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  1. A separate combat game?

    Mat Hart talks about it a little bit on the latest episode of Double Dodge.
  2. Because he's TAC 3 with a 2 column playbook and 2 dmg on 2, so he can wrap really well into a healthy bit of damage. Since he's slow and the rest of his team wants to be near him for the aura, it's likely anything he goes in on with Sic Em will have at least 1 Gang Up. Suppose it's V.Rage's legendary turn, and there's only a single friendly model engaging a 3/1 that has been knocked down in his aura. Strongbox has an 82.2% chance of doing 9 damage on the charge.
  3. Lists

    I've really been enjoying Avarisse and Greede in my recent games, for both the solid goal threat and the KD + Singled Out. They team up with Vet. Hearne well to set up Jaecar and Seenah. I also have not been very impressed with Ulfr in the games I've played him, and I feel better leaving him out with the goal threat A&G bring. I'm torn on the mascots, because I've gotten some good uses out of Snow's handing out Anatomical, but there have been other times where I would have liked the extra damage/efficiency that Fahad might have brought. This leads me to want to bring both in my 10. I think Skatha and A&G bring enough goal threat alongside the casual goal threat of Jaecar and Vet Hearne that Egret is probably unnecessary, and the repositioning, ball-killing, and linked shenanigans of Zarola bring more that is unique to the team--though perhaps I am not giving flurry enough credit. It's honestly been a long while since I played Egret. She may slot in over the second mascot (if I can decide which is the first). If I were to play hunters in an event tomorrow, my 10 would be: Skatha Theron Snow Fahad Jaecar Vet. Hearne Seenah Chaska Zarola A&G Zarola and the second mascot are the least solid slots for me, and I think if you want to bring Minx instead of A&G, that may influence the other slots in Egret's or Ulfr's favor.
  4. And if you do decide to re-focus on the competitive side of things, I think a healthy way to go about it is to focus on details of your own play performance rather than the game results. Games like this, with built-in variance, can very well be lost even if you played 'better' between the two of you. Results are an easy focus, as winning feels great and losing can be frustrating, but if the attitude is "I'm going to play my absolute best and be a better player after this event than before it" rather than "if I lose, I've failed", games can be more rewarding win or lose. Results will come on their own. Easier said than done sometimes, though.
  5. Doing a Guildball Demo

    It definitely depends on the audience. If a demo-er glosses the rules out and dramatically expresses the fun of the fluff/social experience/story of the game, I'm going to roll my eyes and go find a 'real' game. But if they give me the rules and let me see what is unique and intriguing about the mechanics and interactions in the game design, now they've likely got me (if the game is good). Fun means different things to different people, and demo-ees have varying degrees of gaming expertise.
  6. I've recently been taking both mascots and dropping vKat, following TheCurkov's lead, and the flexibility of catering that mascot slot to different matchups has felt excellent. There are spots where Naja can straight shut a model down (for example Minx by simply engaging or Boar by engaging & hitting w/ Hypnosis), but there are others where it's better to have that little efficiency boost to Vitriol/Smoke. I love vKat's model, and have a lot of fun playing him, but I haven't really missed him in recent competitive games. For that original last flex question, I think it's Crucible of those three listed. You should be playing Harry, a Katalyst, and Vitriol in every list, which leaves one slot in your 6 to flex. If you are worried about fighting teams, Calculus and Compound should treat you better than Mercury and Venin. Blind should be better than a second fire AOE in matchups where that control element is important, and if you want someone to just die slowly, Compound can do that while bringing a lot more than Venin to the table. His Rush Keeper makes life difficult for solo fighters like Fillet who want to come into your side of the board, his 2" + Gluttonous Mass makes him great at helping out with Gang Up/Crowd Out in a scrum when needed, and his goalkeeping makes it really difficult for non-dedicated strikers to get a goal. Crucible you won't take often, likely, but with careful play there will often be one turn at some point in an event where her aura combined with Katalyst knocking people down, setting them on fire, and pushing them out of engagement will be crushing to an opponent's turn.
  7. MO-Ball Podcast Episode 4

    I want to second the appreciation of the bulk of the podcast's conversation about strategies for different teams to effectively kill and recover the ball and looking forward to predict where the format will be shifting to combat this ball killing response to hyper fast goal scoring. That was super interesting, and I'd love to hear more conversation around those points! To sum up some of the comments (and my own thoughts) on the ball killing concerns... I don't know that it's even really a different kind as much as the extreme end of a spectrum of offensive vs. defensive ball play. It's the hyper-defensive response to the hyper-offensive teams. Though it doesn't drag out quite so painfully long, it's likely just as unfun for the fighting team to lose to that Shark or Midas 3rd goal top of turn 2. Those teams presented a puzzle, the slower teams found a solution, and now the roles are reversing. Let's focus on solving this new puzzle.
  8. All Stars Game

    My instinct is to go the opposite way and do like Midas, Obulus, Corsair, Siren, Vitriol, Mother. Can't keep that ball away from us!
  9. GenCon Events?

    This is what my thinking has been, especially given the crowds they had coming through the booth doing demos last year. That's a lot of people introduced to the game who might be looking to play for real this time around. *shrug*
  10. Union List-making and Power Level After 9/5/17

    @Isante That strategy was rough, especially the first time running into it. I was also considering whether Smoke might be better than Midas there, but I don't know. It's utterly un-fun, but I look forward to playing into it again, anyway! It's a perplexing challenge.
  11. My Union :)

    That stone armor effect looks sweet. Reminds me a bit of an ornate meerschaum pipe.
  12. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    There is a small technical difference. Snap To is checked when the ball is placed, before it becomes a free-ball. Ooh...Ball! triggers when there is a free-ball. So if a model within Snap To range of the ball when it is placed elects to take possession, then it will never become a free-ball, and Snow will not trigger. If the other model chooses not to Snap To, then Snow could jog and Snap the now free-ball if he moves within range. Either way, there will not be an opportunity for a contested roll.
  13. Ooooh...BALL!!! or Snap To, which resolves first

    This was discussed in the rules forum, and as I recall Snap To happens before Ooh...Ball! would even trigger. EDIT: Here's the link -
  14. I agree, those dials are awful. Actually impossible for your opponent to read.
  15. Skatha's snowball

    Oh, clever! That hadn't occurred to me.