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  1. If breeze and mix are only once per turn, that's GG for Smoke. If the condition Queen can't put out conditions, I'm going to play the better footballer.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. I know you play at a competitive level, so I appreciate any insight you give in to your thinking as it may be to your disadvantage. Now to ponder on the fate of my own VKat...
  3. Release is tomorrow, so I imagine anytime from late tomorrow to the end of the weekend? Spoilers are fine but the app makers like the proper pdfs so the formatting is consistent.
  4. Thanks for the video Curkov! Great content as always. Question about your Adepticon run. What was your ratio of Midas to Smoke games? And did you play OKat in every single one? It seems like your line up is all down to the 6th man flex spot of Compound/Calc/Crucible. You talked about where you put in Crucible, but in what matchups did you put in the other two C's?
  5. NBG - 4/20/17 Back to playing Engineers. My regular opponent, who apparently had some tactics designed just for me! Little did he know that I was bringing a one captain lineup centered around Smoke! I need to practice with her and I want to give her options. Alch's had Smoke, Flask, Vkat, OKat, Vit, Harry, Merc, Calc, Crucible Engi's had Ballista, Mainspring, OVelocity, VVelocity, Ratchet, Collosus, Compound, Hoist, Salvo? Plot cards, I had Stoic/Tough Hide for a charge, Bonus for passing while engaged, and Knee slider. The only one Engi's had that I saw was Who are yah. Engi's elected to receive, and so he drafted first. Game lineups are below in drafting order. Engineers - Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, VVelocity, Collosus, Compound Alch's - Smoke, Flask, Crucible, VKat, Harry, Vitriol I wanted to try out Crucible, and I had told myself I wasn't going to play Harry or Vit, until I did! I was pleased with the line ups, 2 tough hide isn't the worst, and with two goalies for the engineers I was ok with focusing on fighting for the first few turns and sneak in a goal for the win. The game! Vitriol kicked off getting herself into cover and putting the ball on my side of an obstruction. He was going to have a hard time getting to it, but unfortunately so was I. Round 1 - Ratchet goes first and throws out some blasted earths, pegging Vitriol but somehow missing Crucible and even Vkat! I play around with the idea of sending in Vit to get the ball, but I decide to wait. She is sometimes a better threat. Harry sprinted up and put fire on Ratchet, Compound put up horrific odor, Crucible sprinted up through the rough terrain to some cover. He went with Ballista and spent a big stack getting the ball, passing it to Compound and Second Winding to a more central position. Flask puts up a cloud, Mainspring runs, I admit to myself VKat isn't going to get to charge this turn, and he sprints to threaten next turn. VVelocity durdles by goal as well, Smoke moves up, copies Harry's AoE, and ends up with fire on all engineers but Mainspring and Compound, and then teleports back to safety of flask. Colossus trundles up, and Vitriol takes the opportunity to generate momentum off of him. It does me no good though as I get a 1, and he wins first turn! Round 2 - Compound starts by passing the ball to Ballista, who dodges up 4" to be in line with ratchet. Now I get greedy and send VKat in looking to splash some damage around, and although he takes a huge chunk out of Ratchet, he still didn't Witness me away so is now a huge target. He sets up a big scrum around VKat with Collossus (who also knocked Crucible down at some point), Ratchet and while Velocity tries to body block Ballista with push dodges, there is still a gap. With Ballista tooled up, and VKat is singled out and KD, Ballista is easily able to take him out. (0-2) Crucible is set up in a position such that he doesn't want to remove conditions, or can only afford to on Ballista. Harry saves some face, KDing Ratchet and Ballista, where the pall scatters onto Collossus who doesn't snap it! This is big I feel since Colossus is a good ball carrier, and so Smoke spends her activation getting the ball to Velocity using my plot card to