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  1. Proxy catchers

    Haha, that's whyt I always did. Took a base and glued a piece of paper with their name on in... on it
  2. Salt ftw!

    http://vid.pr0gramm.com/2018/03/12/73fb4c5ea7395f5c.mp4 The link looks strange but it's just a link to a small clip of an Otter.
  3. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    On the other hand, they are known to have their hands in organized crime. I could imagine something around the lines of city guards, controling in's and out's of wares throughout the cities and getting rid of "unwanted an nosey" individuals that could interfer with their work. Some form of corrupt innerstate enforcement... people. Basically the Mafia in the uniforms of guards, lowlife politicians and executives.
  4. Farmer Errata has landed

    Pretty well done. The elongation of Threshers Playbook was a simple, but clever move. The KD dodge result is a little workaround I like. He pretty much always gets the momentous doge if he wants, combined with a KD, but at least it's not like he's going to kill half your team after he started turn 2 while the Farmer player attestates that that is how he should work and I should just work around. I haven't had any experience with Fallow, as some have said she still seems to be a powerhouse, but honestly every guild has some sort of powerhouse. Cosset, Boiler, Vitriol, Bolt. Those are models you cna't activate and go. It seems like Fallow is not that hard to take down and with the reduced range for Fork Off and generally reduced amount of Influence the Farmers now have access too, due to the fact that the core abilities now - finally, thank the Rules Team - cost something. It seems to me that Fallow will be more of a Grange character as well now, but I could be wrong. Overall I like the changes, especially the cheeky Corsair ones, cause that was dumb for reason. Now the only thing I have on my mind is Blackhearts monentous 1 damage double dodge, and I might play him again. But seriously, love it. Well done, guys.
  5. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    Fast forwarded a bit, Squeak apparently has tag along Miasma has a TAC of 5, has a GB Result on two which is called Interrupting Spores if I understood correctly. Enemy needs to choose: His models within 2" suffer 2 damage and bleed or 2 damage and poison. Apparently she also has a momentous GB up higher in her PLaybook.
  6. Scourge Review Video

    I could be too fast with my opinion, but he seems to be a model that stays on the backline until its time. Also seems to be a good ball carrier so far. Damn code of conduct, wish I could say more.
  7. Okay, in about three hours I am going to the club, and I thought I might play the Morts again (a bit spontaneous, I know ). Does any of you have any advise with Pelage and Skulk? Should I use both? Only one of them? With which model? I think my opponent will play Farmers. He likes them. Any idea? It doesn't need to be Farmers Captain specific, I expect to lose anyway. EDIT: This could be used as a general thread on how to use those guys anyway, so feel free to post general tips.
  8. Pelage

    Unfortunately, we didn't get anything as well so far. :/
  9. Casket Time + Influence --> game impact

