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  1. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Game 3 nbg, 7/20/17 It's been over a month since I last posted, I've been traveling and finishing up a job. Hopefully I'll be able to get 1.5 games up per week for the foreseeable future! This week I was still rocking Theron. It felt a little awkward, but that's normal since this was my third game with him/hunters! I played against a newer morticians player (our little gb group is growing), and we didn't use a clock, which was probably a mistake. Theron Fahad receiving w/ Zarola, vHearne, Jaecar and Egret. Obulus Dirge kicking w/ Ghast, Cosette, oGraves and BPM. Looks like the kickoff might have actually just bounced on that obstruction, but that's where it ended. I decided to go with Theron and pin Obulus. This led to lure coming out on him from cosset, so I pulled him back with zarola's midnight offering. Graves toiled up ghast, and I was still afraid of Theron getting mulched that I had vhearne sprint to the ball and pass it to him, dodging away. This could have been considered good play, if Theron was the only one at risk. However, I foolishly also exposed Jaecar and vHearne to puppet master plays, and my opponent was able to get Jaecar in the middle of morts with a big pile of damage. Egret did get to flurry atleast. Turn 2 I have man marking as a card, so once my opponent goes first with obulus to puppet strings then all from Theron and kill Jaecar, I start to try to get the ferryman. Egret is able to dodge base to base with swift strikes/btts, and Theron dodges off of memory, in cover so Obs counter fails. Finally Fahad completed the triangle and does enough damage with her charge. On the other end, vhearne is buying time (dying to everyone else) and trying to get the ball from graves, and zarola engages cosset. 2-2 Turn 3 I think I went first? But jaecar comes on and uses wingback to get at cosset. She melts to him, and I foolishly stuff him between ghast and graves, thinking it will help with crowd outs. Vhearne lasts another activation because he is able to kd graves, scattering the ball towards their goal. But then he dies. Theron spends his activation bouncing off graves and scoring, ball going out to the side obulus is on, he picks it up. Egret has flurried every turn, and between a bolas from zarola and a charge from Fahad, graves goes down. Chip damage adds up! 10-4 Turn 4 obulus kills jaecar but takes one too many inf to do so, and is just short of a goal himself. The typical hunter brawlers of egret and zarola surround ghast, who is at half health after flurries/poison, and Theron eventually finishes him off. Hunters win 12-6! I liked egret in that game, first time using her. Was happy with my play to get her into obulous. Vhearne was a little lack luster, he really wants his enemy to be snared. Never had the momentum to use last light. Jaecar is so fragile, I need to protect him more. Theron was MVP in the end, getting 6 points and assiting with another 4. Fahad was doing 6 damage charges which was pivotal to take outs. And zarola wasn't terrible, even if she was just there for midnight offering. Like I said, my opponent was new, so I don't think he knew all the obulous tricks. Probably would have been a different story against a more experienced player, but it felt nice to win!
  2. Some drunks wandered into my forest! Game report

    Nice write up. You got lucky that your buffs protected you enough from the (pat) cat attack. That gotcha could have ruined your day.
  3. BurroBoskov's Teams

    Again, more progress but nothing done. My purple is popping a bit more, but the paint I use is this funny ink which I thought was a layer paint, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, making moves. Reaching the point that I need to just sit down and finish one to motivate me with the others. Doubt I will get a chance to with travels upcoming, but picking them off one by one is the plan moving forward.
  4. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    And that is why I don't even consider it a question anymore. Surely it is, and with A+G or Mist you do really put the pressure on for a 3 goal game. But when you take oKat in nearly every line up, you can't leave home without Harry.
  5. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    It's probably the only hard choice Alchemists have to deal with in regards to their 10 man lineup. The rest are fairly straightforward.
  6. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    Perhaps 2nd place would be acceptable?
  7. Anvil & Sledge Cards

  8. Tabletop Simulator

    I think @warder808 has some experience with it.
  9. 2017 with my alchemists. Git Gud?

    Roster? Goals? Matchups you feel good/bad about?
  10. Guild Ball Gotchas Ep. 2: The Pat Cat

    @Mako-> <- me Totally fair. I don't dispute that the Chicago meta have some of the best players, perhaps even the strongest meta in the world. I'm just pointing out a Chicago-centric term for a global Brewer tactic with a (debatably?) silly metaphor.
  11. Guild Ball Gotchas Ep. 2: The Pat Cat

    Great production value like always, pieces on the board really helped. I appreciate the rhyme, but I wonder if the Scum Missile or some equivalent isn't a better (or more common name) for the play? At the risk of being compared to Galileo, I'd prefer game jargon not to revolve around one meta. It might be hard to see from where you are standing, but I do have proof that the Guild Ball world doesn't orbit Chicago alone.
  12. Brewers

