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  1. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Mh, fighting is what they do. Not that I'm an expert on them, I just play them casually, but how about something that allows them to generate Momentum via Counterattacks? I know we shouldn't change the fundamentals, leave them untouched and everything, but that could be interesting. Another idea I had was Leading the attack HR 3 If the friendly Captain model charges an enemy model friendly models within 6" of the friendly captain may dodge 1" towards the friendly captain. Or this Into the thick of it HR 3 When a friendly model charges, it gains +2 TAC for the duration of the charge. Maybe HR 2 in these? I don't know. Just spilling some brain garbage.
  2. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    Critical Space While within the friendly half of the pitch, this model gains Counter Charge Bears usually have a sort of space around them you shouldn't enter. You force them to act. I think something around this line would be a nice adaption of a portion of reality. No idea if Countercharge would be a good idea, but it could work. Alternatively you could give it something unique. Critical Space: Once per turn if an enemy model enters this models melee zone, this model may immediately make an attack. That could be f**ked up. I like it more than the idea of a countercharge. It doesn't allow the bear to suddenly move around, but still gives you an attack. Also, while writing this, I realize this was Character Trait Honor once had. Whatwasitcalled? Responsive Play I think. Edit: Should also say MOV, so someone could still use a dodge to get into this models melee zone without provoking the attack. Seems a little unrealistic, but ruleswise seems to be more balanced.
  3. Drag vs Harpoon

    IIRC they said they wanted to use the functionality of this character play but use it on models that don't use Harpoons... basically.
  4. Hearth Preview

    I just realized that that means Cinder gets to user her unpredictable movement against models with 2" melee as well. Oh my god, hahaha!
  5. Hearth Preview

    God damnit, and I am pretty sure we won't be able to get all of the Blacksmith Models this year. God damnit.
  6. GIC: Bait the Trap

    Played three games so far with Bait the Trap and so far I love it. Awesome stuff. The pressure was immense for my opponent and he tried to at least deny the +1VP. Never got that, but didn't matter, Seenah was happy, as well as everyone else. It made me play a pure takeout game. Worth it I'd say. The HR 2 didn't feel terrible, quiet the opposite. It actually felt more balanced. I have to compare the old HR of 4 to Mercy's rezz from Overwatch. All that work, and then your target is healed by 8. This way you can also use Momentum more for reoving conditions and don't need to care about healing too much. I find that to be a nice and refreshing new thing that removes some of the stagnant features of the game and creates more - but not too much - volatility.
  7. How is Windle?

