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  1. First Tournament with Cogs...

    Don't try to play like Fish with them. They are good at football but don't have showboats. The team works best with all the parts working together. If you need an alternative striker with good melee use Decimate. I love Mainspring into Butchers, though. A 1 influence battery with a 3/8 kick (pass) for free. Good for PV's legendary turn and park him 4" from the goal as a snap shot turret.
  2. 2 names on Longshanks.

    Thanks for the help @RedSam
  3. 2 names on Longshanks.

    I have 2 names on Longshanks. What can I do to combine them? I want both of my wins on the same identity.😂
  4. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    I have also had success with Colossus kicking off near the edge. Both with PV and Ballista. Takes a chance on the ball going over the edge but you basically dare the other player to come get it. If they do you can knock them off the edge with UA, but more often than not they see that trap and kick and dodge back in. But then they have used their momentum from kicking the ball first activation. Janky but it sometimes works. Goal pressure is better though.
  5. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    I have success kicking off with Velocity and with Pin Vice. By that I mean I like the goal pressure they both provide and they have a high enough defense that attacks and character plays are not going to easily hit. I have also kicked off with Mother. That brings a whole new dynamic to goal pressure. Not to mention the fact they don't dare leave the ball free after first activation.
  6. Charging across Minefield with 5 health

    Thank you all. I figured that was it, but since those paragraphs didn't specifically mention this case I wanted to make sure. I thought that was the case because of discussion regarding the old crazy Greede being done in by a counter attack pretty easily. We played it that way so I don't owe my son an apology. Lol.
  7. Fahad charges Ballista who has minefield up and takes 4 damage. Ballista declares a counter. Does Fahad get to use Take a Breather before Ballista's counter?
  8. Charging across Minefield with 5 health

    How we played it. But do you have a reference?
  9. Charging across Minefield with 5 health

    But can he before the counter attack?
  10. Engineers v Farmers

    Total theory ball having never played Farmers, but I am thinking all ranged pushes to disrupt their positioning. Deadbolt, Unexpected Arrival, even bringing Locus with Destructive Impulse. Then Knockdowns, though difficult against some lineups, would be useful. Just my first 2 cents since I haven't made an in-depth study of Farmers.
  11. Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    I have told my two straight misses with PV and OVelocity with 9 dice total several times. A couple days ago I had Ratchet kick to Pin Vice on the wing 6" from the edge and he missed. The ball scattered off the pitch then straight to OGraves. Who then scored from Tap-In range. That's how my Cogs rolls go.
  12. Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    And miss about 3/4 of the time. I have notoriously bad luck on easy kicks.
  13. Kick to space touching an obstruction

    Thanks. How I figured it.
  14. A model is in base contact with an obstruction and wants to kick to his Guild mate but the mate is just out of his kick range. Can the model kick to space across the obstruction or will the ball just stop next to him because of least disturbance? I suspect it's the latter reading rules as written. Rules for game balance don't always have to make real world sense.
  15. Defensive Stance with <2 def

    Man I stink at search fu. Thanks @Intergalactic Slacksand @TimW. Much appreciated.
  16. A basic question I'm sure has been answered before but I can't find it. If Brick is hit by screeching banshee it doesn't drop him to 1+ but adds a die. If he does def stance on the charge does he raise his def to 3+ or does the extra die go away for the charge?
  17. Learning Engineers

    Yes. It will be sometimes. Engineers aren't called Cogs for no reason. They have to work to set up plays. Sometimes first turn goals work fine. But after that you usually require a setup. But because we have a bit more control than Fish we can be fairly certain of the ability to do so if we are careful. Welcome to the Evolution.
  18. Cage ball vs. Vet Rage

    I usually play Engineers and was still caught by surprise. My first mistake was positioning too close to the edge. I specifically chose Colossus and Hoist for the UA threat and ignored it. I chose Mainspring for inf efficiency. Looks like I chose well.
  19. Cage ball vs. Vet Rage