ensure it. Mainspring and Flask talk mascot things. Somehow I'm up on momentum? I think my opponent could have farmed another 4 from Vkat before he killed him? Oh well, I'll take it. Round 3 - VKat comes back on on the right, just in charge range of Colossus. Harry starts things off by taking out Ratchet, (2-2) and pushing Ballista 4" into range of Crucible. However since he isn't poisoned or fired, he could have spent his one momentum and had a decent activation with the captain. But he waits a turn with Compound, so I spread some posion love with Smoke's legendary, getting everyone but Compound poisoned, on fire, or both. So now Ballista has a meager activation of second wind, dead bolting Crucible away, and minefield. This allows me to set up my entire team around Colossus, who is barely able to KD harry with his activation. My opponent clocks out here, as do I after a few activations, which speeds things up, but the writing is on the wall. Vitriol is close enough to the goal that she sprint to be outside of Compound's 6 inches of bad, and even with VVelocity can get the goal. (7-2) She knee sliders back into crowding out Colossus, and VKat comes in for a pile of damage and KD. (9-4) I win the turn and... Round 4 - Start with VKat who Witness Me! Colossus off the board! (13-4) Alchemists 12 (Ratchet, Colossus (Witness Me), Vitriol Goal, Clock*2) - Engineers 4 (VKat, Clock*2) Crucible was fun. I think my opponent had a rough turn 3 ballista activation, caused by Crucible. Her 4" dodge at end of turn is amazing! I need to work on my VKat timing, but Harry is the man of the match and saves my game. I'm feeling better with Smoke, I'm glad I holstered her legendary on turn 1 and 2. Vitriol is key like usual, she was scrumming it most of the time this game, but between her and Smoke I feel like I have a guaranteed goal at some point. Big key to this game is that I got to leverage my whole team in the mid field, while my opponent kept 2 back near the goal. Also huge shoutout to him for letting me move VKat a smidgen back out of Compound's Counter charge range at one point. It's one of those things that I got annoyed at myself for having to ask for. A lesson to learn in the game, but also in how to be a gracious opponent. Lucky to have him as a practice partner.
  6. I wouldn't dairy to guess what they've got planned, but I assume truffles has that market cornered. Still, a sugeggstion doesn't hurt. No farm no fowl.
  7. I'm excited for Corny puns in the play names!
  8. Great write ups, nice to see some reports with the new figures. I'm excited to get some games in with them. I think the second game was all but over when Rage got taken out first turn having done nothing. Was that due to your opponent not realizing that he was in Bear Murder range? Or did he just have no options with him?
  9. Continuing with some better photos of my Alch's. The Dundle Bot - Flask Ladies man Mercury - something something Burning Passion! And my favorite Bruisers... OKat - Most improved player. And "He who passes out free dodges", the indomitable Harry the Hat.
  10. I think she can do it. The question is how fast can she do it, and can she motivate the opposing team to remove conditions so that the momentum race is at least close. VKat helps with the speed, and ostensibly Crucible helps with the momentum. But a 3 goal Midas team might be able to win just that much faster. That said, I'm forcing myself to play her a lot these days, and I'm enjoying it. I don't think I'm doing it particularly well, since after turn 1 I usually fail to put out AoE's for Smoke to manipulate. However there certainly seems to be potential there. It's nice having a captain that isn't and inf hog.
  11. I've been busy assembling my Season 2 hunters. Here is the core box, all pinned and just needing a little Greenstuff before heading to be primed. Oh, and a cheeky little Crucible in the background as well!
  12. Great bases, and I love the tarnished copper.
  13. He is the most efficient speed bump on the team, I'll give him that. And to be fair, he won me a tournament once with the 8" kick. You will just have more aggressive options with other players, or batteries that can contribute in other ways than Dying Slowly.
