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  1. Still just the four we have, so far.
  2. Probably start off with some 2 character games to get a feel for how the party combinations will work. Right now I am thinking that a party of Harald and X will perform the best out of the possibly 2 character groups, with the Assassin party slightly behind the Knight or Warrior groups. I was thinking the Warrior was going to be the strongest single character out of the four, but seeing some of the self healing on the Knight's party treasure makes me second guess that.
  3. Personally, I may have watched the MvM review a few times to peek at the cards being shown off in the background.
  4. Well yeah, we all have to grind when filling out the achievements.
  5. Do other people really grind that much in the video games? A cool boss a few times for fun yea, but who sits down and just kills trash over and over.
  6. Between that and the extra sneak peak on the cards I really can't wait. The models seem to have a higher detail ceiling than the 40K ones I had some years back, but still looked like they had some mold lines to attend to. Overall I am very excited now though. The items I saw all looked useful/fun, really want to get those firebombs.
  7. Wow, I figured the dice would be 3 blanks on the black 2 blanks on the blue and 1 blank on the orange. Guess that would be too random.
  8. Shops would have to have it in stock to sell it.
  9. There was also the casual comment from SFG that one of the invaders was in an awful lot of the video games to only have a single behavior deck.
  10. At a minimum Darkroot comes with new treasures to expand the treasure deck. It is rational to assume that Iron Keep and maybe the Core Game expansion also have more treasure cards as well. As to running out of cards and milling them back, there isn't much reason to as every card you don't equip is accessible between encounters anyway.
  11. They were assembled in Ludo Fact's plant in Indiana.
  12. Just got an update on the kickstarter page. The TL;DR is the shipping boxes for the UK games needed to be redone to better ones so games are expected in backers hands next week. US games are being put in trucks to go to the fulfilment hubs today. AUS games are finished with production and the rest of the world will be worked on once this set are done. the It and Sp translations are still being worked on.
  13. Even with the lack of updates and such, the price difference is too good to go feeling that way.
  14. I am in the US, so for all I know the cubes haven't been past customs yet.
  15. In theory? That the core game has shipped, while the stretch goals have not. (on account of them not being ready until october) In practice? Likely nothing, as backerkit seems to pretty much just make stuff up as it goes.