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  1. Do bosses reset?

    You go through the entire Boss Encounter set up each time you enter the encounter, which includes building the deck. Per page 28, the Boss deck is actually built after you place the boss, place the party and assign aggro. (Though I'm sure many players do this before-hand, to speed up the boss set-up.)
  2. That's how I've been playing it as well.
  3. Make sure you pay attention to where the Shift icon appears in the "text" of the ability. If it appears before the dice then you move before the attack and can consider the Shift as part of your range calculation. If the Shift icon appears after the dice, then you may shift after attacking, but you must already be in range before rolling the dice. Also, the Shift is always optional. You don't have to move if it would move you out of range.
  4. Dancer re-pose

    Nice work! I love that paint job, especially the cloak.
  5. Yeah, luck of the draw is a big factor, for sure. I like that you tried it with what you got, though. I think part of the fun of the game is in coming up with unorthodox builds and making them work. Obviously not every game will be a winner, and I believe that's a good thing.
  6. @Sullvar Yeah, those Silver Knight Swordsmen are no joke for starting players. If you're playing solo, don't forget you start with 16 souls. I'd spend as many as it takes to find a decent upgrade or two then level to use them if needed.
  7. @Jaznap has it right. The plus and minus attributes in the game add or subtract directly from the number of Sword results that you roll, before comparison with enemy defenses.
  8. Yeah, they are treated differently. Under Boss actions it specifically says Repeat means to repeat the entire Boss behavior from beginning to end. Targeting is part of the Boss behavior, so a new target can be chosen each time. Under Repeat on character equipment it says, "The Repeat icon allows the character to use that entire weapon option the number of times indicated in the circle." Under Character Attacks on page 22 they indicate choosing a target then choosing the weapon option. Since none of the weapon options (that I have seen) include the ability to choose a target, only the attack is repeated. Now, I will admit I don't believe there's ever been official clarification on this, but this is the common interpretation and the one that makes the most sense to me.
  9. Assuming the 2nd and 3rd attacks do enough damage to defeat the armor, yes they'll trigger the Bleed. With weapons that Repeat, you only repeat the behavior on the appropriate attack line, so target selection isn't part of the repeated behavior. One target only.
  10. Glad you got your copy, finally! As for the Knight's base, if it's just warped that can be fixed with the hot water bath. Just dip it in some really hot (not boiling) water for about 10 seconds or so, then use your fingertips to press the base against a flat surface, like a counter top. Be careful not to push on the mini, just the base. You may need to do it 2-3 times but it should stay flat once you get it there.
  11. Core games from Additional Soul Pledges

    I ordered two core sets and received both at the same time.
  12. House rules ideas

    Thanks, I was just curious. I'm one of those odd players that likes to try to make unorthodox tactics and gear work.
  13. House rules ideas

    Interesting idea. Are you worried it will result in "best in slot" builds where you always end up with the same equipment every game? Once you find an exceptional combination of items it'll be hard to resist going for that every time.
  14. When you're pushed by a boss you stay in the same arc, if possible. So unless you were against a wall you'd still be in the left arc. If you were against a wall or corner you'd choose another node adjacent to the wall to move into. So you'd likely end up in the front or back arc; your choice.