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  1. In another thread I mentioned that I wish Parting Blows could trigger Character Plays, but with the restriction on no re-positions being emphasized. I think I have the exact way to allow Parting Blows to trigger Character Plays that actually works, and makes good sense: you may trigger a Character Play that has a target of 'P', but no re-positions allowed. I looked over all of the character plays that are in the game right now, and there are only 4 Plays that even hint at a problem: Tormented Agony, Howzat, External Combustion, and Feel My Pain. I argue that Howzat and External Combustion are not really problematic if they don't include the Push part (remember, no re-positions). Feel My Pain doesn't make much sense, but it's also a moderately useless play to inflict on someone walking away. Tormented Agony could be a nasty one, but I think Scalpel would prefer the damage option 9 times out of 10 anyway. I could see an argument that Mow Down would be on the strong side, but Tater already can trigger it on a Parting Blow, so that's out. All of the other 'P' Character Plays are prime for parting blows: Hamstring, Ball's Gone, Singled Out, Smashed Shins, Bleed, Screeching Banshee, even Scything Blow. The biggest downside to this rule is that it makes the "what can you do with a Parting Blow" question have a more complicated answer, which tends to already trip up new players with the current answer of "damage, Tackles, Knockdowns". I think it makes the math of taking Parting Blows a lot more interesting for everyone who already knows the answers, though.
  2. I really don't know why Character Plays aren't allowed on parting blows. I get the "no re-positioning" thing, that makes sense, why not just emphasize that it holds true if your Character Play includes one? Hamstring, Smashed Shins, Singled Out, Gut and String; all of these make a lot of sense to apply to someone walking away.
  3. I think of learning this game in three phases: rules, models, strategy. All you can really get from a 3v match is the general rules. It's not a great representation of the game, but you should be able to see the important rules and the way they interact with each other. The main things to take away from your first match are points, distances, Influence, and Momentum. After that, you need to learn your own models, followed quickly by your opponent's models. One of the best things about highly competitive players is that they tend to all fall into a group-think, so it cuts down on the number of models you need to learn. First you have to know your team, though. Make sure you know your passive abilities, your character traits, and your playbooks. You don't need to memorize it all, but if you know who has a low Knockdown, you can remember to use that person to set up your brawl. After that, you need to know those important things on your opponent's characters. The first thing I would suggest is that you ask one of the nice players to play your team, and help you play their team. Each team plays a fairly different game from each other team, so without some perspective you're unlikely to gain much information from some quick beat-downs. The three most popular teams you listed are all slightly above the curve in terms of overall game balance, so that sure isn't going to help you learn much about playing your own team while you get stomped on. Watching your team in the hands of an experienced player should give you some insight into the strategic layer of the game. With Butchers, you'll usually see players taking Fillet into a model, scoring a lot of damage, getting a lot of Momentum to go first, then finish off that target and score in turn 2. The Butchers are usually happy to attempt to finish off the game by taking out 3 more models. This is not a mandatory way to play the Butchers, and don't let people tell you that it is. Once you have a level of comfort with the game, you can win games by having Ox roll his aura over key opponent players while Boiler and Boar erase them. In the meantime, try to use your opponent's team, and watch what they do with yours carefully. TL;DR: Don't give up, it's a great game, but it has a learning curve.
  4. Ordered Engi 6-man Starter, What Now?

    Learn to play without the Union players first. You'll really be able to appreciate Harry's Hat Aura after you get used to having to spend your Momentum. Hoist is always going to be a welcome addition to an Engineers roster, and you might want to get Mother, too.
  5. Is scoring goals too easy.

    One thing that I think tweaked the game so far into a scoring game instead of a killing game is the change to the Icy Sponge tokens. They said that people were never deciding to sit on the bench an extra turn, so they removed the need to do so; now when your Striker is taken out after scoring, they can get into a fairly safe health state quickly, making the repeat take out that much harder. I always felt that the better change there would have been to keep 2 Icy Sponge tokens, but moved the first one lower, and the second one higher. For example: Seasons 1 and 2 Shark had 17 health, with an Icy Sponge on 6 and 12, and it was changed to just one token on 9 health in Season 3. To help counteract the scoring dominance, change the Icy Sponge tokens to 4 and 14. Now bringing Shark back on and rushing him into position for another scoring run puts him at 8 Health if you have the Momentum to spare, and a suicidal 4 if not. Leaving him off for a full turn is nearly impossible, because he's a Captain, but he would then have almost all of his Health. Perhaps if they have 2 Icy Sponge tokens, they can come on anywhere in your half of the pitch. I do think that due to the ease of scoring with a 3+ when within 4", one less Momentum should be gained from the score (so a Screamer still gives you 1, but in general none).
  6. GenCon Events?

    The turnout was pretty bad. They had at least 3 sold out 32-person tournaments, and I don't know if any of them had more than 24 players. The one on Friday that I was in (a late addition to the schedule) was listed as sold-out, but there were only 14 people for it. I'm sure GenCon loved having so many tickets that were unusable for other events sold, but given how busy the Steamforged booth was on the floor, having the people running a mostly empty tournament must have been really frustrating for Steamforged.
  7. Steamcon USA

    The Bears are playing against the 49ers on Sunday, so that's an option. I'll probably be busy playing Guild Ball, though.
  8. Steamcon USA

    So much for Nashville (according to the SteamCon page they just updated): The Westin Lombard Yorktown Centre, 70 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148 , USA
  9. Snowball - ball token?

