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  1. Hello from Northeast Arkansas

    Welcome! There are a few of us up in NWA as well, although growth has been slow. Hit me if you ever head west!
  2. The Sanchex Cup

    Anyone have trouble getting in touch with @seanocelot? Having trouble trying to schedule our last game...
  3. The Sanchex Cup

    We played and posted on Monday, chaos won 12-0
  4. The Sanchex Cup

    Josh (Engineers) vs Nackers (Hunters) Josh wins 12-2
  5. The Sanchex Cup Sign up!!

    Name: Josh Skype: Vangrundle Team: Engineers Ballista Pin Vice Mother Ratchet Hoist Velocity Colossus Mainspring Salvo
  6. Byron coaches the Engineers

    Oh snap that's me! (Josh, btw ) Great game, looking forward to more.