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  1. You are approaching it all wrong, mate. You should go: "That Steven Becker guy, I heard he is amazing. He is an intellectual giant here, where I live. You should really listen to what he said."
  2. I want to keep it a bit of surprise, since I will show it off here when it is done. But my problems are the silly sword arm position (which I will change), and the head, which is just not my cup'o'tea. I am mostly ok with the weapon, since Assassin in game does wield Estoc, and it would be odd to have him run around with a dagger when his starting equipment will be an actual Estoc - I want to stick to what the rules state he has. I may change the guard a wee bit though. Also, I am pretty sure I can restore the original Dancer of the Boreal Valley pose too. I need to take a closer look at the model before I can decide if it is worth a bother.
  3. Here is a list of highlight (not exhaustive) of mistakes Joe made (compiled Steven Becker of BGG): _________________________________________________________To name just a few things I saw spontaneously they messed up:- How to start an encounter They: Only one player enters encounter before each enemies activation (and only on the node right in front of the door). Also, they assumed that the player with the "First Activation Token" has automatically aggro at the beginning of an encounter - Which results in that player being target twice in a row, since he has aggro for 2 turns of the enemies activation.Correct: All players enter the encounter and can choose to position themselves on one of the up to 3 entry nodes along the doorside.Also, the player with the "First Activation Token" means only that this player will activate firsts from all the characters, but the group can still decide who will have the aggro for the first enemies activation.- How movement worksThey: Mostly paid 1 stamina for every node they movedCorrect: 1 movement for free, only additionals cost- How the bonfire tile worksThey: We have to spend a spark to do anything on there (like buying gear, upgrading stats etc.) and anything will reset encountersCorrect: Only spend spark if died or if you want to reset encounters/flask/hero/luck token, but buying treasure, upgrading stats or upgrading gear or refreshing luck token doesn't need any spark and won't reset anything.- How a reset worksThey: New encounters for each room they've clearedCorrect: Same encounters for each room and already looted chests are still looted.- How the treasure deck is set upThey: Throw anything in there (Class, common, transposed and lengendary treasure), apart from the boss specific legendaries treasures and complaing about how you have to grind the hell out of the game to reach the requirements for any of that stuff they've pulled.Correct: Find the common treasure cards and each chosen character’s five class treasure cards. Shuffle them together to form the treasure deck.AFTER THE MINI BOSS: Instead of setting up the treasure deck in step 6, you will add treasure to the deck. Find the five transposed treasure cards for each character. Then find the legendary weapon cards, shuffle those, and randomly select five of them. Add the transposed treasure cards (five per player) and the five selected legendary weapon cards to the treasure deck and shuffle it. From now on, the characters have a chance to gain these more advanced items when they draw a card from the treasure deck.- Attacking with each one-handed weapon in the same activationThey: Roll the combined amount of dice and consider it as one big attackCorrect: Attack with each weapon individuallyAlso things on how certain AI behaviors worked, especially the bosses ones and some more. All that apart from considering how often they said "F*** this, I'm going in" caused them to heavily rely on their gear and dice luck...The combination of all these, and especially "how to start an encounter", "How the bonfire tile works", "how the treasure deck is set up" and the "F*** this mentality" sometimes, messed with how they feel about the necessity of grinding and how long the game would take for one playthrough. In the end especially the treasure deck and as a result the feeling that they need to grind the heck out of this gave them that disappointment or average rating, they basically complain about these mostly and especially in the end for their "first impressions".If they would have played with the correct rules (and as said, that was not everything), at least one had the rules in mind (so they don't have to check 1000 times) even ignoring the strategic component to not need to rely on good gear that much, they would have had more fun based on their comments, the downtime between each player would have went way down and especially the playtime too...
  4. Cheers! I do want to emphasize knowing the rules for the playthrough. So far, every playthrough made was had huge problems in that regard. Angry Joe's one was particularly guilty of this, and made the whole game feel terrible.
  5. Judging by the assembly location, we can infer that US 1 is East coast, US 2 is west coast.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game/posts/1867210?ref=backer_project_update Another one! describing what's been happening on the backend... ...aaand the reviews we've all watched 3-4 times already. The cheery ones.
  7. Amazon has it, I believe. No backer unlocks though, those will have to be bought separately.
  8. Looks good. I would suggest to raid the game's wiki and get some basic info about the subjects you are presenting. That's the professional thing to do. It will make your further videos in the series a lot more palatable for all viewers.
  9. Personally, I prefer that we all received our packages tomorrow
  10. I will give SFG a benefit of a doubt and play purely according to the rules for a while, before starting to tinker with them. First few few games will be non-campaigns. First mini boss is Titanite fellow, since I kinda missed him... Main boss I am not sure of yet, probably will lose the first game before getting that far though... I am definitely planning to convert an Assasin miniature into something better looking. I pretty much figured out what I will do with him. Not a fan of that mini.
  11. Steel Division: Normandy 1944 has my hands full already
  12. I actually quite enjoyed the earlier areas of Soulsborne, where you are just starting to build up. So, yeah, I kinda liked to grind out early stuff (when I still don't know everything like the back of my hand, and are not too strong for it).
  13. Yeah, looks like randomisation is minimized here. Best use for luck token seems to be for dodge rolls. Faithful to the game too - damage only minimally varies.
  14. Have not watched it to the end yet. Figured I'd share immediately, because I love you all so much, obviously edit: SPOILER ALERT: game is bloody awesome!