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  1. Wild Season 4 Speculation

    Wouldn't mind seeing them changing the AoE meassuring to either "within" or "fully within". Would make measuring a bit simpler.
  2. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I agree somewhat, but take Falconeers instead . To complete their lineup, you need to buy both Sun Father's box and Winter herald's box. So instead of paying more for two extra models (plus their tokens and health dials) and knowing that you don't need to buy anything else for that specific guild, you need two extra boxes for a guild you might not even want to play. So if you don't want to play Hunters, that is a lot of extra money and models. In addition, you might have problems selling the remaining models, since the buyer can't buy the missing models separately. So from a customer perspective, I'd unfortunately say it's far from a perfect system, and might be worth looking over.
  3. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    They should just include alt sculpt models in the minor guild boxes. Making them 8 model boxes. Really annoying the way it's handled right now.
  4. Butchers in the current meta? (note the question mark!)

    I actually think the Owner should be changed. In a way I think it is holding the guild and design opportunities, within the guild back. All models have to be designed with the damage buff taken from Ox into account, as well as being able to be used with Fillet. My suggestion, in case of cap Ox, is to change the owner to give out +1 Tac instead. Also, to change his playbbok around and make Butchery momentus (and even make that playbook pick mom 1 dam+butchery), and earlier in the playbook. I would also remove Tough skin and add a new charcter play. Gave a suggestion on Twitter: -------------- "Show them how it's done" Cost: / Range: P / Zone: 3" Aura / Sust: Yes / OPT: Yes Target models suffers 1 damage. A friendly non-Captain model performing an attack while being in the Aura, gains +1 Tac for the remainder of the attack. -------------
  5. Veteran Decimate Speculation Thread

    Or the Heroic gives her swift strikes?
  6. Veteran Decimate Speculation Thread

    2" melee, Momentus push/dodges and Disarm. That'd be nice.
  7. Vet Honour?

    Windle would love "out of activation" jogs
  8. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Finally got my hands on some models and started painted right away. here's a WIP of Midas, Calculus and Mercury. Hope to get some more painting in during the weekend.
  9. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Finally got some more painting done And WIP of Buckwheat
  10. Idea for Thresher Change

    These are the things I'd like to see to the Farmers: Thresher: - Crow scarer discards the Harvest marker - Make his 3" melee cost a harvest marker or just set it to 2" - Change the range for Don't fear the... to 2" instead of 4" - Change his Kick stat to 3/6" - Change his Move to 5/7 Buckwheat: - Territorial discards the Harvest marker MiIlstone: - Make her Infl 2/3 - Change range of Take one for the team to 4" Harrow: - Change Rapid growth to 4" Ploughman: - Up his Infl to 3/3 Tater: - Change range of Fork Off to 2" - Fork off discards the Harvest marker Right now they have way too much positioning freedom and can use abilities without having to pay for them. The Farmers schtick should be resource management with Harvest markers, so let more things actually discard them. Force the farmers to make difficult choices on using them or to save them, but it should be a tough choice. Millstone already brings enough to the table, without also being an Infl battery. Reasoning behind increasing Ploughman's Infl is since he doesn't generate Harvest markers on his own, and have to fight for a spot on the team over Millstone, Harrow, Jackstraw.
  11. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Don't know where else to post them, so sorry if it's not ok here. Thought someone would like to use them as profile pics or such
  12. So, it was mentioned on the SC US keynote that the process for the new Plot cards will be deal 7 and keep 5. Also, we were told that we need to pick one at the beginning of each turn. Question: Does this mean that the game will now have a Turn limit of 5 turns? Or do the plot cards cycle back into our hands at the end of a turn? I don't mind either way, since the times a game actually last more than 4 turns, are few and far between. What's your thoughts?
  13. Printer friendly Farmers file

    It seems the Printer friendly file for the Farmers cards has an error. Taters cards has two backs and no front of the card?
  14. Fillet falls to Smoke and mirrors

    A great spectacle took place yesterday as the Alchemists played the Butchers. Captain Smoke led her team of Flask, Calculus, Mercury, vKatalyst and Mist. On the other side of the field Fillet stood ready with Truffles, Boar, Shank. vBrisket and Decimate. Our agent from the Messenger's guild swore that the amount of explosions and spilled blood was impressive, even by normal standards of when these guilds face each other. After a real nailbiter of a game, the Alchemists stood victorious with a 12 - 5 result. We managed to catch up with Mercury as he left the field, fashionably covered in just the right amount of dirt and soot. With a flashing smile and a wink he let us know: "A game like this is always a fiery ordeal. Passions ablaze and in the heat of the moment, all it takes is a spark, to set the world on fire."
  15. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Is the latest GIC update today?
  16. Also in the classic look (sorry for adding the whole team ):
  17. Unforseen gutting of the Butchers

