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  1. Momentous Inspiration Question

    But if you hit the same model twice you can get 2.
  2. Team setup in formations

    Curious as to whether anyone's lineup has changed using the formations rules. Does Locus make the team now since he can start at midfield? Where does everyone deploy? I can't play for two more weeks so throw me a bone here.
  3. This question came up in the Formation feedback thread. If the kicking team has a model within 1" of the ball after resolving scatter can they snap the ball? Flow up question: If Colossus is on the center line and the kickoff scatters within 2" of him and 1" of another model would they have to roll off for the ball.
  4. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    Thanks everyone for your input.
  5. Team setup in formations

    I've had Velocity push Seenah off the pitch with a well-timed charge. >><< x2 with all hits on KD 2+ DEF Seenah. I agree he is inefficient but you don't see putting him on the center line with 3 to KD and Destructive Impulse or RC kick?

    But I'd be willing to bet more people will play her now.
  7. New guy in GA

    Welcome. I know we are quite a bit away from you here in Dalton. I know there are some S Carolina players too.
  8. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    I don't think so. If the receiving player intercepts the ball at the center line it is, by definition on the receiver's side of the pitch.
  9. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    I understand your point but I believe that references a pass to one of the kicker's teammates. It doesn't really (by my reading, and I've been wrong before) concern itself with a kick where the scatter takes the ball across the halfway line but within the snap to range of one of the kicker's teammates. The kick ended in a legal placement but was snapped after scatter by the player. Same as if it snaps after a goal kick. That ruling may, however, inform the answer. Regardless I think making the rule for that format that the kickoff can't be snapped by the kicking team before the first turn might solve the issue.

    I just asked the question since it really hasn't had any reason to come up before. I have to admit I didn't dig for an answer first.
  11. Our forum has been quiet too long. So I'll ask a question I have been working on a while. Engineers have quite a few pieces with low def (3+/1 or less). Some are quite popular. Ballista, Colossus, Ratchet, Locus, Harry. Of these Ratchet is probably the squishiest. My question is, how do you keep them alive or from being farmed for momentum?
  12. A kind of the unfun game

    Last night I had a game against our resident Fisherman. He brought Shark and looked forward to playing me. He had finally seen some success regularly against my son who plays Hunters. This game was considerably less fun than most others I've had with him. I took Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Colossus, Compound, VVelocity. He took Shark, Salt, Angel, Jac, Kraken, OSiren. I kicked off with Ballista and he came up with Angel to retrieve the ball from the midline. He kicked it back to Shark who dodged forward into the forest and Ballista Deadbolted Shark then walked to Angel and pushed her toward my line and I think did a tiny bit of damage. I don't remember all that happened but Ratchet overclocked Mainspring and tooled up VVel. I know the ball changed hands almost every activation. Siren came forward and Ballista went to work on her. VVel took her out turn 2. The most influence I gave Ratchet was 1. Every turn. My plan was just to tool up VVel and Ballista, but he more often went for a single attack on someone. I put Singled out on Shark a couple times and VVel once because of Siren.Compound didnt do anything useful all game but provide crowd outs. Oh yeah he held the ball when Shark went into him on his return to the pitch. Shark hit Gluttonous mass and then tackled the ball on his last influence. I just took it back on my turn. So I guess he was useful after all. I like Ratchet's Mom 2. He feels like a beater of opportunity. If someone is crowded out and knocked down he comes in to lay down some hurt for momentum. Other than that I used him and Compound as batteries. I chose Mainspring because I was not bringing Hoist. And Fish. He tackled for free with Overclocked once and kicked free with Launch Control twice. Colossus did Colossus things and knocked down Fish all game. My opponent was quite frustrated. I didn't have to kill the ball because we both take it away so well. And Engineers can beat face if necessary. I also didnt enjoy the game because I like to score. This game was very sloggy. It also felt like I was almost cheating since I brought anti Fish tech I dont usually use. I might play the lineup in tournament play but not casual play again.
  13. A kind of the unfun game

