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  1. Locus: Where and When?

    So, I'm really trying to find a spot for push bot into my 10. The KD on one is amazing, but I feel like he's too squishy to get into a scrum. Like, the idea is that he KD's someone that has the ball, it scatters, and he kicks it with Remote Ball. But, I feel like gambling on the scatter isn't exactly a good idea. What are your guys thoughts?
  2. Hi, I'm the new guy!

    Welcome to the game dude! Hope you enjoy your stay, and hope we get to see some painted players soon!
  3. After painting, and playing them in a tournament after a while, I'm not really a fan of their play style. You'll get I've got - Alt Puper - Steamcon Skulk - Event VGraves - Event Bonesaw - The starting 6 before Skulk, gave it to a local player - Event Cards - Faction Dice - Cardboard Tokents - Goal Post Team is painted, and based. Pic: https://imgur.com/a/9oB8bea, Pm if interested
  4. Who to kick with?

    I usually kick with Piper, and have him near Scourge. If I can't get the ball off of a player, I can at least Reverie him up first turn, and guarantee some painful swings.
  5. Hello! I'm vacationing in California (Fillmore Area), and while my friends are great fun with GB, I'd like to see if anyone in the area plays, or knows of somewhere that does GB.
  6. So, I love Veteran Katalyst. Last night, I ran him in a game against a Fillet Butchers team, and made some serious misplays, and he didn't really pull his weight. However, I feel like OKat could have done better. My Kickoff was with Vitriol along the side, and he responded with Meathook running up, and throwing a hook in her. I feel like, an External Combustion on a charge could have thrown her from the board. Could some more experienced players give me the full rundown on how to use VetKat, and OKat?
  7. OKat vs VKat, when and where to take?

    That's a very good point. I played a game against my friends Coirsair fish, and decided to go into Jac, when Siren and Angel were close by, big mistake on my part. I do however, struggle using OKat, but he seems like he does some real work 100% of the time you give him a full book.
  8. OKat vs VKat, when and where to take?

    So, in my when not to take, I generally don't like putting him into Morticians, or Brewers line ups. Spooks, because Cosset & Obby can lure + Puppet master him right into their team, then the whole gang just beats him up. Brewers can put him on his rear really easily, and don't like being outside of a group or a big brawl.
  9. A&G or Harry

    Harry is a star. To start, Molotov is another 3" AoE effect. Then, you've got Goad, which when bonus timed, can shut down some strikers real fast. He's got TAC7 when crazy, Inspiring Hat Aura is amazing for your entire team that isn't Midas, he's got lots of momentus pushes in his playbook, plus Rising Anger to help more for the momentum race. He's just fantastic, while A&G are great, they don't really bring a lot to the team that you don't already do.
  10. OKat vs VKat, when and where to take?

    So, after many, many games with VKat, I've come to a couple conclusions. To start, he's basically Cosset. I should be using him as a last activation, first activation back to back player. Doing this, can net a 4 point take out, and inch me that much closer to 12. He's a good pick MOST of the time, in that every team has a "Weak Link" that you can exploit. I'm a huge fan, and love him so much.
  11. Alchemist Matchups

    So, this is my experience, take it with a grain of salt. First, kick off with Vitrol. You want to group up on the left or right, with Vit on one end, and Midas on the other. This might cause your opponent to put Fillet, Shank, VBrisket, or Brisket on that side. Try to deploy within an inch of cover if you can. Then, you kick off in the other direction, forcing the ball as far in that direction as you can, while still going over the line. They'll collect it, and Vitriol can then send the ball back at your team, hopefully to Midas. Keeping VKat around Midas, or a ball carrier is a fantastic deterrent, as he can eat most players very quickly after a condition is applied. Remember, with her billion inches of threat, you're going to have to play around it. And, as a final note, Alchs are a race to 8 on a VKat team, and you're trying to force 1 of 2 win conditions, which can be a huge pressure on a Fillet team. Hope this helps!
  12. Southern Ontario Open May 5-7, Hamilton Ontario

    Me and a friend will be driving up from Rochester NY, I've got a seat at the Sunday event, can't wait!
  13. OKat vs VKat, when and where to take?

    So, I played 3 games in a qualifier with VKat. I kinda used him like Cosset, where I'll just jump a player on my last activation, and then use him first to geek that player. I think that went pretty okay. I do however, seem to be using OKat incorrectly. I felt like he should be this big brawler that can take on a team, but he does get put down really fast. He seems like a side of the pitch winger type guy, who can really easily push models around and apply KD.
  14. Future Guild

    I did hear from a Pundit near me, that there was one in the words, that the Solethian was kind of a red herring, and that giving the color of the guild icon would give the guild away.
  15. Vet Hearne is wearing Obby's coat. Also, Rage. See, I feel like Silence could maybe come out on top. If Obby is actually dead, he might be able to get himself into a position of power, provided Scalpel doesn't have something to say about it.
  16. Future Guild

    Fools when?
  17. Your favorite thing about the game.

    The community. I've met some wonderfully kind people through playing Guild Ball, and I've never seen a company so willing to touch base with the player base.
  18. Easter Mascot Painting Challenge!

    I'll be getting my Flask painted up for this one, can't wait!
  19. From box to built, Crucible.

    It just falls right off for me. I used a little green stuff, some Zap-a-gap, and zip kicker to keep it completely adhered.
  20. vKat, educate me.

    I ran (Mostly) the same 6 and won a qualifier this weekend with Midas/Naja/Harry/VKat/Vitrol/Compound (Calculus if they're not footballing.) The trick with VKat, is to charge when you're not engaged, and to know when you have to send him in. De-engaging him is very easy with Harry, given that he has a momentous push on one. You usually want to try and target things in the center to start, have Harry throw Molotovs at things to force burning, try to have him push people over with a KD, then charge in for a Witness Me! Plus, after you die, you can come back on one of the sides, and try to eat another model.
  21. Second wave - mascot +

    I would love that. The whole story feels like Game of Thrones, where people are dropping like flies, just one happy ending would be beautiful.
  22. Second wave - mascot +

    That makes sense, he looks just like him
  23. Second wave - mascot +

    I sure hope so, I've never seen him on the pitch, and would like to.
  24. Second wave - mascot +

    Who's the guy behind the Pitchfork man, and infront of Jack?