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  1. More painting! (Yes, it's very slow progress. I'm slow anyway and I don't get a lot of time for it these days ) Most of the orange is done, the back of her skirt will be blue like her top, and most of the rest will be leather. At some point I'll have to do her hair I suppose too!
  2. I have been painting, but I've not got anything to show for it yet (bonesaw needs his base doing and a matte coat to knock down the gloss varnish that protects him...). Instead today, when it was too warm to paint, I made myself a thematic dice bag for my guild ball stuff. It has a bit more room than I anticipated despite being in (fake) suede with a fake sude inner lining and a layer of padding
  3. It's summer, it's hot (except in England where we've had our three warm days already), and it's time for a new contest! Given the weather, it seemed like a good time of year to go for a writing challenge - why not dust off the keyboards and flex those literary aspirations while your paint is drying out too fast... The Rules The challenge will close at 23:59 on the 31st of July, at which point all entries should be posted up in their own threads in a folder that will appear for that very purpose in mid-July. Judging will happen over the next week or so, being wrapped up before Gencon on the 17th August One entry per person, so pick your best if you write more than that. You can post up works in progress and get community feedback if you want to, they don't have to be kept secret. Stories should be no more than 1000 words long, excessive length may well count against you. The theme of the story should be 'the rookie' - maybe it's their first game in the minor leagues, or the week after they're accepted to the training program, whatever you come up with and whichever guild you like (although... family friendly forum, so careful with the Seamstresses guild ). Entries will be judged by none other than the Magister of the Scholar's Guild, @Sherwin! The Rewards Naturally, there's bragging rights. There's also a nice bit of prize support from SFG: First Place will get a Farmers starter set box Second Place will get a set of Farmer's Guild dice Third Place will get a Farmer's Guild patch So who can I tempt to give it a shot? #saveAmber
  4. Personally, I'd glaze after the highlights are done - it'll help blend them in and avoid any strange tone changes on the highest points.
  5. The Phantom of the forum strikes again! keep your hand level with your eyes
  6. I'm wondering the same things - A tournament 10 could be 5 masters and 5 apprentices (wild guess, could be way off), which means a choice of five captains. Granted, they're not quite Captain power,don't generate quite so much inf, but that flexibility is pretty sweet. So glad I'll be at gencon when they're prereleased
  7. Greede is still weaselling about I think, Ox is perma-angry having been an unwilling "guest of the church" for a while but I think all the butchers survived the civil war? Katalyst is on a list I have of of "alive, but the clock is ticking" with Crucible and a few others
  8. I think you've covered spoiler warnings thoroughly so don't sweat posting them! Thinking through, I can remember: Greyscales Ghast Blackheart Coin Thresher Snakeskin ...feels like I'm missing someone, but I can't work out who. Something I think is worth mentioning (as general advice for everyone involved) is to use named characters lightly - it's much easier to not have to match your writing up to the way they are in the books, especially when the judge wrote said books Not saying that that was your plan, but this seemed like a good place to mention it!
  9. I'll admit to being sad there's no small furry animal, but yeah... happy times in terms of team composition!
  10. As seen on the blog, a new reveal for the Blacksmiths! Shiny...
  11. In my experience, she ends up closer than I'd like (free jog at the start of the game and then another if you hurt anyone in 4"...), discourages me from attacking people parked near her, and then bogs me down in a horrendously slow melee, leaving me effectively two players down for a while
  12. I really like Scalecolor, but they take some serious getting used to. And a lot of thinning, to the point where they barely colour things. It took me a while, but I think I get passable results now, working from a grey-white zenithal priming and using them really diluted as glazes all the way. Which also means you're going back and forth so much the transitions soften together automatically. They come out so beautifully matte too, which for display pieces is fantastic as you don't have to risk a matte spray to knock the shine back. The metals they make are gorgeous; they don't have the same coverage difficulties as the standard colours and the flakes are so fine they go through the airbrush or paint on by hand really smoothly. Plus their metal'n'alchemy sets give you some really interesting coloured metallics. I know some people that put down a basecoat of Vallejo colour for coverage, then use the scalecolor stuff for shading and highlights, but last time I tried that it went so wrong I had to drop my poor resin cosset in paint stripper. (That turned out to also be the first time ever that my paint stripper melted a resin model, and resin cosset is tricky to replace... I now have three obuluseseses ) Bonesaw and Scalpel are purely done with grey/white priming and scalecolour paints, except for the eyes - I did resort to VMC deck tan and a dab of VMC black for that, because no way was I trying to build up a decent pale colour with a dozen layers in those tiny spaces!
