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  1. From a logistical standpoint, I strongly dislike renaming plays unless strictly necessary. Players with non-writable token sets either have to wait for revisions (if they purchase, say, Muse on Minis tokens) or special-order updates (as I had to with my Art of War tokens). G&S gets a pass, sort of, because Shark already had it, but then as @Arkin notes you're changing Jaecar too. Also, your change to Granite does cause the new-token-needed problem. Speaking of which, I'm not sure I like Epicenter. Like, your stated reason for the change is that Stagger seems more like a Granite name, but then you change the name anyways? Plus the play has sustained effects on multiple models... Not a fan. At least G&S makes it so that if the opposing model manages to get away Granite might be able to catch up. If Stagger needs to be changed - and I'm not certain it does - I'd rather either 1) have it removed, Shark's column shortened, and his TAC lowered by 1, or 2) have it give the target Snared. Neither necessitates a change to any other model or requires the purchase or production of any further tokens.
  2. I have not yet, but I've used Super Clean (purple automotive degreaser) on other plastics to no ill effect before. My expectation is that it'd work fine on these.
  3. I think you're mixing up TimW's explanation in that thread; the second sentence of the first paragraph is explaining the difference between getting a play through the playbook not generating momentum because the play never hit. GM isn't relevant; the paragraph was saying that 1) GM stops the whole attack, and 2) even if it didn't MI wouldn't generate any momentum from a playbook-generated CP. I still am sure based on the timing chart and that previous ruling that you could BT the roll vs Fillet in this situation. (EDIT: Ah, you mean the paragraph starting "As for choosing..." - in that case yes, that's currently incorrect. That doesn't mean the other parts of that post that are relevant are necessarily incorrect, though.) Because Deadbolt is a 2Inf play, and could therefore generate 2 hits? I guess I could see that argument. We'll just have to wait for a lawyer.
  4. The "or more" prevents it from generating more than 1 MP. I'm inclined to think that after the first roll that's successful you gain the MP. Using the timing sequences, you do steps 2 and 3 once for each target in an order of the active player's choice, and gaining MP would happen on 2.5 of the first hit. I need to locate some textual or lawyer support for that position however. EDIT: This thread is very old and does not have a Lawyer attached to it, but it's the only direct support I was able to find for the "1MP regardless of number of hits" position. I'm confident that's true - why else have "or more"? - but I'll leave it to a Lawyer to make a proper ruling. This is over a year old, but I believe this would have been during S2. This indicates a hit is generated as soon as a Character Play has been rolled and is successful, so that's when the MP should be generated. That means, in the OP's example, after the successful hit on Boiler he could bonus time the roll against Fillet.
  5. Cards design idea

    I don't even think the second row thing is a problem. There's always a full row, just count that. Otherwise the playbook might look cluttered.
  6. Tiki-taka Fisherman's

    A battery with 2" melee and tough hide. Jac's got a good "passive" game and he's harder to farm than Kraken, barring counterattacks.
  7. Tiki-taka Fisherman's

    Probably for the low MOM KD and the Siren synergy.
  8. Tiki-taka Fisherman's

    And he's easier to protect. I like Jac/Salt over Tentacles/Sakana in Shark, but some people swear by those two so I'm sure those would do fine.
  9. Siberys's Table-Quality Gallery

    The trick is batch painting. I can do several models very quickly if I do a particular color all at once. Glad you like the goal! I was pretty happy with it, though finding enough gears for the sucker took some work.
  10. Captain and Mascot Artwork

    I just use spare copies of the cards in black-backed sleeves. If you want art assets, though, try using a PDF ripper like pdfimages to harvest picture files from PDFs. You might have trouble putting together Farmer's cards, SBrisket, or Skatha and Snow that way though, since there's currently no S3 PDF with those images that I'm aware of. The cards on the resources page might have the pictures embedded in them too.

    When this was first dropped, slow-but-beaty teams were kinda hurting given the meta. The couldn't keep up with the fast bally teams and they couldn't dictate terms of engagement against other beaty teams. Formations was made to address that structural imbalance, so yeah of course the Brewers are going to like that. On top of that, reducing the instance of non-interactive first turns was one of the goals of this variant. There are teams that disadvantages more, of course, but it's not like that's not advertised. T1A1 goals are certainly doable, but your opponent does at least have an opportunity to mitigate the possibility with deployment.
  12. Siberys's Table-Quality Gallery

    Engineer's Guild All done! The mechanica models were fun and pretty easy to paint thanks to all of the wood parts on them. Made it fairly straightforward.
  13. Ideas for Harvest Markers

    Came across this today;
  14. Scout Report

    Well, it's later today than either of the last two days' blog posts, so tentatively I'm willing to call it that there are only two new players. I think that strongly hints toward a pair of Farmers models.
  15. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    Well, to be fair if you're using the auto-KD you're dropping off Greede which means you're probably allocating him at least one so you can pick him back up. That means that Seenah is actually more INF-efficient. I wonder if just picking up Greede once and never putting him back down will be the way to play A&G in this team. That effective 7 TAC is spicy.