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  1. Have you tried just using normal sparks and souls rewards, but just remove the reset feature on tiles. I've been playing it that cleared tiles turn into farm tiles that you can spend a spark to generate souls from. That way it works out the same amount of souls as the base game without the grinding.
  2. Cool, thanks for clearing that up!
  3. Does that mean you could in theory make up to 3 attacks on one turn?
  4. I didn't see anything in the rulebook to support this, but I think I read it somewhere that there may be items that can be used when in the backup slot. Is this true? It would make sense if this was the case for things like firebombs, but they don't appear to say that they can be used in this way.
  5. I'm probably the only one thinking Slave Knight Gael. I found that boss fight tremendously epic. Also put down Midir, just because I don't think there's been any other boss that I've struggled with as much apart from Orphan of Kos (Bloodborne).
  6. The video game balances it generally by putting more advanced items into the later parts of the game, or at least the items needed to make the item truly more effective for later game. Has anyone tried the treasure deck tiering in conjunction with the shop method? So basically instead of completely randomly selecting 10 cards at the beginning of the game, you take 10 cards out of the level 1 deck etc.
  7. I think people need to play test to see what the balance is like. I couldn't say either way if it made it too easy or not without trying it first.
  8. That's a good idea! I'll definitely look at giving that a try! Thanks for the input
  9. I do think some mechanism to reset the encounter cards could be a good plan. I think I'll playtest my original ashes idea whereby Andre has a set inventory that you can purchase from that you can see, and you can reshuffle the encounter cards to expand his inventory. I kind of like that you get rewarded for progressing the dungeon in that way, and it kind of mimics the way you find ashes in the video game which expands what the hand maiden can sell.
  10. Would be tough to do that whilst maintaining balance. It's not easy solving this problem, but I'm trying to think of a good way to do it. Have you play tested with tiered decks? Do they work well in practice?
  11. My main problem I encountered whilst playing was that I just couldn't find weapons. I had a vast abundance of shields, armours and upgrades, but they were all pretty useless without weapons. Any system that ensures that there will at least be some weapons found is required imo.
  12. I think the biggest concern should be balance. It seems rather fragile to break it in this game. I definitely think there needs to be a better way of handling the treasure deck though. The RNG is a real fun killer when you just pull countless upgrade items, armour and shields and get no weapons. It's a shame they didn't have something like merchant cards that you can randomly find that offer specific items. At least then it could be balanced.
  13. It's definitely something that would need to be played around with, but I thought it would be a place to start. I liked the idea of having ashes tied to equipment that you earn by completing multiple tiles etc. That sounds a good way of doing it, only, I'd probably opt for my ashes mechanic to add more stock to the shop rather than force all the loot be bought before it gets refilled.
  14. Yeah, I thought the last part would be a good way to balance the grinding required. So to elaborate, you could still refresh the current setup to farm more souls, but if you want to find more ashes to expand the shop, you would need to search a different part of the dungeon. This could work really well with future expansions that have different tile designs etc.
  15. Hi all, I've seen a lot of people complain about the treasure deck being too open to RNGesus deciding what type of game you will play. What do people think of this as a start to some rules to balance. I don't really want to mess with the amount of souls that encounters give for the sake of unbalancing the game. Instead, I opt to introduce rules bringing the game closer to dark souls 3 method of merchants. Basically when you start the game, you should have 10 cards flipped over which form the initial shop that Andre the blacksmith will sell. You could introduce tiered items in this equation to help balance further, or segregate consumables and upgrades (just need to play around with balance. My idea was that we could introduce ashes like the the video game that expand the shop that Andre has. So if you complete all the encounter tiles before the miniboss, you can discover ashes that allow 10 more cards to be revealed and expand the shop with items you can purchase without the need of random cards holding you back and forcing you to grind. Treasure chests still give random loot like the games and you can reset the bonfire to earn more souls (grind). But in addition, I had a bit of an idea whereby you could seek more ashes instead of taking on the boss by using a spark and reshuffling the tiles and encounters to search a different part of the dungeon. This would eliminate having to over grind by keeping encounters more fresh and give the feeling of going deeper into the dungeon etc. What do people think?