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  1. Your favourite 6.

    I like Theron, Fahad, Zarola, oHearn and Seenah, sometimes Minx instead of Zarola depending on the enemy lineup.
  2. Unfortunately only vetGraves and Bonesaw get alt sculpts, not Vileswarm. :/ But they look rad.
  3. Robo Ratchet

    Ofcourse he can. After Pin Vice uses Mechanical Heart. Ratchets Heroic doesn't say "Other model". He himself is also within 4". I reread: In its next activation. God damnit. xD
  4. He HAS no card back xD Silence also not if you use Vileswarm. To answer the questions of OP: For the lulz, or if you want a challlenge. I actually like vGraves playbook.
  5. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    I think there is also a mistake at the Roster size: When the Team consists of 10 models, the minimum requirement of team players is 6, not four, as you can choose up to two of Captain and Mascot, which leads you to 4 models at max and leaves you with 6 to choose. Maybe I understood something wrong?
  6. Not sure where to post this. Somethings missing here, to specifiy, the duration how long he gets the bonus. https://www.dropbox.com/s/auifxlf6syekdda/Uhm.PNG?dl=0
  7. Are we all plastic now?

    Nothing ever pointed to that, but I wouldn't say no to a 12 man box of the other guilds. I wouldn't mind duplicates that much either, because I am not a metal fan.
  8. Idea for Thresher Change

    This is basically the main problem he produces. Against 2" melee range you still might have something. So far only Ghast and Hearth seem to be able to do something about Thresher though, Ghast with his passive mode of stealing an additional Influence of the only five he can have. But aside from that? Gluttonous Mass and Sturdy give you something as well, but in the end there is still no real interaction aside from Hearth during legendary, and the lack of interaction is what made the Morticians getting nerfed (besides other points ofc). Corsair might be one of the best because Thresher can't just tackle and KD him. That is 4 Influence on ANY model, Thresher as well. So if we say he has the ball the only real models being able to passively defend are the ones ignoring KD or attacks in general, so Clone, Sturdy, Glutt Mass are the way to go. Morticians are pretty "happy" about Thresher because their "slippery models" just get killed without any repercussion because the few passive abilities we have just don't trigger. One of the problems I personally had was that the Morticians also have none of the above, no Glut Mass, no Sturdy, no Close Control, no Countercharge, nothing. Literally no ability to use against him aside from Shutout, but we all know how good that works when you really need it (Curse you, dice gods!). Ghast seems to be the only other viable choice. Can't speak for other Guilds, but our Farmer Player started out with repeated 12 Nil in round about the 2nd round.
  9. Any advice on using hammer?

    So Hammer annoyed me a lot in the past, so I will try to shine some light on what that player did to pressure me a lot. Basically he would leap his guild towards mine, and Hammer would use Teamwork actions to get the range he needs. After that he would just take out one or two models per turn and score a goal. If you play him fast, agressive and use Momentum for the appropriate actions you can use it for he's pretty much unkillable, at least in my experience. On my side of the table I basically saw a male Fillet. The Lineup he always uses is Hammer, Tower, Mallet, Brick, Marbles and Flint. If you shut down a Player of that lineup another can take the role, no matter if football or damage. Again, that is my experience playing against that lineup playing Morticians. Maybe I just didn't have enough experience against Masons, but I find them to be more annoying then Morticians.
  10. Don't look into the mirrors Don't go outside Don't look at the moon Look at the moon Let's look at it together Everything is fine On a serious note though, I was hoping the strength of cards would go down significantly, so that they are more a gimmic than a must have like Kneeslider. It's like... I have Kneeslider and Vengeance. Great. And you? Oh you can get your momentum back from that Heroic. THat is nice! We'll see about it. I would love if the roll for initiative would go away, I usually roll 1's or 2's
  11. Idea for Thresher Change

    I'm curious. Share your thoughts with us. That sounds just too much like me, and I got a lot of warning points.
  12. Idea for Thresher Change

