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  1. I certainly don't disagree. Just kind of a bummer. At least most of the union is VIABLE. I just feel like taking her right now is a handicap and really nothing else. I play fish almost exclusively and have no condition removal tech and still can't find a place for her. Losing the heal really hurt but @MechMage is absolutely right, her playbook really kills the model's viability. A couple of things I think could help buff her (Not saying she needs all of these but 1 or 2 might help out) Smelling salts - Cost 1 RNG 4 same effect but make it a 1" pulse from target. 1" pulse will help vs AOEs as we can assume that if they are suffering from AOE conditions that they are probably pretty close. I think cost 2 is really hurting this ability. Witchcraft - Character trait - Once per turn this model may select a character play on its card that can only be used once per turn. If this model selects a character play it may be used a second time this round for its cost +1 influence. Playbook - Without completely reworking it I think I'd like to see a non-momentous on 4. This gives her a chance to charge for the ball and pass or take a shot. I think just building her around character plays makes her very one dimensional. IMHO if they tweak her for season 4 they need to consider reworking her playbook to reflect that she can be useful for more than just blind and smelling salts. I'm not saying she is worthless at moving the ball and she is a mediocre goal threat but I mean you look at the card and it is obvious what one or two things she is supposed to do and she just doesn't do either of them very well. My 2 cents.
  2. They should put her on a 50mm base so when there is a breeze I don't have to glue my paperweight back together.
  3. It's official. #KickingOP #Don'tStopRecievin' #NerfTheBoot
  4. I am sure I have read this somewhere but I absolutely cannot find the ruling and searching any of the keywords brings up nothing or everything. Two part question, in this scenario both players are tied at 10-10 1. If both players suffer condition damage that results in each player receiving condition damage and each getting taken out, this brings the game to a 12-12 tie you play until the next person to scores correct? 2. Now this part I thought I read in the OPT so perhaps it doesn't apply. In the OPT it says "Please note the maximum number of VP available for a win in Guild Ball Tournaments is determined by the win condition used for the tournament. Players cannot score more VPs than the win condition." Now in the same scenario where it is a 10-10 tie but this go around I have 1 player that suffers taken out via condition damage and my opponent has 2 models taken out by the taken out condition. Since I can't score more than 12 and there isn't anything I could find that would suggest the timing of conditions are anything but simultaneous what happens in this scenario? Do I win? Is it treated the same as it would be in the first scenario? I could really see it going either way but I just wasn't sure what happened. Again I am sure I read this clarification a while back but I just couldn't find it. Thanks! EDIT: After taking another look at the Collected Clarifications I assume this will rule the same way as Witness Me! in that the player that would have the most points after both go to 12 wins.
  5. Ah see I thought about that too but didn't list it above as I for some reason thought it happened at the end of the round instead of the beginning. Should have double checked timing. Thanks for the reminder guys.
  6. Shark Corsair Salt Jac Sakana Siren vSiren Kracken Hag Running this line for our league that is starting up to see how I like it. Lots of Masons in our local meta so Sakana seems like a boon. I don't normally bring both Siren's in favor of oSiren but I wanna run some Corsair too and was too stubborn to admit there might be uses for vSiren last year (Seduced is damn good.) Right now I just don't see it for Angel or Tentaces. Union options are... well... A&G are pretty good. I think for a tournament I'd swap Sakana for A&G but I really think our 10 are going to be pretty similar for the big shows.
  7. Veteran Catalyst is a hulk/bane fusion that melts sometimes. Seenah is a man that got turned into a bear. Princess is Tac 4 and Kraken is Tac 5. Give me a physics lesson or suspend disbelief.
  8. Crushed sBrisket team (against a guy that doesn't play them a ton if I am being honest) 12-4 with: Tapper/Friday/Spigot/Stoker/Pintpot/Scum. Probably would've been better to drop stoker for Harry but I think it was a solid line up. He used oRage in his line up which was a mistake and he was punished for it. Most won't but I think against anyone but fish there is some potential with Tapper in season 3.
  9. He may have another answer but it's a great way to flush brisket's feat out against a team you should be faster than and make the game easier to manage. If she doesn't pop it in pursuit of a goal you have shut the team way down for a turn. Also shark ignores fangtooth's odor while the enemy is going to do their damndest to use fangtooth against corsair. Fish can beat sBrsiket on goals if you play smart, take outs are going to be slow going against her in my experience. Spot on with Jac. I used this at a tournament on Saturday and got 3 take outs with jac against an brisket team with no damage, Not the same line up but played jac the same way. Last point I'll make to sell shark over corsair is how much momentum you're going to generate with him. I went first every round by bullying someone with double engagement (Damn otter was pretty helpful) or triple when possible and in combination with some lucky wraps shark can double generate or throw damage and single generate momentum.
  10. A model suffering the knocked-down condition may forfeit their Standard-Advance in order to remove this condition (i.e. stand up). Nothing about beginning of the turn. You can forfeit it so long as long as you haven't used your advance at all.
  11. I assume the reasoning is to prevent a shot on goal to try and generate momentum/possible screamers. I think there is also some interactions with plot cards but I'll have to double check them to be sure.
