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  1. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I just came... back to say how amazing these models are. Good god man whatever you are doing (unless it is painting) it has gotta be the wrong occupation. OUTSTANDING.
  2. WTF happened to quality of miniatures?

    Maybe I forgot to submit my comment but I think it was likely deleted. I think it was a case of sounding more critical than it was meant to be. I mentioned that if the Farmers and Blacksmiths were of a similar quality to the kick off box I wouldn't be purchasing anymore of them. I can see how this may have come across as dogging on the kick off and my bad if it was received that way. What I mean is I didn't personally find that the kick off miniatures were as easy to paint nor did I think they held as much detail as the metal ones. I had just painted a full metal brewers team the week before starting my own kick off box and it was pretty obvious, in my eyes at least, which was the superior product. That being said the kick off is suuuuuuuch a boon when you look at the value and the ease it presents in bringing others into the community. I just wouldn't want to pay anymore for models of a similar quality. I'd rather buy the old metal ones because I found them to fill my desires from the product better. If the farmers and blacksmiths are the same as the brewers and masons from the kick off they will probably be the end of me buying plastic. Not saying no one should buy them, it just probably won't be me. I'll buy a bunch of metal stuff. ( I also considered that it may have sounded like I was going to scalp the metal figs but my intention was that if you want the metal ones next year you'll probably be able to find them but i assume someone will be charging more for them) Haha and if I forgot to post try not to roast me.
  3. Farmer's Launch Events in Nebraska

    Here are a couple GameOn is hosting. I'll be at Kearney. Probably won't be huge events. Omaha (@Isante you are the only one who's forum name I know) feel free to share deets for yours if you are doing one. Lincoln (is there a Lincoln crew?) feel free to share anything too. We are allowing Tater if you bring Farmers but he can't be proxied. No proxies and no naked models but otherwise pretty lax.
  4. Suggestion: Thematic Tweaks to Stagger and Gut & String

    I agree that changing Gut and String would be silly at this point. I think you'll find a lot of Fish players that feel the same way. But I mean it kinda feels like the equivalent of taking Butchery from Ox and leaving it on other models. Or if Honour lost Superior Strategy. After so long it feels central to the character. As you can see above I am not even necessarily he should get it back. Stagger is a wet noodle in place of a sword.
  5. Suggestion: Thematic Tweaks to Stagger and Gut & String

    I know I shouldn't be mad about Hobble but I kinda am. I don't have a rational reason. I know it is apples and oranges. I know the team dynamics are completely different. I get it. Hobble frustrates me.
  6. I can't help but think we will either get a season 4 box with various models in it or we will see blisters until there are enough models to do a box for factions. Perhaps 2 at a time ala Grace and Benny?
  7. I dunno. Offering Union options seems like a good way to drive sales. And I mean it isn't like you CAN'T be competitive without them. I wonder if we won't see union mercs fall more in line with the available union team boxes (ie Fish has 3 from Black Heart's box and Butchers have 3 from Rage's box.) And it isn't like you won't still be able to find individual union models for quite some time after SF runs out of them. Stuff sits on shelves. I won't be bummed either way. I can definitely see the case to eliminate mercs though. Probably not a bad idea when it comes to balance in the long term as model counts get bigger and bigger. I think I would maybe be a little salty about losing A&G since they have always played for everyone but I wouldn't quit the game over it by any means.
  8. Multiple Rough Ground

    I'm sure you'll never guess what prompted this question but I just want to clarify on this. As the rules stand presently a model loses -2/-2 MOV for EACH SEPARATE instance of rough ground they pass through correct? Example A: Ploughman places 1 rough ground AOE directly in front of rough ground that naturally occurs. Siren starts in natural rough ground and thus is a 5/7 when she begins her turn. When she moves into the rough ground AOE that Ploughman has placed this would cause Siren to suffer an additional -2/-2 MOV correct? Example B: As far as I am aware there isn't a rule about stacking AOEs (though I'll admit I could absolutely have missed something.) Using the same logic from above could ploughman then stack multiple rough ground AOEs either right on top of each other or just ever so slightly not directly on top of each other. Would the model suffer -2/-2 for each AOE? Or is this a corner case where since the rough ground is the result of a character play it is only applied once?
  9. Multiple Rough Ground

