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  1. Thanks for the summary! Bummer about that game 1. You are absolutely allowed to measure things during your opponents activation, as long as you aren't interfering with them. Common sense. Seems like all but one game were either time outs or sweeps!
  2. I started on my Hunters. Just a wip right now in my painting thread, but should have a Theron, Egret and Chaska ready to show soon enough.
  3. I don't tend to upload to the forums, but rather to Imgur. If you just copy paste the direct link from Imgur, the forums will magically embed it for you. I've never come up against Imgur's upload limit, and it gets the photos onto the forum easy peasy.
  4. Slowed down a little on painting since I was pinning some hunters and dabbling in Shadow War Armageddon silliness. But I've got my first wip of my hunters. Not certain about my execution on the color scheme, but will wait to judge until they are finished.
  5. No new match summary this week, because I was playing my Hunters for the first time! You can read about it here. I'll probably be taking a break from Alch's for a bit while I try them out.
  6. Howdy Hunters. I'm Burro Boskov and I've been playing Guildball since the tail end of Season 1 on and off. Recently I've been trying to get games in on a regular basis and focus on it as my main game. My first love are the Alchemists, and you can read about my exploits with them right here! However I've been itching for a change of pace, and settled on the Hunters. In this Topic I'll be detailing the games I play with the Hunters, as well as my thoughts on my play, and inevitably how I feel about the models. I always welcome criticism and discussion, especially when it leads to better play, so please feel free to let me know what you think about whatever I write about here. Ok, cool. Hunters Game 1 - NBG 5/18/17 Playing against my regular practice partner, who was bringing Engineers. My ten was Skatha,Theron,Fahad,Jaecar,Egret,Zarola,Hearne1,Hearne2,Ulfr,Chaska. He went Pin Vice/Mother, and I Theron/Fahad, with me receving. Our line ups in draft order were Theron,Fahad,Jaecar,Hearne1,Chaska,Zarola PinVice,Mother,Colossus,Hoist,Compound,Ratchet I knew I wanted to play Theron for my first game with Hunters, since I was drawn to them for the punchy side of things that Alchemists don't prioritize (usually). @EpicChrishas convinced me that Hearne1 is a necessity with him. Jaecar is Hunters, and Chaska's rules are part of what drew me to them. I went with Zarola to see what having the option for a Linked activation would be like. My opponent normally plays Ballista, so I was excited to see what the core Engineer players (Ratchet, Hoist and Colossus are almost no brainers to me) would achieve under a new leader. Pin Vice kicks off, and the ball ends up fairly centrally. Turn 1 Gah, my models are so naked! I need to fix that... I hear Theron likes to Pin fast people and make it annoying for them. So I try that with my first activation. I put out a forest, collect the ball, I land the Pinned on Pin Vice and pass it back to Hearne. I Bless Hearne. PinVice is snared and would have to move through the forest to get to Jaecar, so that's his ball pressure out the window. He moves Compound, I move Fahad, Mother sets a Net Marker down, I have Chaska put +1 arm on Theron. Hoist replicates Burrow, gets to Theron but has no luck against the 4+ 2 arm. A very questionable move, because even if he does achieve something with his attacks, Hearne gets a free Skewer, and an attack before passing the ball to Zarola and Blessing her. So now Hoist is all set up for Jaecar. Colossus moves up, Jaecar goes in on Hoist leaving him real low, and the trap puts bleed on him. Ratchet clears pin vices conditions. Zarola Midnight offering's Theron out of PinVice's LoS, and sprints to the other side of the pitch, trying to "kill" the ball. Pin Vice is able to get to Theron, but I double doge away with my counter. Much counter attack. Turn 2 Hunter's take first turn. Hoist goes down early (Chaska Boom Box? or else Theron), and the left side develops a big scrum where TheronHearneJeacar(THJ) are wailing on PinVice and Colossus. PinVice tries to go in on Theron who dodges our again. Jaecar gets Pin Vice down really low, but I get nervous about not being able to finish her off next turn due reanimate. Fahad gets a charge on Mother, and Zarola keeps flanking left. Rachet comes toward center and Compound tries to head off Zarola. At this point I'm feeling really in control, and I can get these two take outs the game should fall into line. Turn 3 I win momentum, but I mess up this turn. I try to be too fancy with Jaecar, who dodges away from