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  1. She really got hit from all angles. She was the first Union model I bought for my Brewers as anti condition for my Tapper lineup and she did really well in that regard, removing KDs, poisons and healing 2HP. Losing the 2HP heal cut her in half, but then only having one Union in your roster of 10 means she'll just never make it anywhere. In union, there's nothing she does better than anyone else, especially since she lost the heal. The AOEs, I guess, technically would be her specialty, but it doesn't factor that much into Union gameplay. She had a defined role, and it was a support, healing and occasional noxious blast role, but with the S3 changes, it's just not worth bringing her.
  2. I largely agree. I think he's ok into some matchups, like maybe Masons or Hunters. Especially Hunters. Maaaaybe Alchs. Teams without a lot of 2'' melee and teams that like putting Conditions down. I might even take him into some Engineer teams. Idk, hard telling. Magical Brew and ARM2 make him a little bit of a tank, and on the turn you get CA off, you can run him next and probably kill that model. He's a situational pick, to be sure, but atm he ranks at least the same as Hooper for me.
  3. I played Stoker again the other day. IMO, a better beater with less setup than Hooper, and he can kick a ball too. It's just that speed and no reach that's his issue.
  4. *copy season 3 brewer thread, paste here." Hooper gets covered on page 6 I think. Gets talked about. Still a required model by some, and still considered a good player by all but I haven't played him much this year. Harry doesn't do the same thing Hooper does, but he has the 2" melee leverage, easier access to KD without needing momentum to get the heroic, 4inf if needed. Hooper will deal more damage than Harry, but when the Brewers are all capable of massive beatdown, Hooper isn't really needed. Pintpot and Harry together do his job, and a lot more besides.
  5. There's merit to both ways. I've put five INF on Tapper and sent him in and failed to trigger CA before which completely ruins my math for the rest of the turn, so it's important to understand the capabilities of your players with or without the buff. If it's that important to the turn, then it may be worth just paying for it out of pocket instead of trying to trigger it on the charge. And then there's those super weird instances where Tapper kills Harmony in two attacks and stands there with 3 INF left looking around for someone you could throw Mark Target on, and then scratch that little counter in your bag where you keep track of how many times you've actually cast Mark Target. I've also found lately that against teams like Fish, or even Masons where Flint casually counterscores, I've been hanging onto the ball the entire game if possible and scoring at the very end, which means I never get that extra goal INF to mitigate some of the issues, which is another point for PintPot.
  6. Yeah I think that was one of my biggest downfalls was trying to get that perfect activation with all the stars aligned. 7 TAC Hooper going in on a commanding aura'd target with tooled up, maybe poison knives and a couple of crowdouts. The times I did this, I either killed the model in the first or second attack, but needed more momentum and spent time pushing around to build it, or my opponent simply stopped Hooper. Gut and String, Puppet Master, Tucked, Blind, anything of that sort. But then, without any setup, Hooper fails. Hooper is the worst first activation the Brewers have because he wants that heroic so bad. It's required. The MOM 3 you want is all the way at the very end. on Column 5 compared to Spigot's on 4, or Tapper's on 4. His counterattack abilities aren't amazing either, with a KD on 3 and the double push on 4. This isn't saying that Hooper is bad. He's fine, but I only bring him when I need 2'' melee. In a game where I can no longer kill faster than my opponent can score, I find I have to focus more on players that can hide the ball, and kill models over a few activations with less support. Thus, PintPot, or Spigot1.
  7. That's fine. I don't need him to be affected by every play for him to go do his job. That's one of the problems with the Brewers. They can turn a guy up to 9, but it telegraphs everything so badly. I find that I don't have to have Tooled Up as an option for every player. Harry donating 2 INF to the pool, molotoving and pushing stuff every round is great. He's a fantastic control piece. Kind of like what the guy above me said, there's all kinds of fighting to be done by any player on the lineup. I'm only going to get Tooled up on one of them. CA would be nice but trying to get every little last bonus out of every model on the board is also a great way for your opponent to know which model needs gutted and strung or put on fire.
