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  1. He's kind of in a bad position overall. Given the levels of experience between the two of you, if he played Morts into you playing Hunters, it'd still be a rough game for him I think. However, that is an idea. Let him play Morts to figure them out a little bit. Give him your ideal lineup, play what you think the counter lineup in a Hunter team would look like, and go. Secondly, he's playing Hunters. Most Hunter players have a low win-rate. It's not just him. That's why they're in the bottom of my bag and only see the light of day when I want to pull Seenah out and show people the model. Really, Jaecar should probably never be out. Seenah... Idk. Not sure how I feel about him into Morts except you need the 2'' melee so bad. You're right, Zarola is almost required, in which case, I feel like Fahad is required. Which is fine, there's no reason to ever bring Theron, so bringing both Mascots is ok for selection. Skatha, Jaecar, Zarola, Fahad, Hearne2... Ulfr? Or Chaska. Really, what players worry you? Hunters are possibly better at killing than Morts are, and certainly better at striking. It's just a matter of getting around the control.
  2. I'm an expert in nothing to do with Guildball. I just like to run my mouth and type fast. With that in mind; The nice thing about that lineup is that everyone beats down halfway decent. Even a tooled up Brisket isn't horrible, especially when you have Singled Out in the list and Strongbox. Rage1 isn't bad in this lineup since Harry's there to clear him off and help set him up, and if Rage can't do anything, he tools up someone who can. I haven't played much SB, so I can't help you there. Harry is great for building momentum, clearing off lanes, and just fighting and controlling in general with Goad and Molotov. His key thing with Brisket, however, is his aura that knocks a momentum off of the price for teamwork actions. This means that Brisket3 can "I'm open!" a ball to herself from say, Mist, and if she's within 4 of Harry, she can 4'' dodge for free. She can even kick, and do it again. A&G can score from a million miles away. One of the longest, if not the longest, scoring threat ranges in the game. He's also perfectly capable of bashing and causing problems. Just don't let him get farmed for momentum if possible. Or if you do, let them scrum around him and sacrifice the big guy for Mist and Brisket3 scoring twice. Mist is Mist. He gains a 2'' shadowlike dodge at the beginning of his turn if he's within 6'' of Brisket. He's already got the 2/2 move from cover, so that's a free 4'' extra movement with a little attention to positioning. That gives him an easy 14'' threat range before any dodges or other shenanigans (receiving a ball while within 4'' of Harry for the dodge). Brisket3 can't retrieve the ball the best sometimes because of 1'' melee, and she needs the ball for a lot of her movement tricks, so Mist is kind of her retriever. She needs him to get it, and get it to her, and then she's home free. So far, I've scored early with her, and kept her in the enemy backline as a potential 2nd turn, 1st activation tackle and score, and Mist is skirting the scrum in something of a pincer movement looking for wherever they hide the ball from her. You're short a player. Rage1 is good. Decimate is good. Gutter is good. Rage1 brings some killing and tooled up if you need it. Decimate brings some killing, some kicking, and some momentum buildup if you need it. Gutter is the same, but a little slower, and with 2'' melee. Again, I'm no expert, by any stretch of the imagination, but that's what I'm finding with these players.
  3. Since the last two spots in my 9-man roster are up for grabs, it's largely because of her own merits. Largely, the 2'' melee, and the 3/6 kick. She seems like a decent target for "I'm Open" on Brisket. Decimate's a little faster, and I originally had her in the roster, but idk at this point. Decimate is probably the better choice, but at the moment I'm inflicted with Shark Fish 2'' melee trauma and 2'' melee is abnormally important to me right now. Once I warm up to the game again, Decimate's probably the obvious decision. Like I said, I tried Rage, and that was awesome, but the opponent didn't ever engage him when he had some solid opportunities to do so. Rage got to charge a Knocked Down, Singled Out Boiler that was crowded out by 3 models. Rage does not get to do that very often.
  4. I played Brisket 3 times today. She's fun. I won all 3 times but I think people still don't know what to expect from her. The biggest thing I'm struggling to keep in mind is how key positioning is with her. She gives Mist a 2'' dodge for free if she's within 6'', but she also wants to be within 4'' of Harry for the free pass dogdes. Then, there's of course the passing game to keep in mind with her with "I'm open." She works off of her other players a lot more than I'm used to. It's a lot more than setting up scrums and obvious synergies. She's fun though. I haven't had anyone really successfully kill the ball yet but I can see how it's done. Really, Mist has to do the fetching for her, so that's probably the weakness. I've played her with Harry, Coin, A&G, Mist and Gutter. One time I traded A&G for Rage and that went super well but the other guy didn't know to engage Rage. Fairly new guy, so I'm not convinced that the trade is worth it yet. She's not a Shark level striker captain. Probably not Midas either. She seems to complement the Union team well though, and the 2 new Solthecians coming in will only make that better.
