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  1. Hi all So here is what I've done with my Hollow Soldiers. I did the same color scheme for the cloth on the crossbowmen and giant hollows as well. I was trying to mimic the game models' frayed, pale 'faded' edges, like this image. So here's mine. The question I have is: do you like it with the palest, tan highlights on all the edges (including the holes in the fabric), or should I make the holes a darker, greyer color and leave the tan highlighting just for the very bottom edges?
  2. As I've said elsewhere, I feel that the main reason the 'grind' is frustrating at times in the board game is because of the randomization. In the videogames, if I'm starting as a pyromancer and I transfuse for the Farron Greatsword, typically I won't be able to use it right away unless I've built for it. But if I know I'm going to be getting it instead of the Wolf Knight Greatsword, I can start leveling for it early. Then if I get it and still don't have the required stats, I can grind in order to increase the stats I need. In the board game I don't have those options because A: The classes' stat values are fixed B: the weapons are randomized and not guaranteed, therefore C: you can't plan for weapons or 'build' for them, and some you just will never be able to use, even at max level. All of these things mean that the board game really CANT be close to the videogame in the loot aspect. Which means the repitition FEELS a lot more 'grindy' because you're grinding just to survive and as a kind of roulette, for the chance of good loot, instead of making hard progress towards an achievable goal. I have yet to come up with a perfect solution other than to do the following to the loot deck: 1. Remove all loot that cannot be used by the classes you're currently playing with (IE, not using the knight -> remove all Knight loot) 2. Split the deck in half by level availability: first half is all loot usable by level 2, second half is anything that requires level 3 or 4 to use. But, that doesn't REALLY fix the issue, it more just dances around it lol
  3. So, I have a couple skills I can contribute to this. But, I'm really not clear on what it is exactly you're looking for. Is this just for custom rules and fan-made art material? Or...? That said, I can: Photoshop/digital painting and art manipulation (for graphic design, card art, etc...) Paint (I paint miniatures semi professionally and can upload paint guides and color schemes/color palettes) 3d sculpting (not sure what you'd want this for, but in case anyone really wants to fan-make a certain character or whatever that Steamforged is likely to never make and try their hand at 3d printing it, let me know, and I can sculpt it Writing (my degree and most of my work experience is in writing) So, let me know more specifically what you'd like and if there's anything you need to fill out the site and I would be happy to contribute
  4. True, same for me. I just think that his heat-up mechanic being a transformation (into quite a different form) might then require 2 models. Which is of course a good thing
  5. The question is would he be in his normal form or his Pus of Man form?
  6. painting

    I need help lol: Anybody have a suggestion on what color the chainmail skirt should be on the Sentinels? In the picture I really can't tell whether to do it that bronze-y color with the rest of the armor or do it silver...
  7. Quick question. Anyone know if/when retailer backers are supposed to get/have gotten their pledges? And, secondly, are the retailer exclusive bosses only shipping with Wave 2, or are they part of initial release?
  8. painting

    See, doesn't look 'inky' enough to me.
  9. Yeah, that is really weird. Is your backerkit still open?
  10. painting

    Yeah this one especially is what I was thinking of...kinda a across between obsidian and stone.
  11. lol only maybe. Can some one help me determine wtf this emblem is on the winged knight's tabard? Is that a... GHRU??? If so, did we just solve the missing link between Lothric and Farron Swamp?! The Winged Knights worship the 'angels' it says, but what if that means those hideous man-goats?! "You have been eaten by a Ghru" just took on a whole new meaning!!
  12. painting

    lol. Yup, exactly. And yeah I agree. Looking at the Titanite Demon...I'd say it looks like a kind of Obsidian. So not so much greasy as glass-like. I'd imagine it like a glass material that hardens at the edges/out surfaces to a stone-like finish, if that makes sense. So I'd paint the core of the thing a shiny shiny black, smooth as can be, and then use feathering or drybrushing over the surfaces and edges to gradually build up to some brighter gray shades. I wouldn't use any metallic paints at all, except maybe on his catchpole, but I'd have to look at it more.
  13. Yeah we would need to know exactly what you said in your message: it's possible they misread it as you wanting a refund.
  14. painting

    I wonder if having some sort of painting guide is something people would like? Of course, there is the issue that everyone uses their own paints/colors/shades/etc, but I know in my case half the battle of painting these guys has been figuring out what the heck some of these colors ARE...everything is so muddy and gray lol
  15. Oooh I gotcha. Yeah for sure. I thought you meant "I dislike story in my games", and I was hence going to wonder if it was just because you hadn't played the games and thus didn't have a secondary interest in the world/lore, or if you just disliked lore in general lol. But that makes sense. Yes, I agree. I have seen it horribly done. But that's part of why I like Dark Souls (the videogames), because I feel like they give you just the right amount to piece together, but also add to the mystery