  8. It comes down to playstyle, though the "in no way similar" comment is ludicrous lol. They're both characters made to deal damage. I generally find that PintPot is more adaptable to a situation and I generally prefer that over Hooper. Hooper wants to be a late activation, and he wants all the buffs. Trying to get 1 model dead with just 3 INF is rough. PintPot doesn't mind them, but he can go right away if needed to, and do it at 5 INF. Generally, he goes after Tapper has, so he's TAC7, +1 damage, and if I'm lucky, bag of quaffers but meh. The other thing is that now that Harry is playable in Season 3, Hooper's 2'' melee isn't 100% required since Harry's got it, and Harry's got better pushes anyways.
  9. I have a confession. I have only played Hooper once since I got Pintpot. Hooper's something of a drain on INF, and he wants as much as he can get. Pintpot donates 2, has 2 turns where he essentially has 5, and wrecks as much, if not more, face in far more adverse situations. The 2'' melee is what keeps Hooper in my 10, but so far, I've been taking Pintpot as my designated beater. Secondly, I agree that Brewers are perfectly fine in the meta in every respect except against Fish. Like, playing against Flint was a refreshing change of pace. You mean I can counter attack and can actually reach you? You mean Spigot2 actually is useable because 2'' melee doesn't ignore Poised and Jac isn't here to just shove him off the side of the board? A game where I can actually hide the ball from the striker? What a concept.
  10. Idk about that. OPT is a little frustrating, and it's almost useless for disengaging models which is one of the best uses of dodges generally. It's like a WTG you can give other models, but you have to roll to hit. Needing that 5 on four dice though... It's one of the few things she does and it's not bad. Nice speed buff early on for a model trying to get into the fight. Otherwise, cold snap is probably a better use of INF. However, between that and her ability to drop fast ground is basically a 6'' movement buff for any model. Ulfr, Jaecar, Seenah all make good use of that.
  11. Ran the cat for the first time in a long time today in response to this thread. Actually ran my Brewers for the first time in a few months. The cat did ok. Didn't push a model into charge range of Tapper, but got enough momentum for Spigot to get Time's Called out there for Tapper to make it to the target. I don't know if I like more than Friday kicking off though. Her being up there after the kick off, calling the cat, and then having an 11'' threat with a MOM T on column 1 is pretty nice. Tapper having access to INF /6 again was sweet, and I got "Sic Em" both games I played, which was awesome lol.
  12. That's just it though. Siren has to go down or Mash is pointless. Greyscales is also a problem with WTG.
  13. The only reason I would take esters into shark is that between her and hooper, she puts Mash at 4/3. Which is fine until you remember siren.
  14. Yeah, the cat seems like the best bet right now for hanging onto the ball, I agree. Friday within 5'' of spigot is also a decent idea, but if Siren makes that hit, Friday's kick is pretty glorious for her. I also don't know that I expect Shark to go for an early activation goal without knee slider. Maybe. Idk. Siren's also a good kickoff target. If she gets it, kicks it back to shark, it's a little easier for him to get rolling with a momentum in the bank already. I'm not a fish player. Kinda. I own them. I'm going to play them some so I can understand these bastards from the inside out like an insidious mole, but I haven't started yet because it feels dirty and immoral inside.
  15. If Shark is using it first turn, it means that he probably scored second or third activation and legendaried your team 6'' from the goal which means the scrum is less than 12'' from the goal. Sure, it's done and over with, but it's still not a great position. It was doable in S2 because you might could get him into the scrum and kill him. I was usually able to. In S3, he's probably doing it that early because he has knee slider. I'm also curious how many activations you're using to get the ball to a safe place. Half the time, Siren kicks off. You get the ball, and she Seduces it back in. If Stave's your guy to take her down, you need a 4 on two dice. Nobody likes making kicks on those odds, and when it fails, it's rough. I'm not saying it isn't a sound plan, or that you're even wrong. I naturally type passive aggressively these days. It's American thing every four years. I'm just curious about some of what you're saying.