PV, and lays into snared KD Colossus. I get wraps, but choose two push dodges results on the "high" result instead of the 4(down to 3) damage so I can get the big guy to trigger the trap. I should have just gone for straight damage. Even with tough hide, if I stack my buffs properly I should kill him this turn. But I don't! Hearne spent some time trying to mess with Pin Vice, and Theron was spreading inf out. I also spent Chaska's boom boxes on clearing Fahad, when it should have just been additional damage into the def 2 colossus. Colossus KD's Hearne, and then gets an unexpected arrival, displacing my entire scrum, and PinVice escapes to the other side of the board. Thankfully he doesn't achieve much damage, and even on the other side of things while Compound is able to get the ball away from Zarola, he can only unsnap it with Compound. Zarola somehow gets it back and runs away from Hoist. Turn 4 Don't have a photo, but this turn is even worse. I let him go first, thinking he can't get to Zarola, and then I'll do a linked activation goal of some sort. I should have had Fahad go first and get a free charge for Momentum, then Zarola link to midnight offering herself into range. But instead the freed Colossus charges over and gets the ball. This allows PinVice to set up a goal with her legendary, while Fahad kills mother. I get focused on taking out PV, and while Chaska could send her one Boom Box and then get the kicked out ball and pass it up to Jaecar, but gets greedy and tries a second which misses! Theron moves over there to try and get some work done, and Jaecar moves up into the back field. Hearne spend his turn standing since I've forgotten to place forest for a few turns. Our clocks are both spent at the point, and we end the turn tied at 8-8. Turn 5 I win turn. It's getting late but the game will be done in 7 activations (7 minutes even technically), so we play it out. Theron has a full stack and dodges off of colossus into Pin Vice. He is able to kill her through the reanimate with his final attack. Snare on every damage is a big deal. 10-9. He takes out Fahad. 11-10. Jaecar kills Mother. 12-10. 12 Hunter - 10 Engineers (2*Mother, Hoist,Pin Vice take outs, 6 clock points) - (Pin Vice Goal, Fahad Take out, 5 clock points) Not a pretty first outing for my hunters, but still an exciting one! The Order of Activations problems that come with an ability like Blessing are a real clock eater, and getting used to the stat lines also took time. I also like the shiny shiny things hunters can do, but sometimes I just need to go for straight damage. My opponent probably shouldn't have sent in PV or Hoist on turn 1. I was happy to eat them one at a time, if I only knew how to use my teeth! The Fahad Zarola flank showed some potential, I'd be willing to try it again. Midnight offering is also very good, but Zarola's play book is just utter pants. I'm excited to get some more games with my second guild!
  7. I'd put in Crucible or Mercury over Venin. I do want to try out Venin some more, but I feel like Crucible can be game breaking, and Merc clearly has a role in a Smoke team for the AOE, and even in Midas he provides a strong ball passer, and Tackle on 1. However it certainly is the flex spot. Looks like the decisions you need to make for your line up are... Smoke/Midas Flask/Naja oKat/VKat Calc/Compound Harry Vitriol If you are happy to just have 2 options for flex, thats fine. But I don't think I was trying to push you towards Venin.
  8. Goals and aspirations sound great, but I wonder about your 10. 2 Mascots do give you options, but in my mind they don't out weigh the opportunity to have Crucible or even Merc as an option for a flex spot. What is it that makes you feel the need for both mascots?
  9. Playing my first game with Hunters later today. I've read your reports before, but I made a point to re read a few today before the game. I have to say, reading your blog is a great help. Keep it up!
  10. Finally got the photos for the final Alchemists. Is she obscured by the cloud, or eclipsed by Midas? It's Smoke! First choice in every draft, the striker who can strike out: Vitriol! The Arthur Miller reference, "Because it is my name!" Crucible! And that is a wrap on the released Alchemists! It feels good to have them completed. Also started properly assembling my Hunters, hope to be able to start working on them by the end of the week.
  11. This is the crux of it. He is so versatile that you can change game plans with him halfway through a turn if everything goes bits up. And now with Lure of Gold he isn't just a one man show, but can provide vital support to making others shine. vKat has a big charge range, but it's even larger with a free jog...
