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  1. Attacking for Nonexistant Plays

    Does this apply to attacking models with GM? I looked at GM and saw it applies to Attacks not results. Hit post by accident. Lol
  2. Kick Distance and Scatter

    And intercepted if another model is between the kicker and the final spot of the ball before the intended recipient.
  3. Vs Engineers

    As an engineers player I HATE seeing Theron, Hearn, Seenah, Chaska, and Jaecar on the field. With my low def models, Chaska and Theron's ranged character plays are awful, especially once I'm snared. Jaecar gets that burst damage and dodges away, dropping the trap to slow your opponents. Just don't drop it near Hoist or Mother unless you can use it immediately.
  4. How the heck do Cogs fight vetRage?!

    If you take Ballista I'd suggest getting him with deadbolt and popping up minefield. Especially when you can tool him up first. This forces him to use momentum to get up to charge you. That means he can't heal. And whatever you do, keep A&G away from you. Ouch.
  5. Charge through melee zone

    Thanks. That's how we played it, just wanted to be sure.
  6. I can't imagine this hasn't been asked before but I couldn't find the answer. Can a model charge another model across another model's melee zone? Seenah is placed outside Marbles's melee zone and charges across it to attack Brick. He takes the parting blow from Marbles as he passes out of the monkey's melee zone. Is this OK?
  7. Help with Brewers

    So I have had trouble with Brewers played by decent players since the first time I encountered them. Tapper or Esters. Put the ball on Mash, drop Stoker into whoever is closest to the line and separated a bit then start killing my people one by one while I struggle to get the ball or break into his lines. I know I should be killing Stoker and putting the hurt on Spigot but what else can I do? How do I make this work?
  8. Help with Brewers

    For this matchup would it be a good idea to take Salvo and/or Locus? At the moment neither makes my 10.
  9. Momentous inspiration card reads that the character play generates one or more successful hits also generates 1MP. 1 per play, not per hit.
  10. Worst Team Lineup

    I played that. Not terrible. Best I can say.
  11. I thought the same thing. The text of the card reads "friendly models that generate one or more successful hits..." As minefield doesn't require a successful hit it won't generate Mom.
  12. Worst Team Lineup

    Theron with Snow is like playing 2 Jaecars with linked. No one is safe. And Egret with sun strike is a mom generator. I agree on the rest though so as a team, yeah that would stink.
  13. Video battle report, Esters vs Ballista

    Thanks for uploading the video. You stated that nest markers are cumulative. The card states -1 die to TN tests if within 1" of 1 or more markers. Is there something that makes them cumulative?
  14. How soon was your first tournament

    I was probably a dozen or so games in. Went so I could play new people and teams I had only seen on YouTube. Was great. I did terribly but had fun and learned a lot.
  15. Momentous Inspiration Question

    But if you hit the same model twice you can get 2.
  16. Team setup in formations

    Curious as to whether anyone's lineup has changed using the formations rules. Does Locus make the team now since he can start at midfield? Where does everyone deploy? I can't play for two more weeks so throw me a bone here.
  17. This question came up in the Formation feedback thread. If the kicking team has a model within 1" of the ball after resolving scatter can they snap the ball? Flow up question: If Colossus is on the center line and the kickoff scatters within 2" of him and 1" of another model would they have to roll off for the ball.
  18. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    Thanks everyone for your input.
  19. Team setup in formations

    I've had Velocity push Seenah off the pitch with a well-timed charge. >><< x2 with all hits on KD 2+ DEF Seenah. I agree he is inefficient but you don't see putting him on the center line with 3 to KD and Destructive Impulse or RC kick?

    But I'd be willing to bet more people will play her now.
  21. New guy in GA

    Welcome. I know we are quite a bit away from you here in Dalton. I know there are some S Carolina players too.
  22. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    I don't think so. If the receiving player intercepts the ball at the center line it is, by definition on the receiver's side of the pitch.
  23. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    I understand your point but I believe that references a pass to one of the kicker's teammates. It doesn't really (by my reading, and I've been wrong before) concern itself with a kick where the scatter takes the ball across the halfway line but within the snap to range of one of the kicker's teammates. The kick ended in a legal placement but was snapped after scatter by the player. Same as if it snaps after a goal kick. That ruling may, however, inform the answer. Regardless I think making the rule for that format that the kickoff can't be snapped by the kicking team before the first turn might solve the issue.

    I just asked the question since it really hasn't had any reason to come up before. I have to admit I didn't dig for an answer first.
  25. Our forum has been quiet too long. So I'll ask a question I have been working on a while. Engineers have quite a few pieces with low def (3+/1 or less). Some are quite popular. Ballista, Colossus, Ratchet, Locus, Harry. Of these Ratchet is probably the squishiest. My question is, how do you keep them alive or from being farmed for momentum?