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  1. Still, a much better play through than angry joe... I enjoyed this stream a lot. Now i just have to wait another 1-2 weeks for my game XD They will upload it on YT in a day or two from what i saw.... https://www.youtube.com/user/yogslive
  2. Now that they are taking a short break i thought i would just say that this is by far the best play through i have seen with the least amount of mistakes so far... I wish i had my game now XD
  3. So far they are following the rules far better than anyone else i have seen, so i am ok with them making that small mistake.
  4. Update: Looks like it is starting now Lets hope they can actually play the game and follow the rules correctly XD
  5. So accourding the SFG these guys are streaming the game in 10 min here is the link! https://www.twitch.tv/yogscast
  6. I wont have the game for another 1-2 weeks so hopefully someone with the game will test it and post here.
  7. Should enemies drop 2x souls??? I ask because i see A LOT of people saying the game is too long and the treasure cards are not rewarding... doubling the souls should help both those complaints.
  8. Here is a few off the top of my head: Not understanding moving from 1encounter tile to another Not understanding boss movement and when to "turn to face" Not reading the entire encounter card and missing terrain and trap placment Using the wrong card as the heat up card Misunderstanding the block and dodge rules Misunderstanding how to purchase treasure Misunderstanding resting at the bonfire tile Not using the correct defense dice for the type of attack (magic or physical) I cant think of any more but i am sure there are many more things people didnt do right while reviewing or playing the game XD
  9. Im a bit nervous... i remember paying 24+75 for the shipping and an early bird pledge... but in my backer kick it only shows 24 being charged. Is that the only charge because the 75 was through KS and not the backer kit? Or did i mess up somewhere?
  10. My backer kit status is still answered... Hoping monday it will change XD
  11. They will come with treasure cards, once you obtain the armor you can then switch out your miniature for the armor you have equipped.
  12. Thanks! I used thinned out yellow and put MANY thin layers until the yellow was almost solid yellow on the tops of each one. This was my first time trying that technique so i can probably do better next time.
  13. I know i said i was done practicing... but since it looked like a couple more weeks before i would get my game i got some more minis to paint XD
  14. nope, still just says answered looks like another week or 2 of waiting. Im not east coast but i dont think anyone in US/NA has tracking info yet.
  15. Sorry You can still sign up and get into the beta eventually... they keep sending more keys out every week. https://quake.bethesda.net/en/signup Good luck