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    @EpicChris. I though have sympathy with your earlier sentiment raised within your previous e-mails in that I would potentially envisage this being, when/if introduced, a new format for alternative play rather than totally replacing current format. The new rules certainly do look interesting and present new challenges to play and player selection, but so does the current format and to totally do away with that option would, in my opinion, be a mistake.
  2. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    Well first game played and I ran with Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, OBrisket, VOx as I was kicking, eventual score was a 12-6 loss to the Engineers. Will next time have to look at running VBrisket and Boar. On occasion I felt that both would have been better in the line-up based against the situations that arose, e.g. having the 2" dodge from VBrisket would have enabled me to better escape things like rough ground and Colossus' 2" melee. Overall though I loved the feel of the team, more than any other of my recent run outs with both Fish and Masons, and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity to run them out.
  3. New starter team

    Would agree with what @Mechmage has put less Mascot as I prefer Naja, but that is one of the nice things about the game is that you do get a choice and everyone (more or less) has a place and role. The highlighted latter choice is all down to if you prefer pure guild or not, whilst in current meta Harry is better Mercury does have a place as his AOE effect is better than Harry's. When starting out I did go pure Guild it has only been very recently that I have succumbed to the lure of Harry...
  4. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    Have first game this evening against Engineers. Will likely be looking to run one of the following, dependent on who has kick off: Kicking: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, OBrisket, VOx Receiving: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, VBrisket, Boar Will provide feedback on how the butchery (or not!) goes...
  5. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    Thanks I truly do understand the appeal of Harry as he is an auto include in my Alchemist lists, but if you couldn't take a Union slot who would you take instead?
  6. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    Interesting pointers on use of VBrisket with Boar, will take that into consideration with the team selection. Would you recommend Shank over VOx given your views, the model is just too nice though to leave behind!
  7. Hi Guys, Have decided on taking a trip over to the bloody side and jumped into Butchers having pretty much played Alchemists since joining the Guildball fray. I currently have all the models in the Butchers Guild range and whilst appreciate what Harry brings was thinking of starting my initial line-ups as pure guild, this way it will let me know the players as well. My initial starting ten are likely to be: Fillet, Ox, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, OBrisket, VBrisket, Boar, Tenderiser and VOx. With my initial starting six are likely to be: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, OBrisket and either Boar or VOx (currently drawn to the latter for the extra influence) Any hints tips would be greatly appreciated, hopefully have first game later this week...
  8. newb strat qssss

    Have to concur with @Mechmage I have found OKat to be great in S3 and against certain matchups is a better pick than VKat. WHat is not to like Fire damage with no impact on his mv and Mom KD on a 2, downside being he only has a 1" melee. Whilst both Mascots are great I have found that Naja has won out for me due to the fact that he is DEF 5, has Unpredictable Movement with a 2" melee, the investment to try and kill him is usually not worth it.
  9. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    Have been following this discussion and your blog with interest, it has been interesting to see the tournament line up development. This has been particularly good as I definitely do not have the luxury of as much regular gaming in my current area. However, also have tournament this weekend and have decided on similar staring ten based on following: Midas Smoke Naja Vitriol Harry Calculus oKat vKat Compound Crucible Potential preferred line-ups being as follows (favouring those not in italics): Line Up (Midas) Line Up (Smoke) Midas Smoke Naja Naja Vitriol Vitriol Harry Harry OKat/VKat Calculus Compound/Crucible OKat/VKat Thanks for your efforts and I wish you good luck with your event. It is likely that I won’t end up using Crucible though I do feel she may well be better inclusion than Mercury.
  10. Stop Slacking

  11. Stop Slacking

    Apologies missed that as it is an trait on Windle not kicker! However wouldn't it therefore not be the case, as outlined on p. 10 of the Rulebook, that: After both Players have deployed their teams, the kicker may make a Jog followed by a Pass. These are the only two actions the kicker may perform during the kick-off.
  12. Stop Slacking

    I believe that "Stop Slacking" is an active character trait and is therefore classed as an action (as per p.22). If this is the case the answer would be no as the kick-off is not a activation and the only actions that may be made during it are the jog forward and kick.
  13. Get over here

    The answer I believe is no. As you quite rightly highlighted technically the kick off is not an activation as it is part of the pre-game sequence and all the player does is move forward to kick the ball.
  14. Enter The Blacksmiths...

    Why does it have to be an animal, how about an inanimate object such as an Anvil being the Mascot. It being placed at start of the game providing bonuses for those within certain x" range, it can't move but blocks goal so bit goalkeeperish in its utility (or am I thinking Dwarf Runesmith, wrong game!).
  15. Mason's Team Selection and changes to Roster Size

    My initial thoughts on a Mason's Tournament 10, we're going to be pure Guild, with the line-up being as follows: Hammer + Wrecker Harmony + Marbles Flint Brick Mallet Tower Chisel Granite Mallet would likely make all line-ups and possibly Brick, however the remainder would be chosen to fit the line-up building up in front of me.