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  1. I'm in Canada, but since we all were bundled together I am stuck in a similar boat as you are... Does anyone have an idea where the distributions hub(s) in NA are located, and who takes care of the shipping? Had they said there was to be a dedicated Canadian hub? And do we have any info regarding the distribution of Non-English copies of the game from the NA hubs? I know SFG is swamped, so I won't send them yet another email in this regard, I just hoped someone might have received some info and could be able to pass it along
  2. @Retro Edge, while I understand your displeasure, being stuck in a similar boat - SFG says USA/Canada are 99% delivered, but it appears that any Canadian who ordered a French copy has not received it nor any info regarding delivery, yet - I just don't see why you're that upset about it. You've been ranting about lies, scams and all for weeks now, but I've yet to see anything in this thread that warrants those attacks. What did they lie about, and when?
  3. Hopefully someone with better search-fu than I could find the link, but in THIS previous thread @MilitaryCoo had pointed out that a previous ruling had already stated it was impossible for 3 models to be so perfectly aligned that it would be possible to satisfy both "directly towards" conditions... Note that this original ruling was in regards to a 30mm model blocking LoS to another 30mm model, but the fact that it was deemed physically impossible to be so perfectly aligned that LoS would be blocked could in theory also be applied here; it's impossible for the two "directly towards" lines to be perfectly aligned one with another and it is thus impossible for a model to move directly towards two targets at the same time...
  4. I mean no disrespect here, btw. I have no clue ehat you do for a living, but I have to assume you don't many emails at work. It's easy to get swamped, and takes forever to clear a mailbox after a vacation. Trust me, sifting through a few thousand emails takes more than a mere few hours. Especially since CS cannot just dismiss any of the emails they received. They have to read each and every one of them. Riiiiight. As if everyone did. Seriously, take off you rose glasses, not everyone is explicit in their subjectline when sending an email.
  5. Did you receive the automated bot reply? Yes? Then you've heard just as much as everyone else who's waiting on either their game to be shipped, or for replacement parts or bits. As I said, I can understand the frustration, but don't pretend you're one special snowflake just because you'd like preferential treatment. Yours would be first in line after every single complaint that was filed before yours. They can't magically know which emails are related to delivery issues and which are related to content problems. They have to sift through the hordes of complaints coming their way, one email at a time...
  6. Considering everything that's been said here, on FB and just about everywhere else regarding the shipping of the game, I assume you are aware that Steamforged is currently overwhelmed with mail from concerned backers who are not only awaiting replacement pieces, but actually full copies of the game. I'm sorry you haven't yet heard back from them regarding your missing pieces, I myself haven't heard back regarding my still missing box. I suggest you either send them another email to make sure your first request didn't just slip through, or you just wait a bit more. No, it's not perfect, but you can't honestly expect godlike perfection from mere humans, and there are many humans involved in this here process.
  7. Alright, care to elaborate? The only reportedly false statement/email from SFG I've been able to find in this thread is them saying some people in Germany had started to receive their copies of the game. Care to elaborate as to what's false about it? I can't quite make any sense of Ludopakt's statement using GTranslate, so some insight might help. So far, you seem to be jumping to conclusions relatively quickly and overreacting, I just want to be sure I get a clearer picture of your perspective. Thank you.
  8. Seriously, while I can understand the fristration people are going through (not having received the game myself and seeing SFG this morning say 99% of USA/Canada customers got theirs already didn't help), what exactly is it that warrants this kind of attack? We all know they're sifting through hordes of emails and complaints, they have subsidiaries to deal with and, like you and me, are just human. Is everything perfect? Hell no, definitely not. But to go and claim they don't give a $#!¥ ? What's that for?
  9. I don't want to sound snide or insulting, but the pledge manager was up for 2 months (from early nov to early january), there were 13 updates (from 83 to 95) during that period in addition to kickstarter emails/messages, that all mentionned the pledge manager, and you didn't notice until it was alreqdy closed?
