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  1. They are definitly a tough one. Especially if you're going for accuracy. But I'd say you did nice job on it. The skin has the pale flesh scheme that works great for the hollows
  2. With recent delays on the core game, I'd say December is a more accurate estimation.
  3. What colors are you using for the skin? They came out great.
  4. So, with Artorias coming in wave 2, there is one thing I wanted to bring up... His pose. Now, I know he has this iconic slouched pose with his dangling arm And his greatsword slung over his shoulder... Can we possibly not get that? Two companies, one for collecter statues and another for action figures have done just that. I think it would be better to have a original combat pose for Artorias, giving steamfieged their own image for him. Anyone else feel this way?
  5. My painting is decent. I'm not a pro, but years of traditional art has given me a steady enough hand that I can at least make the models presentable. Dry brushing however is my weak point. Always to much or to little. I also wear contact's, but I can see well up close so I just take them out when I paint.
  6. You dry brushed with Liberator? Damn lol I went over ever detail with it... Dry brushing would have saved me so much more time lol. He came out good though.
  7. Yeah, I can only imagine that they will come with armor cards. Since they are all Dks1 armor sets, we will also in the future likely get at least 2 more armor expansions for dks2 and dks3. Maybe even a boss armor expansion.
  8. I would love to have Aava as a boss model.
  9. Right now, all we know is they are just alternate character models based around the armor.
  10. The painted world was announced in their kickstarter update back in December I believe. I'll try to get you a link to it. The Tomb of the Giants was announced via interview at the New York Toy Fair (i think, I Didn't actually hear it, but more then enough community members have made mention of it for me to believe it. It might have also been mentioned by a dev on these forms, again, I'll look for it.)
  11. Fortunately a Tomb of the Giants expansion was already announced by Steamfieged for next year. Which means Nito. Also announced by Steamforged as an expansion for next year
  12. I'm with ya. Mobs, mobs, mobs. There are a lot of awesome enemie designs in Dark Souls, and I too would love to see them all make it into the game eventually.
  13. I can't say I can agrue with that point. Didn't really think of it in that Fasion. Dipicting his broken arm in a different pose would make it difficult to recognise it at all. And being it tells a essential part of his current state, it would be more accessable to the none video game players. But like I said, if the majority want that pose and it helps sales, that's what SFG should do. I mean I don't have to like it, but it's what I would do from a business standpoint. And the more money they make = more expansions so there's that.
  14. You were more then clear enough. And I can be mature and accept your opinion, I also reserve the right to polity disagree with it, and there really is no need for snark hostility because of it. My point also remaines valid. But truth still remaines, changing how a character stands does not in anyway change the actual physical apperence of a character. You stated your opinion as everyone else has, and your feedback is appreciated. Please just respect the fact that others do not share in your opinion, and that there is no wrong in some of us who prefer original over mainstream.
  15. Actually I said I would prefer if Solair was in a more combative pose. Throwing a lightning spear or something of that effect. I dissagree that using a different pose would at all effect him being "recognisable". His character design alone is more than distinguishable from any other character in the game. The whole concept "using a different pose would look/feel wrong is such a shallow concept. A pose shouldn't be the soul identity of anything. I think SFG should pay attention to what others are/have done. Oherwisw they just come across as copy cats to me. Its like a good song. First time you hear it, it sounds great, you love it and want to play it over and over... Only once you have done that, the song is no longer something you really want to listen to. So it remains in your playlist, untouched for months at a time. Overusing something, even iconic (it's not even really icon, he is in that pose for no more than 3 seconds) , I personally feel can kill the whole experience. Artorias's identity is not a pose, it's his overall design. A design that Would in no way or form be altered by making him stand differently. Its not going to change who he is, But make him stand out from all the current existing Artorias merchandise. Unfortunitly for me, I don't see steamforge caving their own path. Sad but nothing can really be done. As said, priority goes to the mass.
  16. Doesn't matter how they look, the fact you took the step in painting Them at all deserves recognising. I would just experiment with Layering, washes and highlights and by time the rest comes this fall, you should see steady improvement. At the end of the day, they're your models. As long as it makes the game more enjoyable for you than it's done well enough.
  17. I can't dissagree, however with the particular pose (which is do like, gives it that movement I desire) I see the rock's as a form of model stability. Still annoying, but at least it's subtle. And I totally agree with the pyromancer, while the pose isn't a bad one, it's disappointing it doesn't actually incorporate a pyromancer. That flame would have been a better choice 100% I mean I suppose these may be small concerns. But as I said, I love miniatures, especially ones that are not just practical, but dynamic. Of course with a title like Dark Souls, that can be a tough line to cross when it comes to "icon" vs original.
  18. You have a point. I really haven't tested it on other plastics. So yeah, with that doubt in mind, super glue
  19. Mine are rather secure, however some have not been so fortunite. Being plastic, some Citidel plastic glue would work fine on them if they break. I use it for building models and it holds together nicely.
  20. I'm a fairly decent writer, while the whole pdf is outa my resource range. I do have no issue contributing to the Lore flashcards. Is a good idea being most of the people I play the board game with, have never actually played the game.
  21. Glad to see not everyone is against me lol. I feel the same about the sif model. While well done.. Moving him around the board while attached to a large rock will just look and feel odd.
  22. Na, wouldn't make since as a summon but actually look Iike he is ready for a fight? Mayyybe
  23. Midir would be a epic boss fight. Honestly, such a brutal Dragon. And.. Well, Dragon.
  24. I think I clicked on like 8. And that was me holding back lol Decon's would make a fun mini boss though that and Pinwheel haha. Thought my top mega boss is a the between NK and Midir. Yorm swining in for third. Sister Freide HAS to be a double boss fight with Father Ariandel
  25. As the title suggests, I'm kinda curious about the Metal Aggro coin unlocked during the kickstarter. Would have imagined it to come with the core set, but alas that was not the case. Anyone know if this will be a wave 2 item or did they ditch it entirely?