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  1. Yeah, I got the knocked down behind the goal with the ball wrong in a recent game vs butchers. There's always something lurking in the rules to forget it seems.
  2. I have to point out Skatha's legendary tokens can only benefit guild models so Minx can't use them. Otherwise this was an interesting read so thanks for posting it! As to blow by blow match reports, I take notes if I'm going for that level of detail.
  3. So I was toying with sBrisket, Blackheart, Coin, A/G, Harry, Mist, Snakeskin, Benediction, oRage, Minx. My goto for sBrisket is Coin, A/G, Harry, Mist, Snakeskin. If I'm not worried about my opponent's ability to steal the ball from me, Snakeskin would drop for Benediction. Blackheart's usual are Coin, A/G, Harry, Mist, Benediction. sBrisket starts looking for 3 goals but can flex to 2-2 on the backs of A/G, Harry, and her own mom2 which is usable after singled out goes up. Blackheart is looking for a 2-2 but will take a 1-4 or 3-0 depending on what my opponent is doing. oRage and Minx can swap in or out for pretty much anyone except A/G or Mist depending on if I need the extra damage or the battery.
  4. Mostly just want clarification/confirmation here. Memory is affected by Tooled Up. Memory is taken out during the opponent's activation. Brainpan activates and triggers Thought to bring Memory back into play. Is Memory still affected by Tooled Up? I think not due to below quote, but just want to be sure I'm not missing something analogous to influence and creation. P. 18 of the rulebook says, "Remove all other conditions and effects from the model."
  5. Conditions are resolved in each player's maintenance phase which is resolved in initiative order. So whoever was going first during the turn in your situation would resolve their conditions and lose. And ninja'd!
  6. Well, you could auction off Vitriol almost every week if you are looking to earn favors. But if you want to buy people into Alchemists, Meathook is just the best setup piece for vKat ever (though unlike doubles, she can't tool him up here) since she lowers defense and adds a condition on any single damage hit. oSiren is just wrong for enabling a football game on top of Vitriol. Silence brings a fire aoe and the always fun tucked/shutout for a smoke lineup. Chaska can contribute to smoke via momentous boom boxes. Colossus is fun for singled out and is a fast footballer. Pint Pot is just fun and doesn't really need anything from your team. Flint can again provide a ridiculous striker. Those are the ones I'd shoot for off the top of my head.
  7. That actually sounds feasible!
  8. I like that idea! Every time I keep thinking alchemist goals I think of an actual liquid measuring dropper system and decide its way more complicated than its worth. Having the bottles/flasks/beakers on a table seems much more manageable so I'll have to look at some of those.
  9. Is there any reason you can think of that my podcast manager (doggcatcher for android) won't download the last two episodes? At first it didn't want to grab 13 or 14 but those eventually succeeded, but 15 and 16 just keep faulting out.
  10. So for my union goal, I have a treasure chest which holds nickels on their sides. For hunters, I made magnetic arrows that stick to a leather target on some hay bails. My engineers have one of the 50mm muse on minis hp trackers as the rotating counter base. Brewers are going to have a converted Quaff on another muse dial. Alchemists I haven't sorted still. I do like having the goal be a useful tracker though. Probably one of my favorite things about sorting out a new team (except alchemists who I can't find inspiration for)
  11. Death clock is staying at 45 minutes. Round timer is moving up to 110 minutes. Effectively they added 10 minutes to the dead time for end phases and clock outs. I think the 10th slot makes it much easier for me to justify crucible in the lineup - most likely for me, Midas, Smoke, Naja, Harry, Vitriol, Calculus, Compound, Crucible, vKat, Venin. If I didn't absolutely hate (and don't own) oKat, he'd probably have Venin's slot.
  12. And is still 100% irrelevant vs oSiren.
  13. I haven't seen it either. I thought the Monday blog had said Thursday, but that wound up being the farmer post.
  14. I never remember that is playbook activated until it happens to me. Yeah that goes around all the def and she likely has a target within range since the scrum is developing around Friday because of the ball.
  15. 40-50% success rate depending on bonus time so on that front much better than Mash (who had been my theory for ball killing because I like esters and he has UM). I guess as long as you win that coin flip twice (once under sharks legendary and once more to get a turn of work done) I can see this game playing out in brewers favor somewhat well.