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  1. Painted Gargoyle

    I thought it was high time I start to show off the models I have been working on since May. Now that I have a camera that isn't broken. Starting with my Gargoyle. This has surprisingly been my favorite model to paint so far, and I'm happy with the finished project. Aside from a few Warhammer models, I have no heavy experience in miniature painting so any advice for the future will not be tossed away. https://m.imgur.com/a/OPWtY
  2. Painted Gargoyle

    Thank you it was fun, the green is a bit messy but that's what I get for grabbing the dry brush variant over the layer. All in all, I'm more proud of my brown blending, used some browns from the P3 line and I really like them. Looking forward to seeing yours when it is finished.
  3. So, with Artorias coming in wave 2, there is one thing I wanted to bring up... His pose. Now, I know he has this iconic slouched pose with his dangling arm And his greatsword slung over his shoulder... Can we possibly not get that? Two companies, one for collecter statues and another for action figures have done just that. I think it would be better to have a original combat pose for Artorias, giving steamfieged their own image for him. Anyone else feel this way?
  4. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    Yeah, he does have a nice bit of movement. While a more combative pose would look epic, it would delute his character and overall concept of the broken knight he has become. Though it's good to see I'm not the only one who noticed the extreme length of his sword >.> it was just a 3D master however so it's possible the final will b shorter. And of not then lets just hope that the sword on the Sif model is the same length as to not create inconsistency.
  5. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    They did use the pose I really was hoping they wouldn't. But, I'm actually not unhappy, I think they did it justice. I guess this is where I admit I was wrong.
  6. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    I agree, harassment is to far. I'm unhappy with Sir Alonne and it is dissapinting being he was one of my top 5 most anticipated models, and then he lacks the umph. I try to play a little games as I can as to not burn out the game before the expansions as they will no doubt add more to the game. I'm generally not to picky, but somethings do strike a nerve. Its not even his top half. It's the placement of the feet. For any model it just looks really weird. But I also thought the Gargoyle looked weird from the photos and turned out to be happly wrong. We'll see when it comes out. (don't know what all the gripe is about the iron clad solder, looks alright to me)
  7. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    Not easy at all. In a industry filled with large and minior games surfacing, board games are breaking down into 2 major factors when deciding to buy or not. The first is gameplay, and while fun at first, this game does has a strong repetitive grind factor in it untill you become strong enough to fight a boss. That can turn away a group from playing it. The second is the models themselves. I don't care really about the poses of the minions, they are there to full the space between bonfire and boss. But the bosses themselves, I expect a bit more effort put into the actual design process. Sir Alonne literally has no movement. He's flat when compared to a model like the Gargoyle and or even the smelter demon. He looks like he is squating down to take a dump. There was almost no effort put into the sculpting of him. And given how popular of a boss he is withen the comunity, I would have expected a bit more dynamic. I don't grip often but I'll be damned if I'm not going to grip at all when something seriously bothers me. Once painted, he might look better, but he definitely is not on any list of epic bosses in this board game.
  8. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    Doesn't change the fact that a lot of their models are a bit to static. Its not "whinning" it's critique. If something is not ok with us, it's best to point it out rather than letting them think it's ok. Fantastic that you are such a easy person to please, but with the bosses being the key enjoyment in this game, some of us expect them to be more on point.
  9. Life Point Counter

    If you want to make a LP dial like the bosses in the game, give this a go https://www.thegamecrafter.com/publish/product/SmallDial
  10. Game Finder

    South-West Ohio for me. Town of Middletown. If anyone happens to be in the Dayton area
  11. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    I'm working on designing a Board game myself hence the avalible resources to have customs for Dark Souls made. If Steamforged doesn't add in models of the firekeeper or Andre, I'm gonna have to have them made myself lol
  12. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    You're not wrong. I have made serveral friends in the industry who are professional sculptors, having worked With them, it would take nothing to get them to sculpt up any missing bosses of enemies that don't make it in (for the right price) and when Dark Souls: The Board game ends (hopefully not for some time) them I'll be taking ful advantage of those resources.
  13. Expansion Question

    And the shed a bit more light on it. Based on the timeline of the core game, the expansions should make there way into backers hands by late October through the month of November. They will be made available via general retail after all pledges have been completed. Expecting it to become publicly availible by December or January. Unless you shop Ebay in which some people will sell extra pledges ahead of retail for around the same price in most cases.
  14. Size comparrison request

    Steamforged! With the latest update and the ability to view these epic mega bosses in a physical form, one question remains embedded in my head... How big are they stacked up to a PC?!? Any chance we may get a side my side comparrison of this? I love dragons and love a sense of epic scale when fighting them in a board game so Kalameet is undeniably my most anticipted model of the second wave. I just wanna know exactly how he stacks up Keep up the hard work!
  15. Size comparrison request

    They will be made available to all retailers after the kickstarter fullfullment is complete. They only got 3 bosses anyway. Last Giant, Manus and the executioners chariot.
  16. Size comparrison request

    Yeah, "The Last Giant" from Dark Souls 2. Looking forward to him, though I would have prefered Yorm.
  17. Update 110 on Kickstarter

    Re-openening the backer lot would be nice actually. Was only able to get 3 add-ons the first time. To get the rest before retail launch would be fantastic!
  18. Need painting suggestion

    They are definitly a tough one. Especially if you're going for accuracy. But I'd say you did nice job on it. The skin has the pale flesh scheme that works great for the hollows
  19. When do Retailer Bonus release for Retailer?

    With recent delays on the core game, I'd say December is a more accurate estimation.
  20. Need painting suggestion

    What colors are you using for the skin? They came out great.
  21. Boss Painting progress and some advice needed

    My painting is decent. I'm not a pro, but years of traditional art has given me a steady enough hand that I can at least make the models presentable. Dry brushing however is my weak point. Always to much or to little. I also wear contact's, but I can see well up close so I just take them out when I paint.
  22. Boss Painting progress and some advice needed

    You dry brushed with Liberator? Damn lol I went over ever detail with it... Dry brushing would have saved me so much more time lol. He came out good though.
  23. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    Yeah, I can only imagine that they will come with armor cards. Since they are all Dks1 armor sets, we will also in the future likely get at least 2 more armor expansions for dks2 and dks3. Maybe even a boss armor expansion.
  24. What future DS 3 boss do you want in the game

    I would love to have Aava as a boss model.
  25. Knight Artorias (Steamforged please!)

    Right now, all we know is they are just alternate character models based around the armor.