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  1. Haberdashers?
  2. So, I am still fairly new to this game, and (so far) have only ever played using the Engineers. The other day, as part of our Figo League, I played my first game against the Brewers. Now, my opponent has a bit more experience than I, and he is a decent margin better at the game than me, which probably partially explains the results, but holy hachi-machi, they just ran right over me. I darted up field with Velocity and scored, and then the Brewers just beat me my carefully organized Engineer Machine to death - almost literally. I think one thing I messed up was placing Colossus and Balista fairly close together near the center of the pitch, I often use them as a sort of back-line, letting him make a big mosh-pit with them in the middle. He just stomped a whole through all my nifty defensive tech. So, how do others normally deal with games against the Brewers?
  3. A tooled up Ballista can do some work, as can Hoist, though Hoist needs some gang-ups, or a singled out to get enough TAC to do much damage.
  4. MESSENGERS!!!! No, wait ... Haberdashers. HABERDASHERS!!!!
  5. I see what you're saying about skill level, but I still think that his success does have some value. I doubt any miniatures game ever has perfect parity, the real goal is to have something close enough to allow people to win even if they do not take the strongest faction, so long as they are better than their opponent. One of the most frustrating aspects of many games, at least once gamers go to work on busting apart the system, is the creation of combinations of models that make it vanishingly impossible for someone not playing the new hottness to succeed, or even to meaningfully compete. I think I have resigned myself to the fact that once a game reaches a certain size and complexity the number of players working their little schemes will almost inevitably tear the thing apart. It is nice to see that Guild Ball has something close enough to parity that a good player can win with a team thought "weak." Maybe it's true that if two evenly matched players play at the exact same level for an entire game the Mason will lose to the Fisherman, but honestly, what are the odds. It is nice to see that effective execution still counts for a great deal.
  6. New York City? Anyone? Crickets?
  7. I've been toying with a few lineups. I have come to like one almost the same as yours, except with Ratchett instead of Compound. Part of that is based on the fact that I do not own Compound. Part is also that Ratchett is really good at supporting the rest of the team. The Engineers, as a whole, are not big damag dealers, but with Singled Out and Tooled Up combined, Ballista can take out pretty much anything he wants. Blast Earth is generally just good, and works really well with Ballista's Inspiring Aura. His Heroic seems really good, and so does his ability to remove conditions - one of these days I will play a game where I remember to use them.
  8. I'm fairly new to this game, but I do not think I want this problem fixed. Figuring out how to keep the ball moving, or how to kill the ball, is part of the puzzle game that makes me like the game.
  9. Locus just came out, so there's only so much experience using him. A lot of people have spoken about an all Mechanica army. It seems like it has all the necessary pieces: 2 strikers, 2 midfielders, 2 mascots and a goalie.
  10. I really like the alternating activations, it creates a more positive play experience than sitting for 10 minutes watching your opponent put everything into place to kick you in the teeth. Now when that happens, I at least get to participate, and figure out later how I was helping him kick me in the teeth. I also very much enjoy the goal-scoring aspect. Most of the miniature games I have played include some form of objectives to use in addition to killing folk, but even in the context of achieving those objectives, the players succeeded or failed primarily in how well they kill the enemy. This game provides an objective mechanism (scoring goals) that works independent of killing people. Finally, the rule system is very elegant. I am very much enjoying the game thus far.
  11. I only bought Locus this past Thursday. I am going to assemble him today. I may get to try him out next week. I think I want somebody to replace Colossus, and that's what I am hoping he will do.
