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  1. I don't tnink that there are class specific equipment. In-game, a Knight can equip catalysts, robes and learn spells just like a sorcerer, and SFG wanted to be as close to the videogame as possible. Maybe the class treasure is just a label for some things that are useful for the intended role of the class, or maybe is just because the requirements make it harder to use if you have another character. E.G.: A miracle good for supporting could be a class treasure for the herald, not only because the class is aimed for tanking/supporting but it will be easier to achieve the stats required if you are playing with the herald (A good amount of Faith in this case).
  2. For real @Steamforged? The first thing we will see when opening the box for the first time will be a big "YOU DIED"? That's effin awesome! Well played, SFG, well played... On topic... The early reviews are quite good, and that's always a good sign. Usually, first reviews on highly expected things (Such as video games, I don't really know about board games) are quite rough and "clickbaity", but in this case they are quite generous (Even that Dice Tower one didn't said that the game was bad, just it was not their cup of tea*). And I fully agree with the MvM guy about the dice and just one blank side, it makes the math and the damage theorycrafting smoother and less likely to be screwed by the RNG. Argh, and my copy won't arrive till... June maybe? Damnit Translation-Gate! This long wait is going to make me a Hollow... *Edit: After seeing again his review, I found that guy a bit biased. But it was not hate for the sake of hate, it was just... Weird, way too different from his other reviews.
  3. I'm not an expert and I don't really know what is in the agreement between SFG and Bamco, but I belive that SFG doesn't have the power to make an alternative sculpt and sell it separated. They can make the rules of the game, design the models, select the art and... Well, almost everything else, they carry the weight on their shoulders. But validation for production and distribution comes from the IP owner, Bandai-Namco, and they are concerned for two things: Quality of the product and earnings. Just think a moment about it. Making a mould, production, packing, shipping... That's a huge investment of money on a vanity product that targets a relatively small percentage of potential buyers (People who like Dark Souls, bought the board game, know about the old dancer, prefer the old model AND are willing to pay an extra for a different pose that offers no game value). Bamco needs to be 100% sure that they are going to see benefits in order to allow SFG to produce the alternative sculpt of the Dancer. If they have doubts, SFG has their hands tied. It's a shame, but that's what usually happens when you work with a big company, they limit your freedom of choice (Look at Guild Ball for instance, they don't have this type of reestrictions and can produce whatever they want). But I'm not saying that it's impossible to see one day alternative sculpts. It is possible, but this is tied with the success of the game. If the DS:BG is a insanely huge success, the quantity of potential buyers of the alternative sculpt grows, and this can make the decision of allowing it more appealing. It's a "Quantity of demand" thing, I dont know if I have expressed myself correctly. And on topic... Nah, I wouldn't buy the alternative sculpt. I want things that add more variety to the game, such as expansions or bosses. Besides, I don't really dislike the new dancer pose. Yes, she looks like a Smooth Criminal and I think that the legs are too close one to the other (I would have loved a mid stride pose), but I'm not mad about it, with time I will grow accustomed to that.
  4. That new model for the Dancer... Well, what's her name anyways? Maybe that new model was made for putting the "Dance" in the "Dancer" and the sculptor is a big fan of the king of pop, 'cause the model looks like she is been hit by, been struck by, a smooth criminal! Jokes aside, I think that the big mistake is the angle of the photo and the camera rather than the model. All the details of the legs and feet are blurry, hence all this fuss. I can't judge properly based on that pic, but I'm not happy nor unhappy with the changes, I'm on a... Neutral position. On one hand, I like the removal of the flames (I'm against flames on minis, they look a bit ridiculous even if you paint them properly) and the mini itself looks quite detailed, but on the other hand the legs are too close one of the other, it doesn't give the feeling of a "Charge" or a "Lunge". Oh, and the "cloak", I don't really mind it's thickness, I've already gave up on the idea of making it look like a thin veil of silk. The other minis for me look fine. I think that Smough is still 8 cm tall (Based on the idea of 3-3,5 cm hero minis), but Ornstein looks taller. And Smough's hammer doesn't look as warped as I expected considering its mass and the thin haft, I'm impressed. I think that everyone, including myself, had grown accustomed to the good old Dancer pose, and we didn't knew that the mini was going to change until the last update. It has been unexpected, and combined with the news about the video delay*... I'm not on that boat, but I can understand their frustration. *: I saw the streaming, it was not that bad (#DodgeMan, he is not the hero we want, but the hero we need!), and the game looks quite good. I think that SFG should upload it anyways and then make a second one with better explanations and image/sound quality.
