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  1. Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    I like the idea of ore or some base material and then the master being the refined version either ingot or steel etc.
  2. Corsair and Angel

    Thanks for all your thoughts
  3. Corsair and Angel

    Grabbing fish up soonish, because I want to paint them. Looking at the models Angel and corsair stuck out to me with the potential 7 dice 12 inch kick. Anyone using these two together? What's the rest of your lineup look like? Or does Angel sit on your shelf because she has no way around Unpredictable movement?
  4. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    For tapper to KO Ox with tooled up you are looking at ~60.5%. Now if you can start the fight with a momentum you've got a 49% to kd, bonus time commanding aura, and bonus time wrap giving you a 99% chance to deal 11 damage in 3 attacks.
  5. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    Thanks for the read. True 10 influence is alot, but Tapper is in a unique position to go this route because of Old Jake. Also trying to dirty knife a 4 defense model is a 75% chance so you could feel comfortable just allocating two to Friday. I haven't checked the math but it seems Fillet killing a 5-1 Friday is unlikely, especially if we can defensive stance a charge. Very good point about two activations and your opponent being able to interupt you. That's a big reason why I try to limit synergies to a max of two activations, sure a tooled up commanding aura Hooper against a knocked down dirty knife model sounds amazing, but your opponent isn't going to let that happen. Mike
  6. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    Thanks for taking the time to put a thorough response in. I'm still confused on how some of these numbers add up though, so if you don't mind spending more time to help that would be great. Let's take the example with Ox and Tapper. Tapper has spent the first two of his influence to knockdown and put up commanding aura. Atm we have 1 momentum to bonus time the next attack roll. There appears to be 40+ different combinations Tapper can generate to deal at least 19 damage in 4 attacks on Ox (2,1) with just commanding aura damage buff. Of those 40+ combinations only so many let you bonus time every damage roll. Four of these combinations only require 3 hits to deal 19 damage.Now I'm not sure how the extra attack affects percentage for KOing Ox, i.e. if my first two attacks deal 13-14 damage the probability to deal 6 damage in 2 attacks is 99.7%, but that sequence of events is 14.05% likely. The most likely scenario of taking Ox out on 4 attacks I found was 35.43%, though looking back if I bonus time the Commanding Aura roll I get the probability of knocking down and putting up commanding aura in two hits 81.36%, this gives me a net 26.87% of KOing Ox on 6 attacks, versus the 23.48%. What step am I missing in calculating these probabilities?
  7. Explosive Brew: It's Friday or the Highway

    Thank you, could you elaborate how I'm understimating? I had to look up permutation it was a neat video.
  8. Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    Looks like if I get coin, and shelling out on a 4-1 model. Greede just making 3 attacks can generate 3 momentum and 12 damage. Avarisse potentially knckdowns the first hit, then needs to wrap on the second to single out, then wrap again to do 10 damage generate 3 momentum. Greede is more reliable, but not having a damage on 5 or 6 hits brings avarisse pretty comparable.
  9. Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    I'm wondering if that's really true mathematically. It seems like avarisse would generate more damage using three attacks, then splitting 1/2.
  10. Cats are better than dogs

    If you play alot of tapper, fitting quaff in can be rough. Especially since Friday, for me, is always a starter. you should consider quaff if you need pushes on your team as a charging quaff can reliably push a model 3-5". If his bag of quaffers would affect esters I'd take him more, but I also find that scum brings alot more to my games. Probably enough that I'm going trade out quaff for vspigot or pintpot.
  11. Union

    I've been trying Harry over mash, even with esters, recently. My problem with mash was I wanted him either up the pitch to threaten snapshots or in a corner killing the ball. Most of my games he felt underwhelming in the scrum as I wanted him to start a fight. Harry has been doing alot better for my playstyle with reliable knockdown and pushes to start fights. While generally I give the ball to scum or Friday near cover to kill the ball. As either can get to 6 defense in cover with esters. You lose out on guild synergies for sure but generally buffing every member on the pitch isn't realistic so having one member who can't receive buffs is fine. I'm going try A&G more as my union slot as I really like the idea of singled out with brewers. Plus that gives you two players with reliable 1 turn goals.
  12. Kicking of Strategies & Tactics

    Anyone playing with Vspigot and using him for the kickoff? He gets the extra movement so potentially he can set up in the middle and kick to either side of the pitch making it harder for opponents to guard against.
  13. Video battle report, Esters vs Fillet

    I forgot to put " i shoot better after a beer" token out there, and forgot she just scored a goal. So I thought I was short on a snapshot, good catch. I had a game today where I could have kept Friday in snapshot range but dodged her back, so I'll have to remember that.
  14. So I've had a person do this series of events to me: A+G have the ball and start there activation A drops ball G picks up and passes to A A drops ball G picks up and passes to A A drops balls..... continue cycle till out of influence. Reading the rulebook it seemed this action is not possible quoting page 26 "A model that gives up possession in this way ( dropping it) can not regain possession during the same activation" So what am I missing reading this seems A would not be a legal pass target from G in the same turn.