  10. I did, I know, and that was intended. Thing is, my point remains valid; the pose they are renowned for is just as much a part of the iconic character Bandai is selling as the character's outfit is. Whether you like it or not, for anyone who has not played the game, THAT is the one pose they are familiar with. It's the one pose that is present in 50% or more of the not-fan-made artwork where he is depicted. Sure, you could sell a sculpt of any athlete/star/icon in any pose, but you know, like it or not, that trying to sell a Chuck Norris sculpt in any pose other than a roundhouse kick is not gonna sell as well.
  11. Oh well, miss the point then if that's what you want. Why even stop there, then? The boardgame Artorias should be unique, not with just use the same armour design as every other incarnation. It should wear a distinct, more original design. Otherwise yit just feels like another cheap knockoff of Bandai Namco's design. + Edit : In case I wasn't clear enough: Except for anyone who has actually played the DS1 DLC, Artorias's depiction is limited to that one single pose. That includes any boardgame who wants to give the game a try who has no interest whatsoever in the videogame. While they might be a minority, and would more than likely not be as interested in the lore and characters as avid DS fans would be, they still exist. There's a reason every single rendition of the characters (especially Artorias, Sif, Solaire and Patch) always remain the same; their poses are just as integral a part of the character's iconic imagery as their outfits.
  12. I don't mind the wait, I just hate being kept in the dark like this and being left with the feeling that Steamforged themselves are being kept in the dark too. The trickle of information that comes through makes it feel as though they're unaware of what's going on and how things are unfolding, which in turn makes it appear as though a disaster is about to happen... Plus the rumor I stumbled upon yesterday on Facebook that said SFG's Customer Service lady was no longer with the company? Ugh, that's a rough time to see her go, if true (and very sad news too, she was a blessing whenever I had to deal with CS).
  13. So, @Sir Orpheus, while I understand your concern, I have to disagree wholeheartedly. I definitely don't want Steamforged to care about what others are doing. I want this to be a standalone product, and as such I want any iconic character to be instantly recognisable as such with no concern whatsoever how other companies have presented said characters in other media. Has the Artorias pose been used elsewhere? Yes. Of course. For the exact same reason SFG is using it: because any other pose would look/feel wrong. Strangely enough, you say you're fine with Solaire in a Praise the Sun pose even though that exact character is ALWAYS presented in said pose. Why is it that in this instance you don't mind, but you do for Artorias?
  14. That they can't all ship at once is understandable. That we can't even know how many they have to ship, and how many can be shipped per day so we can have an idea how long it's gonna take to shove everything out the door, however, is bothersome. Let me quote SFG's March 30th KS Status update a moment : They CAN'T have any shortage of games, at that rate. According to the same post, they can fit about 2500 boxes per truck, which means that an empty truck can be filled every 2 hours or so. With this in mind, availability of the games should not be the issue. It's the shipping that's at fault. Where are the boxes now? Has everything been sent from the factories to the delivery hubs? How are the hubs handling the traffic and presure? How many games can the hubs send out per day? How many HAVE already been sent out? I know SFG isn't handling any of this, but currently it almost sounds as though they're completely in the dark as to how things are moving along... :\ I know they have other business to take care of (and, being a huge fan of Guild Ball, I'm glad they do take care of it too), it's just baffling how difficult it is for information to trickle back to us from Steamforge's partners...
  15. Yeah, I'm in Canada. I've seen lots of Canadians say they received their copies already, and the latest update which claimed SFG hadn't yet forgotten about us, but the lack of updates on Backerkit is infuriating. Has my order moved at all or am I still on queue waiting for someone to get their hands off their ass? I mean, sure they have a s...load of boxes to ship, but how come some packages take a day to prepare and ship whereas others take a month? It just doesn't add up. If at least there was any way for us to point fingers at someone, but then I can't even convincingly blame SFG now... /sigh