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  1. Recent Hunter Win?

    There were Hunter models used in that they scored 12 points before their opponent could do so. Traps and snare was applied. The bear also got really friendly with the opposition.
  2. Big League Sportsmanship

    The way some of you people talk on here about sportsmanship and making your opponent comfortable makes me forget we are actually discussing guild ball. It's almost on par with marriage counseling. It's this participation trophy mentality that makes me personally want to grind the opposition into the dust.
  3. Big League Sportsmanship

    I have never understood the point of a player being a victim because of terrible play. If you stink at the game or are new shouldn't there be reasonable expectation of what outcome to expect? Leave your ego at the door or do something about it if you're getting pounded on a regular basis. Maybe starting out with something simpler like word search booklets would help.
  4. Goad

    What happens if you are playing against the Brewers and one of your models has two Goads on it from Vet Spigot and Harry?
  5. I am not the type of person to write a book about these changes but I would like to put in my two cents. The picking of Captain and Mascot to me is a terrible decision. In the long run I believe this will lead to everyone picking the "safe" option and will make the game more vanilla than before. Who really gives a damn about picking the mascot blindly? In what way does picking a Mascot during a draft influence much of anything ? It's a very poor decision and has made me ponder how much more time and finances I will invest in competitive play.
  6. 1. The best change for Season 3 so far is the football aspect of the game becoming more prevalent secondary to Home Crowd and use of Tap In. Models like Harry the Hat, Blackheart, Skatha, and Seasoned Brisket using abilities to either score goals unexpectedly or to use teamwork momentum plays really opened the game to more football. 2. The best goal I have had this Season was Greede getting killed previous activation left Avarisse close enough to sprint and bonus time a two dice tap in.
  7. Second Wind

    Mist had second wind on him and later in the turn was Goad by Harry. Does second wind also have to be directly towards since it happens after the activation?
  8. Mo-Ball podcast episode 2

    Yeah I am good friends with those guys through a lot of Vassal games. I kind of want to dress up as JackStraw. Figured I could just pull off straw to be used as measuring sticks.
  9. Mo-Ball podcast episode 2

    Hey guys love your show. This is Jared McGraw and I live in Virginia playing at the Washington DC meta mostly. Come out to the Spring Fling!
  10. Guild vs. Guild stats

    Stephen you're starting to sound like you are having a NPE. Shouldn't you be in a dungeon somewhere practicing Hunters non stop?
  11. I have been playing a lot of new Hunters with Skatha especially. What is the ruling for placing her fast ground overlapping the rough ground? Do they just cancel each other out?
  12. Smoke Takeout Team

    I guess it is time for me to go full time Smoke. I feel there is a way to make this work and it is going to take an unconventional approach to do so.
  13. Double Dodge Episode 14 - Altered Beaston

    I think you should be invited back after you show me some of that Hammer tech 😉
  14. A knocked down model starts it's activation within one inch of a free ball. Can that model forego movement to clear knock down and snap the ball?
  15. Masons at the Rusty Cup

    I know he is legit and have played him a good bit on Vassal. Was hoping to unleash the Beaston.