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  1. I have to travel for work and want to see if therr is a local gaming group nearby.
  2. Hello all, I am going to be running demo games or play full 6v6 gamed at RIW hobbies. I plan on being there around 6 p.m. if anyone is interested let me know.
  3. Has anyone had any issue with an order being delivered in the US? I placed an order for models for the black friday sale and have yet to receive anything even though steamforged claimed that the order shipped. I emailed twice with no response
  4. Ok i wasonly curious due to dread gaze does not target
  5. Hello, If V. Siren attacks a gluttonous mass player can dread gaze be picked?
  6. Is s3 midas allowed to put out mutiple burden tokens on the same target?
  7. Season 3 Creation changes

    I kind of see it changing just for the reason of why would you kill him. 1 vp and a loss of 4 mp hardy seems worth it. If it changes i could see its just 2 mp loss vs 4. Or if the opponent kills dirge morticians gain the mp instead. It is the same reason loved creature changed, to give incentive for folks to kill the mascots.
  8. Which Mascot to buy?

    I like strongbox and i feel he combos well with blackheart. Currently i am testing out a team with blackheart, strong box, avarisse, decimate, harry the hat. Not sure the last piece, maybe minx, hemlocke or mist depending on the scenario. Getting high tac with this team is the goal. I like the idea of confidence on a charging minx seems really good to maximise the successes.