    Don't forget if you have Knee Slider AND the Vengeance Token... Usually it is not super important who you put in the box, but you profit more if it is a model that generates more than 1 Influence. I had a game where I put a Mascot in the box because I lacked the 3 VP, but aside from that I go for 2/X models or even the Captain. Put Shark in the Box once in S2, it was awesome. Last game against the farmers where I used him I put Harrow in a box. Now it gets really sick if you put a Captain in the box and combine it with Man Marking.
  10. Harrow was engaged by vetGraves and she put Singled Out on him. He knew Scalpel would kill him for 2 points and then score a goal. He tried to walk away and completely forgot her damage, so she rolled her parting blow and did an additional 6 damage to the... I don't know, 15 or so she did to him after applying Singled Out. She's a beast against Male models. MVP means most valuable player. Edit: Oh also he chose Snared at the end of the activation, though there wasn't really a good choice for him at this point.
  11. I mean, that's what I said. Agreed. Though I prefer agression.
  12. Since the S3 changes to Obulus, which were required but in my opinion are a complete overshoot, I highly prioritize Scalpel. Her legendary helps a lot, she can redistribute Influence (which unfortunately didn't worko on tater, but meh, Def 5), her Heroic gives nice repositioning options really good against counterchargers in my experience, or to just get a ball carrier further up the pitch and out of range of enemy models. Her wake the dead is actually useful when you play Cosset and Pelage, because I have never had a use for it. Her damage is good and a momentous pus dodge on 3 is in my opinion one of the better results Morticians have alltogether. Obulus' Playbook is just useless in my opinion, at least with the TAC5. Though I guess Pelages easy Singled Out may actually equalize that. Tooled up from Graves, Pelage Singles Out and Obulus goes ham. A bit boring, and I really love Scalpels run and gun playstyle, but eh. Obulus also has confidence. Could be interesting on Pelage. I don't really care that much about Puppetmaster to be honest. It's incredibly expensive and I prefer to still do things with my Inf besides spending 5 just to get the ball and pass it. Lure is a big thing, that's also why I didn't use Obulus. It did its job. Pelage and Skulk change a lot about how their Roster works and it almost offsets vetGraves lack of Character Traits. Scalpel is really good at supporting the team offensively AND defensively and gives speed. I really want to use Bonesaw at some point because Pelage is another models with a kick of 3/6 which so far has been pretty sparse in the Morts, and Scalpel, Pelage and Graves or vetGraves deliver 3/6 so Football Dervish is much more relevant.
  13. With Dirge being the only former source of Singled Out (trying to get used to No Union) Pelage is a must for vetGraves. But yeah, the Tac Bonus is quiet nice. Cosset also gives you Lure which is also really good for isolating. Before Pelage you would have the decision between Damage or Lure, having both is quiet nice. I guess I will try to use Pelage as Goalscorer next. She has some capability. In the round after he should be able to hit a target that suffers KD and maybe Snared with one or two extra dice which is really intense. Though I played vs Farmers, which means no armor.
  14. Okay, I've put some thought over the day into it and came to a conclusion. Scalpel, Dirge/Vileswarm, Pelage, Cosset/Bonesaw, vetGraves, Skulk/Casket/Ghast Not sure about Vileswarm. If I wouldn't include Vileswarm I would instead bring Scalpel, Dirge, Pelage, Cosset/Bonesaw, vetGraves/Graves, Casket/Ghast/Skulk The Slots are meant to be seen as "These models go together", so for example Scalpel, Dirge, Pelage, Bonesaw, Graves, Ghast. The third slot model will be the last model I draft depending on what comes last from my opponent.
  15. Played Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Pelage, Skulk and vetGraves. Didn't expect that. Pelage basically wrecked the Farmers and the rest of the roster cleaned up after her. vetGraves generated 6 points. Pelage destroyed Harrow for 2 points and Scalpel shot a goal. He destroyed Cosset with Tater but with Pelage we finally have two models that can deal significant damage, so no matter if he kills of Cosset OR Pelage, there is another model that can still pose as train without breaks. Skulk wasn't that useful, though he completely negated the first turn goal with Horrific Odour, so he did something. Pelage created big headaches for my opponent, as at one point the Scarecrow, Tater AND Harrow were in her 2" aura. So satisfying. He opted for 3 damage. Didn't really matter which one he took, both was hard to deal with. And Pelage just wrapped herself to MVP status in the first game. I've got a new favorite model, she instantly clicked. I think Pelage and Ghast can also pose a big problem. Though the extra two Influence for killing Grange also helped a lot. Would have played differently if I would not have gotten that Plot card.
  16. Vet Graves Speculation Thread

    Didn't know we could have ever done that anyway. Don't have the money for the Playtest event, as I would have to fly to England for that. Not that I wouldn't do that if I had the money, would be a nice weekend I guess. Would be nice if he could get "Hooked" as a trait. Edit: I should add though, I do like the combination of a KD and bleed. Or Gravedigger. It's just not generating Momentum. Morts are already having problem generating momentum, which is why we need BPM and/or Cosset. So why just another model that has less Momentum results than playbook length and additionally not a single character trait (those heroics are so useless I just can't justify counting them as Character Traits)
  17. Vet Graves Speculation Thread

