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  1. You can always start one and dunk it isopropyl or something to start over if you need to. That made me feel better when I started in on mine. The idea I can restart.
  2. You can just use imgur and link it here
  3. Yea I have a copy as well! It's fun to hang on to. I should crack it open for painting inspiration
  4. doooo it! would love to see your approach, as your knight tutorial helped me decide my route for the warrior. mine is coming along but taking me a long time cuz i'm such a noob. you'll probably have your video out before i can finish as i'll be away for the next four days.
  5. yea i dont understand the point of the barrels, really. they dont stop ranged LoS or do anything at all... and they are just auto destroyed by players who move on to the node, right? there's no extra stamina penalty if i remember right
  6. Honestly, I'm pretty much brand new to painting, I've just been watching and reading different techniques etc. I've been using army painter paints and Windsor netwon brushes. I watched thermo's video above to get a handle on dry brushing, and did that first with gun metal. Next I did the cape in thin layers and since my primer was black that took care of the dark areas, then I did thin layers of of nuetral light, then went back and did bright red for highlights, but I used thin layers of white first so it would really prop up the red. Building from a black primer can take a while when using super thin layers. Next I moved on to the fur and did a few white layers as a base then moved to a very light tan color. It was looking too light for my taste so I used a dark wash on all the fur, let it dry, then went back and did a close to white dry brush to being out the highlights and give it dimension. Last I started working on all the leather parts. I will likely do some selective washing, might try and bring out the boot laces that wrap around the whole boot, and then I'll go back for highlights. It's taken me a long time since I'm still very new. I probably won't be able to finish until next week since this weekend I will be out of town. Cheers
  7. Been working on the warrior. Here are some progress pics.
  8. i just hate when people get out their pitchforks and start yelling SCAM in the comments in the kickstarter, or even here on the forum. it's like, dude, i don't think it's a scam... at least just be honest. it's understandable that people can be upset, but be reasonable...
  9. damn, we really got a good deal then. so many people are so upset with SFG for a month delay. It's annoying, but this was a massive project
  10. for all the kickstarter stretch goals, will we get the expansions those items belong to, or are they only going to send the figures, and if we want the functionality of the figures we'd have to buy the cards or whatever else that makes those figures useful?
  11. Here's the warrior, id say I have the dark and mid tones done on the cape. Will go in for highlights tonight. All the mail was dry brushed with gunmetal. Love that look. My GF and I painted some hollow archers the night before and I'm thinking a dry brush would have been better for the chain mail on that one too
  12. Really enjoyed the video, I'm new to painting but used your dry brush technique tonight on my warrior and was happy, then went on to do some red layering on the cape. Keep up the great content!
  13. You could make replacements by gluing 4 of the square cutouts together and painting them... If you didn't throw them out already. I was thinking of making some spares.
  14. i also feel like bad luck will for sure happen, but it's about mitigating your chances of having bad luck and once you die, it's then that you have a chance to mitigate why you died when you try that encounter again. i feel like people are jumping too quickly to house rules cuz they're not winning all the time.
  15. Yea i'm going to try gargoyle first i think, plus he's my fav model.