  12. Game last night. Glad that it is becoming fairly regular that I get a game in each week. And this is the 11th game I've written up, so I guess it is a thing now... Alchemist Game 11 NBG - 5/10/17 Alch's against Engineers (Not the regular Engineer opponent, but @dtjunkie19!) Used the new OP doc, but picked captains after coin flip. Midas-Naja, Kicking vs Ballista-Mother, Receiving Draft in order Ratchet Harry Colossus Hoist Vitriol Harry oKat Compound The draft felt short, I though we still had another player each to draft. I kicked off with Vitriol with an aggressive kick off, trying to snooker it in next to a barrier. But match fixing caused a re roll on my re roll, and I failed my first ever kick off! The ball was placed on Colossus. Colossus passes to Ratchet who free Harry dodges back a bit, and Mr. Spider leg tries to body block Vitriol from trying anything. However, I'm not detered, and Vitriol goes for it. Despite being crowded out she gets momentum off the charge and dodges into tap in range, tackles on the next swing, but is down 3 dice with the crowd outs! 66% is good enough, and she slots it in, and knee sliders back to the barrier. The ball comes in to Mother and ends up getting daisy chained down the line with unsnaps until it gets passed to Ballista (free dodges up). Engineers set up for a Vitriol beat down, evil Harry sprinting up to crowd out, my Harry attempts and awkward fire, Mother putting up an awkward nest, Compound gets in position, Hoist puts down a lot of blasted earth, putting some damage on my duders. I say that is too close for comfort, and use Midas to Lure of gold her back to my lines. Ballista at some point goes for a 3 dice dead bolt on Vitiriol that misses. He is still in range to wail on her, but decides not to since he would likely get some oKat love in retaliation. Naja and oKat are forced to set up for the next turn, where it looks like there is going to be a big scrum in the middle! 4-0 Alchemists Engineers take the intiative and Ballista goes first. He deadbolts oKat, charges in on the knocked down guy (staying in melee with Harry and Compoundand gets a momentus Minefield up. He takes one more swing, puts up second wind on himself, and legendary for an easy goal. He dodges back and with second wind he gets 9 inches out and essentially escaping retribution. I kick the ball out and I have it end on Vitriol. She only has one inf though, and while she is in cover, she is half an inch out of goal threat by jogging. I send in my Harry to annoy Hoist. This is a mistake for 2 reasons 1) Sturdy on Hoist eats a lot of inf for Harry's attacks, which makes him sad. 2) Sending harry in here gives him 2 vp's at some point. This turn or next, he will die. I have a goalie and superior goal threat with my two strikers, and with his legendary gone I should be scoring through goals and denying him VP's. Harry gets some momentum, pushing Hoist back. Evil Harry tries to keep hurting Vit, but she push dodges him away, to just within range of my Harry. He then knocks good Harry down and puts out a fire aoe to make any score by Vitriol very difficult. I send compound up for the crowd outs, and he brings Mother up to body block oKat. I take a while to try to figure out the puzzle of getting use out of oKat's inf. I contemplate trying to just get Vit into snap shot range and pass it around for an eventual snap shot, but after too much clock I end up being able to bring Harry over into range of oKat thanks to Midas. Snake uses Sic'em for an underwhelming charge. oKat starts the beat down on Harry and makes room for Vitriol to go around the near side of the barrier to score again, getting a Who are yah token, and she dodges away. On the other side of things Colossus, Ratchet and Hoist are able to take out good Harry. He gets so much momentum from it I just spend my stack healing, and having Vit dodge away. The kick out ends out in the open. 8-6 Alchs. Ballista goes first again and rolls 5 5+'s on the charge against Vit. This with Who Are Yah means she is knocked down and hurting. She promptly dies in 2 more attacks, leaving enough for a bonus timed dead bolt aimed at Midas, which misses! Two bonus timed dead bolts missed in one game! This sets up Midas for a classic Midas miracle. He has 3 attack to get away from the scrum, a sprint to the ball, heroic into range of the goal, super shot and shoot! Attacks are alright, but he has to take a parting blow from Ratchet. Ratchet cranks the 4 5+'s he need for the KD, ruining everything! I still heroic over to the ball, and swing on hoist a little, but I think that the goal this turn is now off the table, and I'm at sub 3 minutes now. If I had more time to think, I could have passed back to the returned Harry, team work dodged into snap shot range, and tried for Harry pass to him for the snapshot. As it was, ratchet procs glut on Compound and gives a free charge to colossus. oKat takes out evil Harry, colossus comes and takes the ball from Midas, passing to Hoist. Compound tries to get in the way, but Hoist gets around him and although engaged by those loving mechanical arms, bonus times back up to 4 dice and scores the winner. We have a combined 13 seconds left on our clocks! 10-12 Engineers. (2*Vitriol Goals, oKat takes out evil Harry) - (Ballista + Hoist Goasl, Ballista takes out Vitriol, Hoist takes out good Harry) Some tactical errors, some inf allocation, and some time management. Still a great game! I should be willing to try some more funky passing shenanigans, I probably had a great chance for a Midas Legendary goal in the second turn. Throwing away my Harry was foolish, I need to be more aware of supporting my beaters. Walking up Compound made sense at the time, but in hindsight might have made more sense to leave him back. He always ends up KD by Ballista's Legendary, but I guess that is just the life of a goalie...
  13. Thats the way I feel right now too, but I think I need to give vKat a little more table time. If I try to use him like he is oKat, he isn't going to be good. I need to switch up my thought process on him and really use him as laser guided missile, and not commit him until it is a guaranteed take out. @TheCurkov, I know you dropped vKat from your 9 in favor of having all three C's in your flex spot. With the expansion to 10 players in the line up, are you going to bring him back?
  14. I want vKat to work, but oKat just performs so much more reliably. Being able to be a source of conditions, rather than dependent on them. Having an effectively short play book for gang ups. And most importantly not relying on a charge to get a powerful activation. That's not even mentioning the defensive tech! The only thing that vKat has going for him is the pace he can put on a game. I personally struggle to close out games, and having a witness me can get you to 12 a whole turn or more earlier than without it. I guess oKat is there for a scrum, vKat for a sprint.