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  1. I understand why they did it, it just seems that certain classes will suffer horribly unless they get lucky. Has anyone seen any more reviews?
  2. I love that it's express 48,presumably mea img it'll take 48 hours to deliver, but it might take 48 hours for details to be updated XD. I'm assuming we won't have these in the UK until Tuesday/Wednesday as I think the 48hrs is from when Parcel force first scan it in.
  3. Hah, Smough indeed! How would you suggest fixing his hammer?
  4. Not really, I don't think he's pit to do a hit piece and I think posting a bunch of images along with his mostly negative review might give a...worse impression than intended? Like, it sounds like the game is just more not his cup of tea rather than intrinsically being a bad game which is fine! Bit of guess he wanted to strike a balance. Certainty don't think he's making it up. I've definitely seen a fair few Ornstein models with a bent hammer handle from the weight.
  5. The polygon review is here: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2017/4/21/15382634/dark-souls-the-board-game-review About the minis he says:
  6. I'm more bothered by the fact he complains the "skirmish" mode is too long and difficult and that he didn't try the campaign mode :/ Still the need for precision and repetition are things I was aware of and expecting and actually looking forward to exploiting somewhat so that's fine. Bit worrying to read about some of the issues with the minis though...
  7. Another posooreview here, not watched the video yet: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-04-21-dark-souls-the-board-game-is-smarter-than-it-is-hard As for the dice Tower review, yes it might have a lot of familiar mechanics, but there aren't many games that have them all on one package. The boss fights with the need to actually position to reduce/increase damage are actually pretty rare. Like you said though, each to their own!
  8. I'm still thinking about this review, I can't watch it again just now but did they even mention any negatives?
  9. Fantastic review, ut was great to see some if tg cards and models up close. After all the fuss I think the Dancer has still ended up looking awesome. It's good thst there is only one blank face on the die too, they're right that in a game that's already difficult l, it would likely be too frustrating to be able to miss completely often. Still not sure how I feel about the encounter being over if just one person dies though.
  10. Right, but as the previous poster mentioned, retail pledges are apparently on course to be delivered on the 21st, ie, today
  11. Don't think shops are allowed to sell it just yet though?
  12. Great to see there appear to be character trays to hold all the figures...
  13. Yes, but probably not until much later in the year.
  14. Good update here which explains some of the promotional copies being put early and why UK copies were delayed (basically a better box is needed to ensure the DS box doesn't arrive damaged), I am okay with this. Hey unkindled, We are still working through our global shipping of the core set to all our backers and have a few updates. We know this wait is always hard when we are so close and we once again thank everyone for their patience: UK Backers - Concerns have been raised on Friday by our shipping partners about the outer box the game was going to be shipped in. Quote: "After being able to look at your product at the UK Warehouse, the warehouse has determined that a better box should be obtained to create a better and safer shipping experience for the game. This new box will be tighter and better for safety and shipping." As always, we at Steamforged want to ensure quality throughout of our process - as such we have agreed with the advice from our shipping partners. This means the new boxes will arrive Thurs/Fri this week at the UK hub and will likely be in backers hands early next week (bar any other issues!) US/Canadian Backers - The US production is now fully caught up with the EU production and is loaded onto trucks today and heading to the fulfillment hubs. Once that arrives (we estimate later this week) it will be unloaded, checked in and the process of shipping out will begin. Australian Backers - Production is complete on these copies and it will be leaving our manufacturing partner and onto the hubs shortly. There were some delays regarding customs information but we have sorted all this to ensure our backers are not charged in this territory. RoW Backers - these should start to ship once the above processes are all on the way/complete Italian/Spanish Backers - Translation work is fully underway and we are working closely with them to match the quality we expect - we will keep you updated as we know more once the rulebook is complete. The marketing copies that have started to land with various people are not sent through our fulfillment hubs - hopefully this explains why you may have started to see copies in the wild Gathering this information accurately and feeding it back in a sensible manner (rather than constant, tiny updates) takes a little time - so once again thank you for being understanding during this. Soon you will be able to take on the Dancer... Praise the Post \[T]/