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  1. This is what I was trying to go for with the 'Stuck Fermentation' thread. I find the Shark lead Fish most challenging at present. I can usually hold my own, that is I'm normally not 'too concerned' when I'm matched-up with a Fishermen player. However, I have a friend who is particularly good with Shark and winning a game against him seems nigh impossible (not just to me and my Brewers either). He really does hate Stave though... For me, completely killing the ball is difficult because if I see an opportunity to score, I'll go for it. Just as I tend to see an easy take-out like a starving lion would a wounded gazelle. Just. can't. resist. This usually works well.. but not with Shark. If I score then it's often answered, even if I'm careful with activations. If I take the dangling take-out bait, it seems I'm using resources for a 'measly 2 vp,' and I'm marching along in slow progression, uphill in a headwind. The problem with Esters is the same as any Brewer with a 1" melee. Sure, she can GM one attack, but with all the 2" on the Fish, it's just a minor inconvenience. Further, her 2" MOV buff is largely mitigated when you're gut and stringed and caught in the net. With a 2" team, you can at least counter for pushes or KD, or a T on occasion-- that is, if there's no double-dodge selected.
  2. I believe the post on FB has been deleted as well.
  3. How do you all resolve PP's charges? I've read (though cannot relocate) that beer tokens can't be used for charges. And that's how I've been playing. But then a recent comment got me thinking (I know, dangerous) What about 1inf and 1 beer token? And "isn't a charge 'an attack?'" I say put 2 inf for a charge, then use beer tokens for attacks, CP, or Heroic, etc. But I can't find where it's stated explicitly.
  4. My last games with my friend's Fish didn't go too well either. 12-8 loss and a 12-6 (which felt like a much closer game). I should have reread this thread before venturing into the depths again and heeded @Bob The Builder's advice! I had some good plays but my dice were definitely not with me either, which only exacerbated any frustration I was feeling from the spank-whoopin' from master Sharky and his bevy of musty fishmongers. Hag is awesome too. she can really alter the pitch and give Shark even more movement shenanigans. But, I am having as much fun with it and learning as much as I can. He is probably (likely) the best Fish player I've played and if I can whip him, I've learned the art vs. Fish as best I can.
  5. I'm just learning my Engineers as well, though my son has been playing them for a while. I just put together Pin Vise and Colossus but have yet to play either of them, but after watching other players (or playing them with my Brewers) I'm glad I finally picked them up. My squad thus far has been Ballista, Mainspring, Velocity, Hoist, Salvo, and Ratchet--with the last two alternating with Harry on occasion. The few times I've played them, I felt that they worked really well together and I wasn't missing anything from the team (if that makes sense). They are a pretty well rounded bunch, imo. For Union, I too think that Harry is really awesome and he brings a lot to your team.
  6. Wow! Go Brewers! Where there's a will, there's a way.
  7. It make sense though, that the guilds more people are playing have a better win percentage. Morts being the exception, of course. These data represent a wide range of players, but only those in a section the tourney scene (I don't recognize any of the names on the list from my area) and may not necessarily represent the game as a whole. I'm not trying to minimize them (they may represent it quite well) but I've noticed that there are some regional differences that may be significant. That being said, I do think that some guilds have an advantage, or are otherwise easier to win with. The Brewers may be easy to learn, but take a heck of a lot to master and to make great. That's why winning a tourney as Brewers, makes you that much better. That's why Brewers are the best guild, even when they're not! And easy is not the Brewer way.
  8. Now you're going to have to play more games! You can't throw in the towel without having tried Pint Pot! :-D
  9. I liked to demo with Brewers and Masons, mainly because I had both teams painted but also because they were nice and relatively easy to learn. I haven't given a demo in a long time but I think you're right! Using Engineers would be a great way to show a different a way of playing. Now, in S3 in particular. I still haven't completely painted them though.. Glad you went with them. I'm really interested to see your painting ideas too!
  10. From FB:
  11. Mom KD on 1!!! Woohoo! This guy's going to be in every line-up!
  12. My original Brewer team was those that are found in the Kick-off, and I used them stubbornly, as I didnt want to buy more models (or more accurately my wife didn't want me to buy any. If it were up to me I'd have every model in every guild!). Even still, I find that this line-up is quite good. They are fun and versatile and I was not surprised at all when SFG decided to use them in their 'Kick-Off' box. They are murderous as well as footbally and I've gotten the job done with them vs. every other guild (wins and losses, now) before picking up any additional players. Fortunately by doing so, I learned how to play them well. For instance, how to play Stave.. He's a model that players either love or hate. I of course had no choice, he was one of my 6, so in he went. (Love him BTW). I totally agree with @polluxx66 . This team synergizes very well and, you're right to think that KD models are your meat and potatoes as far as killing goes. But you're going to have to manage your momentum carefully to make use of all the wonderful Heroic plays, to heal your players and to remove conditions (when necessary) and counter attacks/def stances. This team is very damage resistant, except for your strikers of course, and can usually win the 'take-out' race, even against the most brutal damage dealers. And your Strikers are some of the best in the game, imho. But again it's all about synergy (Scum is awesome with Friday) and momentum management. It's a good thing we can get momentum so readily! Also, many players don't like that the way the Brewers use Heroics and synergies may telegraphs our plans and plays too easily. This is true, but I wouldn't worry too much about that while you're starting out with the Brewers--you can know beforehand that a freight train is comin' but that doesn't mean you're going to be able to stop it!
  13. Who were you fielding in these games? The 'Midas Show' can be an ugly show. Into Alchemists I like to play Esters (but sometimes Tapper*), Hooper, and Stoker for conditions, then Scum, Friday, v or oSpigot. I try to go killy and scoring, which ever gets the VPs faster. It is tough when you're throwing fist-fulls of dice to get 2 net hits due to their high DEF, particularly when they defensive stance (don't charge too often), but once you KD them (Dirty Knives, when it works) they actually go down really fast. I definitely like exploit the 1" melee for most their players and for Vitriol and Clone, I'll "waste" an activation, with Stoker for instance, to do ranged damage and remove it. Then send in Hooper to do the rest. I also find that I can sponge up most of the damage from their heavy hitters but they tend to not be able to do the same. I do try to avoid getting into what I call "tickle fights" though, where we're trading damage and healing constantly (it's a trap). My Strikers I like are Friday and Vet Spigot. I will try for a 2 and 2 win. *I guess I am unable to make Esters the damage monster many other player's seem to be able to do though. I have been playing her quite often, but haven't been as successful or comfortable with her as I am with Tapper.
  14. Brisket as skipper, Solthecian sentinels taking over the roster... one of whom is perched on the crumbling remains of the Union symbol... it all doesn't bode well for the existing regime, and I doubt the Union would just simply concede their positions without a fight.