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  1. We are the champions of the World! :)

    Probably a bit more than sometimes.
  2. Lgs s1 sale, what should I get?

    Good point. I wasn't even considering union choices, just Butchers.
  3. Lgs s1 sale, what should I get?

    Starter Box, Meathook and Princess for sure. Really, the only one I'd say you could do without is Shank.
  4. Vs Morticians

    If you negate GM, which allows you to Lure/PM to negate Rush Keeper, I'd hardly call that a waste if you score 4 points. And Casket and Silence are both fairly good in the match up and can pip GM as well. But it's more likely they'll just sit the puppet next to him.
  5. Vs Morticians

    Obviously you pop it first. He is not immune to either and it's something you have to consider. Either way, Compound is a weaker choice into Morts than some of the other options.
  6. Facepalm Moments - Broken Fillet

    No one has pointed it out yet, but Blood Rain is a 3" pulse.
  7. Wrapping and character plays

    If it is not once per turn yes
  8. I think he was saying use the 2 MP on Brainpan's activation . You can still dodge Memory while he is down so you can make sure he is a good position. Alot of the Brewer's KD's are on 3 which is hard against 5/0 so counter attacks aren't super awful in every case. Memory turns 1 inf into 1 momentum reliably so he makes that 2 MP back fairly easily. I still wouldn't bring him against Brewers but I don't think it would be the end of the world.
  9. After the bloody master starter box

    I haven't seen a lot of people say this on the Farmers other than me, so I'm not sure of other player's reasons. Millstone is a huge problem for Fillet. Being able tank both KD's and Bleeds on Fillet's target. A Fillet team relies heavily on Fillet. Several targets are difficult for her to kill if Millstone is nearby. Tater, Jackstraw, Buckwheat and even Thresher. Grange isn't really a problem, but since they always take both Captains, I have to assume Thresher. Thresher out threats Fillet and can one round her. An Ox team does more work as a unit. Edit: Also Harrow is annoying. Fillet usually deletes her target but the other members of your team (VOx, Harry, Boiler, Meathook) are usually doing chup damage which Harrow heals a portion of for free.
  10. Any good Corsair videos?

    One mistake that I see players make early on is thinking that low TAC = Bad, which isn't true. Her playbook/TAC combination is much better than if she had 6 TAC with a 6 column playbook. VSiren often does more damage per influence spent than any other fish player. Fish have a ton of 2" reach and with Corsair/Kraken dragging people in there is almost always a scrum in than middle and she will often be getting 2+ crowdouts. Dread gaze means that some models can't get an work done and Corsair just never dies. She also has Escaping Fate which is insanely good. It's hard to believe VSiren was playtested. Both Sirens are both (probably too) strong so you are fine with either. With Union options, I think A&G is the right option. With Gutter, you often risk Scything Blow on your own models if there is a large scrum. You also don't need 3 drag options. Hers is also the least versatile. A&G give you a very strong scoring threat. Greede is more easily protected with Dread Gaze and lots of crowd outs. Singled Out takes VSiren and Corsair to 11. My Corsair line up is : Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, VSiren, Greyscales, and Kraken/Avarisse and Greede.
  11. Vs Morticians

    UM isn't an issue due to Compound's 2" reach, unless positioning is an issue. It's more of the other tools he has.
  12. Vs Morticians

    Yea I was going to mention Memory as well. I'm not a big fan of B&M but I would bring them against a team that brought Compound.
  13. Vs Morticians

    I wouldn't call Morts a scoring team. Not to mention most of their strikers/scoring models are able to avoid counter charge. They also have several ways to control compound. Lure, Puppet Master, Mis direction and Heavy Burden all do a number to him.
  14. Using vBrisket (and oBrisket)

    I take both in my 10. They both have match ups they are good/bad in and sometimes it depends on the rest of the team as well. OBrisket goes in versus Compound. Horrific Odour shuts down VBrisket pretty hard on the turn 1 goal as she often needs a full stack. I like oBrisket against teams wth counter charge models. They are all male except Marbles (who only has 1" melee) so a defensive stance puts you at 6/1. So you can take a charge from Brick or Tater and they are unlikely to take the ball so you can still score. Dirty knives is also really useful. I like it into Farmer's, or teams that have really good counters so I can lower their defense enough that Fillet can get the KD if she needs to. I also like oBrisket when I plan to kill the ball. She kills the ball well agains teams who don't have a lot of 1" melee or most of their ball retrieval is with males. Vbrisket is slightly more versatile. She has balls gone. She can charge for 1. Quick time can free up players who are being engaged (like Fillet or Boar so he can charge). It extends threat ranges. It also means she is harder to tie down if she is trying to score. I mainly like her when I'm receiving against a non compounder Team as a turn 1 goal that gets you 4 VP and +2 inf is really strong.
  15. He is right though. It's perfectly acceptable to voice that you find the price too high. It lets the content creaters know that there are people who might be interested if the price were lower. I'll never understand why people want to shut down people are jus stating their opinion.