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  1. Didn't know that about scale75 @Mako i've just seen a lot of the advanced guys use it so i threw it in the list.
  2. you'll want to get a paint set. i grabbed the army painter 2017 paint set with like ~50 paints included, probably a bit overkill, if you're ok mixing to get your colors you can get away with only buying a few colors and mixing. citadel, scale75, vallejo, or army painter are all good paints. get a spray can of primer, too. you can brush on primer but i find it's easier to get a thin even coat with a can. i bought black so everything would be dark for dark souls but many people paint with white or gray as their primer. white will make the colors pop a lot more. you'll want a few brushes, i'd recommend windsor and newton kolinsky sable series 7 sized 1 or 0, or both. you don't need to get a super tiny brush as long as your brush keeps a nice point. many high level painters only use a size 1 brush for everything. (https://www.amazon.com/Winsor-Newton-Kolinsky-Sable-Watercolor/dp/B0013E68T4) only time you'd need a different brush is if you're dry brushing. the dry brush i use is from army painter. other than that you might want a wet palette or some brush cleaner. you'll also want to watch some videos about thinning your paints. i most always add water to paints after i get them out of the bottle. you could also buy a hobby knife if you're worried about mold lines or anything. you'll probably want some blu-tac or something to stick your mini on a pill bottle or something as it's way easier to hold that than trying to hold the mini's base. cheers and happy painting
  3. Just did a dry brush with gun metal before I did anything on him. Went back later to do highlights with a shiny silver
  4. Assassin is about there. http://m.imgur.com/a/LYjXt
  5. I think herald is done.... http://m.imgur.com/a/HLV1l
  6. @Gervill Froad looks good, man! a lot better. there's a lot of dynamic between your darks and lights and your medium tone is a lot more visible between the two. gives it a lot more dimension. good work! edit - oh, i also wanted to ask you how you did the dragon image no the herald's shield. that looks cool!
  7. I look forward to watching the video 😊
  8. I'm scared to do the dancer, haha. I look forward to seeing it. The thing I've had the most fun with is painting in super light layers, almost glazes. It let's you get a really strong dynamic between all the colors that will exist between shade and bright and gives you more control.
  9. @Gervill Froad looks great man. I really like the ornstein and smough. For the cloth, on the herald, I started with black primer, them used a super thinned out grey and did a whole layer. Then used the same thinned out paint to build to the highlight areas. Once that was good I used an off white only on the brightest parts to build to a near white. Used thin layers of that and thinned out half and half white/grey as a mix for blending. The trouble with using brown as your shade is it looking muddy, which I kinda like and thought about adding some light mud to the very edge. Cheers though your figures look great
  10. Here's my WIP herald http://m.imgur.com/a/M3kS3
  11. I'd like to know more about push mechanics. I haven't played yet, but from what I have read on the rules all the different types of pushes seem to be the most confusing, move push, atk push, jumps etc
  12. Looks great @Gervill Froad What was your process?
  13. I picked up testors dullcote. Seems to work well
  14. Wow those look amazing, great job man! What did you do for the titanite demon? Did you just add a glossy glaze over dark tmm? That's the closest to the game I've seen the demon I think. Maybe it's a little blue in the game? I don't remember.
  15. knight is done!