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  1. I posted this "game report" over in the FB group, but thought it might be appreciated here as well. I hosted our first group game last night and taught them how to play using my set of house rules. They are as such: Standard treasure deck rules. You can draw 1 treasure card for 1 soul, or buy a shop item for 2 souls. Shop: Build a shop of 5 cards from the top of the deck. These cards can be purchased for 2 Souls each, replace from the deck as purchases are made. The shop inventory is shuffled back into the deck and redrawn if there is a Spark lost due to death. Regular Bonfire rest does not reset the shop. Soul rewards: Level 1 is standard 2 per player. Level 2 is 3 per player. Level 3 is 4 per player. I may reduce maximum Sparks by 1 if it looks like it's going too easy. After game report: Well, we completed our game last night and everyone had a great time! I used the house rules I outlined above, without the decrease in Sparks. This was my second game and the first time for the other three players. The game flowed very smoothly and everyone was able to get some nice upgrades without feeling overpowered for the challenge. We did rest at the bonfire to reset everything once before attempting the Gargoyle with 1 spark remaining. Nobody ever felt like we were just grinding though, because we were able to pull an upgrade and/or level appropriate stats every other encounter or so. We beat the Gargoyle without much trouble due to the behavior deck always working in our favor. After that we continued on to the Dancer. We probably should have beat her on the first attempt, but lost with her at just a few health remaining thanks to an incredibly unlucky dodge attempt. It all felt pretty balanced and fluid to us overall, and I don't think I'll adjust anything from my rules for next time. Play time was just over 2.5 hours to the Gargoyle and about 2 more hours to the Dancer. I felt like this was pretty decent considering three players just learning the game and one of those players is a notorious over planner. The guys all really loved the strategy aspects of the game, especially trying to find the most successful starting positions on each encounter. Going through all the enemy activation permutations, etc. They're all looking forward to our next game!
  2. True, I'm not averse to more models!
  3. Just the Champion form without the corruption. The original form you face is one of the few bosses I beat on the first attempt.
  4. I'd like a Champion Gundyr model. He handed me my butt for about an hour straight, but I just think he looks cool as hell.
  5. Yeah, a lot of times on the thinner stuff the plastic "remembers" its correct shape and just heating it will bring it pretty close to where it should be.
  6. No, they'll only go back up to what their max health was.
  7. They're added to your inventory after you defeat the boss. So they're only useful if you keep playing past the boss. No reason you couldn't continue on and fight other bosses, assuming you have the time.
  8. It'll work. I had to straighten a couple of mine as well. What I did was heat it with the hot water, then place it on the counter top and press down firmly on the base with my fingertips so all of the base was in contact with the counter, then a quick dip in cold water. You may have to do it more than once, or hold it a little longer under the hot water since the base is a lot thicker than the bent weapons are.
  9. They don't appear to miss many meals! Could also be an unfortunate Estus Soup spill.
  10. Yours look infinitely better than mine!
  11. Yeah, there were some posts by DC clarifying this encounter a few weeks back. It's done that way to emulate the bell tower fight in the first game.
  12. painting

    I always envisioned them looking like they were made from hematite. Hematite Images
  13. It's all considered one encounter. So the rewards are the same as if it were all just one fight. That also means no resetting health/stamina between each fight. It's like the second Gargoyle jumped into your fight right as the first one died and you haven't had a chance to recover yet.
  14. It's not stated anywhere that you can't do it. However, since there's no rules for what bonuses it would apply it would just mean you'd do the same damage and also not get to use whatever you would have in your other hand.
  15. Not within the existing official rules. I've seen people discussing making house rules for it, but I don't know how those turned out.