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  1. Oh they turned out nice man. Any chance of a closer shot?
  2. Someone had messaged me asking to let them know how much it went for but I must've deleted the message... It went for £31 + £3.50 p&p (which actually wasn't enough to cover postage but owell)
  3. Cheers Alex, knew I'd seen it mentioned somewhere.
  4. I'm sure I read a comment from the devs saying it'd be I closed in one of the stretch goal boxes. I'll see if I can find it.
  5. Oh I like the direction you took with the gargoyle, that's cool. Dancer looks excellent too!
  6. That's pretty damn nice! A 5-6mm raise to have everything nicely set out is fine by me.
  7. I imagine the expansions will come with their own encounter cards, marked with the expansion symbol, instead of the default DS symbol, so you only use enemies relevant to the boss you're going to face. As the extra tiles are optional it'd probably just be down to you to choose the ones you think fit the boss you're going to face.
  8. solo

    I think part of it is you grinded (ground?) so much. If you have great gear and kite enemies of course it will be easier, much like early areas I'm Dark Souls. You might find more joy in playing with 2 characters as well?
  9. I meant red arc in my earlier post hut you answered my quest, cheers. Are there any examples of a red weak arc, where the player is also hit? So an arrow would go put rather than there being a concave in?
  10. So just to double check, in this example all arcs are hit, even in the green one? I've read conflicting advice here.
  11. Yeah, mine were in a small bag in the hole on top of the box holding the majority of the bosses,with the cubes.
  12. So anyone in the red arc still gets hit?
  13. Maybe being dumb, but can I just double check this particular attack: It's an area one, so every node at range 0-1 is hit for 5 yes? The red just indicates the weak spot for attacking it? And it's movement us just 2 forward from where it last was, and it dies this twice, yeah?
  14. This turned out fantastic man. What metal paint did you use?