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  1. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    It's nice to finally see a change of pace, and acknowledging their faults is nice of @Steamforged, I just don't feel like it's enough to rebuild the lost trust... For 3 months, Steamforged showed nothing short of contempt for their customers. While the excuses are welcome, why should we believe them when they say they do care when they've spent months proving to us that they don't?
  2. It is vague only if you consider omitting known information to be vague. 107 : Canada (we remembered!) : Shipping should begin from the hub this week. 108 : Canada: 99% Complete! / Canada have all now virtually been shipped 109 : Canada (French): 1-2 Weeks, arriving at the hub 10th June For well over a month Steamforged said the copies were shipping / almost completely shipped, even though they knew that not a single one of the French copies had yet reached the Canadian Hub. Pretending that everything is almost done and yet not making a single statement regarding the French copies is a blatant attempt at misinformation. They either altogether forgot about the customers who requested a French copy purposefully avoided mentionning the missing French copies so they wouldn't have to admit they weren't ready to ship Why else could they, legitimately, have suppressed that information? Lack of familiarity with the project? Incomplete/incoherent internal communications between the project manager and the person responsible for the redaction of the Kickstarter update? Basically, they either lied on purpose, or were grossly incompetent. If you can think of any other explanation, please share it. I'd like for someone at Steamforged to come up with a valid excuse for this, because at this point, yes, I am pissed at them. Currently, they prefer staying silent and letting us come to absurd conclusions instead of manning up / stepping up and stating anything conclusive.
  3. @Kidoh Problem is, their statements have been very specific, with instances like: May 8th, Update 107: May 22nd, Update 108: June 7th, Update 109: These are clear examples of earlier statements being flat out false, bot just incorrect estimates. They claimed delivery was underway for all versions in Europe but purposefully avoided mentionning that was not true for English copies in Germany. They said delivery was almostconplete in Canada even though they knew that French copies had not ever been sent to the Canadian hub yet. It's not just lack of planning experience, it's an utter disregard for telling the truth to their customers. Those were false statements made with the sole intent of making Stramforged sound as though they were on top of their game even though they were not.
  4. I told CS pretty much the exact same thing this morning (about half an hour before update 109 dropped) : Wow, thanks for nothing. I guess I'll have to wait another 2 weeks for an answer that once again says strictly nothing? Yes, I keep tabs on the Kickstarter page, but it hasn't been updated in over two weeks. In fact, my previous email specifically mentions my concerns regarding that latest update: … Having just read update 108, I have to wonder. Are those of us who ordered a French copy of the game considered part of US/Canada in regards to shipping, or is it just that every single one of is is part of the 1% who hasn't received their copy yet? And then you point me right back at the same post, seriously? There has been NO new news since. I know you guys working CS are doing the best you can and are allowed to, and I have nothing against you or your team specifically. Higher ups, however, are starting to stretch my (and others') patience thin. Deciding to keep all your backers in the dark really isn't helping things. That things aren't running as smoothly as planned is understandable. That they'd rather not admit it, and borderline lie about how things are being handled, is unacceptable. The updates make it sound as though Steamforged has lost absolutely all control over the delivery process, and is now as much in the dark as we are. Way to make the company look professional. I've been a fervent fan of SFG ever since I started playing Guild Ball, but this recent opacity regarding the fulilment of this Kickstarter has made me wish I hadn't managed to convince my close friends to sink money into that game, so I could consider dropping my support for it if I get too disgruntled. Once again, thanks for wasting my time. Mat
  5. Just a head's up. My last email to SFG was dated 2107-05-22, and I just barely got an answer back today... I wouldn't expect an answer just yet if I were you. (And what an answer that was; I complained about inaccurate info in update 108, and was told to check update 108 for more info) Sorry
  6. Riiight.Be thankful you've seen some hint of progress, considering there are still many of us who are still stuck with status Answered and therefore still (apparently) one step behind you in the process...
  7. Not much promotion for the game?

    The game isn't yet really out at the moment, they're still knee-deep in ... getting the Kickstarter out, I doubt they're ready to sell and promote anything at this point... Give it some time, no?
  8. Get over here

    The closest I was able to get to a definite answer on this is the following: TL,DR: Once the kick has been completed, the Kickoff instantly ends and nothing else can be done*. You can't trigger a trait, a Teamwork Action, use a CP/LP/etc... *Unless specifically noted, as is the case for Foundation...
  9. Yes, we've been left in the dark regarding what's been happening in the background, and that opacity warrants some criticism. But their underestimating the need for CS? Not nearly as much. Training a new recruit when you already have staff on hand to do so is relatively straightforward and quick. Doing so because your resources just ran dry is significantly harder since you're basically building up from scratch. Had there not been a last minute departure, their adjustment and turnaround would have been significantly quicker and more adequate. It's that unexpected change that exacerbated the situation into unbearability.
  10. /sigh Canada has yet, it seems, to receive a single French copy. Do you see me yelling fraud every day everywhere?
  11. I'm in Canada, but since we all were bundled together I am stuck in a similar boat as you are... Does anyone have an idea where the distributions hub(s) in NA are located, and who takes care of the shipping? Had they said there was to be a dedicated Canadian hub? And do we have any info regarding the distribution of Non-English copies of the game from the NA hubs? I know SFG is swamped, so I won't send them yet another email in this regard, I just hoped someone might have received some info and could be able to pass it along
  12. @Retro Edge, while I understand your displeasure, being stuck in a similar boat - SFG says USA/Canada are 99% delivered, but it appears that any Canadian who ordered a French copy has not received it nor any info regarding delivery, yet - I just don't see why you're that upset about it. You've been ranting about lies, scams and all for weeks now, but I've yet to see anything in this thread that warrants those attacks. What did they lie about, and when?
  13. Goad

    Hopefully someone with better search-fu than I could find the link, but in THIS previous thread @MilitaryCoo had pointed out that a previous ruling had already stated it was impossible for 3 models to be so perfectly aligned that it would be possible to satisfy both "directly towards" conditions... Note that this original ruling was in regards to a 30mm model blocking LoS to another 30mm model, but the fact that it was deemed physically impossible to be so perfectly aligned that LoS would be blocked could in theory also be applied here; it's impossible for the two "directly towards" lines to be perfectly aligned one with another and it is thus impossible for a model to move directly towards two targets at the same time...
  14. SFG response time is terribkle

    I mean no disrespect here, btw. I have no clue ehat you do for a living, but I have to assume you don't many emails at work. It's easy to get swamped, and takes forever to clear a mailbox after a vacation. Trust me, sifting through a few thousand emails takes more than a mere few hours. Especially since CS cannot just dismiss any of the emails they received. They have to read each and every one of them. Riiiiight. As if everyone did. Seriously, take off you rose glasses, not everyone is explicit in their subjectline when sending an email.
  15. SFG response time is terribkle

    Did you receive the automated bot reply? Yes? Then you've heard just as much as everyone else who's waiting on either their game to be shipped, or for replacement parts or bits. As I said, I can understand the frustration, but don't pretend you're one special snowflake just because you'd like preferential treatment. Yours would be first in line after every single complaint that was filed before yours. They can't magically know which emails are related to delivery issues and which are related to content problems. They have to sift through the hordes of complaints coming their way, one email at a time...