  13. What can I say, I like pretty colours... It's something of a surprise they didn't end up pink
  14. I think that new skin recipe is working well, there's just something a bit more lifelike about it. ...is that a Brettonian shield there? And the widgets look good too
  15. Cheers Doc! He is a great sculpt, that model just falls straight at the brush in convenient ways. I'm a sucker for doing something different, and much as I really like the monochrome schemes, White schemes and dark brooding schemes I saw around, I wanted to find something that was a little different. Eastern mourning colours turned out quite convenient, especially when I only ended up using three paints for the blue and orange combined - they were both highlighted to scalecolor Mojave White (basically pale ivory) to take the saturation down a bit. I've done a ball in the same two colours and leather, which means I've ended up painting in the order of my general game plan; Bonesaw, ball, Scalpel... everyone else in a random jumble I dare say they won't look in any way somber or dramatic, but they'll probably be quite unusual! after all, I've still got this pink metallic paint I've been itching to find an excuse to use...
  16. Yeah, they're fantastic paints (I have a lot of them) and come out really matte (which is part of why display painters like them so much), but man they can be a mare to control, especially if you don't put a base colour down first
  17. Weirdly, I'd warn new painters off the scale75 stuff - it's lovely paint for glazing, but it needs serious thinning to avoid going on like mashed potato and doesn't cover well when it is thinned. Both of which make me use it a lot (they're my favourite paint make), but if I'd started out using it I'd have hated every second! Vallejo are much more forgiving in that sense, they're my second go-to brand. The others all have good points too, often its down to availability to pick between them I think. @squirtis is dead on about the brushes - good brushes with a decent point will do more for you than any number of paint additives, fancy palettes and so on. I do a lot of my work with a rosemary and co series 22 or 33 size 2, dropping to size 1 for details and eyes. The bigger the brush, the fewer strokes you need to cover the area and the smoother it goes down, I was always told So a basic list for me would be: Paints - white, black, and a handful of colours you like or want to use (a metal or two, some good strong colours, and maybe a muted brown or the like) Spray primer - black is more forgiving, white gives brighter results on pale colour schemes. Black is my usual suggestion for new painters Brushes - Size 2, 1 (and maybe 0) in reasonable kolinsky sable. Don't go nuts though, some brushes get crazy expensive Palette - A cheap 6 well plastic palette or similar from a craft store will do, something with smallish wells for preference Water pot - a cup, but not one you want to drink from any time soon (says the man who regularly leaves his coffee next to his water pot and forgets which is which...) If you want to play with them once you've painted them, you'll probably want some varnish too - brush or spray gloss to put a few protective coats on, then something like testors dullcote in a spray can for a quick dust of matte to take the shine off. Try to avoid spirit based varnishes though, they can react oddly to acrylics.
  18. Paint, I just blobbed it on without much neatness or accuracy and the paper handled the rest (I have a little step by step in my procrastination thread, but I can't make my fat fingers, phone and imgur actually give me the image link to embed here) Now I just need to decide on colours for my 30, 40 and 50 mm proxies and steppers... I kind of used up all the normal colours in the measuring set!
  19. They arrived this lunch, and with seven measuring sticks the colour scheme was fairly inevitable!
  20. My Art Of War tokens arrived today, lovely stuff! Thanks @Grantt Half an hour later, I've now got a shiny colour coded measuring stick set (and many more unpainted widgets!) A quick view of the process: Blob on paint, peel away most of the paper, use the back of some tweezers to push the rest of the paper away and wipe with a piece of cloth to be sure, peel off the backing and lo, finished result (with white edge markings for easy sight)
  21. @masterkdogNice, I'm hoping mine will appear soon - they shipped on Friday so now it's annoy the postman time Is that crayon or paint you used?
  22. As my old boss used to say to me, "sometimes the only way to solve a problem is to go on holiday" (which explains a lot about research). A break may well be just what you need to shake something loose, has anyone around you got a spare team you can borrow to expand your options for a little while? Nothing wrong with a bit of time on another guild, especially those two (I may be biased, as morticians and alchemists are my two favourite guilds). Then you can return to hunters with fresh eyes to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their dice. edit: though I have to admit to being a little impressed by anyone who looks at things and goes "this sucks... time to work harder at making it happen"
  23. Nice work on the whole team, is that a particular tartan or just a made up one that looks good?
  24. I don't think I've ever seen a forum for a non-gw game that didn't have someone saying "I'm worried the game is dying off". Not sure I've seen a game actually die though The forum is still growing, which is my only available metric for these things. And I checked, it's not all people joining to ask where their dark souls pledge is
  25. That's a nice conversion, he looks gladiatorial and about half a second from punching someone in the face!