  5. Thank you sir, you are the man! I hope you are having fun at the con! Edit: Oh, and by the way... Based on the size of the coin and the angle of the pic, I made an aprox. calculus on AutoCad. My estimation is that the space between the center of the nodes is 10 cm (This is not exact, but I think it is quite accurate). I don't know the distance between the center of the node and the border of the tile, but it looks like 4-5 cm, so it is safe to assume that the tiles are 28x28 or 30x30.
  6. Oh, sweet! The size of the models is what I expected, it is nice to have a pic confirming it. And @Danny, as a personal request... Would you mind to make a small review of the game, please pretty please with sugar on top? If you enjoyed it, good and bad points, etc...
  7. Horray! @IndustrialDefect noticed me! Oh, and about the number of tokens... Six is just a random number chosen for the crappypaint, nothing else. Maybe four is the best option, it makes the tile simpler and keeps the symmetry. Nah, you are not stupid, is just that I need to improve my english, sorry! >_< - Yes, invisibility is a behaviour card, one out of... Six or seven cards, so you have time to damage (Or praise) her until she becomes invisible again. When you draw that card, the deck remains "Paused" until the invisibility phase ends, is just like an ongoing effect. - Yes, she attacks sweeping her scythe while she is invisible instead of revealing another card. - When she "moves" or attacks, the remaining unused tokens should be cycled, so you use the same four tokens again and again. The tokens are the places where she could be, similar to the board game "Letters From Whitechapel" (To be honest, this game was my inspiration). And yes, I think this can be too complicated for many players, but invisibility is really hard to represent without a Game Master, and is the signature ability of the boss. My idea was making a unique fight, like a "guessing game" as you said. We don't even know how the game works, so it is too early for saying if a fight like this is going to be fun or challenging, but I love this kind of brainstorming! Keep on the Jolly Cooperation! Praise the... What? Now I'm a Sunbro?
  8. Hmmm... I was thinking about Priscilla when I wrote the post about hard-to-implement bosses, but I decided to left her out of that category because she just needs an innovative idea rather than lots of miniatures (Or whatever needs Bed of Chaos). As for Prissy, I have an idea. Is not entirely original, but I think I can borrow a few things from others... This is just an sketch, so don't freak out. First of all, she needs her own special tile with twice the number of nodes, half for the players (They work as usual nodes) and half for Priscilla (She can't enter the players nodes and vice versa). When an invisibility card appears, Priscilla is retired and you put a footprint token on every adjacent Prissy-node. Only one of those tokens is the actual position of Priscilla, the other ones are just for confusing players. I think that an image is worth a thousand words, so... Yeah, my skills with MS Paint are legendary... Priscilla is, obviously, Prissy, the Darksign represents the empty Prissy-nodes and the footprints are the tokens. If anyone spends energy on attacking footprints, flip the token. If it was a "fake" footprint nothing happens, but if it was the "real" one you have to do something like this: First, roll the damage as usual, then put one damaged counter on the Priscilla mini outside the board; if she has three (Or four, or five, IDK) damaged counters, grab all the tokens and return the miniature to the board; if not, spread again the footprint counters as if Priscilla was at that node. Yes, if players hit Prissy she moves, this is for prevent ganking and giving her a chance to cause more confusion. While she is invisible, the AI deck is "frozen". When the boss is going to do something, instead of drawing cards flip the footprints and attack all the players near the "true" footprint token, then spread the tokens again and continue with the next player. Of course, this needs a clever distribution of both players and Prissy-nodes, and the later are needed because: 1) They let Fluffytail move freely across the board, so no bodyblock and 2) Players can't block the apparition of footprints. I don't know if I'm expressing clearly. Maybe I need more painfully drawn pictures...
