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  1. How to buff Angel?

    Character Trait Ideas Changing Tides At the start of this model's activation, if this model's controlling player has fewer VPs than the opposing player, this model gains Rough Seas. Constant Goal Threat If this model is within 4" of an enemy goal marker, friendly shots gain [-1TN] Predatory Striker [Shark] At the start of this model's activation, if this model is within 4" of named friendly model, it may choose one of the following benefits. This mode gains the chose benefit for the remainder of the turn: +0/+2 MOV when charging a model in possession of a ball marker If this model is in possession of the ball marker it gains +2 TAC This model Gains Volley Threat [This model may spend one less MP to use snapshot]
  2. Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Double negative. Dual claymore wielding Decimate confirmed.
  3. Coyotebd's Kickoff

    What did you use to prime yours? The citidel I use on my metals (when I actually felt like priming) doesn't seem to apply as smoothly on the kick off plastics as it did on the Farmer plastic.
  4. Jaecar, charging and Pit Fall

    That is the thing. The movement and attack are 2 parts of the same action. So there is the opportunity to interrupt the movement portion of a charge, with something like unpredictable movement or counter charge, but since placing a trap doesn't seem to have an interrupting trigger it would seem as though you would need to complete what you are doing before placing the trap. It would be the same idea as declaring a charge, moving, paying for a character play, then attacking. "A Charging model may Advance up to its max-move and, if able, must end the Advance engaging the target enemy model. A model may not change direction during a Charge. The active model then makes an Attack (without spending Influence) against the target enemy model. This Attack gains [+4] dice-pool." This doesn't really leave any room in the timing sequence to interrupt yourself as it is step one then step two. I presume the reason the word "immediately" is missing from the charge sequence is because it would allow the attacking play to decide the order if counter charge or unpredictable movement were in play, which he would almost certainly choose to resolve his own action first. Those interrupting actions by the opposing player aside, I think it is safe to assume the attack is to resolve immediately after the advance. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Jaecar, charging and Pit Fall

    I don't believe you are allowed to interrupt your own action with another action unless the interrupting action says to do so.
  6. Experimental Smoke Bomb

    Weird that this hasn't come up as far as my search-fu can find. Requirement A friendly model uses an AOE Character Play. Reward That Character Play gains [+3] DMG. Models hit by the Character Play additionally suffer the bleed condition. Models entering or ending their activation within the AOE additionally suffer the bleed condition. Is there any reason we don't roll for smoke bomb other than that it is pointless? It doesn't target a friendly model so it isn't like it automatically hits. There is just no reason to in a normal situation. Other than the lack of relevance, there doesn't appear to be a reason NOT to roll. I would assume that if you played Guild Ball to a scientific "T" then you would indeed need to roll against any model in the smoke bomb AOE to see if they were hit, even if it doesn't actually do anything.
  7. New guilds in Doubles Format

    That is the same wording they use for goal influence as well though "Each team may add [1] Influence to the Influence-pool for each goal they have scored during this game." So if the wording only goes to the team that scored it would be my assumption that they would follow the same line of thinking. I can see where you were going but I think the cleanest way to get across what the rules are trying to get across would be to clarify the difference between a team of live players and a team of models as right now it is hard to do without just saying the word team a bunch (trust me I tried for like 10 minutes and just deleted it all). EDIT: Stopped my thought a little short. For all intents and purposes I think: 1) 2 live players are in an alliance (stand in for the word team for clarity) and play against 2 live players in an alliance. 2) Live players in an alliance with one another each field a team of 3 models with the standard doubles rules. 3) Alliance members' models are not on the same "team" as far as effects and triggers are considered. 4) Alliance members' models are friendly models to one another for the purposes of effects and triggers.
  8. Pegleg Puts Pirate in His Place

    Pegleg Puts Pirate in His Place Corsair brings the paint to the Pirate King in this match up. The Fishermen fielded Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Hag, vSiren, and Avarisse&Greed. The Union fielded Blackheart (God rest his zombie bones,) Coin, Gutter, Decimate, Benediction, and Harry the Hat. Corsair boots the ball to FPL (Fish Player Left) where gutter makes the retrieval. Gutter gets yanked in with the second harpoon where the Siren and Corsair swing some and get the ball off of her. Harry sets Corsair on fire with a molotov. Everyone else is playing positional. Fish take the initiative in round 2 sending their thugs A&G to send Gutter off the field early. Harry rushes Corsair but the seadog dug his peg in for a defensive stance and took the steam out of the Hat's charge (rolled four 3's and two 1's) but couldn't keep his balance, his bulbous backside booming the ball to nearby octopus, Tentacles. Corsair retaliates by sending Harry off the pitch with some key assists from the thugs and Siren before jogging to block Tentacles from the Pirate King's charge lane. The rest of the turn was spent positioning and making ineffective strikes. Siren's dread gaze mercilessly mitigated the mercenaries' muggings. Tentacles drops the ball where Sakana can safely secure it, he is pursued by Decimate. In round 3 the Union took the first swings but earns no take outs. Decimate attempts to take the ball from Sakana but underestimates his ability to get out of the way. Corsair removes her from the pitch for her transgressions. Benediction moves to block Sakana's shot but to no success as the fish slips by. Sakana rockets in a goal. Harry brings the ball down field to Blackheart. In round 4 the Union yet again go first but in a hearbreaker for the Pirate King Harry whiffs the pass and Blackheart doesn't have the energy to make up for it. Fishermen promptly remove Benediction and the game is called. 12-0 Fishermen Link to pics https://imgur.com/gallery/MYW0H
  9. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Sculpt a piece of Guild Ball looks dope as hell
  10. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Attending US SteamCon but very excited by this list. Musical teams looks particularly ridiculous.
  11. On Hearth and Alloy and friends

