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  1. Granite Tactics

    She can be extremely situational depending on what (and captain) your playing. If you overcommit her in a beaty team they will just kill her and you kind of lost a player for good because shes so slow, or spend a bunch of inf. getting her to keep running up the field to get back into place. Teams like fish and alchemists will just dodge around her. On top of this she is more of a support piece (tar pit, gut and string, KD) which means in order to get alot of her value you have to activate her early which can sometimes limit your activation order. This being the case shes def. a peice you want to start using after your kind of comfortable with the rest of the team. I love her model, with her you just need practice, as positioning is key for her. In a tourny though Im not sure she will make it into my 10 as you usually dont know who you will be playing. In a Hammer list I find i like Minx or Brick alot better. Minx can play that support role reducing def and movement, getting momentum pretty easily, and added to that she can do it for free with her charge. (seeing as hammer wants most all the inf anyway). Brick will just give you that free def bubble while doing the same regarding inf.
  2. Always two there are...

    It will be def interesting to see how this unfolds. Because the lack of specific captains and a specific mascot implies that the power level of the players is going to have to be very different from the players we are used to having which im not necessarily seeing from the two they have show so far. The reason is: First in order to have possibly 6 people all possibly be captain that implies captain like stats/abilities in order to back this up regardless of the +2 inf cap and legendary. That and the fact you will have 3 of them on the field. Second is the lack of a Mascot which is essentially support piece with low health and one or two support abilities. Instead these guys will be able to field six full players. So you would think to balance this out the apprentices will be not as great as most regular players which would be balanced out by the fact you have the 3 masters and lack of a mascot. Maybe that will be balanced out by the fact they all are worth 2vp's. They definitely sound cool so far though cant wait to pick em up.
  3. State of the game?

    If a game is full of bugs and terrible at launch your going to find that out if you buy it the day of release anyway, preordering it will not affect that. While I agree with you that getting a preorder bonus that gives someone an edge(extra stats, exclusive characters) is def. a problem and by no means beneficial for any game. Preorders that provide cosmetic content (avatar items/outfits, shiny things) I dont believe is a problem. You say its insulting to someone who buys the game day one and does not get said bonus, well you generally have 6 months or more to preorder so in that case you have no one to blame but yourself for not choosing to preorder it if you wanted said content. Regardless the examples I cited were exclusively cosmetic (art, Chibi Pins, Chibi cards) and would by no means affect the state of the game.
  4. State of the game?

    Seeing as they prbly arent going to keep coming out with a "new player" for each team indefinitely. At least coming out with alternate models(with possibly alternate card art) for a player of each team would be nice, that way you always have something to look forward to for the teams that you main/love. Another thing I was talking about with the owner of the store I go to is pre-order bonuses. Video games companies already do this and it really helps stores know how much stock they generally need to get. I think table top games(like guild ball) can do the same thing. It doesnt have to be anything big but maybe something like preorder rulebooks with alternate art on the cover. Or if you preorder 6 man box set it will come with a faction specific Chibi Captain card and/or pin. The more people preorder the more stores will be willing to actually order the stock as opposed to being to afraid of blindly ordering on account not enough people will want it.
  5. So quiet here..

    Keep hoping for this one
  6. While the Iron is hot!

    Wish i could but its too hard to describe. Almost like when my buddy tried to describe to me how his platoon worked. Unlike other units his got to decide who could be the leader, it was weird. In all honesty though if they chose him im sure the men around him would be tougher for it. Anyway guess youll just have to wait and see, sorry.
  7. Sledging

    I have a feeling the downside for this team is going to be being locked in an activation order. If all the apprentices are dependent on the set up of the masters to get their best results your basically going to have to always activate the masters first. In a game the status of the board is constantly changing this may put the other team essentially one step ahead IE they always seeing who your setting up and knowing what you are going to do before you do it, which gives them an activation to try and ruin that for you in one way or the other. Morticians players may not be big on Silence now but when they go against this team I have a feeling he can ruin some Blacksmiths days.
  8. Ideal Hammer team - 6 takeouts

    ^^^This^^^ But IMO with the game the way it currently is 2 TO and 2 goals is much more viable. But if you really dont want to then the above list is prbly optimal.
  9. All Stars Game

    Lol you could always do Chaska, Ballista, Jac, Kraken, Stave, the Donkey. "Oh you think your model is safe from being pushed off the edge anywhere on the board?....thats cute"
  10. Doing a Guildball Demo

    Never considered trying a 2v2, def going to have to try that out
  11. All Stars Game

    Im thinking: Stave, Theron, Original Harmony, Venin, Granite, Vileswarm. If Im gonna lose, Im gonna do it right!
  12. Big League Sportsmanship

    Personally the way I see it ,is comparing whats lost to whats gained. You gain the cards you want but now you probly lost another player for any future leagues. So I probably would have just ended the game there and talked about not just some of the things he did wrong but some of the things he did right. Granted this would only apply to a new player though, after hes got several games and some experience under his belt you shouldnt have to put on kid gloves over hurt feelings everytime you play him. Because now you arent getting enjoyment out of the game thinking you have to go easy on them every game you play so they dont quit. Way i see it you just need to read the situation because hey its just a game afterall.
  13. Doing a Guildball Demo

    So I actually just ran a demo last week and seem to have found the same thing. Truthfully even with Kickoff I think 6 players may just be too much for someone who has no experience with tabletop games as opposed to someone who may have played others before and will pick it up pretty quick. Its not that the concepts are too hard its simply that there are a lot of them and reading and employing the abilities of 6 players while learning the basic rules of the game itself I think will be too time consuming for someone with no tabletop experience. And frankly the longer and more overwhelming the experience is the less likely they are going to want to buy into it. I may revert back to the original 3 player format with smaller board and lower point cap demo profile because I feel people were able to pick that up a little more quickly which allowed you to concentrate more on core game rules rather than 3 additional characters (6 if you include the extra characters on the other team they have to worry about) while still giving them a feel for the game. Also generally the times Ive demo'd the game I have refrained from using plot cards as thats something that can be added later their next time around. I would actually like to find the original 3 man Butcher/Fisherman demo cards to try out some demo's with as when we used those for my wife and nephew who had zero tabletop experience they were able to pick it up rather quickly.
  14. Newbie in the Masons Guild

    Agree with what @Napoleon said. Mallet is a pretty good swiss army knife who may not move very fast but can set ppl up, knock them down, increase your football range with his aura, and outreach most models while doing it. Fact of the matter is Masons are generally a 2 goal- 2 T/O guild and there will be certain teams that you just cant outfootball like Shark Fish, Midas Alchemists, possibly Brisket Union. This being the case you will generally need someone to bring/support getting those takeouts. If you really just want a guild that moves fast and concentrates on nothing but scoring "all" the time Id maybe suggest Shark lead Fisherman.