  5. I've been playing a line-up of Rage2, Brisket3, Coin, A&G, Harry, Gutter, Mist, and then the last two, I haven't really decided. I've brought Decimate, Fangtooth and Rage1, and thought about Minx. Rage1 and Fangtooth seem like the current winners but it's a hard call. Rage1 brings a little more kill into Brisket's game if she needs it, but it's hard to take him over Gutter's 3/6 kick for "I'm open". Really, the original five work well with Rage2 or Brisket. Brisket's been nuts. I'm really happy with her. I've played into Corsair, Obulus and Fillet (Fillet guy was fairly new), and didn't really struggle at all, even with a few good ball kills. It's just hard to stop Mist or Brisket from getting the ball unless you hide it all the way in the corner somewhere. In all 3 games, Brisket has scored turn 1 or first thing on 2, and then stayed in the enemy backline waiting for the return kick to land on someone. I've been lucky both times to have Knee Slider, so able to hide from Corsair or Fillet, but even then, I think I'm ok losing her early since I've had decent luck going first on the next turn too (She builds momentum halfway decent), making it really difficult for them to stop a second, immediate score. Into Shark, I'm probably going to still take Rage2. That's what I miss about Tapper is his ability to just remove Shark from the game early on, but that's gone with Season 3. I think Rage can still do it though. Just has to get the KD. IDK. I'm more confident with him than I am Tapper atm, but Shark being popular is certainly a solid reason to bring Blackheart. It's tough, but I'm more comfortable with Rage than I am Blackheart.
  6. Shark is the biggest reason I'm parking the Brewers this season. I just don't feel like there's anything they can effectively do. If I and my opponent play equally well, it's a 12-6 victory in Shark's favor. I can bring all the 2'' melee and that gets me into the ballpark of damaging dudes sometimes, but it's almost impossible to kill the ball when most of the Fish can retrieve the ball just fine. Even then though, I could play the game. It's Shark's legendary that means I have a turn where I just watch my opponent do what he wants. Brewers just don't have a good answer to him, and it's pretty frustrating. I've put them in the bag and maybe I'll get them back out in Season 4. Before, if Tapper could get a charge off on Shark, he had a chance to just one-round the guy early. Ol' Jakes himself and keep whacking. If he didn't kill Shark, the next guy did for sure. But that's gone now, and Tapper just doesn't have the fire to get it done.
  7. I think I'm going to take Brisket and vRage to a tournament next week, but those are strictly because I want to play them. I've played some vRage before and like him a lot. Brisket plays the opposite game. Is there a reason to bring Blackheart instead and which do I replace?
  8. I'm in the same boat. Had a kid 6 months ago and my games have been pretty sparse, and mostly against Fish. I played a lot in Season 2 and am pretty familiar with my Brewers. Pintpot takes them into a territory with Inf where they don't feel nearly as strained since he needs exactly 0 except for the turn that he's going to go to town, and if he's anywhere near Tapper, Tapper can give him 2INF right there. Which is something at least since Tapper can't give it to himself anymore. Nerf Tapper and Esters (her healing took a hit, as in, went away completely), keep Stave the same. Largely the reason I'm painting my Alchemists. Pintpot's worth learning though I think. Any game I've had him in, he's outclassed Hooper even. Spigot2 was an enigma in Season 2. I played him a lot in a lineup I liked quite a bit with Esters where he was the corner of the map super scorer. Unless the list is built around his abilities though, Spigot1 is better.
  9. Yeah, I think he'd get snared every game against Hunters. Nothing better than a target that will actually let Blessing of the Sun Father go off. I'd rather just play straight ball into the Hunters. Sounds like a decent game though. Did you end up winning it?
  10. I played him against Corsair yesterday and Corsair had a pretty hard time finishing him off without the rest of the scrum to help him. That was a terrible list of mine though. I played Smoke and Crucible, and no Calculus, Mercury, or even Hemlock. It was really bad lol. I'm way out of the loop in GB though, and my main guys are the Brewers. So this is pretty different.
  11. Why would Corsair ruin vKat's day?
  12. I'm pretty impressed overall with SF's ability to balance. The model count is low yet but they've still picked a narrow margin to balance on and I think they've done ok. I couple of perps exist but overall, I'm impressed. It really did surprise me when Stave remained unchanged though. The Brewers seem like a jack of all trades. They've got good striking ability and good fighting ability, but not particularly best at both. If they were best at one thing of the two, I'd say fighting because of their ability to buff and wrap. However, the game is currently in a control state, so lots of Morts, and there for a bit Hunters, both of which control Brewers extremely easy. The Hunters have taken a dive, but Morticians really haven't. Union, on the other hand, has better combined arms than Brewers do, and Union is ticking up. So yeah, state of the game is a fair assumption and probably right. Rhonda Rousy was the UFC Women's Bantamweight champion for a bit and really made a big stir on the scene when she came on a few years back. However, in her last two fights, she's been slaughtered in minutes, if not seconds, and specifically, 48 seconds a few nights ago. The Stave thread has a lot more discussion on him so I'll be brief, but I think he needs Sturdy. I get that there needs to be a risk/reward for getting the barrel lob off, and that's fine, but right now, he's got this great counterattack with KD on column 1 that he can't use because even a model with KD on their last column will get it against a 2/0 model. If he had Sturdy or GM, but preferably Sturdy, it'd take a little more planning to get it done. It would still get done I think, he'd still be a momentum farm, but it wouldn't be as casually done as it is now. I still play him occasionally, for fun games. If I'm going to a tournament though, Stave goes to the shelf. The Brewers aren't unplayable, and someone like Jordan N or Tim W could still do very well with them, but they're easily controlled and there's just not much to prevent that. Stave makes it worse. I am also excited for PintPot and will play him when he comes out. Stoker's also fun and I even like VetSpigot. Again, I was really just sad that Stave got no help.