    Sledge for Cinder would be a solid swap into Masons though with no in faction unpredictable movement.
  12. Corsair Gets Hammer'ed

    Out of curiosity why did you both start so far back? Cage ball keeps the same deployment rules doesn't it?
  13. new union picks for butchers?

    Haha then doesn't "like" the actual comment. Solid gold.
  14. Hired thugs puts hunters into the dirt

    Yeah this is in accordance with the "I've Seen Her Naked" act of '79 If I recall corectly
  15. How to buff Angel?

    What about just adding shadowlike? Gives her some tech to disengage a 2" model with one attack, gets her to goal range turn 1 with dodges assuming you are willing to put 3 INF into her (4 if you want nimble,) and extends her threat range. I think if she had it I'd be more inclined to play her.
  16. 3-0 Blackheart team

    I don't play much Union but for what it's worth when I do play this is the team I play. I could see the justification for swapping Snakeskin for a solthecian but everyone else but Coin feels mandatory for me. Blackheart's usefulness blows Brisket out of the water, Mist is a no brainer, Decimate is a tool box and is fast, Harry helps win the momentum race and molotov is great for slowing a team down. No one kills the ball quite like Snakeskin but that isn't really what you want. She is just a safe place to put the ball at the end of a turn which is killer.
  17. Hemlocke for Hunters

    Basically the same sculpt but I prefer the hunter frills.
  18. Hemlocke for Hunters

    I think this again is due to the scale change. Hemlocke is a season 1 model and Harry is season 2. They definitely changed the scale but I doubt the molds were changed for existing models. I imagine since there will be all new molds that need to be made with the transition to plastic we will see the season 1 models get an increase in size to match the newer stuff. Even compare Flint to LE Flint and you can see a HUGE difference. Siren and vSiren is very noticeable. The spigots. It is just them scaling up from the original size. Now again I mentioned I am hoping we see those season 1 models get an increase in size with the transition to plastic but I don't think the KickOff! box did increase in size so... I mean who really knows. I'll ask in the pundit facebook group and see if I get anything back.
  19. Hemlocke for Hunters

    I'm hoping that with the new scale this isn't an issue. It is hilarious to see gutter next to Tater, she looks like a keebler elf or something. *New as of like season 2 just to avoid confusion for newer folks
  20. Hemlocke for Hunters

    Playing my games for Fish but this is my favorite of the two
  21. Terrain Placement

    There are already some rules in the OPD: Where you can place fast ground, how far pieces have to be from each other, the max sizes of terrain, one barrier allowed per pitch, 50% or more must be obstructions. These could be easily expanded. Like I mentioned there are going to be SteamForged 3D terrain packs coming which should, presumably, abide by these sizing rules. One could just bring 3 pieces with those packs or pieces that abide by the preexisting rules. You may get to directly benefit with a good placement but your opponent has the same opportunity. I think the biggest thing would need to be updated is how close obstructions and barriers can be to a goal.
  22. Memes wanted!

    Ha I hope I'm not our best photoshopper
  23. Alliance?

    Pssh Butchers just mad they didn't think of it first.
  24. Alliance?

    I am hoping to put together a marathon day next week with a local. We are working out our days off to line up and we are planning to just rip through as many cage ball games as we can. He is going to play for Brewers and I for Fish. My proposal is this. Let's just play a crap load of games supporting our agendas. You want a fast player, we want a swingy player. Let's help each other out. Side note once I get the deets ironed out I think we are going to shoot for no less than 20 games in a single day, looks like Wednesday right now but might differ based on his schedule. We'll put up a Twitch or YouTube stream if everything goes to plan.
  25. Terrain Placement

    I am also an X-wing veteran. I really liked the terrain drafting in X-wing. I absolutely think it could work and could be fun but I'd like to see how SF would balance it because it would be tricky to do. I am curious if once the SF 3D terrain becomes widely available if this will become a part of list building though. That could be a fun, easy, and universal way to implement a terrain draft. Perhaps rolling a D3 and adding +3 to the result to determine how much terrain is used. Letting the kicker decide who places first might buff not receiving and not getting momentum turn 1. Ability to place each other's terrain like the pool style that X-wings uses would make the most sense in my eyes. But that isn't to say the current system doesn't work just fine. I would be able to appreciate it though. You get a like.