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  1. The way it would resolve is this. It's a push movement still, so anyone sharing his node would get pushed off for no damage. His movement is reduced to 0 though, so he cannot move towards anyone for his 5 damage. He would then recover from frostbite and end his turn.
  2. If you got a tracking number I probably wouldn't start worrying unless the package gets marked as delivered and you still haven't received it.
  3. Because of Mega-bosses once they are released in the expanded content.
  4. You are correct. I'll clarify it as each action though rather than attack. Also note that the target is chosen at the very beginning of an action. This means if you are standing on a node with an enemy that will be making a push movement, you will be chosen as the target before the mandatory push, not after.
  5. I think the wound tokens are still fine for enemies. If you really want to track their hp with a dial why not just use the multiple boss dials you get with the game? Souls I do feel would be better tracked with a dial. Though I do still understand the need for tokens since you still can drop them if you have any leftovers from dying.
  6. You resolve it like you would a normal enemy. I believe the move you are referring to hits aggro. It means that regardless of where the aggro player is standing in relation to the Winged Knight, the aggro player gets hit as long as he is within range 1 away.
  7. He will always move since the push on his movement ensures that even if his target is on the same node as him, he will push that player (and all other players on that node) off, then chase his target. It doesn't matter if he is already in range or not.
  8. If you are on the boss node itself you may spend movements to move to the next arc over. If you are outside the boss' node then you will move between nodes normally. In a boss encounter every node on the board is considered to be in one of the bosses arcs based on the extending lines of its base.
  9. No, you can move between arcs outside of his node. The arc includes all nodes within and touching the two lines on the base of that boss model, stretching those lines to infinity outside the base as well.
  10. No, if you move into the arc you may still deal the weak die to the boss that turn. Obviously of course if you stand on the split between the weak node and a not weak node you still will also get the weak hit off.
  11. For your LHS issue, the way all pushes work on movement is that after the enemy with push movement has chosen their target for the move, there is a forced push of all players on the same node as the pushing enemy. This push is caused by the game's rules, not the enemy's action, thus regardless of if the enemy's push deals damage, this forced push causes no damage. Only after this push to clear the enemy's node has been resolved does the enemy move on to resolve his movement action. As far as your question about activation order. I'll mention just in case for some reason you weren't aware, all enemy's have a threat level. The enemy's with the highest threat level take their turn before those with a lower threat. In the case of enemy's with equal threat(Usually always enemy's of the same type), you may resolve them in any order you choose. The enemy resolves their ENTIRE behavior though before moving on to the next enemy.
  12. 1. Correct. Bosses only turn to face when they move if they have a target or if they have a forced turn icon. A boss will never turn on an attack unless the attack also has the forced turn icon. 2. The rule book isn't completely clear about how ranged attacks work with weak spots; however, the consensus seems to be that the player has to be standing in the boss' weak arc to get the extra weak dice regardless of their weapon's range.
  13. The Hollow Solider picks his target, everyone on the node with him then gets pushed for no damage, then the soldier finally moves towards and pushes the target he selected earlier for 5 physical damage.
  14. Out of the choices available I would probably go with the Abyss Watchers. That being said I would have loved to see the Deacons of the Deep as a boss fight in the game. I also would have liked to see some sort of take on the Ancient Wyvern(Though considering the game's run mechanic this would never be viable).
  15. Worded from the rule book itself. "If the character is attacking a weak arc, the attack gains an additional black die." That is all it says about attacking weak arcs. The book says nothing about having to be inside the weak arc itself. It felt almost like cheating; however, if we take the rules on weak arcs literally, then basically it means that any ranged weapon, as long as you are x(your range) nodes/arcs away from the enemy's weak arc; and no matter how nonsensical it may be; you still roll the extra black die. That is how we were playing it, but I wanted to make sure that this was the correct way to handle weak arcs with ranged weapons.