    Awesome. I am glad to see I missed something. At work and can't sneak in enough screen time to get thorough with the rulebook.
  10. Ploughman

    I wouldn't be so sure about that. He is saying that if the marker is within both rough grounds it would meet the condition twice, once for each rough ground the harvest marker would occupy. I imagine it will be ruled you only get one additional marker but this could reasonably go either way.
  11. Suggestion: Thematic Tweaks to Stagger and Gut & String

    I guess if we are throwing down options for fixes I'll throw my hat in. I think Gut & String should stay as is. I think on Granite is is almost mandatory without changing her move stats. Jaecar I will honestly say I haven't played so I don't have enough experience to have a real opinion. I want Gut and String back but I have come to terms with the fact it probably isn't going to happen. That being said I haven't come to terms with the downgrade in power because it really feels like a slap in the face to say one thing and do another (this isn't about power but it is.)\ There are 3 things that come to mind to help stagger in my eyes: 1) Momentous Stagger on 3. Stagger applies snared and a 2" push. This effectively is gut and string but you can overcome 2" of movement and the DEF debuff with a momentum. This is still a gimped version of Gut and String but can still "kinda sorta" gets you the range protection that Shark could offer previously. This is THE fix as far as I am concerned. 2) Perhaps that much debuff is too much. I would be willing to concede snared and just take -1 DEF that can't be cleared in addition to a 2" push. This helps in the same way of creating distance, generating momentum, and lowering defense (because that matters on a Shark team... I guess.) 3) Originally I was on board with shortening the playbook by removing the result all together but @Ik-tornado made some good points about it making Shark feel like sBrisket and after reflecting on it I think he is right. sBrisket isn't in the greatest of places right now so I would agree that pushing Shark towards her is a step in the wrong direction. I still think this would be better than what is currently on the card but I think it would be my least favorite fix of the 3. Those are what I would propose. I don't think any of them are unreasonable. I doubt that even the greatest opponent of Fisherman (if such an individual exists) would suggest option 2 or 3 is out of line. Shark needs a nudge. Or you can get used to a legion of Corsair. Take your pick. EDITED: Grammar
  12. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Hmm... That kinda sucked. I mean it could have been way worse but that was not very much fun. 8" down to 6" caught in a net seems pretty reasonable, it was fairly insane before but the loss of gut and string on top of it is rough. Stagger is too high on the play book. If you're going to take away the most potent part of the play it probably shouldn't be as difficult to attain. I don't think it changes much for him other than having to be much more careful. Shutting a model (or two if they clustered) down for a turn felt like the real benefit of his legendary. oSiren. Oucher. I mean you can still drop the ball I guess. That was a big shot to the shorts without really anything to offset it. vSiren. The damage I could care less about but she was one of the few models that could really help out our influence race against butchers. That longer play book is irritating. Couldn't even throw us a bone and put a tackle on 2 somewhere? Rough A&G hurts the Goal game but only if you were running them. Also worth note that Greede lost all momentous damage (which suuuuuuucks) and also lost rabid animal, disallowing us to sub that in on a legendary turn for gut and string. I think Fish are still is a good spot all things considered but it really felt like we lost stuff and didn't gain... well anything at all. Vet siren is leaving me feeling pretty salty. I'd have rather lost the -1 def on shark than the -4/-4MOV with gut and string. That really hurts. oSiren I'll need to play with but I don't think this change is too crippling, I have been messing around with activating her late and having the pass go to another player anyway so this fits a little more in line with the way I play anyway but I know others will be upset.
  13. Just Something Short

    So uhh.... This is football (soccer) right? What is the deal with no one wearing shorts? Like a vast majority of models are wearing trousers. I get that they are hacking each other up and all but are you really telling me that Flint is the only striker that wears shorts? In the whole game? And he even cops out with those sweet leggings. Haha not complaining but it was an observation I hadn't seen on the forum yet. That being said... Alt sculpt teams in soccer jerseys and shin guards anyone? I'd buy a few of them.
  14. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    I am also kind of curious on this. I think it is one of the (now much fewer) match ups I would still choose to take Shark into. The team has a tough time keeping up with Shark fish and before it was a match up that, to me at least, felt like an easier win if you can stay disengaged (which is easy enough to do with the line up you'd be taking.)
  15. KD and Sturdy

