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  1. Alright, now after roughly 50 games I start to get a consistent win streak against Union. Somehow cracked the code. The next obstacle completely unbeaten by me as of now is Corsair Fish. I have no clue how to deal with Corsair Fish, especially now that Shark is completely irrelevant because Hag makes Corsair as fast as Shark... What is his weakness? I can't see one. Seriously, with Hag you can't even pin that dick down. If at least he didn't have close control. That doesn't even make sense model wise AND his legendary already provides it. That just adds insult to injury. So to make it short: I can't get through the Fisher Wall. Everything has tough hide, can kick like their life depends on it, easy access to KD, legendary phase makes even the shittiest player a formidable striker better than anything Morticians are able to field (I mean, it's a legendary, I'm ok with that, but still... it just adds up. And if it goes the same way like it did with Union, the time I am capable of winning against them Season 4 hits and Fishers get another buff, cus muh tim nids boff). Is there any way around that? If so, I don't happen to see it. Sorry if it sounds rant-ish, but the frustration really boils up. The only advice I was told so far was "change guilds", like what the fuck. Thanks in advance and sorry if there was a thread already, I didn't happen to find it.
  2. I don't have any idea what these guys are going to do. I feel like these are just their damage dealers, and I have to say, mom7 damage is brutal, but if it takes you two activations and several points of Influence to get it through, I'd say that's ok. Unfotunately I feel like they are going to get Shutout, because otherwise it would almost be too easy to get away from that Combo. A mascot though. That's a good questions. Maybe a living Knight Armor? Or maybe something more engaging! A shield! How can a shield move? Well, some one picks it up and gets +1 Arm! Anvil having two shields and a hammer, and apparently three arms.
  3. I usually do the kickoff, but more because of bad luck when it comes to initiative anyway. I usually roll a 2. Can't actually remember the last time I did not roll a two. Maybe a few months ago. I was forced to do so, but I became better at it, and with Obulus and Scalpel you are actually in a really good position. What that does for me, though, is when I actually CAN receive the ball, I sometimes do it, because my usual opponents are not used to it.
  4. Good thing I jst wrote the rules for veteran Ghast! That would fit perfectly.
  5. Only one? EIDT: Whoops, there is some more text missing. I think the current starterboxes are nicely priced, I also know a store that sells at about 8-10% discount aswell, so if I ever feel the need to save 5 bucks, I'll buy it there. I actually can't await Plastic Morticians. If this is something ever going to happen, I plan to get them all over again. Because no matter what I do, the models lose their color. It just splats away. Sick of metal, honestly, because of that.
  6. Just to throw that in because no one else did: Locus wouldn't really work, would he? Everyone else here made really good points. Rules don't need to be needlessly overpresent in every inch of a game. It's a simple mechanic. That is why AOS is really easy to learn, just as an example. The 8th Edition of 40k might give me some fun again aswell. Also the reason why I dislike The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles. If you go through terrain, you have to test for dangerous effects. Some units throw one die, some two, three or four, depending on unit type, then it depends on... something else, I don't know from my head right now... on what number you suffer a wound while moving through a certain type of terrain. You have fear, terror or horror or something, psychology tests, you need to count the amount of lines in your regiments when determining close combat results. This is all completely unattractive nowadays. It still has a fanbase, but the amount of time, money, and RULES, hell no. I'm fine with Roleplaying Rulebooks. Those I love. But when it comes to moving a single model or unit over a battlefield I don't want and need 20 rules occuring at once just because I positioned myself a few inches up the field. And most importantly, I want some positive feedback from the game. This is basically what modern "user experience", just to abuse that word here, is almost all about. The Experience. It's not quiet an experience to shuffle through 150 pages of rules to find out all that stuff I mentioned and more. I hope that gave you some insight. Some things are always subjective, but in most cases a simple ruling is preferred over an overly complicated one, just to sum everything up. Easy to learn, hard to master
  7. I like using her with Mist, while the rest is beat up and Strongbox. If you get a With Aplomb goal and a normal one, you only need two kills, one of which is a Mascot Kill. Only as backup plan, though. You can still try for three goals, but maybe it's easier to just take out a mascot and a player like Spigot or Cossett. Usually my list looks like this Brisk3t Strongbox A&G Harry Rage Mist Though I've had terrible experience against Corsair Fish. Would rather use vRage against those. vRage is easily the most brutal captain, and Corsair Fish want to to pummel or lose. And pummel against vRage Team is also a definite deathsentence. The damage is so consistently high, you can't avoid it. If you want to go pure football, you could use Snakeskin instead of Rage in the Brisk3t list. She's a good Ball Handler, and if you need to get the ball off of her a got balll holder as well (lets say she gets it, but can't pass to Brisk3t. So get the ball, activate Nimble and Clone, and there you go, after that, Brisk3t has an easy time getting the ball off of her.)
