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  1. H:Masons W:Engineers

    I and looking to trade my Masons for Engineers. I have the complete team in metal and they are all painted and based. I can get pictures if needed.
  2. H:Masons W:Engineers

    Can you delete. Models sold
  3. Alchemist strike team

    That's the lineup I'm planning on playing.
  4. Initial thoughts?

    I'm so looking forward to them. They look amazing rules wise and model wise
  5. Smoke Takeout Team

    I played Smoke, Naja, oKat, Venin, Harry, and Compound last night because I was playing a mirror match against a newbie and I didn't want to curb stomp him too bad. I was left wanting more from Venin. He was very underwhelming and blah. Harry did more work with 1 inf then Venin did with 4 inf. I don't know if I'll put him on the table again anytime soon.
  6. Smoke Takeout Team

    I have been thinking of doing something similar, but trying oKat instead of vKat. I love the Alchemists and I want to try something different then the norm to throw my opponents off a bit
  7. Sold, please delete

    I'm selling my hunters $50 or trade (Crucible and A&G) Theron Fahad Chaska Egret Hearne Jaecar Zarola Theron is painted and the others are primed black. I can strip them if needed
  8. Faction ADD

    So with the new releases for Season 3 coming out and offering different approaches to the Guilds and even a new Guild on the near horizon, do you feel a desire or pull to another Guild you have played or haven't played, or are you a one Guild player who's excited for the new toys? I for one have Faction ADD pretty bad. I have had it in every minis games I've played. It's hard for me to focus on just one faction. I'm excited for all of the new models and I can't decide who to play.
  9. Faction ADD

    My main Guild is Masons and I like their ability to switch tactics in the middle of a game and be flexible. I score goals and do take outs. I have played Masons almost straight since season 1, and I'm comfortable with them to point that I know what I want to accomplish each turn and I know how I need to do that. I'm ready for a break and a change to keep things interesting. I have Alchemists and Hunters as well and I'm looking at either Vet Rage Union or Farmers when they come out. The problem is which do I choose to focus on next?
  10. Crucible

    I think she brings plenty for Midas. She can get the ball and go where she wants then pass to Midas or take a shot on goal. She brings something different to Smoke and I think it will help the condition game out a lot because your opponent will have to decide if they are willing to lose more momentum or keep it and take damage again and again. I'm looking forward to putting her on the table
  11. SFG @ GAMA Trade Show 2o17

    I can't wait for them to come out
  12. Newbie list advice

    I run Hammer, Wrecker, Flint, Mallet, Granite, Tower, Chisel, vHarmony, and Minx. I have had great success with this nine and I have won with 2 & 2, and with 3 goals. The only advice is to get as much practice with Hammer as you can. He's not as forgiving as Honour is in my experience. I think both captains are great and that this lineup and the kick off core team are very viable.
  13. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    They are going to fun to paint and put on the pitch
  14. Masons Nine

    I've been running Hammer Wrecker Flint Mallet Chisel vHarmony Granite Tower Minx I have been able to win with 2 & 2 and 3 goals.
  15. Fully Painted Union Team for Sale

    How much?
  16. Help needed vs butchers

    I moved from there last August up to Oregon, or else I'd be happy to play you. The community was growing when I moved. I don't know how it is now
  17. Help needed vs butchers

    I'm from the Sac area and I played at A-1 Comics in Roseville and Great Escape Games in Sac near Arden. A lot of the Warmahordes guys play.
  18. Mason's: a beginning or a false start?

    I've played the Masons since season 1. They are very versatile and can adapt to the game as it goes along. Learn their strengths in take outs and in scoring and what set up you need for them. I've won with all take outs and I've won with all goals and with a combination of take outs and goals. Keep with them.
  19. Alchemist Matchups

    I have only played one Season 3 game with Alchemists (I've been playing Hammer Masons pretty hard), so this is really just me theory crafting. The 9-man roster I am planning on playing is Smoke, Midas, Naja, vKat, Vitriol, Compound, Calculus, Mercury, Harry. I played a lot of Smoke in Season 2 and i like her condition game, the only problem I had was finishing out the game, vKat definitely will help her out in that regards. I do like the different focus of both captains and I feel like a two captain roster is a good way to go. It gives us good options and can cover every match-up well. Smoke can be dropped against footballing teams and Midas can be dropped against beater teams. Like I said before this is only theory crafting and I plan on putting in a lot of games with my Alchs (I need a break from Hammer).
  20. Stop... Hammer Time!!!

    I ran Hammer, Wrecker, Flint, Mallet, Tower, and Decimate earlier this week against Fish, and I won with 3 goals, two of them from Hammer (one in turn one and a non-bonus time snap shot in turn two to win) I have yet to try Minx in the list but I find that I always take Flint and Mallet with Hammer
  21. Katalyst

    I played one game with Katalyst and I was able to get 4 EC's off in one turn, finishing off vet Spigot. He's a beast now.
  22. Wrecker in s3?

    I've played several games in S3 and Wrecker has been Hammer's little buddy
  23. So that Union Choice

    I've been playing Hammer lately and the question of my one Union choice has come up. I used to have Mist and Decimate in my roster. I really like Decimate because she can generate a good amount of momentum with some damage, but she is influence hungry. Mist was fun but I prefer Flint as my striker and Hammer has the ability to be a back up striker with Ball Hog. I've been playing with the idea of Minx. I like the idea of what she can bring to the table. I look forward to testing her out.
  24. How about some more Spoilers for S3?

    The only thing I see being tricky is making sure you setup for his legendary to get max usage out of it. Other then that he seems like a good captain. It makes the captain choice hard
  25. Food relates to everything