    @Mr.G I think what he meant is that Thresher is out for a while now and everyone who wnated could have easily getten hands on him. I faced him aswell already and he's a nightmare. One of the biggest issue is that there is no way to do anything about him during activation. No defensiv Tec is helping you out. Usually you have Sturdy to get a Counterattack in, just like Stoic. Or unpredictable movement to get away. Nothing works against him. And in combination with Tater? Tater has non downsides. Literally. None. The "Axis of evil" Millstone, Thresher and Tater is just purely insane and you can't punch through it.
  13. That's what Hearth is made for Is usually aim for Sledge to not do a lot in the first Round. It's more about for setup for the second. I go for dodging around a lot to get up the field and knock something down with either Hearth, Anvil or Furnace. Best to engage something with one of those or more and then go in with Sledge. That is usually the way I do it and most of the time hardcasting the second Piledriver is fine aswell, as long as you get enough damage in to kill the target. Sometimes I go for a momentous 7, a KD and a Goal in Round 2 with Sledge.
  14. Still quiet the range. Since I used this GIC, Bonesaw - and frankly everyone else as well - became so much better. I had a situation where I left the ball on the ground for Graves, walked to the chicken, generated momentum by pushing it around a bit and then kicked the ball from over 9" into the goal. Bonesaw himself kicks at least 1 goal per game for me aswell. Unfortunately, that makes this GIC mandatory. But it's good nontheless.
  15. Quick interlude from my side, I asked about this in the Rules Section. The Model that kicks has to be inside 4", not the ball, unfortunately.
  16. They are really bad at kicking in general, so instead of having completely useless kickvalues they at least get some distance. It's the Slogan for Ghost Shot, but I agree with it: They are able to "play from weird angles". The extra range is awesome. I see BPM as an opportunistic Goalscorer, but a pretty good one at that. If I think about it, the Morts are actually all opportunistic in every way. They just create those opportunities by threatening and controlling. The big things with BPM are: Everytime someone activates, the puppet dodges 2". I'm open. One of the best abilities they have in my opinion The interaction between puppet and Brainpan. You have a kick of 4/8 when passing to that puppet and then the puppets dodge doesn't cost you momentum. All those effects take place when the Brainpan interacts with the puppet. Now imagine the following, getting the ball off with Puppetmaster, dodging, then walking and passing it to Bonesaw. At that point in Round 2 or 3 the puppet should be pretty close to the goal, so a simple I'm ope on Bonesaw, walking, passing to the puppet and kicking it in the goal, voila. But yes, it also does a lot of damage, especially on wrapping. The momentum generation is also quiet good. Everytime I don't use him I feel like something is missing.
  17. An Issue with Morticians

    Both. I just forgot to add that I was talking vetGraves after the Bonesaw part. Let me fix that!
  18. When would you take Bonesaw over Mist?

    It is more interesting when he's behind terrain. He can just ignore it an go for a charge.
  19. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    When you say revealed, do you mean revealed in the sense of "Rules revealed but not to public" or just the name?
  20. An Issue with Morticians

    About Bonesaw, I had an idea for him today So basically he gets the Striker Def of 5 after scoring a goal, which every Striker should obviously do. But why shouldn't he get the 5+ from the getgo? It's not like he is so much better than any striker. I would have said, go back to the original version of Offensive Defense, but give him a Def 6 for the remainder of the turn. That would be quiet nice. I would also love to see him go down to 11 HP but get Reanimate back. I think even ten would be ok then. The other thing I just realized, and don't ask me why it comes this late, I always looked at veteran Graves Heroics as Traits, but: He literally has no CHaracter Traits. That is terrible. I don't want to assume the design decision, but he is not that great to justify this atrocity. A simple Vindictive (Human) and a little extra nudge, maybe damaged Target would be all he needs. Doesn't have Tooled Up or that good of a tackle, but he can still go in, and is still quiet effective then just like the old version. Also: Get rid of Gravedigger. Maybe I have not been using it right, Id don't know, but I think it just makes the takeout way more expensive than it should be for one extra VP. Don't get me wrong, one extra is still nice, but I'd rather have With the Blunt Side GB OPTyes SUSyes P: Target enemy model may not activate next if another enemy model would be able to activate next. That could give him quiet the edge he needs to be an actual contender for the Graves Slot. Or maybe I'm just an idiot. Probably both the case.
  21. An Issue with Morticians

    I realised something else now when they releasesd Skulk. He basically is what vetGraves could have, and in my opinion, should have been. I wondered anyway why the Morts didn't get a Goalkeeper way earlier, but now we have one, so eh. (And he's the best!)
  22. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    Whops! I think BPM are pretty good to be used for Ball Shenanigans in combination with Bonesaw. They are not supposed to kill any of the bunch, they are pretty good at passing around though. I also had a revelation. As Cosset is not exactly necessary to deal damage, we can actually use Vileswarm. He's influence efficient and can harass way better than Dirge. 3 damage and poison is quiet a word. They either get rid of him or are permanently engaged by him. I'm just a bit worried about all the pushed Black Smiths provide. They could possibly easily push him into our own lines and then make him explode. I lost three games that way. Because of my own Mascot. Question is, who would I take instead of BPM? So I think about Scalpel/Obulus Vileswarm oG Bonesaw Silence and then? Our Playbooks have one advantage: They are divided into three categories. First two columsn are usually "I'm on my own" results, about two after that it's "We are stronger in a group" and the last few columns are basically part of the second category during a charge or when you already have the superior position. The difference between our Playbooks and the ones of other guilds is, that other players usually rise in the effectiveness of their attacks, while Morts Players change their functionality on the Pitch. We should try to play in our favor and concentrate on the first few columns to be effective. Even vetGraves could be useful because he has a momentous push on 1 success. With a 2" melee range that is still quiet useful. Cossett can become quiet the goalscorer. Again due to Ghost Shot. I guess Casket then to ensure some momentum with heavy burden and a bit of Ghostly visage.
  23. Not About Guild Ball

    The puns are strong in this one.
  24. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    The combination of Bonesaw/Silence/BPM is quiet strong. Bonesaw (much easier with Ghost Shit) can easily score a goal from over 10". There lies the question though. Scalpel could support goalscorers just as Obulus can, but Scalpel is actually really capable at killing the apprentices. Tool her up and they are gone in no time. Maybe shut them out, use Tormented Agony to get some Inf off of the Captain onto the apprentice and lynch that apprentice to get rid of an activation with 3 to 4 Influence on it.