    I loaned my Ballista, Colossus, Hoist, and Mainspring to my friend to play Cage Ball. I brought V Rage, Gutter, Harry and Strongbox. I kicked off with Gutter. He Deadbolted Gutter right away. Nothing I could do to pick her up other than burn her move. Not near anyone even at the end of the turn. Harry threw a Molotov in the way of Colossus and Hoist. That's the only reason I didn't lose first round. Second round Colossus charged Harry and knocked him down and singled him out, then Hoist borrowed UA from Colossus and charged Harry, knocking him off the table. Mainspring shot the ball to Ballista and Ballista kicked a Breach, knocking down Gutter and Rage. He then scores again by taking out Gutter. It was the least fun game of Guild Ball I have ever played. And I knew what the team would do. On the other hand, my opponent has never dominated a game before. So that was funish for him.
  20. Masons: Honour, Harmony, Mallet, Marbles Morts: Scalpel, Ghast, Bonesaw, Vileswarm. Turn one Bonesaw kicked off and ended up getting hit by Mallet eventually for a non-mom 4. Honour kicked the ball to Harmony and missed. It hit the wall so Honour snapped it back up and kicked again. She hit this one. Harmony dodged forward then did linked activation kicking to Marbles. Ghast and Scalpel positioned for next turn. Marbles attempted to goad Bonesaw and failed. Turn two initiative was won by Masons. Honour used quickfoot to get out of engagement with Ghast and jogged over to attack Bonesaw. She whiffed. Harmony went next and did non-mom 4 with all the gang ups. Ghast ran over and attacked the monkey, knocking him down. The ball scattered to Bonesaw. Mallet activated and took Bonesaw out. The ball scattered to where no one could get it. Scalpel jogged in and started laying waste to Mallet. Turn 3: Bonesaw jogged back onto the pitch, picking up the ball. Scalpel wasted no time taking out Mallet. Honour and Harmony beat on Scalpel until she was barely hanging on. Bonesaw pocketed the goal to make it 6-2. Monkey goaded Vileswarm and the rat pile moved up and bit the monkey. The ball was in the open near the scrum but not near enough after the throw in. Turn 4: Honour took out Scalpel and Harmony jogged about a half inch to engage Bonesaw. Harmony went into Bonesaw but failed to take him out. Bonesaw attacked Harmony hoping for the push-dodge. He got the 1" instead. Harmony took him out on the counter attack. Mallet ran for the loose ball, keeping the rats from kicking it back to Ghast for the possible goal and stood up the monkey. Ghast attacked the monkey, knocking him down and then unmasking himself, taking the monkey out. The push knocked Honour off the pitch winning the game 6-8.
  21. My thought here is to begin a dialogue regarding qualities of the Engineers. It may be a one-off but I plan to come back to it regularly. I could start a blog but I like the interactions with the community here on the forums. I don't claim to be good at the game. I just don't finish last. So the next post will be about a key quality of my team. I'll use this post to link that one and any more I happen to write. 1. Engineers: Tough and Tender 2. Engineers: Control Team? 3. Engineered to Perfection? Mascots I didn’t write this original post but it is a good argument and links to my thoughts on the subject.
  22. Engineered to Perfection?: Mascots

    Mainspring makes a fantastic guerilla attack on your opponent. Also a great threat to make the snap shot goal with no momentum. Yes Mother gives more options, especially with Hoist, but Mainspring is still a very valid choice.
  23. Engineers Mascots really bug me