  14. NBG - 4/14/17 Got in a game with a newer player, fielding Butchers who I have not played in forever. I promised myself I was going to play Smoke and since he didn't have 9 models yet we were forced to set our 6 secretly. I was chosen to receive, and we set our line ups. Alch's - Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Harry, Calculus, VKat Butchers - Ox, Princess, Brisket, Boiler, Tenderizer, Meathook Only snapped a few photos, and won't go into as much detail as my last one, but here we go! Round 1 Ox kicks off and fails the kick. The scatter land conveniently in front of Calculus, who is able to gather it, throw poison at Ox, pass it to Smoke, and free teamwork her way into cover. We burn some activations as I durdle with flask and Harry, and he runs up Butchers. I'm left with Vitriol, Smoke and VKat. I go for an early Legendary with Smoke, who is able to put out a cloud, teleport, Legendary and breeze for 12 damage and poison on everyone but Boiler before passing the ball to Vitriol (who free teamworks up 4) and then sprinting back to where she was. I feel good about the play and the poison, but I really should have been more aggressive with her positioning. She isn't threatening the goal or anything. I then make another big mistake with targeting. VKat has range to Brisket or to Ox if he receives a pass, and Vitriol can touch basically everyone. I end up throwing them both at Brisket. Ox is clearly the bigger threat to my models and will allow me to splash way more damage with VKat. Brisket is really his only goal threat, and easier to kill. But if I can win the brawl, the goals are easy. So Vit ends up passing back to Smoke, smacking Brisket, Boiler durdles up, VKat goes in hard on Brisket but leaves her on 4 (2 after poison). Ox comes into VKat, knocking him down and getting some momentum back, but I'm up on Mom and win first. Round 2 I'm all set up for a great turn. Harry goes first, knocks down Ox, beats him up a bit and gets him off of VKat. Critically gets some Mom as well so VKat can stand up. Ox goes and returns the favor, ending up deep in my lines trying to get away from VKat. Here is where it all goes wrong. VKat is engaged by Brisket who is on 2 health, and with 2 attacks he can't take her out, so no free charge. I move him further into the scrum so atleast boiler can't get a charge, but at this point I'm in trouble. Meathook, then Princess start ganging up on the big guy, and while Vitriol tries to run interference, and Calculus misses a blind, Boiler is able to get a big old pile of damage and momentum which he is able to spend removing conditions and healing. Smoke tries to even momentum out by charging Ox and pushing him away, finally getting up the board a bit, but VKat and Harry both end the turn with 3 health. My early lead in dominating the brawl has collapsed. Round 3 Luckily I win first activation on an even roll. VKat strikes out at the only character left with poison, Princess! I am able to get Witness Me! off for 3 points, but it's a sad trade. 3-2 Ox then deletes Harry and puts up his Aura, so Vitirol is forced to come back and take out the heavily damaged Ox. 5-4. Meathook then beats up Vitriol. That unclearable -1 def is hard! She survives, and Smoke is able to use teleport shenanigans to get a goal. But Brisket (who survived her encounter with VKat) scores one back. 9-8. (Un)fortunately my opponent has clocked out with Brisket, brining me to 10-8. He still has Tenderizer and Boiler left in this turn, and although Boiler brings Vitriol down to 3, the game ends with Tenderizers activation. Alchemists 12 (Smoke Goal, Ox, Princess (Witness Me), 3 from clock) - Butchers 8 (Brisket Goal, Vkat, Harry) Had the game continued it was going to be hard for me to win. Vitriol was going to go down, so it would have been left to a returning Harry and Caculus to fight a battered Meathook and Boiler, or for Smoke to track the ball down again. I had killed the ball to make sure Boiler didn't have a chance to be a hero, but I probably needed to be a little more bold with the kick in to get it to Smoke if the clock win condition was guaranteed. So my poor choice in target for VKat allowed dice to become a factor when VKat couldn't take out Brisket. It was a good learning experience though, VKat needs to go in, get a takeout, and witness me out. 2+ 1 arm becomes a liability fast. Also, keep threatening the ball game. By having Smoke in a better position at the end of turn 1, I could have focused on getting 2 goals instead of worrying so much about the outcome of the scrum in the middle. And I will say that I had a decent chance of evenly brawling with the butchers. If I had managed a take out or two a turn earlier I think I could have dominated the game. I won't get a chance to play this week but I've got Cruicible on the hobby table, and a tournament on May 6th to be thinking about.