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  1. Falconers!

    So... minor guild revealed as falconers with some interesting looking art and sculpts (I think... hard to tell from the pictures I saw ) I’ve done some falconry, and raptors are fantastic birds, my favourite animals. So I’m sold regardless What do people think they’ll bring the hunters, and do we know/suspect which hunters will get to play for them?
  2. New PVC Teams

    Engineers were partly designed by a high level KS backer if I remember right, so they may have wanted to run any updated sculpts by them first as a courtesy (no idea if that’s the case, but it’s possible). That might make them one of the later guilds sadly. I suspect the decision has already been made for practical reasons, but that definitely doesn’t mean people shouldn’t mention which guilds they would get on plastic if not the fish - after all, SFG can see the levels of demand that way Me, I’d probably get... well, most of them in the end. I like the plastics, and they look to be much less dense (as in “less pouches and other things attached”), so the models lines are cleaner and my brushes get more freedom. There are a few sculpts I can’t face because of the amount of bitty stuff I’d have to paint once I’d done the interesting bits (That’s why busts are brilliant to paint - don’t have to bother with belts, pouches, feet, all those tedious bits below the waist ) Maybe not the morticians, if I’ve gotten most of them painted by then.
  3. It’s cold outside (ok, not if you’re below the equator) and there’s always that lull around the new year where everyone needs something to do to keep them entertained. That being the case, it’s about time for another forum painting contest! And what better time to have a contest where the theme is… Winter? Any model you like from SFGs range (naturally, some models start out a bit more wintery, but don’t assume they’ll have a big advantage ). We’ll be judging based on concept and mood, as well as technical skill. You can do a display scene or a model on a gaming base, as long as it's only one model then anything else is pretty much up to you. As usual, the rules: Time runs until the 14th January at midnight GMT, any entries need to be posted in the relevant Final Entries thread by then. That thread will go live at the new year, and I’ll link to it here when it does. One entry per person, and entries must be painted and based by the person submitting them. If you get stuff commission painted, they should be the one getting credit for it Max three photos for each entry, just so it’s a little easier to go through them all Models must be on an appropriately sized base – you don’t have to have them on a gaming base, so if you have an idea for a little scene, go for it! Models can be from any SFG game, ie Dark Souls or Guild Ball The Rewards: Kudos to the winners as usual, and also these fabulous prizes courtesy of the (insert game show effects here): -First Place: Blacksmiths Master Crafted Arsenal box (wave 2) -Second Place: Yuletide Hearth and Buckwheat -Third Place: Solthecian Gutter and Coin Photo Advice: Because taking photos of models can be as tricky as painting them, a few points that might help. -Try to take photos in soft daylight, like near a window that isn’t getting direct sun. -Stand closer to the window/light source than the model is, to avoid backlighting. -Use a mid-grey piece of paper or cloth behind and under the model rather than white, to avoid bleaching out colours. -Crop the photos down before you post them, so we can see what you've done. -for higher resolution and larger images, use a hosting service – imgur is a common one, but facebook and twitter also allow photos to be embedded as do various other platforms. TL;DR – Paint any SFG model you like in a wintery theme by the 14th January, then post up some photos when the final entries thread goes live Oh, and to reward people that give it a go, everyone that enters a contest from here on will get a little badge under their avatar. The more contests you enter, the closer you'll get to a gold/dubious yellow one Can I tempt anyone?
  4. That’s actually not a bad photo, no bonus points for you (though I will say, photography is something we keep in mind while judging, since it’s such a pain!) Theyre looking good, that denim blue you’ve got is lovely. Now go paint some snow
  5. The bailiffs guild? Each turn they can take a play off an alchemist model and keep it?
  6. Game too Swingy?

    I find that surprising, as I’ve experienced far more one sided hosings in WMH than guild ball Feats, mini feats, and the lack of alternating activations means I’ve often been blocked from even properly playing, never mind actually having a chance of winning! Granted I suck at the game, but I suck at guild ball too and at least here I get my dead models back and can make a passable effort to bloody the other teams’ noses
  7. Limited Edition Model List

    There is indeed a trading section, and it’s also worth keeping an eye on the SFG store - at holiday events they sometimes open up previous limited edition sculpts for purchase again.
  8. Yeah, had a quick reshuffle - didn’t want the great content people were creating to get pushed down the page by random discussion, so moved a few bits about
  9. What about a "Creator" sub?

