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  1. I have a big tourney this weekend and I've been considering bringing Engineers. But no, I'll stick to my guns and bring me 'ol Brewers with unabashed, and largely unrequited loyalty. It was actually the BOW's new 'Faction Guide' video that rekindled my appreciation (not that it was lost): http://www.beastsofwar.com/guild-ball/faction-guide-brewers-guild/ There is something to be said about Brewer's identity, or guild identity, that I find much more appealing than actually winning (except for the prize support, which should be awesome). So my question is, what is the Brewer identity to you? There's a hell of a lot of loyal players, even with the (perceived or actual) S3 disadvantages. What brings you to the table?
  2. Done.
  3. Yes! The Brewers aren't last place. Take that pesky Farmers! Wait....
  4. Fiiiish! The ultimate Brewerbane. :-) I wholeheartedly agree, though. You must have fun to play the Brewers. The Brewers are the best guild, even when they aren't. They are the reason I got into the hobby in the first place!
  5. I don't think you're getting any worse, in fact you're likely playing just as good but the game has changed. In S2 Tapper squad, for instance, I could reliably get a take-out with one or two models, in S3 it can now take two or three activations. That's a lot of resources for 2vp for the turn when a good football team will likely score a few goals in the interim. Ftw, you have to attempt a denial defense while murdering the weak, and know when to shoot on goal and when to hold 'em. I'm much more apprehensive about scoring goals; like a dirty joke, timing is everything. There's allways a kick-out and you're likely giving the ball back to someone who will score again immediately--at least you have to treat it as such.
  6. Maybe it was a catastrophic pin job gone awry, and they just made it into a impromptu casualty. happens all the time. Almost happened to my Pin Vice, she has such little arms, but it had to be pinned!
  7. The Physician's Guild really earn their supper during matches. That's probably why they haven't had a ball team of their own. It's best not to keep the Morts too gainfully employed either. :-)
  8. If this is indeed Flint, he sure embraced his inner Brewer! Good on him. Welcome aboard.
  9. VSpigot and oSpigot, the uni-tasker vs the Swiss army knife. VSpigot is second only to Friday for footballing (for me, Mash is a distant third) but when he's not in that role, he's doing very little. However, the primary concern regarding the Hunter's captain (as I understand it) is that he does not do one thing..well--a kind of bend towards one particular facet of play. He is a captain though, so may not quite be a fair comparison. So, I guess the question is which does one prefer?
  10. I like to play with the clock, even with newer players--not first games, new players though. It forces you to make your decisions quicker, and also makes the games faster. But for new players, or even certain friendly matches, it is agreed that there will be penalty for clocking out, and it's just there to learn how to play on the clock and manage your time. This actually works pretty well and you'd be surprised how much the clock time still matters even though there's no penalties for clocking out. Then after a few games, go ahead to standard procedures and nail that down too.
  11. Shark is next. He's finally caught in a love triangle with A&G, and we all know how that'd turn out...
  12. Sorry to hear that @Woldie. I think it's completely normal to lose even quite badly when you're trying out a new captain and different players,in any guild. Esters is particularly different than Tapper, it takes some time to find vSpigs' place too. They're both great but can certainly feel useless when not used likie they should.
  13. Shark would be hard to pin down with his Tidal Surge, TAC 6, and low d-dodge, however, anyone with a low TAC or is penalized by crowding out or cover, etc, would be at a disadvantage which may render them as 'teid-up' for some time. At the very least Locus has proven to be a PITA for the opponent, and has shut down models, sometimes entirely. Edit: it is frustrating having one achieve 0 net hits or maybe their first column. On 3, or even 4 dice I've had models tied up for a turn or two (once even more).
  14. It's his low KD and his 2 Armour that are great. You can really shut a model down for the entire game if your careful and lucky. I had Mash down for 3 turns, which was the game. I scooted Locus so his base was barely in cover and pushed the UM Mash back into b2b, then KDd him. Every turn he tried to get the pushes but only ever got one successful hit, if he got any at all. He was on TAC 4 and even wwhen he had 4 Inf he just didn't push me but 1" for the turn. Now, his dice were really, really bad I'll admit, but his low KD counter and his 2 arm really put the hurt on ol Mash even though I was certain he was going to escape at any moment.(a parting blow is an outo-KD obviously). So, if I were to similarly trap a low TAC player, without the double push on 2 (for goodness sakes Mash!) I'd be pretty confident they'd be tied up for a while...
  15. competition

    They must be continuously adding more... I'm a 10.