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  1. Armor Sets

    Yeah, it will be interesting to see what becomes of this. I suspect the sets will probably be final at this point though.
  2. My finished set

    Cheers masterkdog! If you put nihilakh oxide over some bronze paint, you can get that oxidisation effect pretty easily. I'm not really that talented, I just followed the Lothaworks videos as a base reference and abused dry brushing! They turned out alright so I'm pretty happy with that, but I did make mistakes early on. I made a bit of a mess out of one of the heralds legs for instance!
  3. My finished set

    Hi all, Thought I'd post my finished set on here like a lot of other people are doing. I'm extremely new to miniature painting and the knight in this set is literally the first miniature I've ever painted. This took me absolute ages to finish but it's finally done!
  4. My finished set

    Cheers Leolian. I wouldn't say I have patience to be fair! I've been at this set for months. Just finally decided last bank holiday weekend to buckle down and get them finished. I spent literally all day Monday doing the Titanite Demon, Gargoyle and Dancer. I'm probably the only person who's dreading Octobers shipment!
  5. Painting blog

    That's painted to a superb standard pal. You should be proud of that. Don't blame you for taking a break. It is an absolute slog trying to paint through them all!
  6. Armor Sets

    That would be fair!
  7. Armor Sets

    All opinion is subjective of course, but I personally would be very willing to accept an additional delay to get them redesigned with action poses. Their purpose is to replace the player models when you find the armour miniatures respective equipment card so it doesn't make sense to me replacing the action pose of the player with an emote pose. I find it very immersion breaking when you have the dancer in a pose diving head on at you with a flaming sword and then your guy is just clapping in response. Emote poses are novelty and I feel they would have been better suited to something more like a limited edition range instead.
  8. Painting blog

    Those are some very well painted miniatures! It must of taken you a very long time. It takes me ages, and I'm just trying to get them done as quickly as possible!
  9. Release date for expansions

    Has anyone heard any news on the Last Giant, Manus and chariot expansions? I'd love to add those to the collection.
  10. Other expansions

    I really wish they'd do Gwyn and the black knights. Bit of a missed opportunity for the mechanic you see in the games where there's occasionally a treasure chest with a rare item in it being guarded by a harder black knight.
  11. Painting blog

    They are a million times better than mine. well done!
  12. This sounds well thought through. I totally agree though, the vanilla game is way too long! How did these rules fair when play-testing?
  13. Hi all, Just unsure about this mechanic. I've got a shield with a bash attack and a club in the other hand and I'm standing in the bosses weak arc. Do I get an extra die for each weapon, or just one for the whole attack? Cheers!
  14. Two handed attacks against boss weak arcs

    Thanks for clearing that up!
  15. Hi all, So I'm scratching my head at the following situation that's arisen during my playthrough against the Boreal Outrider Knight. The miniboss has just pulled the chilling thrust card against my knight and has chased him down along side a wall. His chase down ended in the corner which allowed me to manuever my knight behind the Outrider Knight into its weak arc. My confusion is to do with this cards attack. It's not using any attack arcs, it just targets the player with aggro which is my knight. Since my knight's now in the weak arc does that mean the attack misses or should I be rolling for a block since I'm in range of the whole model still? :S
  16. Chilling Thrust miss?

    Cool, thanks for the response!
  17. Two handed attacks against boss weak arcs

    Does the boss block each attack separately, or does the damage accumulate once the initial block is overcome?
  18. Does anyone know if it's possible to fix the bendy parts on Ornstein and Smough? Specifically it's the end of Ornstein's spear drooping down and the hammer head on Smough's hammer curving. I did the hot water trick which looked good to begin with. Came back the next day and lo and behold Smough was once again wielding his droopy hammer with pride. Just interested if anyone was able to sort this more permanently.
  19. Fixing bendy miniatures permanently

    Well I live in the sunny UK but to be fair, we've been having a bit of a heat wave here recently. I'll give the hot water another try to be fair. Maybe I just didn't heat it up hot enough.
  20. Is it wise to brush on varnish

    I use the exact same varnish. One drop of varnish to one drop of water seems to work well. I use gloss first and then the matt to bring down the shine as Mako said. Don't be alarmed if it looks a little cloudy as it's painted on, that clears up as it dries.
  21. Quick paint guides for the game models.

    It's been a massive help Lothar! Thanks for taking the time to put all of them up!
  22. Souls Earned calculations

    Have you tried just using normal sparks and souls rewards, but just remove the reset feature on tiles. I've been playing it that cleared tiles turn into farm tiles that you can spend a spark to generate souls from. That way it works out the same amount of souls as the base game without the grinding.
  23. I didn't see anything in the rulebook to support this, but I think I read it somewhere that there may be items that can be used when in the backup slot. Is this true? It would make sense if this was the case for things like firebombs, but they don't appear to say that they can be used in this way.
  24. Using items in backup slot

    Cool, thanks for clearing that up!
  25. Using items in backup slot

    Does that mean you could in theory make up to 3 attacks on one turn?