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  1. I've always liked Bendy Boards stuff. And I like the look of their GB counter. But shipping to the US is more than 4 times the cost of the counter itself! Wish there was a US distributor.
  2. Is this spreadsheet still available? The link is dead. Thanks.
  3. I've learned my lesson. Still waiting on my Heralds of the Winter's Moon that was shipped on the release day. Will certainly think twice about ordering direct from now on.
  4. I think it depends on the setting. In casual play, sure, I am going to be very loose and focusing on having fun and helping my opponent improve. I am going to help them out with reminders. But if it's a tourney, where position or even possibly playing the next day depends on a win, it's every man for himself and I am going to get a little salty on take backs. Another good example I had just this week is choosing playbook results. My opponent chose a tackle against Flint. When I declared Close Control, he took back that playbook result and chose something else. That's fine in casual play and it's no big deal. In tournament play, you're sticking with your ineffective tackle, buddy.
  5. Oh!! Ok. Thanks. The way people talk its a 3-day con or something. I appreciate the heads up.
  6. Anyone see this for sale yet? I don't see it on the webstore.
  7. Ha! Thanks. I was contacted by a gracious forum member who purchased her from his game store and mailed her to me.
  8. Hey Folks. Anyone else seeing supply issues with Granite? I am in the US. Ordered from my FLGS on 1/13. I thought she was supposed to be released on 1/20. My store is saying they are still waiting. So either the store is playing with me, or their distributor never received any. Either way I am getting nervous about getting her and having her painted for Adepticon. I am noticing that the SF webstore is out of stock. As is TheWarStore. Miniature Market seems to have a small stock. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing or if there is something else going on with my personal supply chain. Thanks.
  9. Thank you all for a wonderful weekend. It was a blast. See you at Adepticon.
  10. Are apps such as GBKeeper permitted instead of cards?
  11. Any chance there will be a special shipment of S3 cards, plot cards and/or models for sale at this event?
  12. Slots opened. Thanks!
  13. Are you involved in that one too? Any chance it can be expanded?
  14. Is the Thursday Regional Cup event sold out already or was there a snafu? Hard to believe it would've sold out in less than 2 hours when there are so many open slots for the other events. In any event, I am waitlisted.
  15. Did I miss the t-shirt email? Haven't seen anything yet.