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  1. No more "Likes"?

    Don't you just love upgrades... They've moved everything in the admin controls as well, but give it time and I'll find whatever passes for new like controls!
  2. Furnace!

    This is why I do admin and don't play in tournaments
  3. Yeah, zenithal is trickier than it looks... I use mid grey and pale grey rather than white and black. Could not get a good look with the extremes! Effective though, I've been using it for my morticians
  4. Furnace!

    Ah true, it's split off isn't it! Oh well, that's another fine plan down the wazoo
  5. Furnace!

    I'm thinking that, on top of his obvious abilities in shutting down scrums and stripping armour, he might also be good in a pinch to get the ball out of a cluster - early tackle combined with being able to turn off crowding out to make the pass looks handy in certain circumstances.
  6. You pretty much always want to prime models, just to make sure the paint holds solidly. Otherwise, it will rub and peel at annoying moments, like just after you finish painting (tried it a few times). There's a lot of good primers about so it's worth trying various ones to see what works for you. Primers tend to come in two types, some are designed to smooth out texture (some car primers) and some to contract around texture (like the specialised model primers). I use my airbrush and Badger Stynylrez primers these days, but that's kind of overkill unless you happen to have the airbrush setup anyway
  7. Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    The lag is partly java being its fun self, and a little bit a module issue (it does so much work for you in the background that it has a lot of things to check when you move stuff). Course, making it faster would mean taking out all the lovely convenient stuff...
  8. Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    That's pretty common across vassal modules I'm afraid to say - it is pretty far from an ideal system! When I play on vassal I try to stick to using auras and dragging, just because it's a little more reliable. Cloning a piece and dragging that new copy lets you set up multiple stage moves too, as you can chain auras to suit. Doesnt help that the keys can take a fairly long moment to react when you press turn too...
  9. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    Nope! You can put up as many as you like in this bit, and only pick one one the last day
  10. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    I did it in the real world, where I'm not responsible for people's behaviour

    I thought the latest rules were receiver deploys fully, kicker deploys fully, then kicker gets 1MP and kicks off?

    I never understood the dislike for her, my usual opponent likes her and if I'm not really careful she ties down half my team and they can't get loose before they're beaten to death!
  13. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    I should confess that I asked (ok, pleaded) for Slag as a model. Apparently that's not going to happen

    @TheLieutenant just clarified this one in the other thread - a receiving model intercepting or snapping the ball from their deployment position doesn't count as being within the kickers half effectively, so no transferring it about Granite bothers me too - miss tarpit 2017 getting to start engaged with my poor morticians is not how I want games to go!
  15. Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge

    Twelve entries! I've read and tried to give useful comment on all of them, but it's important to remember that I can only offer my personal opinions - if you don't agree with what I've said, ignore my suggestions. I won't be offended I've also created the folder for final versions. Bear in mind that is where things need to be for judging - for advice, comments and edits it's better kept in this main section. Only put it there when you're happy to stop editing it (otherwise you could end up tweaking forever...). Remember to add final in the title of the thread you create so we know it's definitely final and not an accidental mispost. http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/forum/54-scholars-guild-summer-challenge-final-versions/ Some great pieces of writing, so congratulations to everyone that's already gotten theirs posted!