    Ît would also be great if Morts would get some passive traits that work outside of their activation or allow them to do something. Like Close control or Linked or stuff like that, or sturdy. Or an additional model with fear. So far passive value is created by Ghast and Casket, but who is insane enough to play them together in a serious match. That doesn't make any sense. I haven't understood so far why vGraves didn't get anything. It's not like he is useful. Guess it's because Obs can make him attack outside of his activation for the incredible discount price of 4 Influence. And he has a KD on three! With a Tac of five that is at least a chance of 90% against the mythical 4/1 if we go with the vetHearn advertisement logic from the Steamforged blog. Crippled Guild. So much potential. In all seriousness: There is a reason why so many people like Brainpan and Memory or old Graves. They deliver value. They change things. vGraves is basically a useless version of his former self that doesn't pose a threat and is disposed in the blink of an eye like the rest of the guild. If he just had anything that would increase is survivability... Compairing them you can easily see what I mean. Old Graves gets additional charge range against damaged targets. You bleed if you get damaged by him. Easy Tackle, good kick. Ok Momentum. Tooled Up. So much passive value. vetGraves? "I... I push. And sometimes, when I use 2 Influence I might get a KD that doesn't generate momentum." Damn... I love that model so much, but OG is objectively more useful than VG. And this is exactly why I can't await Ratcatchers. So much high def and shenanigans. Nice powerlevel so far from what I've seen. Playable! vGraves won't get included though if he stays that way. I don't trust Playtesters farther than I can throw my purse, and that is chained to my trousers. I am sorry if it sounds insulting to the designers, I am just disappointed in what happened to the Guild that brought me into GB...
  18. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

  19. Its a dilemma situation really. Giving Influence to practically worthless players that were made bad because they wear the Morts Name-Tag is annoying as far as I am concerned. Now I am aware of the score that ONE Player got. Don't get me wrong. But I just don't see how it is justified to make them like that. Obulus uses those 7 Influence and barely has an impact as far as I and the local Ex-Morts Players are concerned. Like... they made someone world champ and now we need to be careful to not let this ever happen again or what? Man, at this point I just gave up on them and wait to see what the Ratcatchers bring to the table. It's not even a case of "git gud" anymore if something has to suffer artificial prerelease nerfs because of whatever reasons while everything else can be made as strong as the designers hearts desires as long as the Morts Name-Tag is absent. Blacksmiths are fun. They remind me of S2 Morticians, with their control being Close Combat oriented and without being too greedy as well. I mean, I said I was done with them, but I am still curious about VS and vetGraves and what got changed. If anything at all.
  20. Morticians post rat catchers

    Though I still have to say that I am not really enthusiastic of getting just anOTHER model with such a low HPLevel. It's actually a new record. And Dark Allure could in return cause opponents to just opt for the higher damage results that don't yield Momentum. It basically creates an "I don't care" situation where the opponent can just ignore momentum and go wild, which I am not particularly a Fan of. Also Wake the Dead costs 2 Influence, and in my humble opinion it is still false advertisement to call Morts the guild with the most Influence in the bank. Objectively false. They are just on the average if you take Scalpel, and not really Influence efficient as well as far away from having the strongest Character Plays in the game. Casket and Ghast should just generate 2 Influence as well. Easier said than realized because of balancing issues, but so far at this point it seems to be the morts theme to lose one or two models per round. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That said I don't think I am going back to Morts if HP isn't raised significantly throughout the Guild. Ratcatchers it is then, teaming with maaaaaaybe vetGraves and definitely Bonesaw. Love the synergy with that one particular model the Ratcatchers provide. (Pundits know which one I mean)
  21. Vet Graves Speculation Thread

    Well couldn't really know that. :/
  22. Morticians post rat catchers

    Snared is also pretty nice to have in the Morts.
  23. Vet Graves Speculation Thread

    Spreading disease and making friendlies immune to disease in an aura. That's what I kind of hope for. Also he seems to be kind of the Mascot guy now. So maybe special traits that interact with enemy mascots just aswell.
  24. Maybe Bonesaw and/or vetGraves get it aswell. So far I am pretty sure I know which models get it, though I am afraid of saying too much in case I - for some weird reason - manage to spoil something without realising it. Don't want to risk that sweet privilege we Pundits have.
  25. Rat Catchers

    I started using Guild Only because of the upcoming changes, and Bonesaw can definitely be utilized. I just think he could need a kick of 4/8 instead of 3/8. Except for Silence almost all of the guild is 2/6. There is a model in their lineup with which he potentially can be extremely powerful, but I can't talk about it. :/