    Windle is a Trap for your enemy player. He can take more than he looks like, espcially with constitution and Cocky. Fell for that trap twice. Usually I go for 4 to 6 kills with hunters against Farmers, and Windle is as of now one of the last ones. Seenah does a great job against Farmers, and yeah, you need to ping around a little at first, but it's worth it. If you try to play Hunters like Brewers or Butchers you are going to lose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If Windle doesn't get controlled, he trashes your team. You have to take care of him, and he is an unattractive target, due to his Hale & Hearty. If you have Goad or Pinned, you are mostly ok, but else he really trashes. Lots of attacks, and ideally with Honest Labour and Tooled Up. And in dire times, let him pass the ball to get where he wants. Still a kick of 3/8 when close to grange, so nothing to scoff at. Those extra 4" are really good for him. I like him!
  8. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    In an ideal world probably. I have to admit, against teams like Fish and the likings, that is true, we struggle, but other guilds like Butchers, brewers, Blacksmiths, Farmers (won so far all games except one) they rise and shine. If you already have a low def, they snowball like hell. Also: I love Seena, though she should generate at least 1 Inf, that team is starving. I know that Windle doesn't generate one either, but... uh... Markers are a thing. And Berzerk. The game I lost funnily was with Ulfr, vet Hearn, Skatha and Snow. Unfortunately, those are the ones I thematically like the most, but Ulf is just bad. Maybe that's because I am more of a "prep and benefit" player rather than "I activate the model and do all the things" player. Those are the teams I also struggle the most against. Union, Corsair, Thresher Farmer. I think the Hunters might have a better chance with the first 8 against those teams due to the control factor they bring. Scoring Fish though... mh. I also agree that blessing of the Moon Goddess should probably hit Skatha as well. I like her, but she seems odd. THough it was fun to dodge 2" with the bear. Zarola is also pretty fine for me, in all honesty, but I would remove the OPT restriction on Chain Bolas. If Chaska can release up to 4 Boom Boxes, two Chainbolas aren't the worst. So yeah, I don't like Ulfr and vetHearn just seems a bit pointless, aside from the 4 Boombox Combo with Chaska and Theron. 1 extra Inf SEEMS nice, but not worth it in my opinion. I'd rather have the Singled Out and BotSF, and his teleport is just waaaay too good to keep at home. Must take. There really need to be changes made to vetHearn. Aside from that extra inf he is just worse than normal Hearn. The lack of 2" reach really hurts. Having effectively only 2 models with it is kind of sh**. It's not about having a third model on the six man team, but rather have a 3rd one on the 10 man roster, that actually works with the other models. I wonder if Hunters will get Benny and Grace as additional Union players. I would actually like that very much. Especially Grace. So: I have a list I like, but I can also see the problems. Activation order not that much actually. It can be a problem, though I haven't faced it yet. Maybe that's a thing for the future. 2" reach, the Winters Moon dudes and Egret seem to be the ones that need changes. Egret not that much in all honesty, and Zarola should get rid of that OPT thing. She can only use it twice when having BotSF, so that shouldn't be such a huge deal. Yes, ranged damage and all that, but... I don't know. Doesn't seem right. Also: Zarola Fahad Missile. Worked in all the games. Don't see a problem with these two, aside that OPT thing.
  9. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    Agreed on that. Played hundreds of games with Morts and had an easier time with Hunters.
  10. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I think a Kick of 4/8 wouldn't hurt her. So far she's a Semi Striker I used for turn 1 goals, if she had 1 Kick more I would say her Kit is sort of good. She needs Setup though, which some of the others don't do as much. Usually I give her Sun Strike and BotSF and pass her the ball for a dodge, then run up, free flurry for a dodge and some poisone, then two Snapshots for more dodges and a goal shot. Then retreat. It's not bad, but 4/8 would make her balls and a real unique thing in the Hunters. So far she is too much dependent on other models to get stuff done, but that's the thing with Hunters in general, innit. Nonetheless I enjoyed them so far. Haven't tried out the GIC as of yet. Some offerings: - Kick 4/8 would be interesting and give her a nice passing ability. - Let her generate momentum with the first Character Play she successfully hits with - Change her Flurry into something that can get triggered by Playbook Results, that way she could rack up 3 momentum in one attack with Sun Strike (thoough don't give her the 4/8 kick in that case). - Haver her benefit from attacking poisoned targets - Or following Playbook changes I would suggest Fat and underlined generates Momentum 1 T 2 T>< < >< << << In that case it would be quiet interesting to have her have a Trait that gives her +1 or even +2 Tac on poisoned Targets or a sort of vindictive charge against those targets, wich again cooperates with her other Trait that she causes poison. The Bonus in that case is quiet high, which is why I didn't include momentous damage. That combined with a Kick of 3/8 is already pretty good I'd say, though maybe her MOV, Kick or something else could be changed. We should not forget that Hunters are a Team that lives from preparation. And if you take this particular Playbook of Egret and prepare her with Theron or Skatha she becomes beast. Additional dodges or a free Flurry to cause poison and then gain advantage from attacking poisoned targets sounds quiet nice to me. As far as I can tell, Brewers Snowball from having KD targets in front of them. It would be quiet interesting to have the same with Hunters when it comes to Snared and Poison. It already kind of is, but luckily not as strong as the Brewers snowballing. This might give Egret a slight Edge and enable her to be played with a bit more fun due to the interconnection of all those abilities.
  11. GIC General Theory Thread 

    That's what the word "gain" is used for in a few occasion.
  12. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Can't await the 11 VP activation with Smoke.
  13. Mystery box!

    Still fulfilled. This is getting a little... Annoying. I am in germany. That's two hours of flight at worst...
  14. I take Makos advice and would like to get back onto rails, starting from where we left of. So, many voiced their concern about 0 defense against Thresher, due to his 3" melee, in combination with his very powerful kit, that also allows for incredibly early KD. I personnally don't think awaiting tournaments will help. Fillet was totally broken but Morticians still made it World Champion. I think we don't need tournament results to see he is broken, he rather seems to be an NPE for most, partially even for Players who have used him, as he seems to be a Train without breaks. Aswell as there is no need for them to be top notch. My personal experience is as follows: You can break it down to math all you want, in the end of the day it all is about how it feels to play with and against. With seems no-brainer, against seems no defense. So partially to get this back on rails is to hear about others opinions on this aswell, as there were only a few people part of the thread, as well as for future visitation after they officially hit.
  15. My Farmers (:

    Your painting is really good, I think you should try out some NMM on these bad boys. I find the simple silver a bit stale, and NMM is not hard to paint, I promise.
  16. Help Against Ox Butchers

    Protect the field with Brick and Monkey, use Mallet and Hammer, as well as Tower. The last slot is for your likings, but I would suggest Flint, which seems to be the best possible lineup against them. Fast goal scorer with charmed male, a model with 3" reach and Hammer. Hammer is a killer, and when setup correcty, he deletes Ox. That's what Tower is for. Give him Tooled up, and use the Aura and the AOE for some nice defensive tech. Hammer basically has a double push on one result, ad Ox really hates this.
  17. Thresher Thread 2.0

