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  1. Oh, right, I forgot about that. šŸ™ƒ
  2. You can house rule it, so that the player with first activation token is a "host" and others are "phantoms". So the party goes back to bonfire only if the player with the first activation token dies. If others will die, they will reappear after the encounter. I such a way, in each encounter there always will be a new "host".
  3. Have anyone noticed the Lothric's Holy Sword? It is a Twin Prince's soul weapon from DS 3, right? I assume they added it to the core box as there are a lot of treasures of this boss (3 weapons, 2 armor sets).
  4. They are wrong, you were correct.
  5. I think the generic invader will be the part of the Core Game Expansion (one of SG's). The Invaders Expansion already has 10 invaders in it.
  6. Some other bosses from DS 2 and 3. DS 2: - Pursuer; - Flexile Sentry; - Ruin Sentinels; - Dragonrider(s). DS 3: - Crystal Sage; - Ludex / Champion Gundir; - Deacons of the Deep.
  7. No specific date. They said they will start shipping the game to backers in March. So I would expect it to be delivered in the end of March / beginning of April.
  8. Transfered the modifications to the google doc, in case you are afraid of suspicious files. And in case anyone is interested. Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YOxt_OeoSVk_fbV0EiU3AIswh586J0D1f2K0DOrdECI/edit
  9. Agree. I also was wondering why the curse condition is missing in the core game. It could be interesting gameplay wise to have it in the boardgame. Like, unlike other conditions, characters accumulate curse tokens (lets say 3) they die instantly. These tokens are not removed in the end of activation and remain until the spark is used. There could be treasures that exceed the amount of tokens needed to be dead or cure them completely. In addition, I hope that one of the expansions (Core Game expansion perhaps) will add traps with conditions (bleed, poison, etc) and not only constant damage.
  10. Here are my top fives of possible mega-boss and location expansions. Locations: 1) Doors of Pharros (DS2). It would be very interesting to see how Pharros' Contraptions mechanic could be implemented. Like some encounter cards have Pharros' Contraptions on the terrain nodes, which have treasures, extra enemies or traps. Specific deck is required, I believe, or tokens. Enemies: Hollow Primal Knight, Gyrm, Gyrm Warrior, Dog Rat. Boss: Royal Rat Authority (not the best boss, I know, probably this expansions could be without a boss but with a new mechanic). 2) Drangleic Castle (DS2). I agree that the area itself is not that good, but enemies and bosses that inhabit it are interesting and challenging. Enemies: Royal Swordsman, Primal Knight, Royal Guard, Stone Soldier, Desert Sorceress, Manikin with Bow. Mini-boss: Twin Dragonriders. Boss: Looking Glass Knight. Probably this expansion could go without mini-boss, but with a single invader for the bosses heat up mechanic. 3) Lothric Castle (DS3). One of my favorite locations. Great addition to the core box content. Enemies: Hollow Assassin, Lothric Knight with Spear and Greatshield, Lothric Knight with Greatsword, Lothric Priest, etc. Boss: Dragonslayer Armour. 4) Grand Archives (DS3). Interesting location with one of the best bosses in the end. Enemies: Grand Archives Scholar, Lothric Knight with Sword and Shield, Gargoyle (DS3). Mini-boss: Crystal Sage. Boss: Lothric and Lorian. 5) Irithyll of the Boreal Valley (DS3). Fantastic area, challenging enemies, one of my favorite bosses in DS universe. Enemies: Irithyllian Soldier Slave, Irithyllian Beast-Hound, Pontiff Knight with Sword and Shield, Pontiff Knight with Great Scythe, Irithyllian Fire Witch. Mini-boss: Sulyvahn's Beast. Boss: Pontiff Sulyvahn. Mega-bosses: 1) Chaos Witch Quelaag (DS1). Blighttown itself is not that interesting for me, as Quelaag is. 2) Darklurker (DS2). To die even more. 3) Champion Gundyr (DS3). With the mechanic to act as a mini-boss he could be the great addition to the game. Also, his Halberd is my favorite weapon in the game. 4) Abyss Watchers (DS3). Could be a nice figth with three weak of those at the first phase and with a single overpowered one after a heat up. 5) Nameless King (DS3). No comments.
  11. Hey everyone. As all of us do, I am looking forward to play the game with great desire! I know that the game is still in production, and we cannot really test anything, but there are several rules in the core rulebook, which I think could be modified for better/different experience. Here I want to share with you a set of modifications for some rules of the core rulebook (version from 10.01.2017) I have designed so far. These modifications will be further developed when I receive my copy of the game. I know that some of these modifications can make the game easier. But I love Dark Souls the video game more for its aesthetics than its hardcore gameplay. In addition, I prefer a bit of competitiveness in cooperative board games, which I try to portray in the following modifications. I will be happy to receive any feedback. Cheers, CuriousAI P.S. just in case, sorry for my English. I am not a native speaker. This also applies to the document, there may be mistakes and not very clear moments. Updated: - 'Encounters' section fixed; - 'Campaign' section added. DS Core Rules Modification, v.0.2.docx
  12. As Alex answered me in the KS comment section, treasure deck consist of both equipment and 'usable once' items. As for encounter rewards, don't forget that some of them will have treasure chests (two free treasure flips) and gravestones, which is also a some kind of reward. And boss treasures you can only get by killing that specific boss. they are not shuffled in the deck.
  13. I hope for that!
  14. That's why all of us were waiting to see all the sculpts in a pre-production phase.
  15. Yeah, great update and otstanding bases! But I am a bit disappointed that they changed the Cleric's sculpt and did not change the Pyromancer's and Assasin's sculpts. I really hope those are not final. I really loved the previous Cleric's sculpt: it was more 'unique', and now it looks like other classes.