    Tell that to my wife....😆
  24. Engineers Mascots really bug me

    At the request of @Selfy Engineers have two good Mascots. One is Mainspring and the other is Mother. Let’s break them down. Mainspring: The Cricket Cannon (or, as some call him, The Roach) is a good example of a battery mascot. Like most Mascots, he only brings one influence but what he can do without any influence is pretty awesome in itself. First of all he has a TAC Of 2. Not great but we can work with it. Mostly he’s there to play retriever anyway. However, using Sic Em or Ratchet’s Overclock heroic, 2 TAC becomes an asset. First of all, he has a MT on 1 result. Meaning he just needs to get lucky against an unarmored striker or very lucky against 1 armor to take the ball. On a charge, he can even overcome close control with a wrap. He’d have to get a dice spike against a 4+/1 to do it but, the possibility exists (34.4%). Against a 3+/1 like Flint the chance goes to 68%. So decent odds. His role as a ball retriever is because he is pretty fast (6/8) and, thanks to his Trait Launch Control, he gets to use his character play (Long Bomb) once per turn for free. This play adds 4” to his kick stat. He then has a 3/8 for a pass . Best kicking mascot in the game (unless the horse is better). And it can’t be intercepted if he misses. Add this to the MT on 1 and he can charge the ball holder, get a tackle, and maybe even the double dodge on 2. He can then launch the ball to Velocity or Hoist sitting 8” from the goal for a snapshot from 16”. All with 0 influence. If you happen to be playing GICs, Clockwork Perfection, he can do this with only the Momentum from the Tackle! Now let’s talk damage. Mainspring has that low TAC and the only damage on his playbook is non mom 1 on 1 hit. Of course with the 2 deep playbook he can wrap easily. If he hits all successes on the 6 dice from the charge he can do 3 damage. But if he’s tooled up it doubles. Deleted, it triples with a bonus time, to boot. So that’s 10 damage. I once calculated the Magical Christmas Land scenario to see what max one-shot damage output by the bug could be and came up with something north of 20 points with every modifier against a knocked down, singled out, Thousand cuts boar with 5 other players surrounding him. I don’t even remember if Mainspring had to explode. Which brings us to the last point and the seemingly real purpose of the bug in seasons 1and 2. When he’s taken out, he explodes in a three inch pulse, inflicting fire on everything in range. This is due to his trait, Overheat. Since it’s a pulse, there is no to-hit roll. It’s automatic. And because it isn’t a Character play or playbook damage, Tough Hide has no effect. Neither does GM as it doesn’t target the player. The drawback is it gives the opponent 1 point for the takeout. I admit, I have put deletion and alternator on him to get him into range of the enemy and then blast him with Blast Earth to blow him up. It made sense at the time. Fire slows a team and costs momentum to remove. And then 3 damage on each player hit is nothing to sneeze at. But be careful with this attempt. If you are too close he can be pushed back into your lines and blown up there. Chaska does this to me sometimes. Ouch. I love using Mainspring. Remember all that damage came from 0 influence. So he is a great offensive weapon. chirp. Chirp. Boom! oh yeah. Ratchet can use creation to bring back Mainspring as a Heroic play. If he does so, Mainspring comes back at full health with any influence he had on him. I’d have to check to see if he keeps Deletion or anything when he comes back that way. Mother: Many poeple say Mother is the best mascot in the game. Some say she’s broken. I have to say there are several “broken” Mascots that are very good at what they do. She may be better than they are, regardless. As Mainspring is an offensive weapon, Mother is all about control. She is almost more about her synergies with Hoist than she is about her own abilities. Mother has a very useful character trait called Spider Nests. She can place within 4” three 30mm markers that have several useful characteristics. The first one is passive. They provide -1 die to any TN test while within 1”. These are fairly easy to work around and a model can cross them but can’t stand on them. That fact alone means a well-placed nest marker or 2 can block a charge lane. I have done this against the bear. Hahaha! You can make a shield against goal kicks as well. They are basically a crowd out penalty. However, no matter how many nest markers a model is near it only affects it once. In and of itself this is fairly useful. Another use is her character trait Webbing. Webbing says that if a free ball marker is within 2” of a nest marker Mother can gain remove the nest marker and gain possession of the free ball. From. Anywhere. On. The. Pitch. Now, that usually isn’t a problem. Most of the time it’s nearby, but it can be corner to corner away from her and she can still get it. Not a bad thing. Kind of a one-trick pony right? Not so fast. Mother’s nest markers give her another option. If she is within 4” of a nest marker she can “Burrow” to base contact of the marker for one influence. This is essentially a teleport. It doesn’t proc a parting blow, it ignores terrain and intervening models, and at the end of the jump you can make a free attack if someone is in melee range. Mother has a 3 TAC so chances are not good for a great result. Especially with no momentous results on 1. She does have a T on 1 but not momentous. But after using Burrow Mother can jog, run, or charge. It gives her a total move of over 11” without a dodge. So kick Mother the ball, she dodges forward 4”, she burrows 4 more + the width of the nest and her base. Then she runs 7” to the goal and shoots. This is fun to do and a fairly easy goal. However it takes a bit of luck as Mother’s kick is only 2/4”. Of course that’s within Tap In range so only need a 3+. Still an 89% chance to score. Now for the Jank. You can run that same play with Hoist. It takes more setup as Mother has to go first and if Hoist gets taken out it’s 2 points not 1. But it parks a Very Tough Model with a 4 dice kick within Tap In range. And it works with the Guild Plot Card “Good Marker” to extend the range 2”. Hoist’s True Replication is what many people believe breaks Mother as a Mascot. His ability to Burrow has allowed him to escape Jaecar and his trap many times leaving the trap stuck on the pitch until I am dumb enough to cross it again. Who is better? I don’t know. I know that most people take Mother most of the time. I think some people’s opinions are colored by Season 1&2 Mainspring that was really only useful as a walking bomb and they have a hard time figuring out what to do with him. As for me I like to use him on Pin Vice’s Legendary turn to go on a goal run. I don’t even need to use accelerator. I use Deletion sometimes to give him the extra die on goal and Controller so the opponent can’t react. Then I park a leaking, wounded fragile bomb on their goal line. And if they don’t deal with him he is a constant threat for snap shots. It costs me one VP to gain 4. Mother, on the other hand is always a threat, especially with Hoist. She can do so much. If I am taking Hoist I almost always take Mother. If I am against the Hunters, I usually take Mother. Against Alchemists I don’t know because I have never played them. So, let ‘er rip. Tell me I’m wrong. Help me see where I am wrong. Did I miss anything?
  25. Engineered to Perfection?: Mascots

    Lol. I thought this was my original Engineered to Perfection post. I’ll link my other one here.