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  1. Guild Ball in plastic

    They said at SteamCon that the plan was all new Guilds would be In Plastic In their starter box and come with cardboard tokens.
  2. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Its a good Theory and been confirmed early on with Bonesaw (:
  3. Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    I made that mistake once lol but at least It was a casual game.
  4. Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    I love Ester she Is my Number one Captain (: You can't Bag of Quaffers, Ester she Is a Captain.
  5. Kill the Ball

    I play Footballing Brewers, the Ball Is a Resource and killing the ball normally removes a useful tool to your side. I play with Mash, Friday and vSpigot with Ester's Buffs they make great Strikers and nearly every game I get at two Goals and some times three Goals (:
  6. Maurice's Brewers @ Games & Stuff 2/18

    No It can't Its Allocate not Gain INF
  7. This Is Tied to player's TieBreak Number? Didn't you say this to Jamie P on Twitter, If so what did he say again?
  8. Where are you getting the Win Percentage from the Rankings?
  9. Of bases and weights

    Mat Hart Is one of the Creators of GB, which Isn't me lol I ask him at SteamCon about the move to Plastics
  10. Of bases and weights

    They have gone on the Record saying the Farmers won't be avalible In Metal. I'm hopeful for the future, I hope It won't dip In detail or quality, Mat Hart Is a top painter so he wouldn't either.
  11. Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    If you could generate Boombox from a Playbook that would be so broken, you could get off five shots of and 20 Damage lol
  12. How to make Theron awesome?

    Hunters are not designed to be bunched up In my opinion, so Momentous Inspiration would be a bad design mechanic for them, they would become a gun line. I think with Sunstrike they tried to do some unique, so they could use BotSF from range Character Plays but I agree It doesn't quite work maybe If It was 0 INF but OPT. I think Theron having 2" Melee Is too much and not In the design of the Character, SF said that 2" Melee Is suppose to be a rare thing and that Is why a few player lost It like Decimate and Hemlocke with Erratas. I feel Theron Is a below average Captain and I do think he needs a rework maybe something at the end of S3. I'm so looking forward to getting the Heralds of Winters Moon, I think they will be what the Hunters need, I think Hunters have some great players but are let down by Theron.
  13. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    I doubt any Store has them, Preorders from the SF Store haven't been sent and the are not out until next week.
  14. Butchers!

    Use an Imagine Hosting Site and Insert other media (: