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  1. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    Stoker would be a double then, cause we already got a Stoker in the Brewers Guild.
  2. Is it hot in here?

    Not sure if I love Metal Ball Anvil or this guy more. The look of those models, daium.
  3. True, he can't benefit from it.
  4. I don't want to sound narrow-minded, but rules questions are placed in the respective rulesquestion forum. Nonetheless, you got the right answer.
  5. Ball Shenanigans with a rat swarm. Basically the idea of a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge carpet of rats that moves like the zombies from The War Z. It helps get the ball back a bit. And if he has the ball, vetGraves can get it back from him. I also oriented myself a bit on the Engineer Mascots, which are really fucking powerful, so why not meet halfway with a mortician mascot. Morticians always had to fight for what other guilds automatically got. It's basically mother in hardmode.
  6. True, it might actually only be a thing with vetGraves and oGraves. Union doesnt really need Tooled Up, and Brewers aswell. For those it's more of a topping I reckon. For Morticians it's asctually quiet a loss however. Morticians lose a great piece if they take vetGraves. He's not terrible, but oGraves is, simply put, better than vetGraves. What I also find really disturbing is that he has DEF3/Arm2 and still 14 Hitpoints. As far as I can tell that doesn't stop people from killing him with ease. Maybe boost his defense and give Morticians a strong Defensive player on the field? Like, boost his Def up to 4 as long as Vileswarm is within 4" or something like that. Ofcourse he's a mortician model, so he can't have it that eas as we actually have to do work for our bonuses. If we keep their playbooks aside, whatcha thinking about that? Rotatory efficiency(Vileswarm/veteran Graves): Both players have this ability with the respective other model in paranthesis. If this model activates before the named friendly model, that model gains either +1 DEF or +1 Damage on playbook damage results for the rest of the turn. Boost veteran Graves HP by at least 3, so he's actually a defensive centerpiece. No matter what is changed about him. Seriously. Control in and of itself doesn't win you the game. Scoring and killing does. Therefore: Veteran Graves: Drag it henceforth! (Vileswarm): If this model successfully passes the ball to the named friendly model, the named friendly model may give up possession of the ball immediately. Heroic: Leave it as it is (Vileswarm) Named friendly model immediately gives up possession of the ball. I think that is actually the best shit I ever came up with. At least in my opinion.
  7. Obulus playing too careful?

    I play a gamestyle I call "agressive defense". I always play defensive in a "war of attrition" style and wear my opponents down with him, both on the table HP wise and mentally. He stays back, and is stacked with 5 or 6, until his time has come and he shoots forward to make the game. Though I roll so bad, I usually have an excellent and unexpected turn never seen before, and then statistics fuck me over. I also find myself using him more often to make enemy models attack other enemy models. But then again, statistics fuck me over so hard, that I will be punished with a counter goal. Unpleasant. I made Avarisse attack Greede with frickin Bonus time, and couldnt get 2 successes for the double push. Boom. A&G Goal. God damnit. xD But yeah, I try to play him defensive and slippery while always stalling his activation on my side of the pitch.
  8. One of the major problems with vetGraves is, that old Graves has tooled up. It is the same with Spigot. If we changed the cards, I'd say that if a model that has a strong character play like Tooled Up, that is really goddamn strong, both old and vet should have it. The rest can be changed, because in that case Tooled Up is not one of the major factors anymore. If we then change Vileswarm, he should synergize around the lines of "Contagious Swarm(Vileswarm): If the named friendly model engages the same target as this model, if this model causes damage to an enemy model, the enemy model suffers the poison condition." vetGraves doesnt really generate momentum with his damage, except the one damage on his two. That already might balance it out, but on the other hand his playbook could be changed aswell, though I actually kinda like it. And to make it more shenanigan-ish, typical mortician style: Vileswarm gains Packmaster (Graves, Veteran): If this model charges an enemy model that is engaged by the named friendly model, this model gains +1 Damage to playbook damage results. Additionally: Make them drown!: Enemy models within 3" of this model suffer -2/-2 movement Also, I like that gif: vetGraves Trait: Nowhere to hide: If this model uses Creation, the created model immediately makes an attack with +3 Tac. Also get rid of that goddamn explosion, or change it: Before this model suffers the taken out condition, it immediately makes an attack. There are so many, you might not get rid of all of them, amiright? Just some brainstorming though. So some of this might be viable, but I guess the models should concentrate on one thing, either control or damage. And if we have to change Cosset and Dirge for vetGraves and Vileswarm, it should either be really strong control or really strong damage.
  9. Pumped for them! I like me some defensive lineups. Could I get them early for playtesting?
  10. Sledging

    Well he has a very effective While the Iron is hot. THat gives you 2" for practically your whole team on round 1. The enemy walks up the field aswell, so I think his threat range can be quiet deceptive. Sledge is pretty fast though for someone of his caliber.
  11. Sledging

    The idea with him probably is to wrap. So I am pretty sure it would be quiet intelligent to get another player into the scrum. Preferably 2" melee. Also KD is a thing, which Anvil can do... quiet easily.
  12. Vs Morticians

    One more from a fellow Mortician: Lure him to use Rigor Mortis. Rigor Mortis is usually only used to get the winning kill or goal by going first or anything of those likings. You should not be afraid to generate momentum, because Rigor Mortis only works once per Game, and if he uses it so you can't shoot a goal or can't go next - without the Mortician Player having at least 8 or 10 points - that will make your chances of winning better. So if you generate Momentum, and it traps him into using Rigor Mortis: Good for you! One round of inconvenience should be okay, especially for Alchemists I might add. To be fair, though, you should be mindful about the board state, because it could still give him a great advantage depending on it. So try to play mindful about your positioning aswell, cause that's the Morticians shtick. I wish you the best of success!
  13. The curious case of... Vileswarm?

    So an idea came to my mind: Forget Packmaster, and use the rats to further enhance the isolation game. Use Cossets Lure, use vGraves pushes aswell as Gravedigger, and charge with Vileswarm for some even more pushes and then whail at the target with Casket and Rage. Preferably Rage first, then Casket for the 5 point Takeout. I had this idea only minutes ago, but what do you think? Sure, the Bird is away, but Cosset still is a beast and you can concentrate more on her free charge for momentum and the lure. That is something I need to try out I guess. Just as a sidenote: I realised apparently no one likes Rage. What the hell?
  14. Aaaaand I overlooked something. Thanks nonetheless!
  15. Ok, I searched intensely over google and the Forum Search Function and couldn't find anything. I hope this isn't a question already being asked again. A Parting Blow is an Attack, which does not cost Influence, triggered and resolved immediately at the point the active model leaves the melee zone or LOS of the enemy model. This is right from the rulebook. Mow down causes models within the meele zone to suffer the KD condition. But the model that triggered the parting blow is outside of the meele zone. I can see how it was intended to make the leaving model suffer KD, but that's not what it says. Am I wrong here or is this correct? I am a little confused and would like to get this cleared before it comes up.