    Not new, just broke. He also has Corsair, just likes Shark more. He hasn't played me in 3 weeks as I have been unable to play for 3 weeks. When we started, at the same time no less, he got the models he liked. Since then he has added only Corsair. I have told him to proxy other models but he won't. I wouldn't have ever played 1 goal keeper much less 2 against someone I'm trying to get into the game.
  14. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    Damage output. OVel has very little. VVel has 3 (4 with Tooled Up (5 with Deletion too)). You may not hit it all the time but it can be significant. She beat up OSiren twice. In many ways she won me the game. I only had her in Goal Keeper mode first turn. Back to 2 captain responses, PV is better with VVel but I didnt take her this time. And I usually don't take VVel at all. She may make the 4&1 game more likely but you are all but taking away the 3-0 game. Of course, I also didn't take Hoist or Mother. Mainspring's free pass saved a Fisherman goal for sure twice.
  15. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    I have to admit the game wasn't much fun for my friend, though. Colossus kept knocking him down. I also brought VVel and Compound. VVel doesn't make my 10. Only useful against Fish, Skaatha and B3 (maybe, never faced her).
  16. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    I played against Shark last night. Dead Bolt on turn 1 and Ballista and VVel played the beat down game and took out Shark and OSiren turn 2. I ended up 4&1 to 3. His only points were on clock.
  17. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    To be honest, the only game I won at the Bourbon Trail Open was the mirror into Ballista and I brought Pin Vice in the only game I played her in. I was clocked out and down 11 - 10. Most of his points were from the clock. I went into a 3-4 life Velocity with a fully loaded Pin Vice because she was who PV could reach. I forgot to activate Deletion and ended up taking all 6 inf and hitting the NM 1 every time except the one time I hit 2 and took her out with 6 seconds to spare. I said all that to say this. When Ballista is the most popular captain, Pin Vice gives an option for something he's not prepared for. So maybe 2 captain is good.
  18. Witness Me! - Episode 1

    If I might suggest keeping Witness Me! But do "Witness Me! A Guild Ball Channel", or something like that.
  19. Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    I played single Ballista forever. But since both are viable into almost any matchup, a single captain list makes sense for us more than for other teams.
  20. Basic Cog Tactics - What To Do?

    Against a footballing team like Fish I'd kick with Ballista. Extend that threat range for the momentous ranged KD. Then if you sucker them into bringing the ball into Ballista's charge range he has a tackle on 1. Of course you have to beware the easy counter attack with 2" reach. Often footballers have low tackles. Deadbolt into Shark can put him in his place and keep him out of goal range. I know Velocity is easy to see coming but against fighty teams I like her kicking off. High def plus easy push-dodges makes it easy to surf to a goal if they can't touch her. Of course, that's dependent on average dice luck. My plan against Siren is Ratchet and Hoist. Tool up Hoist then use Blast Earth 3 times for 8 damage. It doesn't target her so no penalty. When you bring Colossus against anyone his purpose is to reshape the field and set up takeouts for Ballista, PV or Hoist with KD and singled out. If the scrum gets out of hand, charge a low def model and blow them up with Unexpected Arrival. Particularly useful separating A&G or Siren and Kraken. When you bring him against fish, either Corsair or Shark with Siren drop the ball behind his big base but within his 2" snap to range. It makes it hard to get to on dodges. Especially since he has 2" reach and easy KD. And for goodness sake keep him on the edges until you need him to break up the scrum. He isn't made for duking it out against killers. I find it hard to drop for Harry. All my guild members are excellent. But if I were going to it would probably be Hoist or Velocity. I don't like my team without Ratchet.
  21. Want to win stuff?!

    He's been on every show for quite a while now. Of course, he doesn't actually have to show up to be on it.
  22. So quiet here..

    I read this and had to do a double take.
  23. So quiet here..

    For me, all my spare time is going into a local production of Guys and Dolls. I haven't been able to play for two weeks and I'm starting to get DTs.
  24. Witness Me! - Episode 1

    I enjoyed the video. Good commentary and analysis. I liked the third person perspective. I'd second @TheCurkov on the tagging. The only way I found it was your link. I looked up Witness Me! and I came up with tons of clips from Mad Max. I tried adding Guild Ball and it interspersed a few Guild Ball videos with Alchemists but not yours. I subscribed so I wouldn't miss any other videos. I like the format though. A lot. Good job.
  25. A future for a Collected Rules Clarification PDF?

    I kind of like the hyperlinked SRDs for D&D and was thinking something like this would be great. It would take a lot of initial work but afterwards could be controlled or updated by the lawyers guild.