    I agree that oKat is the better choice against Brewers. I've got 2 examples of him kicking butt and taking names in my battle report log. If you get some fire out on the Brewers, you can really ruin their day. Esters can't be everywhere at once...
  13. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries

    Good to know! But it wasn't a concession. The round timer went off and the score was 11-10 in my favor. I only had about 3 minutes on my clocks left, but it still feels like the round timer was a little funky. Maybe we just got started late.
  14. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries: On the Prowl

    Game 2 - 6/9/17 NBG Took out the Alchemists for a tournament last weekend, you can read about it here, but now I'm back on the Hunters Horse. Or Bear or something. Go Hunters! I was playing against @dtjunkie19 and he was working on some Pin Vice strats. He has a thread over here, in case you want to see the report from his point of view (and certainly the photos, since we basically took photos at exactly the same time. ) Theron and Fahad receiving w/ oHearne, Jaecar, Chaska, Ulfur Pin Vice and Mother kicking w/ Colossus, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity I'm committed to the Theron train for at least 5 games, and Jaecar and Chaska are pretty solid auto includes. oHearne likes forests to jump into, and I drew Wingback so wanted to see if that helps Ulfur out. PV squad looks pretty standard, and Velocity just turns the teams goal threat to dah max! PV kicks off, and it is fairly central. Turn 1 As you can see Colossus is just the bast for this game. Theron gets a full stack, and is able to put a forest on the aggressive pin vice, pass the ball back, Pin PV with Sun Strike and get Blessing of the Sun Father onto oHearne. oHearne goes in and Skweres PV and I'm feeling ok. Hoist gets to Burrow into oHearne, and now I start to get worried for the big man. Chaska Sprints up to Boom Box PV away, but misses the 75% shot (foreshadowing!), and so PV is able to wail on oHearne, bringing him to half by the end of turn. This was brutal since she would have been forced to go onto Theron instead, who has decent counter attacks. Jaecar starts on Hoist putting up a trap and BttS away, and Ulfur passes the ball to Theron in the last activation for a single point momentum lead. Turn 2 I do win the first activation, and Theron gets a full stack again. He charges mother, double dodges off into goal range, and gets pretty bad returns on his remaining stack, maybe doing a little damage to Mother and Blessing Chaska. He gets the goal, but I think in the future I give him only 4 or so, just to guarantee the goal and gives inf elsewhere. Also, I kept the forest in basically the same place this turn just out of laziness. Need to think more about Forest placement. I dodge over to engage ratchet, and receive a vengeance token. Ball gets out to Colossus, PV Kills Hearne and gets over to Theron, using the vengenace token for some good damage. Jaecar keeps swinging on Hoist and then BttS to engage Ratchet. Velocity calms down Fahad :-( and Ufur tries to get in the way of the Colossus goal. Chaska misses 2 more Boom Boxes into Hoist! He must have brought blanks to the game... Hoist clears a path for Colossus by messing with Ulfur, Mother helps with that, and Colossus scores at the end of the turn. I put the ball out to the left for a returning Hearne. 4-6 for the Engineers. Turn 3 Colossus KD's Ulfur and singles him out and gets to the ball. Fahad, Theron work on Ratchet, while Hoist moves Ulfur wherever he wants with Push Dodges. Mother tries to protect PV from a potential Boom Box. Jaecar kills Ratchet, and with his last swing can hit PV. I was really hoping to get the gut and string to get Jaecar to safety, but he only gets 1 5, and so he BttS's to the middle of the field in fear of PV. Chaska can be a hero if he hits all three of his Boom Boxes this turn on PV, but misses the first (she was at def 5), then misses 1 of his last 2 against Hoist. Yikes. Velocity gets to the middle, oHearne KD's colossus hoping the ball scatters to him. Predictably it doesn't. 6-8 Engineers Turn 4 Hearne can get the ball and teleport to the middle. He KD and singles out Hoist before passing it to Chaska. PV charges through the trap to tackle the ball from Chaska. I counter and get the KD. Ball scatters over by Theron and mother. That should be her turn right there right? Let me start a new paragraph for what happens next. PV pays to stand up, and is able to get enough double dodges off of 2 attacks on Chaska and Theron to still get the ball. She uses her Legendary and passes to Mother, PV dodges. Mother Oil token ball back to PV, PV dodges. PV oil token to Velocity, PV Dodges. PV passes again to Velocity, Velocity dodges into cover of the Barrier, out of range of Jaecar. Bonkers. We later discuss that he could have ended the activation with a snapshot, but this was certainly the safer play. The writing is on the wall, so Chaska tries to take out Hoist with attacks since I've got 2 crowd outs and he is KD and snared (forgot about the singled out too...), but gets him to 1. (Should have been Jaecar! Whoops) Velocity slots home the 5 die tap in. 6-12 Engineers (Theron Goal, Ratchet) - (Colossus Goal, Velocity Goal, oHearne, Jaecar) If I had got PV off of oHearne turn 1 that would have been nice, but he was still in some trouble. The Jaecar take out happend very quickly too, and I might have been able to avoid it. However, Ulfur was a non factor, and I should never put Fahad across from Velocity, he will just be neutered. I need to work on my Forest placement too. Also, Chaska missing Boomboxes is just brutal. Still, a good game, lots of learning points too. I did clock out at the begining of Turn 4, but I'm feeling a lot quicker with the rules which is good. 3 more games to go with The Ron! Might be time to try out vHearne and maybe even Egret!
  15. BurroBoskov's Match Summaries

