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  1. I get that but Truffles is more of a boar. I was thinking like a pot-belly kinda pig. I 'spose they are close enough that I won't hold my breath but a man can dream can't he? I'm still hoping for a crab people mascot for the fish but I think it might be time to abandon that pipe dream.
  2. I'm for sure coming, Zacc Hoffart, and I have two guys trying to get the day off, I'll just edit this post if they can make it.
  3. Yeah I Yam just a little Sower about the butchers getting a pig and the Farmers not. Perhaps two pigs models would be a little too Cucumbersome. But Hay, what are ya gonna do? I think we all need to just keep an even Kale and everything will be just peachy (peach farmers count.) All these little leeks from Steam Forged help make up for it. I just hope they don't Squash my dreams of a pig model for farmers but I understand their decision is Fennel. EDIT: I'll Romaine hopeful. Knew I forgot one.
  4. Bean there done that. I could Carrot less about Corny puns. Soy anymore and I'll probably Artichoke. Lettuce discuss something more exciting. Vegetables. I'll admit I like the idea of a chicken and a donkey (how can you not) but I am genuinely bummed we didn't get a pig. Hunters got a bear, can farmers get a guy that was turned into a pig? Or a man-bear-pig? Think of all the opportunities there are where a pig model would be helpful like... well I mean you get the point.
  5. Against Shark for goals.... pray. That is a tough match up. @tehlon is most certainly right about armor. I think his point about Stoker is solid and I would I would say that IMHO Mash is probably almost an auto include. 2" reach and unpredictable movement let you borrow some fish tricks even if at a slower pace. I think if there were a brewers line up that I'd dislike when running Shark it would probably be: Esters/Mash/Stoker/oSpigot/Firday/Scum but I really have limited experience playing as the brewers myself (4-5 games) so perhaps Tapper would be better with the extra influence to hand out and 2" reach. Just feels easier to guess activations with Tapper since you know he wants to pop old jake's every turn. If I was bringing Tapper I'd probably swap Friday for Hooper and get the 2" and then be able to hand out tough skin.
  6. Our next Guild Ball night is Sunday, if that isn't too late I will let you know who wants to make it up from Kearney on either Sunday night or Monday morning by replying to this thread. If I can get at least one player to go I'll gas up and we'll head your way!
  7. Union becomes OP in season 3 confirmed by Steamforged employee!!!
  8. I think it is an excellent idea. If you would like some help working on it I could certainly help you with a few guilds. I'll PM you my email just in case you want some help.
  9. I think Harry is having his day in the sun right now. Others have said the same so I won't drone on but he is a toolbox. He works pretty well in a lot of situations and is a safe pick with the one union model in the 9. I'd be surprised if 1 in 9 stayed. I think one on the pitch will probably be the case for the forseeable future but I really can't help but feel like our roster options are going to be expanded in the coming months. Harry is overly popular, not over powered. I don't think popularity of a team (or lack their of) is quite so black and white. I think a really big factor to consider is how many folks actually got into engineers. A lot of my players own 1 team, a few own 2, and only one other and I have 4 teams or more. When we got into the game engineers were struggling. I think that is fair to say given how much tweaking they've received. I also think it is fair to say that when a team struggles and doesn't swing way over to the other end of the spectrum right away it is hard to get very many people excited about them until we seen some proven results. I think for a lot of folks those results just aren't there (echo chamber and such.) I think you can even see this in real life. Ask any American player about Cleveland. It took some results to get people excited.
  10. This is an elegant approach. I play fish, though I'll admit not at any kind of major tournament yet so perhaps my opinion is less valuable (my words no one else's), but think that this would be a fun idea that adds more thought to kicking or receiving. It really feels like it blunts the reactiveness of whoever is picking models second. I ABSOLUTELY think this should get serious consideration as a compromise.
  11. I think a straight line only restriction might be kinda thematic and fun for the donkey, perhaps a high base movement that is penalized if you try turning him. Character trait Stubborn Ass - When this model makes an advance that is not in a straight line it suffers -2/-2 to movement. MOV = 6/8 Probably not but kinda fun! They could go the "wise old donkey" route too. Maybe some kind of mechanic if influence gets wasted with a take out. Might be helpful in a team that at first glance might have obstacles on the influence front.
  12. I think a really big intangible is the amount of terrain your meta uses or how much you expect to see when you are playing somewhere. I mean I feel like that is obvious. In games where you don't expect to see much (if any) obstacles for Sakana to toe for his bonus movement, I think GS is a no brainer for the most part. The old man is great and IMO if you don't have a clue of what the board is going to look like he is the safer pick. For that reason (which is tough to measure) I think in a competitive setting GS is going to get the pick on my 9 man more often than not. That being said... I know how my store runs tourneys. I know how we run leagues. I know how much of our pretty terrain Alan wants to play with when we game and how little Jeff likes it. If you can reasonably expect there to be 4ish or more terrain pieces on the board the utility of Sakana is soooo much greater (EDIT: Greater than it is without that much terrain, not sooo much greater than the old man.) Different scalpels for different surgeries. I think this is all info the posters above have considered and are full aware of but I thought it seemed worth mentioning for someone without as much experience with one or both of the models.
  13. Others have said it but bad dice are bad dice. They win and lose games for everyone. He's gonna go from laughing to crying really fast if you take that advice about Greyscales from @Napoleon. When you are sitting 8-0 or even 8-2 on turn one you can just watch your opponent's resolve melt right in front of you. I usually run murder fish but the other guy at our store that plays fish runs the exact same team you do (to excellent results I'll add) and the most entertaining aspect of his game is getting to watch reactions when that second goal scores. EDIT - GRAMMAR
  14. Fat guy joke.