    Mh, I guess I didn't express myself well enough, but this was my thought aswell. Guess it was a bit too rambly. Hence Though I was trying to look at it from both sides as well as introducing the risks into the argument. As it is untested we don't know if it would be a benefit or a detriment, though I, have the gut feeling it would be a benefit to introduce more player interaction by reworking this design choice.
  18. Thresher Thread 2.0

    During the process of designing veteran Ghast (kind of a hobby for me, lol) I created a Character trait unique for him, called "Rising Hunger". Once per turn, if this model is sucessfully attacked by an enemy model, it may make a 2" dodge directly towards that model. This would ofcours be a unique defensive trait for ghast, but a weaker version in form of a Character Trait would be quiet interesting. Another thing was the possibility of a Character Trait or Character Play that lets another friendly model use it's heroic even though it is not its activation. This could open the door for some nice synergy between friendly models.
  19. Thresher Thread 2.0

    This is true to some extend. There is always the fine line on watering something down to the point where you have to ask yourself if it even makes sense. Advantages over others always give a game this fine feeling of uniqueness, that is also important. To dumb this down, if I made a game where everyone had the same stats, the game would be reduced to die luck. Ofcourse more experienced players would still over inexperienced players, but just for so long. This comes down to a simple statement: All the math in the world cannot make a game feel, as it always has to "virtue signal" towards certain player types. The ones who like to control, the ones who like to be slippery, to be fast, to have reach. Is wrapping important for them, or not, and so on. It is kiiiind of pseudoscientific, as, at least for now, emotions aren't really something that you can scientifically introduce into this kind of stuff. You can try to classifiy certain types of people that you want to have involved and cater towards them, but it has to be tested. It is an empiric process of "did they like it or not". For example, in testseries where hand lotion was tested, they found out that when people had to test these lotions and didn't knew it was the same, they went with a certain kind of haptic. Summary: It is the same with these games. It has to be tested out, until we can say "this is still not broken, similiar to this, but nonetheless feels unique". And during the design process it is usually a brainstorming process, write that shit down, slap onto a model and look how it goes. I designed a vetCosset model, that worked great but didn't really feel good. The player interaction was shit, and she did basically the same that ferrite did with her disarm, just with an aura. It was boring to use, nonetheless felt fitting, but it had to be changed so the involvement was bigger. So the next step was to look at how to do exactly this. I agree and disagree in the same time. The 2" melee is okay, as it puts effort into a thinkin process, trying to outplay the enemy team. Lets go with fish as example. I'd rather kill the ball with Ghast or Obulus, due to their defensive tech, or Graves, but not with Cosset, that would be unwise. If the whole reach thing would be removed, there was no thinking about it. A take on this, though a rather radical still, would be to say that everything has 1" reach, and some have extended reach for a 2" melee during activation, but this can bring a whole other array of problems with it. Would it a bad one though? It would fundamentally change the flow of the game, but without testing it there is no saying if this would be good or bad. In my experience though, if someone would play a guild where every model (in this case Fishers) had a certain character trait, called extended reach, wouldn't change their activation, but the Fisher Player would usually have this unique thing where every model has this seemingly strong Character Trait that makes them standout, instead of just a different number This would also open the door for more Character Traits, for example for Goal Keepers, that always have a 2" reach, to get around pesky things like UM. Counterchargers in general. It would also validate 2" more than it does now. At the moment it is a stagnant thing. You either have it, or you don't. But here again we have the problem that too much flow can easily overcomplicate things. Lots of things to think about, glad you addressed this.
  20. Trying to deccide whether to buy

    8th edition is priddy good aswell. But yeah, for me it also comes down to cost efficiency, and Guild Ball is Topnotch when it comes to this. Both 8th Edition and Guildball seem to be pretty close in what I enjoy, but as a student I am pretty happy to buy a team for 40 bucks and start playing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  21. Thresher Thread 2.0

    A reasonably reduced kick would be nice. Obulus has a kick of 2/6 apparently to apply a nerf to his supposed greatness. Thresher could need that as well. He's more a killer than a goal scorer, and that would greatly limit is explosive behavior.
  22. Well due to wording it is a bit contradictory to core rules. Effects of the same name don't stack, but in this case apparently they are supposed to do. I mean, I am all in for "Card rules overwrite Core rules", especially as this would be the only instance of where this rule is "violated" as far as I know. EDIT: Maybe the wording should be changed to "If this model scores a goal, add an additional Goal Influence to the friendly team"
  23. Thresher Thread 2.0

    Got two in that thread alone that never expire. Too much swearing is bad as it seems. This is actually an interesting idea in and of itself. So far those teams had abilities like close control or reanimate or both, like the Engineers. The Butchers are pretty scary when it comes to damage, and so far they fared pretty well. When it comes to >> or << on 2 results, which is increasing in appearance, it gets worse though.
  24. Thresher Thread 2.0

    Probably. But here's a thread to come back!
  25. My Farmers (:

    Oh wow, that pops! Well done