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  1. So my son wants me to paint my Cast as a Captain America. I decided I wanted to try and Alt Avengers team. Currently only have box 2 but ideas are welcome for both. Iron Man will probably be Iron but maybe Burnish. Cast for Cap. I'm open to other suggestions.
  2. Painting Blacksmiths as Alt Avengers and need ideas

    I forgot about Swordsman and Moon Knight/Ronin. Both good choices.
  3. Painting Blacksmiths as Alt Avengers and need ideas

    So I have: Sledge -Thor Anvil - Odin Cast - Captain America Ferris - Ghost Rider Bolt - Black Panther Iron - Iron Man Burnish - War Machine Cinder - Hawkeye That leaves Alloy, Furnace and Hearth. Not sure who to make them. Alloy - Scarlet Spider?
  4. First Engineers Game - probably into farmers

    Colossus is a great piece. He is NOT a beater. He is a scorer and a reshaper, as well as a Ballista setup piece. Charge in, Unexpected Arrival to isolate the target, Singled Out on the wrap, KD next hit, or U/A then SO if no wrap on the charge. However, like every Engineers player i don't take, other options may be better. Harriet/ Hoist, for instance.
  5. Painting Blacksmiths as Alt Avengers and need ideas

    I'm leaning more toward "original" Ghost Rider, Old West syle for Farris. I like that idea. And maybe Bolt as Black Panther.
  6. Any tips for speeding up your play?

    This. I forget this tip because I am so bad about remembering my cards. Looking at playbooks sucks most of my clock easily.
  7. Any tips for speeding up your play?

    I still have issues with this but one thing that helped was playing a few games of speedball. 2 minutes activations all game make you REALLY focus and decide quickly. Also be sure to wear extra deodorant because if you are anything like me you will break out into a flop sweat. Also don't be afraid to play slowly for a while. See if you can play on an extended clock. Start with an hour person player or 1:15. Gives you some pressure without feeling short. When going second, try to stack your influence on the side so it is ready to go when it's your turn. Last, don't worry about bad decisions because you had to rush. We all make bad plays sometimes. Best players (I'm not on, FYI) learn not to repeat many of them.
  8. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I like Silversmiths. Don't really have a reason.
  9. Locus: Where and When?

    Post that to rules forum. That's an interesting reading of the rules.
  10. Kind of corner case I'm sure and maybe obvious to some, but if Pin Vice uses Mechanical Heart and Ratchet Overclocks Harriet or Salvo and Pin Vice gets taken out AFTER Overclock is given but before the model's activation can they still get the free charge since it was given when they were mechanica?
  11. Thanks, oh ye master of the corner case question. Missed that one.
  12. Does Memory have a sense of smell?

    How I read it but wanted to make sure. Thanks.
  13. If Memory kicks within Horrific Odor does the kick cost one extra influence? Assuming not since Brainpan is spending the influence, not Memory.
  14. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Would Hoist still be broken if he could only True Rep mechanica plays?
  15. Engineer Player Summaries

    Vet Velocity is good into Shark Fish. And that's the only team I'd play her into. O Velocity is so much better. She's not terrible but not tanky at all, and that's what Engineers are known for.
  16. First Tournament with Cogs...

    Don't try to play like Fish with them. They are good at football but don't have showboats. The team works best with all the parts working together. If you need an alternative striker with good melee use Decimate. I love Mainspring into Butchers, though. A 1 influence battery with a 3/8 kick (pass) for free. Good for PV's legendary turn and park him 4" from the goal as a snap shot turret.
  17. 2 names on Longshanks.

    Thanks for the help @RedSam
  18. 2 names on Longshanks.

    I have 2 names on Longshanks. What can I do to combine them? I want both of my wins on the same identity.😂
  19. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    I have also had success with Colossus kicking off near the edge. Both with PV and Ballista. Takes a chance on the ball going over the edge but you basically dare the other player to come get it. If they do you can knock them off the edge with UA, but more often than not they see that trap and kick and dodge back in. But then they have used their momentum from kicking the ball first activation. Janky but it sometimes works. Goal pressure is better though.
  20. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    I have success kicking off with Velocity and with Pin Vice. By that I mean I like the goal pressure they both provide and they have a high enough defense that attacks and character plays are not going to easily hit. I have also kicked off with Mother. That brings a whole new dynamic to goal pressure. Not to mention the fact they don't dare leave the ball free after first activation.
  21. Charging across Minefield with 5 health

    Thank you all. I figured that was it, but since those paragraphs didn't specifically mention this case I wanted to make sure. I thought that was the case because of discussion regarding the old crazy Greede being done in by a counter attack pretty easily. We played it that way so I don't owe my son an apology. Lol.
  22. Fahad charges Ballista who has minefield up and takes 4 damage. Ballista declares a counter. Does Fahad get to use Take a Breather before Ballista's counter?
  23. Charging across Minefield with 5 health

    How we played it. But do you have a reference?
  24. Charging across Minefield with 5 health

    But can he before the counter attack?
  25. Engineers v Farmers

    Total theory ball having never played Farmers, but I am thinking all ranged pushes to disrupt their positioning. Deadbolt, Unexpected Arrival, even bringing Locus with Destructive Impulse. Then Knockdowns, though difficult against some lineups, would be useful. Just my first 2 cents since I haven't made an in-depth study of Farmers.