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  1. I feel like Greede is dead and I feel like a butcher died and that is what caused Ox to lose it. Also did Katalyst die when he metled? I wasn't super sure about that.
  2. *****[[Potential Fluff Spoilers]]***** Hey all! I was thinking about the summer writing challenge and was trying to get the creative juices flowing but I ran into a snag. I've not yet gotten a chance to read the season 3 fluff. I won't ask for a summary of the story or even high points but I'd hate to write a story with players in it that are supposed to be dead. I thought at one point when season 2 came out we had a "Who is dead" thread but I can't find it. Could we come up with a list of players that are no longer with us? Or if there already is one could someone link it? If this is a no-no then moderators feel free to delete the post I will list the dead players in white so their names are hidden, you'll need to highlight to see them to save anyone unintended spoilers. It has been a hot minute since I've read the fluff so I will only list the ones I remember FOR SURE or have heard from others with certainty. I'll update as folks post. You can post in white or PM me and I'll add them, whatever you'd like (or I spose it is probably safe to post in black since anyone who doesn't want to know should have stopped reading by now.) Off the top of my head I know of the following: Blackheart Greyscales Coin Ghast Thresher Snakeskin
  3. There we go. Strangely enough it wouldn't accept the URL when I tried to edit my old post. Be brutal. Will upload individual shots later to avoid the blur.
  4. Hmm I will try to fix that. Strange. I can see them from 2 different devices but only when I am signed in...
  5. I'm sure this is the feeling we are supposed to have right now. Too much up in the air until we see the rest of the team for sure. Seems like something tough to balance. I'm not expecting middling results from blacksmiths. As popular as they are going to be when they launch I think we are going to see them way at either end of the spectrum.
  6. EDIT: So the links were broken and are in a post lower down as this post wouldn't take the URLs in an edit for some reason. Sorry for the weirdness Well here we go. I had more pics of them and the lighting isn't great but here they are. (PS rage's eyes look better it person, I painted them looking off to the left but they look goofy from this angle) They aren't dull coated yet in the picture. I knocked the 7 of them out in about 5 hours.
  7. Blacksmiths OP thread in 3...2...1...
  8. My sentiments exactly. I like the idea of +1 Inf for killing a captain. Extra influence on just first goal seems reasonable. I don't think either would be very earth shattering though I can see how the captain Inf might add some small level of tactical decision on whether to hold hostage or eliminate now for the buff next turn.
  9. It is neat to get such positive feedback from everyone. My group is by no means super experienced but I will test a few games out with these parameters on Thursday and post my findings. If anyone else would like to do the same (or feel free to pm me and I'll organize the data somehow) we can see if that is a viable suggestion.
  10. Good enough. Thanks!
  11. The guy I play frequently brings Fillet, Shank, Meathook, Vet Ox, Tenderiser, and Princess. I have accepted I more than likely just need to bring Corsair or I feel too squishy. I have also had pretty poor results using Kracken against him but that could easily be user error. Really like Jac and Vet Siren against him though. I think I'd prefer tentacles too but I like running Salt way up the field for crowd outs and the possibility of goals while loved creature makes him an unfavorable to target. I also have a hard time justifying bringing Salt without Jac -- not because it is bad or hard to do just a personal thing.
  12. Any other Corsair vs Butchers suggestions? Lists? Strategies? What I should hit Jeff over the head with when he agitates me?
  13. For further clarification we are talking about character closest base edge to furthest AOE template edge yes?
  14. I don't think that with the current throw in system that 3 point goals are a very good idea. 3 goals is harder than it is made out to be, @Siberys explained it pretty well so I won't get long winded. If Fish had to get 4 goals you just would stop seeing Fish competitively. End of story. If there was an adjustment where the ball dropped in and scattered from the middle though... well I'd need to test it out before I could put my (worhtless) seal of approval on it. TN 6 for using base range on models that are supposed to be the best strikers in the game? Then lose a die if there is a goalie? In a football game? This exasperates the problem with goals being big risk. I am willing to concede that something needs done but I don't think we need an earth shaking change to get there. What about something like: Play to 15 VP - Goals are 5 points, takeouts are 3 points, mascot take outs worth 1 or 2? Perhaps we are looking at the wrong end of the equation. Perhaps rather than trying to nerf the shooting game we should look at ways to make the killy game more viable.
  15. Flash and Caste/Mold? Some combination of Boss, Bouche, Enarmes seems like a probable guess with the emphasis on shields. Punch and Drift? (though punch would feel cliche) Plate and Pauldron? Mail and Greaves? (though close to Graves) Nail and Hinge? (maybe the other stuff they make?) Scabbard and Chappe?