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  1. I learned something new about gencon events today from a friend in the industry, that may also explain the lack of tournaments - gencon does actually track how many spaces you book for tournaments compared to how many players turn up. If you don't fill enough spaces (so if players don't show or whatever), they can apparently cut back your space allowance the following year. If you you already know the game, definitely go for pick up games - do folks want a dedicated pick up games thread for gencon, or to just use this one? If someone is really keen to try it for the first time, booking a demo slot can be handy. But you're right, probably not essential - especially when things can be so crazy there! I usually book things I definitely want to do just so I don't forget or miss out, because the rest of the time I'm wandering about and getting involved with all sorts of random stuff
  2. I am watching this thread (because I'm taking part in it!), so please do all avoid personal attack territory @MechMagewas decent enough to come on here for advice because he recognised what had happened, so let's not try him for it! As @HuggyTheBearsaid, it takes time and effort to get the right balance of playing competitively while still being rookie friendly - I personally think that's something worth discussing. What can be done to make sure an utter trouncing is also an experience the rookie is happy to repeat?
  3. There are a lot of demo slots of all their games (had a look on the events list last night), so definitely sign up for one if you're interested!
  4. I've been playing a very slow game on vassal and so far my Ghast has forced flint to be fully inf stocked to manage one goal (and then ended up hiding behind my goal to avoid giving away VP), and chisel has spent most of the game KD and as a result being used as a springboard by scalpel to dodge and sprint for the ball. Granted, me and my opponent aren't winning tournaments any time soon, but he's pulled his weight in disruption, distraction and hasn't used much inf to do it!
  5. There's a giant difference between getting thrashed, and being forced to sit there unable to do anything while someone drags an already-ended game out for reasons that have nothing to do with that game. Losing is fine, but losing while feeling like you only got played to farm things for games someone actually wanted to play, or that someone was just taking the mickey for two turns... that's not helping the player. (@MechMage I don't think you were doing that, but they might not have known what you were up to so could have drawn that conclusion - wrongly) I think it's important to understand a new player's perspective, and enable them to enjoy the game and have a chance to learn. My suggestions were mostly about helping the player getting thrashed (and apparently having no fun) to not feel like they were being laughed at or used as a farming tool. If they don't know the game well, and aren't very good, helping them get better isn't treating them as a victim or letting them win. It's making sure they follow why they lost (and in this case, why the game is being extended for what to them was possibly no visible reason). One of my usual opponents is a great person to play against when I'm outclassed. He knows when to go tournament level hardcore, and when to go softer (if I'm using a new list or want to test something or the like). He doesn't pull his punches in either kind of match but is happy to explain why I messed up, why I'm now going to get mangled, and what I can do to give myself some agency in the game. I've had great games I've lost (badly!), and wanted to play again. The difference between "you should play better newbie" and "this is where you went wrong, and this is how I'll exploit that" isn't big for the experienced player, and doesn't affect the result, but it's massive psychologically for some new players. They still lose (anyone new has to expect to lose a lot!), but they feel like they learned something.
  6. Tricky... if they were more experienced they'd probably realise what you were doing, which would make it a "can I force you to finish the game without getting your cards". Which could be fun in itself. Against a rookie though... as a rubbish player myself, being forced to sit there for multiple turns unable to actually put in any proper play just so I can be farmed for resources to use against other people would suck. I have a lot of experience at being the useless player Sometimes it can be fixed by giving advice on good counterplay to try and salvage something, or by explaining that at this point you're playing for cards and seeing if they enjoy trying to deny you the cards while forcing you to commit to finishing the game. Very occasionally, if they're really losing the will to carry on with the whole event (sounds odd but I have seen it happen), it's better just to end it, and try to help them find something positive from the game. The big one I've found is making sure they don't feel like you just wanted to humiliate them some more or boost your own ego through it. If they know why, it's much easier to take and they can maybe watch for it in future. Did you get chance to talk to them afterwards about why that whole bit happened?
  7. Nice work, the subtle pinstripe is a particular favourite of mine!
  8. Most companies prefer to have one staff member at a convention tournament if it's official and a big convention, in my experience. Pundits are great to make sure things run smoothly, but it's not quite the same as having a staff member watching over it. Problem is, it's really expensive to send people over to Gencon from the UK... $250 a night in hotel costs, plus $1400 in flights, their wages for a long weekend, badge cost, food/drink and incidentals... If you've planned tournaments that then become a staff member passing time on a booth that was already fully staffed, it kind of sucks Not saying they've picked the perfect plan, just that there are reasons this could have happened. Gencon is a tough one to balance for international companies, particularly the smaller ones (which SFG still are despite pretty rapid growth!.) Course, hopefully @MandalorynOranj's event gets approved, goes well, people turn up and don't drop - if that happens, things may expand next time. No pressure
  9. That spear head is awesome! Well, the whole team looks great, I just wanted to pick that bit out
  10. Having dealt with FedEx many times, I'm sill not certain they understand what a package is... at one point I sent them to pick up a 25kg black flight case and they collected a small white polystyrene box. They also used to 'lose' parcels that then turned out to have not actually been picked up despite FedEx listing them as at a depot... Hopefully it shows up soon for you though - I'd say the simplest way to handle it from here is to wait and see what the reply from support says when it arrives. Not the most fun thing to do, but there's not much to be gained by stressing and chasing it. Having backed a few kickstarters in my time, often it's just easiest to send one email and then ignore it until the situation changes (like they announce all pledges are shipped, or they reply). Not sure I've ever seen a miniatures game Kickstarter fulfil on time and without snags, it can really drive you mad if you let it get to you!
  11. Buy her tickets as a gift? Women like surprise weekends away, right?
  12. I've moved this to the rules section so it's under the wing of the lawyers guild
  13. Sure doesn't seem to have done them any harm! Definitely learned something new today. It may well get a test run when I next need to replace my airbrush primer...
  14. Huh... I'd always assumed it would burn off some of the detail because of the etch. I guess not, if it's working for you? Thats my new thing for today
  15. On the other hand, if you do what I did and leave her in charge range of a burning granite, and don't assign her any inf (because you failed to measure and assumed free charges would work), she doesn't do much! I'm so bad at this game