  8. You lucky bastard. I want it naouw!
  9. Nah, that's fine. I like dying.
  10. God I hope my box is going to be ok. I live in germany as well... EDIT: Where on Backerkit can I see the shipping Infos? I mean, the stuff that tells you where it actually IS at the moment?
  11. If I calculated correctly it would be five. Was only brainstorming anyway. You can still make it a OP thing per model, which would be obviously more balanced. Ready to kill: While within this Aura, friendly models pay 1 less Influence for a Characterplay once per turn.
  12. Why not both Momentous Inspiration AND Sun Strike? If it's ok for Union to generate assloads of momentum, why shouldn't Hunters be able to generate 2 for 1 Inf? It's not like you are going to use it umptenthmillion times The Heroic is fine, but I would say stay with BotSF, it's really good. That is not worth a legendary. I had like 4 games in 300 where LOS came up as an issue. I would change it to a legendary version of Benedictions Impart Wisdom. Blout out the Sun "If a model uses a Characterplay within this aura that targets another model, it may target a model that is within this aura regardless of the range of the Character Play or LOS" That seems Legendary Play worthy in my opinion. Character Trait: Mastered the Shadows: This model gains +3 Tac when targeting a model that benefits from cover Let him keep Hunters Prey, I wanna see what happens with that. His Playbook, geez. It's not THAT bad, but for a Captain? Almost as terrible as Obulus' Playbook 1 << T KD 2>> < 2< 2<< >> 2>< 3>< EDIT: I will Edit this comment as long as I get ideas Seenah: I would say let her be Inf 0/2, but let her be the centerpiece of a certain Hunters build. A literal Hunters Build. First give her 25 HP. Sounds about right for a friggin' bear. Character Trait: Ready to kill: 4" Aura: While within this Aura, friendly models pay 1 less Influence for a Character Play once per turn. (EDIT inserted) Character Trait: Runaway: This models movement value cannot be altered Chaska Character Play: Prey located: 1 Inf 4" OPT Range Other Target friendly Guild model may use a Character Play without spending Influence Character Trait: Alarmed: If a Trapmarker is triggered within 4" of this model it may use a Character Play without spending Influence (needs to be revisited due to Therons BotSF, don't know if that would be a tad bit too much) Egret Character Trait: No cover will protect you: If this model uses a Character Play that targets an enemy model that benefits from cover, this model gains +1 Dice to the Dice Pool. (Inserted EDIT here) Character Trait: Hit & Run: If this model generates momentum, it may immediatley use Snap Fire without spending Influence. Snap Fire triggered by this ability can not trigger another Snap Fire (EDIT immediately inserted) Hit & Run removes Back to the Sadows Slight changes to her Playbook to make her the dodgey beast I envision her, make the double dodge momentous Hearne Character Trait: No matter the ground: During this models activation it may move as if it started it's movement on Fast Ground. This removes Natures Blessing, he shall keep Light Footed Character Trait: I'll take that: If this model damages an enemy model that benefits from cover, this model may add a Tackle result to every playbook result it generates. Inf 1/4, Playbook ok I guess. Wouldn't change it honestly. Jaecar, give him Maverick and Character Trait: Insanely Precise: This model gains +2 Tac for every point of armor the enemy model has when attacking an enemy model. (Looking at you, Wrecker) Zarola MOV 5/5 TAC 4 ARM 4 DEF 1 INF 2/4 >< 2 3 oo 1 T >< 2<< 3 Character Trait: In a pack: For every friendly human model within 6" at the start of this models activation, this model gains +1/+1 movement Character Trait: Sibling: For every friendly animal model within 6" this model gains +1 TAC Linked [Fahad] Character Play: Chain Bolas 2/oo Inf OPT 4": Target enemy model suffers 2 DMG and the KD condition Midnight Offering Inf 0 S OPT: This model suffers 4 damage, it may immediately make a jog. 13 HP, Icy sponge at 10 Fahad Character Trait: Downed target: This model gains +1 TAC and +1 DMG to Playbook damage result when attacking an enemy model that suffers from the KD condition Linked [Zarola]
  13. It's super dicey. If we want our Goal Scorers to be as fast as everyone elses Goal Scorer we need luck. I'd rather use the first turn goal threat by A&G. Bonesaw will stay back. If he'd be DEF 6 after a goal I'd understand that, but currently he's standard Def 4 12HP, no reanimate, nothing, no defensive ability. Meditate is cool I guess. I like him, but more than not do I flunk passes, so I'd rather use a completely different guild with more kick dice.
  14. MechMage is correct. Not a part of the Lawyers Guild, but as of now, that is the wording. It has been answered somewhere else aswell IIRC. ^^
  15. It would be nice if he had some kind of ability akin to Horrific Odour. Something like "Roaring Charge. - If this model damages an enemy model, it's TN for kicking a goal suffers +1." Edit: Or call it Hammerfall, so I can listen to Hammerfall rightfully while playing the Butchers.