start Until Tomorrow (Saturday) GMT
  12. A Planter Lineup doesn't really do anything, they are all about putting out Harvest Tokens so will be a bit Rubbish, you need Reapers who lack INF so It balances out.
  13. Been working out myself I think max with Farmers player Is 15 INF but with Harvest Tokens could be a lot more (: SF said In an Interview, Farmers won't have access to Union.
  14. Great write up Chris (: Will be focusing on the new Hunters myself for the time being.