  13. I don't think the game requires you to have that mindset to enjoy it. My point is that when we talk about the State of the Guild, it should be about the actual state. It's like talking about any other sport. The State of Ronda Rousy is not in a good place right now. Let's talk about her state. What @HuggyTheBear wants to do is talk about going up against Holly Holm with one eye swollen shut and the other, running for cover. Rousy's coach sucks and he's ruined her career. That's her state. Lets move on to another UFC fighter that has a chance unless you're just a diehard Rousy fan and want to watch her fight because you like Rousy. In this analogy, you're a Rousy fan, and that's fine, nothing wrong with that. But the topic isn't discussing Rousy's tactics for dealing with her next fight. It's talking about how her face is in shambles and her career is not far behind. That's the "State of the Guild/Fighter". I keep seeing your first point, a lot. It treats this game like it's a skirmish with lines, support in the back, offense in the front, etc. It completely ignores when Jaecar, or Shark, or Shank, or anyone else with movement shenanigans goes flying around the lines dealing damage where they choose. That whole positioning idea falls apart when you run into a guild that has that player on the roster, which, turns out, they all do. And what happens is that movement shenanigan player sees Stave, and goes flying into him, and hooray, you go second the rest of the game. Well, you say, I'm a brilliant strategist, and I know they're going to do that, so I plan around it. Fine. Good for you. Maybe I'm an ok strategist, but I still figured out that just not bringing the DEF2/0 model was the best idea to begin with. Would I like to have his barrel throw? Sure but turns out when I'm not throwing INF at a fat guy that only brings 1 INF with him, I can use it on other things and actually get work done. You can call it pigeonholing. I call it the State of the Guild, and it's a state in which Stave is not a viable player, and the only reason you would bring him is because either you're holy shit amazing in the field and have a master of the game, or you're a diehard Brewer loyalist that's concerned about fun, more than competitive. WHICH IS OK, I'M NOT BASHING THE GUYS WHO JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, but the State of the Guild recognizes Stave for what he is. A pile of crap. And on your last point, I have no idea what you're talking about. Stoker is amazing now because we stated our opinions. I never heard of Esters being anything but competitively viable, and in fact, she was so good that she really put Tapper on the backburner, at least here in the states. I'm saying that you're skipping past the title of the topic and living in a dreamworld where I actually want to make Stave in his current form work for me. I don't. As far as your last sentence, that's largely my problem with him. The other non-competitive Guild models had largely the same issue. Low Def and no help or no reason to take them. And Kraken, Boar, and Katalyst all got help. Heck, I think even Hearne got help. But 2/0, 1'' melee Stave? Nah. Forget that guy. He's fine. I haven't played any serious Brewers in Season 3. Probably won't. They're fun, and when I want fun, I'll play Brewers, but that's the state that they're in. A fun guild. If you want to go places, other guilds are better options.
  14. The problem is that I'm not playing Guildball as a beer and pretzels game. It's a game with a tight ruleset, serious and regular errata and real playtesters, game designers and management that care legitimately about having a tournament viable game. What PP used to have, what 40k doesn't want to deal with. Stave's a lot of fun when you do play him, and I have enjoyed him for sure. But if I'm going to tournament, or having a serious game, Stave doesn't get considered. There's no reason to. I'm not against people playing him, or having fun with him, or even people playing the game to have fun. But when we talk about the "state of the guild", lets not confuse having a good time using fun models with playing a team with a competitive edge. I'm a Kansas City Royals fan. I keep up on baseball and I watch the Royals games because I enjoy baseball and I like watching my home state boys go to work. If I'm drafting a team, I probably want people from anywhere but the Royals. Anyone with X amount of patience, or beer, can enjoy any team. As far as the state of the guild though, I think it takes X amount of beer to enjoy the Brewers right now when the other options available are better. By far. And pretending a DEF2/0 model with tough hide, 1'' melee, no sturdy, gm, free counter attack, nothing, is viable most games in a competitive setup is ludicrous.
  15. That's the point though. People aren't going to play him. And in turn, possibly not even the brewers. The state of the guild includes stave sucking. The state of the guild fails to imply anything like working around the problems, the state is the actual problems. If you want a thread that, go find or start one call "Stave sucks, how do we play him?" Good keywords are stubborn, fluff and special snowflakes.