    Can you clarify on the active player? If I am moving Skatha with 2 balls in her possession away from an enemy model, and they Tackle on the parting blow, am I the active player, while the parting blow means that my opponent's model is active at the time? By this I mean do I choose which ball my opponent gets if it is during my activation? I think the only time it would matter when they are activating a model with Counter Charge, and they choose to Tackle, they could pick the actual ball, or both if they wrap and get 2 Tackles, then if I counter-attack, who counts as active?
  10. Steamcon USA

    And a missing highway - yikes, no thanks. Boston has HISTORY.
  11. Mandatory Playbook Results

    You do have to resolve Tormented Agony, but the model you are attacking is a valid target for the removed Influence, so you can resolve it to no effect. When the model has activated (and is therefore not valid for that Influence), you're hurting yourself.
  12. Season 4 wishlist

    Thanks. Yeah, I actually agree, but I think that if some of the other rules bumps can be smoothed out, the game has room for a little growth in rules, and player positions seem like a good place for it.
  13. Season 4 wishlist

    Basic rules tweaks: Tap-ins do not reward a score with Momentum. Character plays are allowed on Parting Blows (but only 1 parting blow per model per advance in cases where Character play repositions either model) . Streamline playbook result inconsistencies (damage, character plays, and tackles are individual results, with buffs/debuffs applied each time but dodges and pushes are combined, but dodges don't really matter that they are combined, so it's just exceptions all the way down). New rules additions: Any (non-Mascot) player may spend 1 Momentum to increase TM for Goal shots if within 4" of the Friendly Goal - stackable with current Goal keepers, can't just swarm the goal with your players due to same named debuff (not sustained, just good for one model's activation). Teams start with 1 Momentum for each Goal Influence the opponent has. Pro: helps to keep a runaway situation from getting worse. Cons: potentially slows the game down and 'punishes' winning. Player tweaks: Venin can spend 1 Momentum when Sacrificial Puppet is triggered to keep the effect active; also Melting Body becomes a Trait - while Poisoned, this model gains +1 Armor. Chisel gains Follow Up. Veteran Velocity gains 2" melee in Goal Keeper mode, loses 1 Armor and re-gains Reanimate in striker mode (still Def 4+). Veteran Graves gains Linked: Vileswarm. Gut & String becomes -2"/-2" Move and Snared. Veteran Spigot gives Friday Tooled Up (the Character Play, not the effect). Theron has 2" melee when *not* activating, better threat projection to protect his team. Dirge's Dark Doubts has added effect of no Momentum gained from Playbook results that include damage. (S3 slight overcorrection) Harry goes back to providing only 1 Influence. (S3 slight overcorrection) Minx becomes dual-Guild: Union and Hunter. Positional Bonuses: Strikers: Gain +1 Tac when targeting a player in control of the Ball marker. Attacking midfielder: +0/+2 when charging a ball carrier (essentially Marked Target vs. Ball carrier) Defending midfielder: If enemy ball-carrier ends an advance within 4" of this model, once per turn this model may make a Jog directly towards the enemy ball-carrier. Goalkeeper: Once per turn, this model may increase Goal TN by 1 without spending Momentum (not sustained, just good for one model's activation). Winger: May spend 1 less influence to Charge a ball-carrier, or may spend one less influence to Sprint if within 8" of the edge. (stacks with Support from the Wing) Centre back: If not within 8" of an edge, gains Poised. Centerfielder: Gains +1 Armor if not within 12" of an Edge.
  14. In those situations, you're usually pretty stuck. Part of what makes Obulus, Seasoned Brisket, Brainpan, and Blackheart really powerful is that they can get you around this problem. Sadly, it's something you just have to learn not to do. You can always hope that your opponent tackles the ball and leaves themselves in a situation where you can steal it back, but hoping for your opponent to make a mistake is hardly a good strategy. To help a newer player, I would point out that if a ball is placed near one of their players, they don't have to pick it up (I would also tell them why I would or wouldn't leave it on the ground in that case). Not coincidentally, this is exactly why Silence's 'Shut Out' ability (and to a lesser degree 'Tucked') are so strong. Hitting Greyscales with Shutout when he has the ball and Shark is loaded up on Influence can really ruin a turn. Shark has to spend all of his Influence before Greyscales can even pass him the ball, and if Tucked gets landed on Shark, he can't even reasonably hope for a counter-tackle unless Silence manages to get the ball right then. On the other hand, there are plenty of times it's not at all a problem to have someone 'killing the ball'. This comes up mostly when playing against a very score-oriented team, but if you are playing Brewers and your opponent is Fishermen, they might prefer to wait on scoring if Friday or Spigot or Mash are in position to immediately score back. This is easily missed by a newer player, so it's worth pointing out that a dead ball under your control is almost always better than a live ball that puts you down 4 points.
  15. Oh Captain, My Usurper

    The Mob Football Association document states : Before the start of each game, at Step B of the Pre-Game Sequence, each Player is given a random [Captain] model. Each [Captain] loses its previous Guild affiliation for the duration of the match. So I'd say Brisket isn't subject to the extra cruel hand of Vet Rage - just the normal butchery.