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  1. Benediction looked really good. As you note he will be an unbelievable tank. Grace looks great are you kidding! She has an 18" goal threat herself (16 native). She has an AOE heal and can give out Quick foot. Plus her aura allows her to use any model within 6" as the point of origin for those CP. So that is a 11-12" range. As you noted she is doing that for free from her trait giving her 2 extra influence. Think about being able to add +2/+2 to already fast union models at will. Mist already gets a boost from Solethians, if he is near one of these guys that is an extra 4" of movement for Mist (shadowlike and Quick foot). She has a lot of tools. There will rarely be a turn where she isn't contributing in some key way.
  2. I thought the whole thing was that they would have low influence stats and the harvest markers would boost that or provide synergies. That clearly isn't the case. They can have as many influence or more than normal teams, get extra from harvest tokens, and still get bonuses from the markers. How on earth does SFG think that BOTSF is justification for giving Hunter terrible influence stats, and then has a team that can run 15-20 influence?
  3. That was a nice read. It made me laugh because of how spot on it was. The Theron forest changes really are just inexplicable. You can't leave out the loss of forest sight either. I feel like that is even more amazing. If you are going to force him to magically grow a forest when he starts his turn, he should be able to still see through it . . .
  4. I just saw they ruled that the Frost Token's go away at the end of the turn.
  5. I could see them nerfing Jaecar in S4 because of Skatha now because Hunters aren't allowed to have nice things.
  6. The 7 max speeds seem like a build in penalty because they knew Skatha was coming out. I think the 8 and 9 speeds made sense given the whole swift and deadly hunters angle.
  7. The lack of 2" in the guild is just bizarre. It is on two models of the same character, and a bear with a 0/2 stat. I mean they describe the guild as being nimble and able to dodge, but don't give us one of the key mechanisms to make that work. It also means we are a bit SOL from ever taking a ball from a character with unpredictable movement. The 5/7 stat is . . . odd and doesn't seem thematic. I didn't realize it the first time looking at the cards.
  8. No Chaska? Do you think he just doesn't work well in a Skartha list? I was thinking the pushes from Boom Box (potential from Last Light) could really open up lanes to play the football game. He also has a good kick stat and pushes on his playbook making him an unexpected goal threat with fast ground and snowball.
  9. I was thinking about this point a lot. I still feel like the Hunters NEED extra influence efficiency to work. vHearne isn't giving much love right now, but may turn out to be ok. Last light could be nice, but the rest of the model is . . . very eh. Likely it is a model that doesn't make most 9's. oHearne really likes Theron's ability to place a forest. Otherwise if you are on a table without a forest a large degree of his fun is out the window. He benefits from Skatha's fast ground and snowball, but isn't a great fit for her. When I look at the models I feel like there are clearly some models that work best with Theron, some with Skatha, and a small number that work really well with both. I'm not a particularly competitive player so that isn't a huge deal for me. For those that run a lot of tournaments will that lead to really bad selections for the 9? Could you run both captains in your 9 and have enough flexibility left for list construction? Will it more likely be only one captain, but then lists within that to go more scoring heavy vs. damage heavy?
  10. My friend and I were having the same conversation offline. Their write up is just crazy. At some level do you think they are straight up trolling us? When Skatha wraps with her base tac of 5 , triggering cold snap from the playbook, the daisy chain, inability to recognize lack of 2" on hunters negates 50% of their tactics, snow passing to space and getting the perfect scatter, on and on and on. Most of their examples require 1) the opponent to do nothing in between activation of two hunter models 2) 2" melee zones don't exist for anyone 3) straight up incompetent playing from your opponent. As others pointed out this is a dream world where you do three things in perfect sequence that all have a chance of failure to achieve a result most other teams get with much less risk or setup. I think I about lost it reading how Ulfr should go first as due to ambush "Being able to charge a target and not worry about a Defensive Stance is doubly important for Ulfr because he benefits so much from wrapping his Playbook for multiple results." Except to have a decent chance of wrapping the charge target needs to already be snared or KD (but the model that did the KD can't be still engaging that model or bye bye +2 TAC). How did they write this with a straight face. I will say the new options provide a lot of nonlinear, unexpected moving parts. This opens up lots of cool and fun shenanigans. When they work. I also wonder how much this is a drain on the clock time. It seems again like many of the mechanisms need such careful planning you will burn through time.
  11. I think Zarola can pull of some shenanigans with Skatha for sure. She would fit with a highly mobile team thread. In terms of overall threat you are ignoring the fact that with the extra influence most strikers have can make their run into a charge attack or just buy attack before a run. That gives them extra dodges to increase their threat. This isn't exhaustive but: Both Briskets are 18 (plus dodges on 2 hits) Vitriol 19 (plus easy dodges) Friday 20 Mash 14 (technically a striker but . . . ) Velocity 18 (plus dodges on 2 hits) Angel 18 (plus dodges on 2 hits) Greyscale 17 (plus dodges on 1 and 2) Sakana 18 (plus dodges on 1). Flint 20 (dodges on 2) Bonesaw very high Brainpan and Memory 20+ A&G 20+ Mist 20+ (depending upon Solthecians), also had dodges on attack to mix and match with 2" acrobatics
  12. Well yes obviously she can still get it on both, but without being able to also sprint or get in an attack to generate momentum it isn't that appealing a reason to take Zarola. 20" goal threat is nice, but it is in the ballpark of average compared to what most strikers have innately. It is also something that requires a previous turn of placing the fast ground ahead of where Zarola current is placed, so likely in range to benefit opponents. I wasn't saying the bola was great, just that without BOTSF she can't even use both plays in a turn. This seems like a poor design. What would be broken about her if she could be 2/4 and still get blessing? Both plays are OPT anyway. The 2/3 stat line is just an example of the BOTSF tax put on the Hunters. As soon as you don't have easy access to it, characters become much less effective.
  13. I was lamenting that to my friend today with the new captain. I was imagining sweet, sweet scenarios where she could benefit from fast ground on the midnight offering and on her normal movement. It then hit me about the influence cap. It is stupid as heck. It also prevents her from doing both CP (not that it would come up much) unless she is blessed. Classic hunters design, am I right?
  14. I feel that snared has been massively overrated for Hunters. Trading two influence from Zarola to snare someone isn't normally a good choice. Jaecar and Chaska's traps are nifty, but really seem to be used to apply snared off of a push (btw why do none of the new models seem to have traps, isn't that our thing?). Beyond Theron the best model for us to apply snared is a union model that most teams now have access to. It also can be cleared from that delicious momentum people can farm of of our generally low defense models. Butchers have access to snared, a debuff from Meathook that can't be cleared, both versions of Ox with an aura, Ox's legendary, and still have access to tooled up. I get they are the "the killy" team, but the Hunters are also supposed to be dealing murder left and right. I mean just read their description of Theron. They want Hunters to be swift killers who strike and dodge away.
  15. They are thinking about one of the incarnations of Theron they play tested but never made it to official release.