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  1. Tonio's workshop

    Nice paintwork! And the tree stumps came out great too. Having messed around with casting a few times, there’s a cheap and dirty trick for degassing resin (as long as it has at least a few minutes of cure time, I aim for more than 5 for safety). Get yourself a 50ml plastic disposable syringe, completely pull out the plunger, and lightly block the nozzle with a little blob of plasticine or something. You can measure your resin parts into it (I try not to go above 20ml total volume), then hold the nozzle seal in place with some paper towel and push the plunger back in just enough for it to seal. Turn the whole thing over a few times to mix the resin, finishing with the nozzle pointing upward, and carefully release the nozzle seal (having the paper towel covering it will catch the inevitable little spit of resin that was trapped there). Then push out the air, put your finger over the nozzle (gloves or some plastic wrap are useful here to avoid sticky fingers), and pull the plunger carefully back again - the pressure drop will pull a lot of the air out of the resin. You can do that a couple of times, then inject the resin into your mould gently. Not perfect, but reasonably effective and a cheap plastic syringe is easier to get than a vacuum chamber
  2. Morticans and mercenaries

    That is gorgeous! Lovely use of colours and very slick brushwork
  3. GuildBalloween

    The video is on the Facebook feed, looks like some seasonal models coming on Monday...?
  4. GuildBalloween

    Book three I think covers that (if I can trust my memory....)
  5. GuildBalloween

    Showing my ignorance here, where’s this mysterious video?
  6. Their chief weapon is surprise. And fear. Their two main weapons are surprise and fear. (how irresistible is that...)
  7. Sorry All... Working on pictures.

    This may help - it’s the method I use, and seems to work pretty reliably:
  8. Sorry All... Working on pictures.

    How are you posting them at the moment? Uploading directly to the forum, linking from an image host, or something else? On my PC and my phone I can only see “aac&sz=600”. It may be that you’ve somehow got local cached copies that lets you see them while others can’t, though I’m no tech wizard so i could be totally wrong
  9. GuildBalloween

    If that's the same picture I saw, isn't that Thresher? The dead are unquiet, it seems...
  10. I’d guess that 18 is more likely than 15, just because of the 6 model boxes. No guarantees of course, I could be way off! As it stands, Union has three boxes but a few duplicates, so who knows. I reckon under 20 models is a good place to cap guilds, saves me too much painting but keeps the options when team building
  11. Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Nooooooo!! I demand realism from my games involving bears with human souls, magic-grade physicians and trained chickens Granted, I miss the two blade duellist look, but if there’s a compelling fluff reason for it I’ll forgive most things!
  12. Fisherman South Pacific Scheme

    I like that scheme idea, going to watch this one! Colourful teams are always fun
  13. Power creep

    Honestly, there’s never been a release wave that wasn’t called OP or UP. Sometimes that’s been right, sometimes not, but it’s rarely as bad as the worst predictions. Like @EpicChris says, it’s the internet I class things as OP when I can win with them, because my skills are legendary (in the “how can you play that badly?!” way!). My usual opponent beat me in a close game when I first got them using the masons including vHarmony, granite and chisel. So they can’t be *too* badly broken
  14. Ox Butchers Vs Ballista Engineers

    If Jamie said it was ok then fair enough! I only offered in case it helped, but if it’s not going to give any benefit then all is well
  15. Ox Butchers Vs Ballista Engineers

    Good to see vassal getting use, and nice reports! Though it’s best if they’re posted in separate threads so there’s no risk of them getting under-counted (especially if you’re going for morticians ). I can split them for you if you like, or you can do it with inventive titles
  16. Brewers eke out narrow victory against Masons

    Annoyingly they’re really good, I’ve never figured out how they do it...
  17. Brewers eke out narrow victory against Masons

    Fortunately I just tend the forums, I don’t have to count all the posts, which means I may well get time for a bit of blog reading All I’ve ever asked is for folks to consider the opposite side, so if you’ve done that it’s all good from my perspective. I do my best to as well, and I definitely won’t fault you for not wanting to spend that extra time if you’re devoting a lot of it to the blog (and more important things)! In the grand scheme, enjoying things is far more important. ...although I do know a few people who can achieve painting models and binge drinking at the same time. The UK painting community are a strange lot
  18. I have been painting, but I've not got anything to show for it yet (bonesaw needs his base doing and a matte coat to knock down the gloss varnish that protects him...). Instead today, when it was too warm to paint, I made myself a thematic dice bag for my guild ball stuff. It has a bit more room than I anticipated despite being in (fake) suede with a fake sude inner lining and a layer of padding
  19. Brewers eke out narrow victory against Masons

    It's worth remembering that they're going through every report posted, which is up to ten a day ish (judging by how many I see go by) and this event is going on for several more weeks. So every time they find one where they can't just click the thread title, have a quick look, and know it's ok to be counted... adds up to a lot of extra time required. They aren't asking for a giant report, but a title, quick summary and some pictures - it's a small amount of work for each individual report that massively reduces the burden on them when they have to check every single one. They'll no doubt enjoy reading stuff in more detail if they have time, but that's kind of a second stage they get to do after the main work is done
  20. Pictures are indeed recommended not required, but it's much more likely that a game will be counted if there are photos of it as well - it speeds up the process for SFG when they're doing the final counts, and avoids things being discarded because the team can't be sure if they're a new report or not. So I'd look at it as extremely heavily recommended, not just as an optional extra
  21. Masons took one from the Brewers

    This has a variation of that method in case you have any trouble
  22. Brewers eke out narrow victory against Masons

    Same as the other one, if it’s going to count you’ll need to actually post the content on here rather than linking out
  23. Brewers quaffs beers, destroys Union

    If you want it to count, I think you’ll need to repost it on here, not just as a link to a different site
  24. Turns out, decades of hobby skills are surprisingly useful
  25. Ok, so people have been having a few problems with pictures, both in posts and for their avatars. So to make life easier for people, I thought I'd offer a guide and some handy pictures. First, some resized UiC Faction Logos for those wanting to use one but not used to image editing: Second, how I get images into posts (there are other threads with other methods, I assume they work too. But this is my personal method). First, create an Imgur account if you don't have one, and make yourself an album for UiC (technically not necessary but its good to be organised ). I personally have my albums set to private so they only show up with the direct link (but that's not actually necessary either). I resize my images to 1000 pixels wide (or less) in photoshop - or GIMP, which is free, MSpaint or paint.org are other options I've heard mentioned but.. whatever works! This drops the size of the image but doesn't make any real difference to the resolution in posts. Upload those to the album, and you get something vaguely like this: Put the cursor over the image you want and you get a little menu show up, which you can then click on the down arrow and on Get Share Links: You can then click on Copy on the BBCode (Forums) bit, then simply paste the link into your post: The link shows up like this until you hit post, only without the spaces: [im g]https://i.imgur.com/r4RpBhx.jpg[/im g] That's how I've loaded things into this post, so it clearly works, but like I say there are plenty of other methods out there (we all have our own ways) and I'm sure they work too