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  1. I was seconds away from suggesting a giant beetle myself. I think that would be pretty sweet. It would be an amazingly fun model to see everyone's take on in terms of painting.
  2. Rhino would be cool too. 50mm mascot could be pretty sweet. Oh man and think about how easy it is going to be to paint a Rhino. Prime greyish, earthshade, dry brush some soot. Done
  3. So we aren't running a Big League but it is on the bloc for our next one. Looking through there are some really sweet plot cards for a lot of the guilds but the Fisherman cards are... well honestly they are rather uninspired. Catch of the day is really the only one I think I'd be interested in. Even the rare plot card is pretty meh. Not saying they are bad but they are just kind of... boring. Compare Fish plots to: Bolt Action, Transmission, Spring Loaded, Ye Olde Pain Train, The hook suffer you, slick with blood, bone crushing tackle, off kilter, bad pint, all fall down, hidden knowledge, experimental mix, bonded, sister act, distant friend, unsettled debts, bella tricks, or pretty much any Union plot. Yeah I mean they have some lame and boring ones too but I just can't help but feel like I am going to use the plot cards available to everyone or find one of the fish cards that is worth more to another guild. Perhaps I am undervaluing them. Anyone play fish in a Big League and want to offer some insight? Are sponsorships as good for fish as they look on paper?
  4. I'm nothing special in terms of skill at Guild Ball but I was pretty damn good at X-Wing before I hung the game up. Something I did that took my tournament game through the roof was to play games against what I expected to have issues with. If you know you struggle with alchemist line up or against engineer tech play games with those teams/models. Play people that are using something comfortable and see where you run into snags. It gives you insight into what gets a player with that team excited and nervous. Not completely applicable to Guild Ball but I did this to develop better feints against popular lists and I went from a 6-4 player to a 8-2 or 9-1 player pretty quickly. Might be worth a shot.
  5. Alligator/Crocodile for the mascot. Win.
  6. I apologize if it needs a different thread but would @Jhokalups 's explanation be the correct way to play it if another "move directly towards this model" effect like Lure or Pinned is in effect? Jac Goads Rage. Opponent turn. Siren Lures Rage. Rage would have to move in a way that decreased distance to both models or not move at all yes? Or would the most recent effect take precedence? (I'll make a different thread if need be)
  7. I use Citadel's Lahmian Medium to seal them and store them in foam. Storage is the easiest place to get chips in my experience. Even in foam I have had to get creative and do some trial and error before finding how certain models need to stand/lie in the tray to keep them from rubbing in some spots. Lots of great choices for foam if you aren't already using it. The official Guild Ball Battle Foam Bag is great and I have a lot of friends that use it with no issue. I personally use a Citadel case with the zigzag foam because they sent me an extra one and they run like $160 and I just couldn't justify the money on another case with that one empty. If Lamian Medium doesn't work for you I know some guys use a mat varnish out of a spray can though I don't have a good recommendation on that front as I don't use any, I feel like I cover less of the model with aerosol.
  8. Perhaps as a Heroic play? Or maybe change the wording to only be usable on a character play that didn't hit? That might be kind of weird with the way AOEs act though. Of course AOE interaction wouldn't matter if both stay at cost 2 I spose.
  9. I certainly don't disagree. Just kind of a bummer. At least most of the union is VIABLE. I just feel like taking her right now is a handicap and really nothing else. I play fish almost exclusively and have no condition removal tech and still can't find a place for her. Losing the heal really hurt but @MechMage is absolutely right, her playbook really kills the model's viability. A couple of things I think could help buff her (Not saying she needs all of these but 1 or 2 might help out) Smelling salts - Cost 1 RNG 4 same effect but make it a 1" pulse from target. 1" pulse will help vs AOEs as we can assume that if they are suffering from AOE conditions that they are probably pretty close. I think cost 2 is really hurting this ability. Witchcraft - Character trait - Once per turn this model may select a character play on its card that can only be used once per turn. If this model selects a character play it may be used a second time this round for its cost +1 influence. Playbook - Without completely reworking it I think I'd like to see a non-momentous on 4. This gives her a chance to charge for the ball and pass or take a shot. I think just building her around character plays makes her very one dimensional. IMHO if they tweak her for season 4 they need to consider reworking her playbook to reflect that she can be useful for more than just blind and smelling salts. I'm not saying she is worthless at moving the ball and she is a mediocre goal threat but I mean you look at the card and it is obvious what one or two things she is supposed to do and she just doesn't do either of them very well. My 2 cents.
  10. They should put her on a 50mm base so when there is a breeze I don't have to glue my paperweight back together.
  11. It's official. #KickingOP #Don'tStopRecievin' #NerfTheBoot
  12. Ah see I thought about that too but didn't list it above as I for some reason thought it happened at the end of the round instead of the beginning. Should have double checked timing. Thanks for the reminder guys.
  13. I am sure I have read this somewhere but I absolutely cannot find the ruling and searching any of the keywords brings up nothing or everything. Two part question, in this scenario both players are tied at 10-10 1. If both players suffer condition damage that results in each player receiving condition damage and each getting taken out, this brings the game to a 12-12 tie you play until the next person to scores correct? 2. Now this part I thought I read in the OPT so perhaps it doesn't apply. In the OPT it says "Please note the maximum number of VP available for a win in Guild Ball Tournaments is determined by the win condition used for the tournament. Players cannot score more VPs than the win condition." Now in the same scenario where it is a 10-10 tie but this go around I have 1 player that suffers taken out via condition damage and my opponent has 2 models taken out by the taken out condition. Since I can't score more than 12 and there isn't anything I could find that would suggest the timing of conditions are anything but simultaneous what happens in this scenario? Do I win? Is it treated the same as it would be in the first scenario? I could really see it going either way but I just wasn't sure what happened. Again I am sure I read this clarification a while back but I just couldn't find it. Thanks! EDIT: After taking another look at the Collected Clarifications I assume this will rule the same way as Witness Me! in that the player that would have the most points after both go to 12 wins.
  14. Shark Corsair Salt Jac Sakana Siren vSiren Kracken Hag Running this line for our league that is starting up to see how I like it. Lots of Masons in our local meta so Sakana seems like a boon. I don't normally bring both Siren's in favor of oSiren but I wanna run some Corsair too and was too stubborn to admit there might be uses for vSiren last year (Seduced is damn good.) Right now I just don't see it for Angel or Tentaces. Union options are... well... A&G are pretty good. I think for a tournament I'd swap Sakana for A&G but I really think our 10 are going to be pretty similar for the big shows.
  15. Veteran Catalyst is a hulk/bane fusion that melts sometimes. Seenah is a man that got turned into a bear. Princess is Tac 4 and Kraken is Tac 5. Give me a physics lesson or suspend disbelief.