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  1. I hope my warrior turns out this good The wood on the shield looks crazy good!
  2. I have this book too... i got it for the art and because i just love DS!
  3. If he doesn't look like how we fight him i will be upset. He better be corrupted and injured with no shield.
  4. Already a thread for this.
  5. There has been no mention of it... seems like they are hoping people forgot about it XD
  6. I had 1 question and i cant find it again in the book... When the boss leaps and there are 1 or more heroes on his node do they get pushed as the boss jumps up and then the boss pushes again if it lands on someone?
  7. After looking at it in game myself it looks like it is leather..But i could be wrong. There is a large chunk missing in the chest armor on the left side and at the bottom edge of that missing chunk it looks like it is folding over itself. The chunk i am talking about is not visible in the pic we are all looking at in this thread.
  8. Also someone pointed out 1 other tiny mistake in the comments. I guess he said you cant regain your luck unless you rest but in the rules you can buy it back for 1 soul between fights.
  9. This guy does a good job of going over the rules and he took the time to make the video so go show him some support.
  10. To me in the game it looks more like hardened and worn leather.
  11. Colorado here... just got my game and nothing is broken or missing... almost nothing bent... i think i am extremely lucky.
  12. Thanks, I hope they do the same for me
  13. Did you guys have to be home for them to give you your game? I am worried they wont leave it if nobody is home.
  14. Maybe you will be one of the people that has their game show up with no tracking information at all.
  15. Do not boil the water and do not hold it under for that long.... it will melt lol