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  1. At the very least, it's worth a try.
  2. You don't think it will just bend again after the hot water cold water trick? The handle just can't support the weight of the hammer. I was thinking about using a dremmel to replace the handle with a piece of metal. Thoughts?
  3. I was reading the Polygon review and I found this funny: He says, "But, unlike the video game, skill doesn’t matter as much here." And shortly follows that by saying, "Making matters worse, if you are not exacting and precise in your play at every step of the way you may never face the final boss in battle." Is that not skill mattering quite a lot here? Those seem pretty contradictory.
  4. I could see that. Ultimately, class specific treasure is just only in the game if that character is being played. Anyone can equip to.
  5. @Norintha I used to quite a bit while I was getting used to the game. I also grind whenever I'm looking to equip and upgrade a new weapon, so in that way, it's pretty faithful to how I play. I'm not sure the dice tower really gave it a fair go. They have this habit of deciding they don't like a game before it ever gets into their hands based on theme. The man does not appreciate dark themes. Disappointingly, he seems to not be overly clear on the rules a few times throughout the video as well. He says he had a hard time with the rulebook. I feel like he may have barely read it. It's pretty clear on the way transposed weapons work and he was really wrong about it. The only restriction on the items you can equip are their skill requirements. Anyone can equip a class's specific transposed cards, they're just only in the game if someone is playing that class.
  6. Possibly will have an impact with some pieces of equipment we don't know about yet maybe? Isn't one of the once per spark abilities essentially a counter? There could be a few things that being one space further away before attacking could change.
  7. Seems like those of us in the US could be experiencing some delays. I wish they would give us any info on that.
  8. Praising the sun vigorously!
  9. Frank from Ludo: "Okay, Update time: No game made yet. We had an issue with the box tool - it is a new box specifically made for this games - and had to send it back to the tool maker for adjustment. I expect to see the first finished box tomorrow. Then in the morning we will assemble another game first ("Ice Cool", in case you wonder), and then "Dark Souls". I expect to have the approval copy that the sales Person always gets before assembly starts on my desk very early tomorrow."
  10. They haven't officially stated, but I think they're probably a part of the core game expansion.
  11. No, but that is an option in the dark souls video game as well. The trade off is that you'll be dealing almost no damage. Less damage will mean longer fights and more times you'll be hit which very well may leave you in about the same position as anyone else.
  12. Don't know if there's a way for you to read the updates. I can tell you there isn't any defenitive delivery date. The core games should be shipping later this month some time. If you haven't caught any updates, the core game will ship first. Then the stretch goals and add-ons will ship in October.
  13. I realize I was one of the few that caught the stream, so my opinion is probably significantly different, but I feel I've seen enough to know what I'm getting and I couldn't be more excited to have it arrive. Everything looks great in terms of gameplay. A lot of people have voiced a concern that the game has been oversimplified. I do not think this is the case. I think they'be managed to put together a very straight forward set of mechanics, but that the strategy and decision making in the game will not be overly simple. It seems to me that they've created a game that will be very easy to teach the mechanics, but very difficult to make choices strategically which is really best case scenario.
  14. @scifidownbeat They announced at Steamcon. Super excited about it.
  15. I am all about a Blighttown expansion. That would be awesome. As much as I'm excited about content from Dark Soul 3, I think we're much more likely to see expansions from 1 and 2 for the next year or two. Fromsoft guards they're spoilers so hard.