    @ADG the community event archive is for things like union in chains, though I do plan to move the challenges into their own archive eventually
  10. @S_A_T_S yeah, the points you make are entirely valid and logical. I just couldn’t resist a casual laugh at GW’s regularly inflating game sizes You’re right though, SFG will have thought about it and have reasons for their choices - I don’t think they would plan to shut new players out, but I can’t say I know why they’d go to 12 man on the fish - though with minor guilds coming out, a lot of their production and new product resources will already be spoken for. Maybe this is the only way it can happen while there’s still new stuff coming out, as they can’t take resources and schedule slots from the new releases to take a punt on a resculpt? Of course, regardless of the reasons, it’s important to me that people can voice their concerns on here, so while I always advocate caution when there’s not much info to go on (I don’t like climbing off the fence until I can see what I’m stepping in!), discussing it is a good thing - more info for SFG to make decisions with
  11. To try the game out in a very basic form, sure. But not to actually play it properly I’m sure SFG have reasons for looking at a single large box. They may not be ones I know, but they’re not going to spend that massive quantity of money on a whim. They want to stay in business after all! That said, I have my own concerns about a 12 model box. In a way, it actually feels kind of weird to potentially have a single purchase and be done. Plus the six model sets are good for impulse buys. I don’t think we know enough yet to worry too much, but it’s good to see people debating the options and SFG will be able to get a feel for how things could play out.
  12. Traits

    Oh, I reckon I have a spare bit of time today! Which also means I've failed to find some of the new farmer traits on the list... It's going to get longer
  13. Indeed - for extra clarity, clicking the "yes! let me have them!" button counts as you saying you'd want to buy them, the only further question appears to be "would you be replacing models you already own or buying into a new guild?". If you don't want the fish in plastic, don't click the button
  14. Are we all plastic now?

    I can’t remember the plastic Ghast... is it lurking online somewhere? edit: wait... a vague memory surfaces of it matching the original art. That one? anyway, it seems that it’s been set up so answering the survey is automatically a “yes I will buy them” - the button says that basically, the only further question is “will you buy them on top of an already owned fish team, or expand into the guild?”
  15. Winter Painting Contest

    Hardest part is coming up with a plan! Once that’s out the way, it’s just paint by numbers
  16. Moved over to rules clarifications
  17. Winter Painting Contest

    That’s a good blog link there @S_A_T_S How are people finding it so far?
  18. Are we all plastic now?

    Honestly, no one really knows. There was word that the fish may be a complete rerelease box (if they even go ahead, which is still subject to there being enough demand for it), but that doesn’t automatically mean the masons and brewers will be the same. And it’s not definitively confirmed for fish either, as far as I know. There’s a lot of speculation going on. SFG are planning to sound out the community over the market for new versions of old guilds, so it may be that they make that decision based on information that comes through then.
  19. De Tinnen Roos Statue Dimensions

    Yeah, there’s an assembled and polished version, or a kit version for you to finish or paint yourself. The polished ones were used as trophies at steamcon. Quite pretty.
  20. Do they weave baskets for underwater use, or weave baskets while underwater?
  21. Part of me thinks they might tie to the alchemists - a lot of the old symbols were both planets and elements, and natural philosophy (which is what early science was called) often incorporated elements of astronomy if I remember right. Course, there’s no guarantee the minors have such clear and obvious fluff tie ins, some may be alliances of convenience (and interesting gameplay options) So fish could get navigators/cartographers, pirates, astronomers or something more tangentially related like weavers, or lumberjacks.
  22. De Tinnen Roos Statue Dimensions

    I saw some at steamcon, they’re pretty big. I’d say maybe 6” tall? They were used as trophies. Hefty chunks of metal, really well cast though.
  23. Are we all plastic now?

    Yeah, so far just farmers, smiths and lucky. But it was mentioned at Steamcon that there may be plastic remakes of the older guilds, if there is enough demand to make the cost of tooling moulds for them worth it. So keep an eye on things, there may come a time soon(ish) that SFG asks people about interest in plastics for various guilds, so they can make that decision
  24. I've made progress, honest - Brainpan is mostly done, but I've been distracted by the usual tedious real life stuff so haven't finished him up. Still, Christmas will be quiet for me so I'll get him sorted out then at least!
  25. I have been painting, but I've not got anything to show for it yet (bonesaw needs his base doing and a matte coat to knock down the gloss varnish that protects him...). Instead today, when it was too warm to paint, I made myself a thematic dice bag for my guild ball stuff. It has a bit more room than I anticipated despite being in (fake) suede with a fake sude inner lining and a layer of padding