  12. (I don't post in this sub often so I hope I'm not breaking rule 5 and I'm certainly not trying to bump) I assume the reasoning on this will be like so: Rage is hit by enemy Siren's attack. Because Siren is not friendly the effects are applied wholly before Siren's attack/play is resolved. With the effects resolved the player controlling Siren would THEN take his activation of Rage with the "penalty" of a free attack or pass. Think of it this way: if Shark gut and strings Rage and then in a subsequent activation Rage is Seduced would the gut and strings fall off? Certainly not. I think the effects of seduced, while they are certainly beneficial to the controlling player, need to be examined as a penalty similar to the gut and string example. I could certainly be wrong but I think for the sake of consistency with other character plays this is the way it will be ruled. Again I'm not a lawyer so take my opinion with a grain of Otter.
  13. Just wanted to take a few moments to say this event was a great time. Sparta games is an excellent location and was worth the 2 1/2hts both ways to play. Everyone was friendly, the event was ran smoothly, there was ample space, the prize support was very good (especially at $10) and I will certainly return. I strongly encourage you to give this place a shot if it is within reasonable driving distance. Thanks to the Sparta crew and Dan Sammons for an excellent way to spend a saturday.
  14. So for the first time I chose to tactically kick the ball out of bounds with Fish. I had 3 players yet to activate in the middle of the pitch and had gotten all of the other player's models to the sides. I hadn't planned on the strategy but I was up 10-4 with 2 models basically dead and the ball in a scary location near my goal. I kicked it out and the ball scattered exactly where I needed it to get two models to set it up for the win. Excited about the win but later felt kinda dirty about it. I know that it is in the rules and the other guys shouldn't have ceded the middle of the field (he's brand new to the game, maybe 5 or 6 games but first time with this guild) but it still made me wonder if kicking the ball out of bounds in an effort to recover seemed fair. After not really coming to a reasonable moral conclusion I thought I'd ask everyone else for their opinions. Do you guys think the ball scattering from center is the way to play this? Is it still fair in wake of the season of footballers? Would throw ins being resolved from the side they were kicked out on (similar to actual football) be more reasonable? Is a goal kick for the opposing player possibly more fair in an instance that the ball leaves the pitch after a pass a good alternative? Do I need to get over myself and accept that it is a viable strategic option and advantage of it? What do you guys think? EDIT: To clarify before anyone asks I did indeed kick it to a spot on the pitch and let the scatter do the work.
  15. I used to be really big into X-wing and went to Gencon and Adepticon so I am pretty familiar with how taxing it can be but this is another excellent point for folks newer to minis and big tournaments. You really do feel drained after a 6 hour + session with only time between rounds to rest. Fortunately, there are magical and restorative properties to a really big beer.
  16. I've never understood that. I sweat when I focus. I am aware of it. I take the measures to prevent it from being someone else's problem. Anyone who frequents a game store knows that is not a universal consideration though. I'll put it on my checklist above.
  17. Markers! I don't even remember those at the store I play. Speaking of glue, I'm not worried about most of the ones I'll go to but are people sticklers about stuff that pops off as it technically not "completely assembled" at that point? I cannot imagine anyone getting to that level of petty but I guess if no one asks no one knows. Played several other minis games and that has never been an issue before.
  18. Headed to the first one out of my local scene / where I don't know the organizers. Any kind of checklist one would want to go over the night before? -Models -Dice -Templates -Spare bases for proxy measurement -Tape measure -Tokens -Cards (players and plots) -Entry fee pinned to my shirt so I don't lose it Anything I am missing that might help someone else too? EDIT: Glue Deodorant (you're packing it but it is for the sake of all)
  19. You've got a very unique look to the skin. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it haha. How did you achieve the look? Very good looking pieces.
  20. Oh man that truffles is absolutely gross looking! One of the best I have seen. Your Granite looks amazing. Do you accept commissions? I can usually get mine good enough for me and for a table but I have had a handful of guys asking about it.
  21. Will definitely make some of these if I can somehow maintain the patience for it. Rather prefer the idea to proxying with a player new to minis as that just adds to confusion where someone already has no idea what is going on with miniatures. Good post, thanks for the necromancy. I think this post needs a little more love.
  22. I get that but Truffles is more of a boar. I was thinking like a pot-belly kinda pig. I 'spose they are close enough that I won't hold my breath but a man can dream can't he? I'm still hoping for a crab people mascot for the fish but I think it might be time to abandon that pipe dream.
  23. I'm for sure coming, Zacc Hoffart, and I have two guys trying to get the day off, I'll just edit this post if they can make it. EDIT: You can add Jeff Liu as well. I think we are the only two headed up this time.
  24. Yeah I Yam just a little Sower about the butchers getting a pig and the Farmers not. Perhaps two pigs models would be a little too Cucumbersome. But Hay, what are ya gonna do? I think we all need to just keep an even Kale and everything will be just peachy (peach farmers count.) All these little leeks from Steam Forged help make up for it. I just hope they don't Squash my dreams of a pig model for farmers but I understand their decision is Fennel. EDIT: I'll Romaine hopeful. Knew I forgot one.