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  1. dark root basin and iron keep expansions

    after looking around some more, it looks like neither come with tiles. the only way to get extra tiles is to buy the tile set. hm, for some reason i thought they came with only like 2 or something.
  2. Does anyone know if the Dark Root Basin and the Iron Keep expansion come with a few tiles respectively? I thought i initially remember reading that they should each have a couple tiles, and then they offered the tile set just to add more variety. If people get the expansions and not the extra tile sets, will they only be able to use the core game tiles for their expansion play??
  3. Dark Souls card game announced

    It's getting sent out in wave 2. I might just use it for the extra tiles once wave 2 is already out and they're selling stuff on their store.
  4. Dark Souls card game announced

    i think i'm going to get kalameet, gaping, asylum, and mayyyybe the card game.... not quite sure. i'm leaning towards yes
  5. Help clarify node distance please

    1. Two separate attacks as the enemy's resist should be applied two different times not just once on the combined value. 2. The actual length doesn't matter, it's more how many moved away. If it says attack nearest players and they're both one move away but one has aggro, the enemy will go for aggro since the distance is a tie. Watch a few play through videos out there and you'll get it. Once you have it down it's easy to figure out. 3. Yes reset all encounters and put all your souls on the node where the player died. You have to fight to get them back.
  6. Painted Gargoyle

    Looks good man! Similar to mine. I'm almost done... Need to finish armor and green wash then going to go back and do any clean up
  7. Delivered damaged and missing parts...

    I would send it back to seller, have them send you a new one, and let them deal with sfg. I think some people have been waiting a long time for replacement parts
  8. Outrider Knight - Frostbite

    This is the same for players attacking enemies? I thought damage had to occur
  9. Succesful attack for Bleeding

    i've been wondering the same thing, but the way i've played it is the kukris just applies the status effect without any sort of roll or "hit", while a weapons with a bleed gem needs to cause damage to the enemy to apply. Honestly, i didn't like the item that much as it takes a weapon slot, which is usually better served for an actual weapon or shield. The only redeeming quality is you can use it at range, so you can apply the bleed at range then move away to a safe distance. Seems like a good item for the herald as he can prep big damage for another ally.
  10. not sure what happened to the like buttons on the forum, but i enjoyed the playthrough! You guys were definitely under-geared for the boss fight. you almost got the first but there was no way you'd get the second as you spent all your tokens on the first. if it were me, i probably wouldn't have tried for the boss to save time, but i understand you guys just went in to avoid another session of farming, then a gargoyle boss, and potential second gargoyle, which would have put you guys around 2:30 hours instead of the 1:30 recorded. i'd probably go a traditional route with your gear - get the claymore on the warrior, since it's a 2h weapon and has a 1 black die for blocking, you'd essentially retain the mitigation of your shield still, and be able to contribute real damage. further, the 4 stam cost atk would go very far with the warrior's class ability, but i'd probably save it for the second gargoyle, around his heat up. the knight could work to the shortsword, get a little bit of extra damage, and have an upgrade slot available. east-west shield would be nice for magic mitigation, but the int requirement may hold it back from being a candidate at this point, but you may want to keep it in your cache for later in the campaign. the ring i think would be amazing for the knight considering the knight's mitigation abilities already. if you're playing by the campaign rule to sell gear for souls, you could sell off your force and master's attire for two souls and pick two new items (as you're not increasing soul costs for this campaign for items or leveling) and hope for something useful that has faith req for the knight if he's already working towards the ring. i don't believe you're allowed to sell off starting gear, but i could be wrong. if you can you could sell your northern armor as it's not useful anymore.
  11. Painting for beginners

    Gargoyle in progress. Taking my time on it. https://m.imgur.com/ZIYOeaG
  12. updated rules

    Yea the starting hard part is pretty much half the game if you're only playing to a mini boss, which is what we've done. Maybe the base items need to be a little stronger. All I have played are two games where we started fresh and played to a mini boss. Yea it gets easier with gear, but that starting part is something everyone will experience when playing so everyone will get a taste of the game being too hard. Perhaps they should just have parties start with a certain amount of souls to make up for the difficulty at the beginning. So you're saying it's too hard at the beginning and too easy after getting some gear. If the game didn't take so long then that starting difficult part wouldn't be so bad but it takes a while to get over that and knowing you're going to lose to a room before you enter just sucks. Weapon upgrades are a necessity when they have 3 armor and you can only role a black die. 4 player might be harder but the herald is also a lot more effective since some of his support effects the whole party and for a room like the one I described the extra health pools help to mitigate a lot of the damage. Those guys hit for 5 and 4 each swing, effectivly killing us in the first round unless we got some really lucky rolls.
  13. updated rules

    Do we know if SFG plans to update rules at all? The game seems rather tough. I was on the no house rules train, but last night my gf were playing and we had 2 level 1 encounters and 2 level 2 encounters for the winged knight, and the first level 2 room was 3 silver knight swordsmen and 2 silver knight bowmen. we got slaughtered two times, and the third attempt barely made it through. In any case, this was entirely gear dependent. Maybe the difficulty curve is more geared for 4 player? Anyway, if we played a round like that again she will likely never want to play again, hahahah. I still had fun , but it really takes the wind out of anyone who's not ready to replay a bit. Are they planning any revisions? It's easy in a video game, but i don't know how board games usually work as this is my first one. If not then i may have to hop on house rules before i'm single, lol.
  14. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    liked for the dump comment, hahah. yea i've only played one round to the gargoyle, but i could see the repetitiveness become an issue for this game. I'm hoping some of the expansions can spice things up on repeat rooms, or they tailor the curve a bit so repeating rooms isn't always absolutely necessary to properly gear for boss fights, but then they may lose the dying theme, which is core to the video game. i jumped on this game as my first board game ever only because i'm a huge souls fan. So the models was a big selling point for me as i'm having a ton of fun painting them and just having those alone is pretty fun. and i'm all fine with critiques or criticisms, it's when the community feels as though they have a right to tell them to change something that bothers me. People should voice their opinions all day and businesses should listen, but the company should be able to do what they want to do without harassment about it.
  15. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    thanks for dropping the facts! people are saying one is static and the other is showing too much movement... maybe i am easy to please in this scenario, but internet critiques and criticism is getting so old. i'm talking across all games... people need to settle down and let creators see out their vision. it's not the community's game, it's steamforge's. and yes, the community funded it, but they funded SF's game/vision. and if you're gaming enjoyment is going to be hindered by the way the model is posed then there are probably other issues going on. sorry if i come off combative, it's just so easy to sit behind a computer and complain.