    Game 15 - Round 3 So although we had 4 players undefeated, we were kind of looking at a final. One player had had a bye round 1, so if he won his 3rd game, his SoS would be weaker due to not playing the first round. Similarly, if his opponent won, they would be facing a similar shortcoming. So it came down to the pairings, and as it happened @warder808 and I faced off, while @dtjunkie19 played our man with the round 1 bye! @warder808 was back to his Engineers for the tournament, and I made sure to have a laugh or two about all of our practice games against each other that were finally going to pay off! We settled into another match, with higher stakes than usual. Ballista and Mother receiving w/ Ratchett, Hoist, Colossus, Compound Midas and Naja kicking w/ Harry, Vitriol, oKat and Calculus No Velocity, so I didn't feel the need for Compound. Crucible might have been cute, but Calculus loves to use character plays against the generally low def Engineers. As for my opponent, maybe Velocity in for Compound, but he's not a bad choice against my line up. Vitriol Kicks off like usual, forgoing cover to keep the ball away from Colossus. I had thought that Mother might not be the preferred ball retriever... Turn 1 And then he does the nest marker trick with Mother and I feel like a fool! He passes to Ratchet, who dodges and shies away of Vitriol going for goal. I burn some activations setting up oKat for next turn, aware that sending Vitriol in with the threat of Compound counter charges is dangerous. However both Ratchet and Colossus end up in front of Compound, and I feel comfortable sending her to start working on Ratchet. Hoist ends up with the ball, and Calculus and Harry get some conditions out. Turn 2 I see the ball on Hoist and I think I can get a goal with Vitriol if she can dodge off of Ratchet a little (Note to self: Hoist has close control, this was never going to be a good idea) Wanting to save influence she doesn’t put a smoke cloud down, and whiffs her first 2 attacks. Plan isn’t working out right now, and it gets worse when I then decide that taking a free strike is ok. Ratchet rolls the 4 5+’s, and KD vitriol. With no Momentum to stand her back she can’t even put up clone. :-( Hoist true replicates singled out and starts taking Vitriol out, Colossus finishes her off later. oKat is able to take out Ratchet with help from Midas and Harry. Ballista comes around and starts working on oKat. 2-2 Turn 3 Hoist early on goes in on oKat, and kicks the ball to space near the engineers goal. I have him re roll the scatter, and it’s placed relatively convinently for Midas next activation to score a tap in goal with his full stack. (Note to self: Don’t forget to legendary!) The ball kicks out to my left, since a returned Vitriol is deemed a threat on the right. Ballista takes out oKat at some point, at which point all the engineers start targeting Harry. Naja gets the ball to Calculus, then neuters Compound by engaging him. Calc gets up the field… 6-4 Turn 4 Calculus gets a full stack and with a charge and a bought attack off of a returned Ratchet is able to dodge her way into goal range and score. I haven’t scored a goal with Calculus in… years! Ratchet is also very low on health, but so is the round clock. Apologies for the picture below, things must have been getting intense! My opponent kicks the ball out to Hoist I think, and between Colossus and Hoist they take out Harry and give the ball to Ballista. Midas tries to take out Ratchet but leaves him on 1 health! My opponent runs out of time and although he scores with a Ballista Legendary, the point he concedes at the end of the activation puts me up 11-10 as the round expires. 11-10 win for the Alchemists! (Midas Goal, Calculus Goal, Ratchet, 1 Clock) - (Ballista Goal, Vitriol, oKat, Harry) Next turn I can trivially take out Ratchet, and indeed after my opponents next activation I go to 12, so having the clock win it this time wasn’t too bad. I do have to say that it was a great game, one of the closest that @warder808 and I have ever played. So going 3-0 I won the tournament! Got myself a Golden GB die, a Gold patch, a Chibi Midas card, and some store credit. I promptly spent more than the credit amount (my eyes were bigger than the gift card) on some modeling things as well as Seenah. I just need Minx and I’ll consider them Hunters complete! It was a fun tournament, with 3 great games and 3 great opponents. I can’t be upset with the result either. ;-) This was a nice way to say good bye to the Alch's as I go on a little hiatus with them, as I will be focusing pretty hard on Hunters for the foreseeable future, and you can always read about my exploits with them over here. I’m falling behind on posting all my games, which is a lovely problem to have!