  12. Engineers Game 4: Engineers v. Morticians Engineers: Ballista, Colossus, Hoist, Salvo, Velocity and Mainspring Morticians: Obulus, Graves, Cosset, Silence, Avarice & Greed, and Dirge I am trying to toy with my lineup to move away from the original six. I am not certain that I like this particular iteration of the team, I think I would have been better off with Ratchet on this particular lineup, but it is difficult to tell from one game. Turn 1: I lose the roll and my opponent chooses to receive. Velocity advances and kicks the ball. The scatter is fairly good, only a little bit over the middle line. Dirge swoops in and grabs the ball. Velocity gets a full bucket of influence and does her thing. She charges almost her full eight inches forward, tackles the ball, acrobatics away and scores. Went well. Things would go downhill from there. 4-0 Engineers. I jogged the field to a spot I assumed to have been within an inch of an obstacle for cover. It was not. Given that you can pre-measure in this game, I have no good excuse for why I went there. Mistakes were made. Kick off went to Obulus. Obulus came forward and started attacking Velocity. He pushed her around, he moved himself around, he did a little damage, he left her way isolated. I had already left her fairly isolated, but by the time he was finished she was WAY out on her own, without nimble. I sent Velocity forward to put an arrow into Obulus' knee - take that. Graves came running in and also beat up on Velocity. Graves had ambled far enough to fall into range of Ballista's deadbolt. Ballista jogged forward and missed. Cosset came up and put Velocity into a shallow grave. Colossus roars up into the middle of the field. Silence moved into near and obstacle. Hoist copied flurry from Salvo moved forward and put out a round into, well, everybody, pretty much. Avarice sucked up Greed, came forward, and dropped off Greed. The bug ambled about. Turn 2: I have less momentum and lose the die-roll. Velocity comes in on the left wing. I get Colossus ready to single people out, load up Ballista and load up Hoist to see how well he can fight. The morticians prepare to move in on Colossus. Obulus comes first, uses puppet strings on Ballista and pushes him out of the fight. He then does a bunch of attacks on Colossus. I activated Ballista, fired a deadbolt at Obulus, and missed. He then tossed out a minefield and sat on two wasted influence. Graves moved up and beat up on Colossus. Colossus attacked Graves, and on his third attack got a hit that made it through the armor and activated Singled Out. The bird moved into position near Colossus and got knocked down to one wound by the minefield. Hoist moved in and tried to kill Graves. He failed. Cosset came arcing in through the minefield and did a stupendous amount of damage to Colossus, killing the big guy (I believe someone had tooled her up as well, possibly Graves). Salvo used an influence to sprint and then shot another flurry into the midst of the Morticians. The Morticians, incidentally, were doing a decent amount of healing. Nobody else does much of note. Turn 3: I lost the roll. I loaded up Ballista again. Colossus came in on the left side and got his own bucket of influence. Hoist did as well. Velocity got enough to run and be nimble. Obulus came in and got into a fight with Ballista, which was probably a potential mistake, but I would mitigate it with a mistake of my own. Obulus did little of note to Ballista. I activated Ballista and prepared to retaliate. I attacked - he declared a counter-attack. I got a decent number of hits and looked down at my playbook. I decided to get smart and do damage AND a push to knock him out of melee range and annul his counter-attack. Then, feeling all proud of myself, I remembered unpredictable movement. I decided to fix the problem with a deadbolt. I missed. I moved in and attacked Graves with the remaining influence doing a bit of damage, and botching my one good shot at getting the ball back. Such is life. Graves smacked around Ballista and tooled up Cosset. Colossus charged Silence, knocked him down, singled him out, and said nasty things about his mother. I then used a momentum to heal up Colossus a bit. A bird came flying near my captain and healed itself (Himself? Herself?) up a bit. Hoist came in on Silence, but did not quite finish her off. Cosset came in all crazy and killed Ballista. By now, I had caught onto his trick of how he was killing anything I put in his path. I probably should have caught on two turns earlier, but I'm learning. Salvo kept shooting flurries at people, and Obulus still had the ball. I had missed my chance to steal and maybe do something with Ballista's legendary play. Turn 4: I am mathematically prohibited from winning the initiative. Ballista rejoins the fight in the left. Over this turn Ballista will polish off Silence, briefly tying the game at 6. Unfortunately, building my wall on the left had resulted in an exposed Salvo sitting on the right. Obulus scored, and then the big mean trio killed the daylights out of Salvo. The game ended 6-12 to the Morticians. I failed to gang up on my intended targets. I failed to take the ball back after scoring that first goal. I left Velocity in the wind. Given that he ended the bird's activation without making a pass, I should have activated Ballista first to put a second wind on Velocity, that may have enabled her to escape after scoring the goal, at least for a bit. I should have also tried to go in with force and verve on one part of his three model death machine. I also think that Hoist was not the greatest fit for this list.
  13. I've only used Hoist once, and I did not get much out of him, but I will keep trying and working on him. As for Ballista, I have used him for every game I have played (only 5, I'm still learning). I think he's great. I kind of use him as the anchor standing in the center of the field. I usually only give him 2 influence unless he's clearly going to get into a fight. I also use him as the main damage-dealing model I field. Normally, I do a lot of footballing, and what little melee need be done is done by Ballista.
  14. I haven't tried using him yet. Is he versatile enough to always be a good place to invest 3 influence? I almost always give Ballista that much.
  15. I do think that even if Colossus is out, Ballista himself can sort of man the center of the field. I slid him forward when, perhaps, I should have kept him back.