    Once per turn this model may ignore the first knockeddown condition placed upon it. Since you wouldn't be able to place a second knockeddown token (since models can't be suffering the same condition [or perhaps same named source would be more accurate] at the same time) sturdy would never trigger. The KD result actually has no interaction with sturdy.
  16. Just Something Short

    What're you talking about? Esters, Fangtooth, Casket, Hag, Compound, and Truffles. New 6 man starter. Flesh of the Homeland.
  17. Launch Event Team

    So I have been playing fish but am a bit salty. I think I am going to take farmers to the launch event. I don't know how everyone is doing theirs but we are allowing anything that isn't a proxy. So Tater is on the table for selection if you bring farmers and have the alt sculpt. The team I have been kicking around in my head is the following: Grange Peck Harrow Bushel Tater A&G I think there is enough influence to allow both Tater and A&G to be optimal (13 before any markers.) The team isn't reliant on the markers for anything but Tater's counter charge which isn't really all that big a deal since you know when you want to lock down the bubble and when it doesn't matter. Good number of hitpoints if not just a little squishy. Tater can be primed for a CRAAAAAZY charge if I can keep him from being telegraphed and still activate late. Are there any glaring weaknesses in this team? I felt like it seemed slow but it really isn't. Would I be better served bringing Jackstraw or Windel? My game plan is 1-4 with the team barring any shenanigans in which I can go 2-2. I think I can outswing Fillet butchers (that I know I'll see) but I feel like it is going to come down to whomever gets the first big turn and snowball from there. Filler butchers are the team I am most worried about just due to the skill level of the other participants. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Launch Event Team

    He is not but the store ordered a bunch of them last year and sold them. I think a few locals were salty about having a model for over a year and not "being able" to run him until his official release. TO approved him since it is kind of a goofy event but I can definitely seeing others saying no.
  19. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    #ChopOffHisOtherLeg #FishStillOP I have played 4 or 5 games now with Shark and what several have mentioned is spot on. Shark isn't worthless but is very one dimensional. Board control is why I bought them. I mean he is still good he just isn't what he was. I don't think stagger is permanent. I think things will settle a bit and it'll get replaced with something more viable. Or maybe they'll drop TAC by a point and shorten the playbook. Corsair is really scary with A&G. In the least salty way possible I wonder how long it'll be before they nerf one of the two. Fish are still going to win games and are still in the hands of a lot of players.
  20. Mystery box!

    Didn't order in the last run. Any ideas what the "Something more" could be? I'm imagining patches but perhaps that is reaching too high.
  21. Mystery box!

    Unless the New Limited Edition Chibi Card would cover the season 2 captain and they just toss you the season one for the team. It keeps declining my VISA. I live in the states. Anyone have a good work around? I used to just use paypal but now I don't see that option even though the store says they accept it. I thought about just buying a preloaded card and running it that way but don't feel like surrendering my $2.50 if that isn't going to work. Bank said that it was because a new foreign website. If you are having same issue it could be due to the age of the store.
  22. Scout Report

    My thoughts exactly. Haha waiting for steamforged to put 5 of them up tomorrow just for the trololololols
  23. Scout Report

    I feel pretty confident that neither player is an engineer player. I think mechanica was mentioned to throw people off. We'll see here shortly though. I agree that if we don't get another one today that they are likely the other 2 farmers. Whether it be box of 6 and box of 6 or if they go the way they did with the hunters (would feel kinda strange to do it that way but not unrealistic.) If they do give us a 3rd.................. please give us a third and throw everything out the window.
  24. Scout Report

    I think the mention of Mechanica at all in the post is a red herring.
  25. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    Worse than several of the mascots even. Salt, Mainspring, Mother, Snow, and Strongbox are all 2/4" and the mule is a 2/8" iirc