    An old grudge match took place on the eve of yesterday. The Butchers led by Ox took to the field against the slippery Fishermen led by Shark. Full of himself, the master Butcher got outplayed and lost the game by a resounding 2 - 12. After our recent loss of a correspondent, we have decided not to host interviews with the Butchers in the future. Butchers (2) VS Fishermen (12) Ox Shark Princess Salt Boar Angel Minx Hag vetBrisket Sakana Shank oSiren
  18. Butchers spook the spooks

    Once again the Ox led Butchers faced off against the Obulus led Morticians. It was a bloody ordeal that finally ended with a victory for the crimson soaked Butchers. Our reporter also tried to get an interview with Shank after the game, but has unfortunately not been seen for two days. Butchers (12) VS Morticians (6) Ox Obulus Princess Dirge Boar Silence Boiler Ghast oBrisket Cosset Shank oGraves
  19. Farmers coach honour old guild

    Farmers played into the Brewers, bringing a 12-6 victory to the Farmers in favour of the Masons. The crowd cheered as Grange casually jogged up into the scrum and knocked down four of the burly Brewers. "Easy as pie on a Sunday mornin" the proud captain Grange said to the messengers guild representative after the game.
  20. Hastaging it

    #GutTheFish #Don'tBeBlue
  21. Peoples perceptions on the guilds right now.

    And just as a tie in to that, it seems another Guild got a model that can do everything instead
  22. I have no problems with Captain Ox tbh. I really like him as a captain. I just think that Shank need some changes. not necessarily a boost, but switch some stuff around. Look at today's preview, Alloy, Good striker, Very mobile, Good damage output, Potentially 2"melee/Anatomical precision/Extra kick. I'd rather just see Shank also be an INfl 1/4. That'd be enough to bring him back on my part.
  23. Peoples perceptions on the guilds right now.

    I think the main problem with Shank is that they only changed his max cap down to 3. At the same time, they changed the Icy sponge rule and added Home crowd rule. If they also would have changed Shank in some ways to compensate, or switched things around to balance the lowered Inf cap, I think he would have been in a better place. Personally I think that the memory of what Shank could do in s01-02 is what's holding him back. Some basic game rules changed, other models changed and the meta changed again. But unless the GIC cards becomes a main thing and Shank can use the ability of Take it to 'em, I do agree he needs a small fix. But, this is not a Butchers/Shank discussion, so maybe move this to the Butchers forum.
  24. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    New game played yesterday: Fillet Butchers 12 - Obulus Morticians 4 Butchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Shank, Meathook, vet Ox - Take it to 'Em Morticians: Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, Cosset, Ghast, Silence - Misery Take it to 'Em It offers the Butchers some well needed flexibility. They are still vulnerable to the same things as before, but makes gives them a neat trick without making them too strong. I also like the feeling of giving a model 1 Influence and letting the opponent know that it can do a Charge with that single Influence. The ability itself was actually only used on 2 out of 4 turns. Once with vet Ox charging into Dirge, and once with Shank charging into Cosset. Shank used it to be able to bounce of her and into goal range that I'd set up the previous turn. Used it more just to test it out at this point than for any real benefit, as I could have given him one more influence and still got the same result. As with my last game, the threat of being able to use this card was greater than the effect of it being used. I think this card is in a good spot, since it does not benefit the Captains. Misery I don't know what tot think about this card to be fair. Fillet Butchers as I played them did not go for goal scoring, so he didn't get much benefit from it apart from the 4 heal. I scored 1 goal, but by then it didn't really matter.
  25. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    So lets keep with the theme but take a step to the side: Crushing Force - HR 2 When a Friendly Guild model makes a Charge attack, they receive a -1 TN on the Attack roll. It then does not affect the Defenders ability to make a Counter, but instead goes after the Defensive Stance of the Defender. It does require the Butcher model to Charge, so force the Butcher player to spend Influence and be in a position to be able to charge. It does boost the ability of the charging model to reach results that can help them keep in melee range.