  9. Yes, please! That mushroom couple looks sooooo cute! (*0*)
  10. Actually, Vordt has a neat moveset, but he is unable to hit you if you are under his belly (This is what makes him quite easy). And yes, he has some telegraphied attacks, is the second boss after all, but I think he can be an interesting encounter for the board game. Also, I don't really understand why people complain about the poor warrior of Irythill while no one talks about the Last Giant, another mega-boss with only three attacks in the VG. Seriously, it is quite a challenge to make an engaging boss with all the limitations of the Last Giant. I trust SFG, but they have a lot of work ahead. Oh, and on topic... I think we can expect almost 95% of the bosses, some as regular bosses, some as mega, maybe a few as mini. But what about the other 5%? Do you think is viable a Bed of Chaos encounter? Or an Ancient Wyvern temple run? I think there are at least six encounters with huge issues: - The Clone Duo = Pinwheel and Crystal Sage: Thinking about it, this one can be solved easily. The boss comes with five (Or four, or six...) identical miniatures, but one of the minis has a cross under the base, so you can put all the minis and you have no clue about which one has the cross. Disadvantages? You need to put additional minis for the copies, and that can make the bosses quite expensive. - Chaotic fight with a lot of miniatures = Burnt Ivory King: Second phase is easy, but the first one... You need four Silver Loyce Knights, two with halberds, one with sword and one with spells, each one with his own AI deck, five Charred Loyce Knights with the same set of AI decks, but this ones respawn on death, three portals that must be closed by the Silver Knights and... Yes, and 1-4 players. Epic? Yes, of course, but it looks like a complete mess too. - Even more chaotic fight with an awful lot of miniatures = Deacons of the Deep: This boss makes Ivory King a joke. I don't know how many miniatures you need here, but... Maybe ten normal deacons, five channelers, six fatties and one archdeacon? I love the Deacons in game, but this fight would look more like a Warhammer battle than a Dark Souls boss. - What the... Where is the fight? = Bed of Chaos and Ancient Wyvern: This, uh... I don't even know where to start... The dragon does nothing (Okay, maybe one or two flame breaths), and giving him a miniature just because he looks great is not a good idea. He is not the boss, the environment is. And Bed of Chaos is even worse, I mean, how can SFG replicate such a bugged and unfair fight? Something like "When you enter this boss room, flip a coin and say heads or tails; if you win the boss dies, if you lose all the players die"? Maybe I'm missing some bosses, but I think that's enough for now. Thoughts? Any other boss that is not suited for the board game?
  11. No, not anymore! By the way, do you want to buy this cleric chime? Don't worry about the red stains! It's just, eh... Syrup...
  12. Wow, good job @Danny and @saltsaltsalt! Both posts are really interesting, but this part... These are the biggest issues that I've found for big campaigns. Grunts are going to be a problem in the long term if you don't buy some expansions similar to Darkroot, and we don't know if this expansions are going to have mixed encounter cards such as Silver Knights with Scarecrows, Ironclad Warriors with Hollows... For scaling, my guess is this rules are going to be within the Core Set campaign. I will be happy if they put a short campaign that can be played just with the core box (3-4 scenarios) and some scaling rules for making your own campaign settings, something like: Second scenario = Grunts now have +50% health and drop +20% souls; Third scenario = Grunts now have +30% health and drop +15% souls; Fourth scenario and beyond = Grunts gain +20% health and drop +10% souls.
  13. Almost all the Mega-Bosses look "easy" to implement on the board game. Vordt does not have overly complicated mechanics, same as Kalameet, Asylum Demon and Gaping Dragon. Maybe Guardian Dragon can be a bit tricky wih his perching, and we don't know how the Four Kings will work (Spawning, individual AI decks, aggro, etc... ), but I'm pretty sure that they are going to nail them. The one that concerns me is the Old Iron King. He is static, and this can make him veeery easy (And cheesable) because he has a lot of slams, punches and short ranged flames. But it's not just a matter of moveset, he is going to be really tile-dependant, and the mechanics of position that we have seen on the dancer are going to be useless (Well, it is possible to reach his back if you can swim in molten lava). I hope that SFG gives the Old King some love. His tile needs to be a key part of the encounter, maybe a few player nodes surrounded by boss nodes and insta-death lava (Did someone say something about a hole?). Maybe with a dive mechanic that allows him to punish ranged players that are trying to cheese the encounter, and dynamic cards with one melee and one ranged attack, depending on the position of the player with the aggro token. I see this fight hard to represent, but it can be awesome if done correctly.
  14. It is hard to imagine or implement alternative win conditions on a game that focuses heavily on defeating bosses, but I guess that this is not going to stop us, right? I was thinking about a "escort the NPC" event, with special rules for aggro and AI. If only SFG could share a bit more of info about the game... The concept of "Campaign Rules" is wider than just a different win condition or a storyline that ties the game sessions, it is more about making progress with your characters in order to overcome greater challenges. I really like what @CuriousAI said about Modular Scenarios, but I want to go one little step further. For example, if you have different stats for the Hollow Warriors according to the level/quantity of the players, you can do ALL the scenarios in any order without worry of going over/under leveled, giving the players the "feel" of progression. Giving options or "routes" is another idea. E.G.: "If the players succeed, they go to A; If they fail, they go to B". A and B can be different scenarios or different conditions, such as fighting a buffed boss, less encounters, more invasions...
  15. Dragonrider can be a mini-boss too, he appears in front of the Velstadt boss room in SotFS with other regular mobs. And the Spider Thing of DS3 (I think is called Deep Accursed or something like that) is fine, even if it is quite easy.