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  1. I can't pretend to be good at the game (if I can remember that teamwork actions are a thing I'm doing well!), but @Henry's comment reminds me of something my old martial arts instructor said... "If you do every move perfectly, anyone that knows that art will beat you. If you never finish a move properly, they won't know what's coming next." Strangely practical advice here it seems!
  2. Companies in general (and particularly miniatures companies) are often reluctant to say anything until the problem is resolved, as things can easily turn round and bite you when you do - which then leads to even more frustrated customers! It's easy to end up in the situation of "I need something definite... I'll have it tonight/tomorrow". I'm glad to see they're getting a handle on it, hopefully soon (next week?) someone will post up that they have an English copy in Germany!
  3. Usually when I'm there Wednesday involves helping a friend's company set up stall... I learned last year that they don't always turn the air con on until the Thursday - by Wednesday night, all we wanted to do was drink water and sleep for days! (We did our drinking on the Tuesday )
  4. 9am on the second day? You people are either cruel, or machines that don't need sleep!
  5. Hey, a fellow Cyrissian! I have to admit, despite my liking for the morticians, there is something so tempting about an all mechanica engineers team...
  6. If you heat bend them straight (dip them in hot water for 10 seconds ish then hold them straight as they cool), they don't usually warp again over time - it's the cooling as they come out the mould that causes the bending, once they're cool they're pretty resilient. So as as long as you use heat to re-shape them, they'll set and stay that way so you can paint them happily. Varnish is a must to protect the paint from rubbing away, but it's not going to do anything for the model's shape
  7. I've seen that same thing on painters from complete beginners all the way up to competition winners, and used to have it myself. It's surprisingly common! In the end I find a lot of it comes down to not worrying what other people are doing - if you'd enjoy having a set you painted, then it doesn't matter if someone else has done a ridiculously glorious paint job (you're not going to use their models after all!). Likewise, there's plenty of people who really hate some of the winners of big contests, so skill isn't a guarantee of people not disliking things! I'd say maybe pick up some reasonable brushes and a couple of newer paints (new ones or the best you have to hand) and start simply - paint the basic colours on, and once your hand is back in start doing a bit of washing, or drybrushing, and don't feel you have to go nuts for it to look good. Some neatly done basics make sets look really nice. If in doubt, grab some cheap models from somewhere else and just practice chucking the paint about. But don't avoid the dark souls stuff forever just because you're worried you're not good enough for them, as you'll never find out that you are good if you don't!
  8. Shame on you all, with your willpower-less buying habits! I... definitely couldn't possibly have every guild. No sir, not at all.
  9. Not really I'm afraid - I'm not staff so don't know the internal goings on of the KS, and have limited abilities to find things like this out. I'm confident they've seen this thread and will be looking into it, but you'll find out the answers as quickly as I do! I'd think that they won't want to say anything until they know exactly what the situation is, to avoid any further confusion. If there's been a communication glitch between two locations in different countries, that can get really confusing (from my own job working across multiple sites, I know how much time a simple miscommunication can cost a project). Hopefully soon though.
  10. It's come up on here in a couple of places; just as fulfilment started their customer service person left, so as the emails flooded in they were also trying to find, hire and train up a replacement. They're slowly catching up with the email backlog but aren't there yet. Not great news I know, but that does go some way to explaining the communications delays.
  11. A malifaux teddy, I think?
  12. As forum mods, we've been letting this thread go on (because we're not here to purge complaints or force people to like things), but I do need to say one thing - please watch the language and post mostly calmly. I know that's easy for me to say, and it's massively frustrating and annoying for things to have gotten to this point, but there's a limit to the behaviour we can allow on the forum before stepping in. We don't want to have to start moderating things because people are swearing and raging.
  13. Lets avoid too much snark and hyperbole please folks! We've been giving the dark souls community some leeway because kickstarters are frustrating (particularly when they don't go smoothly), but please play nice. It's only a discussion about model posing after all!
  14. Must be pretty weird for him too
  15. I'm guessing the captain and mascot either aren't paired and offer general synergy, or they pair up together and just have a higher power skew than the other pairs.
  16. Reckon Friday will bolt with him if he gets the boot? Or is she too loyal to the family?
  17. Welcome aboard!
  18. I don't think a lot of stuff has been finalised yet - event registration opens in 3 weeks ish doesn't it? After that point it's a bit more uncertain, but as yet I wouldn't worry. I have friends in a couple of companies and I don't think any of them have set everything in stone yet.
  19. Before this sinks into "X game is perfect and Y game is unplayable", there is no perfectly balanced game. There are also no games so unbalanced as to be unplayable (because people are playing them, so they can't be that bad!). So I don't want to see a load of Malifaux vs Guild Ball posts... Sure, GB could benefit from some tweaks. So could Malifaux. So could every other game. But perfect balance is impossible, and when the outliers are barely wider than the deviation (like in this data) I'd much rather see slow and thoughtful tweaks that the community can adjust to. Is it frustrating when you're waiting? Sure, sometimes. But I'd say that's better than the game being in a state of constant flux and balance weaving about the place.
  20. If they're aiming for 3 months and 6 models, my guess is 3 hunters, an alchemist, a fish and one wildcard (always leave that wiggle room )
  21. I went down the standard deviation route too (but not IQR, I wasn't quite as bored as @Siberys it seems!). Given the variables that can't be incorporated such as player skill, individual model use, counters, and competitive bias, there's no concrete definitive answer in it. Maybe the alchemists could do with a look, and possibly hunters too, I wouldn't say no to it. Course, in a system this complex it's never that easy... I'm going to guess that SFG aren't going to rush to tweak things though, maybe let the new hunters settle a bit, possibly test a tweak here and there on the quiet, and decide what to do when they aren't knee deep in dark souls bits crying in the warehouse at weekends Also, how many people played masons???! Good grief...
  22. Bit misleading, I'm still waiting to get chance to read the fluff, it I thought I'd preempt things a little and provide a place where spoilers aren't going to catch anyone by surprise I am looking forward to seeing what happens though, so I'll be catching up on it all soon...
  23. Two pairs of master/apprentice and a captain/mascot pairing perhaps? The captain/mascot pair would be looser maybe so you could take any mascot, but still get some use from it. Or maybe not, and just a more skewed pairing and everyone basically gets taken in pairs. But what kind of mascot suits the blacksmiths? A shire horse?
  24. I like sledge, he does look apprentice-y with his roughly forged vambraces etc. Anvil though... he looks like a generic fantasy dwarf, which surprises me for Guild ball. Usually they avoid looking quite so traditional-gaming-model! Then again, his artwork reminded me more of Cohen the Barbarian, so I was almost guaranteed to be just OK with the model
  25. I'm probably missing something obvious, but if Granite gets hit with fire blast, I assume the 2DMG she takes at the time is blocked by her 2ARM. But is the damage during the maintenance phase condition damage and therefore special, and bypasses armour, or not? Basically, do conditions cause condition-damage every turn and does condition-damage have any special properties beyond ignoring tough hide? Feel free to point me at the answer if I've missed it in searching the threads!