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  1. There are probably enough notable npcs throughout the 3 games to put together another expansion box or 3... 3 different firekeepers, andre, giant blacksmith, frampt's head, maybe the soul bowl (name escapes me right now), all the various faction leaders.
  2. You already know the way it used to work (blind draw, no sparks). Try that idea to get it back. As he said, house rules are great for making those little tweaks to customize the game to your liking. I farmed for ages for a few rare drops here and there in the video games and can easily see myself dropping the spark idea sometimes in order to rerun a fun dungeon draw for a particular armor drop. (I killed so many turtle knights trying to get the Catarina set in DS2... never got the pants.)
  3. I like the new sword more than the old. The fire on the old version looked horrible to me. I thus far dislike the new pose. Need to see another angle. The leg armor looks fine. The outer plates are at the knee and each plate toward the thigh is inside the one below it like they should be. Hard to see it but I think it'll look fine from a better angle. But what the heck happened to the veil? It's THICK behind the head, and even worse looks like a fat support strut or something next to the leg!
  4. Me too. I only got everything except 4 kings and kalameet.
  5. Congrats to him!
  6. I'm curious about the 65-80 card treasure deck. Does Andre let us browse his wares? or is it a random draw. I hope we get to choose. In Zombicide Black Plague, I find myself squatting in a house until I get the items I want. Farming souls to cycle the treasure deck doesn't sound practical here with the limited sparks.
  7. I got mine around 5pm eastern. I'll wait a few days at least to fill it out. Might even wait until that mega boss preview if I can restrain myself.
  8. Already couldn't wait to get my hands on the Executioners Chariot. Even more excited after that hint about the fight. Also this guy:
  9. Yeah, I dig the pose too. And it gives hope that they'll all have unique poses instead of everyone in the same ready stance.
  10. I like the axe, but the shield should be a fiery hand instead.
  11. Ah. You buy the white sign soapstone from the shrine handmaiden. Use it from your inventory near a bonfire or boss door for quickest effect. There's a chance you'll be invaded if you are embered. That chance goes up if you have summoned help - but then you're better able to defend yourselves. It's not as frustrating as in previous DS games. And you have ample warning before they load in to be able to get to an area you can easily retrieve your souls from in case they do defeat you.
  12. I like the review and learned a little bit more about the board game. Thanks! Disappointed in the term grinding used describing playing DS3. My extra leveling up was always done in co-op so I was always helping someone and it never once felt like a grind. Finally discovering the sun bro covenant to learn the gesture was awesome each time! I ran through the grand archives probably 200+ times across 3 characters because it was so fun to run through with others. At that point in the game, souls were never an issue again.
  13. This Polygon article talks about the Gencon demo and has photos of the cards. http://www.polygon.com/2016/8/8/12404378/dark-souls-board-game-preview-gencon-2016
  14. On the 18th they announced the new demo ready for Steamcon: "Be one of the first ever to try out the full play-through of Dark Souls™ the Board Game." https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-game/posts/1632556 GenCon has now started and they're tweeting photos of that life-size statue that I wish I owned. If anyone is there, post pictures of the sculpts for us!!!
  15. I like the dice roll to keep it random until the trap is found, but maybe after it turns up wherever you are when it turned up becomes a static trap node from then on. That way you don't know where it is until you find it, and from then on you can use that knowledge to your advantage.