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  1. Awesome. I'll contact you when my body is prepared for this.
  2. Yeah I already talked to your HIFish positive guy, I should get over some weekend to play some games and destroy myself. Would just need a place to crash.
  3. Dude, I HAVE to visit Australia. This sounds freakin' amazing!
  4. Hey Cid, good you're finally here!
  5. In my mind this is what life in Australia looks like: Always great to hear you guys. That plus Timmay= Awesome cast. Great to finally have at least one Podcast that's positive about the new Hunters.
  6. Just one quick question. During the Campaign we're supposed to face more than one Miniboss (i.e. the two Gargoyles and then the Titanite Demon). After which one are the transposed Treasures and the rare Treasures shuffled into the deck?
  7. Yeah sure, but there's another miniboss in the Campaign, the titanite demon. My question was, if i shuffle the advanced character specific cards into the loot pile after the second gargoyle or after the titanite demon.
  8. So after the second gargoyle but before titanite?
  9. Good Luck, it was a really positive thing to have you around here. Looking forward to your return, you made the waiting a little shorter for some of us.
  10. Ich hab alle Würfel genau so bekommen wie's auf dem Karton stand.
  11. It won't trigger the Damage if you start on the node with the enemy. For that push you don't get damage. But if he moves on your node after that, you will.
  12. Game arrived yesterday and we immediately started playing. The Borreal Knight was our first Miniboss but we didn't even make it to his encounter. We played the first two lvl 1 encounters and then got totally wrecked by the Sentinel. The second run we just got beaten once by the Winged Knight and after that we straight went through and beat the shit out of the Dancer. We love this game, it's awesome!
  13. Es ist passiert. Meine Frau hat gerade gesagt ich seh glücklicher aus als an unserer Hochzeit. PRAISE THE SUN \[T]/
  14. Danke @arkride. Mein Status ist seit dem 21.4. ready to ship. Vielleicht erwartet mich ja zuhause eine Überraschung, aber das denk ich schon seit ein paar Tagen
  15. Hat sich dein Status währenddessen geändert? Ich hab schon von einigen gehört, dass er die ganze zeit ready to ship war, und dass auch keine Nachricht per SMS kam. Ich hab Hoffnung!
  16. Davon geh ich nicht aus. Hab meine Nummer angegeben aber noch nichts von DPD gehört, Status "Ready to ship".
  17. Naaah, nothing here
  18. Dude, I'm really happy for you. Now I hope the same happened to me and there's a package waiting for me (near Osnabrück).
  19. Hey guys, one of those european guys here who actually likes the new Hunters I feel like you're all a little bit negative on your cast, and to be perfectly honest I think you should play the models before you judge them. At several points in the show you point out how much setup is nescessary to make the new models work, but 10 mins later you say you all love the farmers because they got so much synergy. Made me lough a bit to be honest. I mean guys, at the end of the day Ulfr is still a Striker with a 3/6 kick and WTG, even without any setup that's nothing to sneeze at. Besides that I really enjoy your cast, roll on!
  20. Yeah mine's still ready to ship... No offense, but I'm a little angry that a late backer gets hiscopy before I do. By the way, just curious. Were the delivered versions english ones?
  21. Lucky You. I'm near Osnabrueck, no news yet, still ready to ship.
  22. The Germans don't have their German version. At least I don't, and I cant't remember anyone else. People in the UK are the only ones.
  23. @DC described in another topic how you could replace the dice:
  24. @Replect I feel your pain, bro. Just another unhappy backer from Germany over here...
  25. Wooooow, wait, wait, wait. They scheduled THE WHOLE GAME, including all Add-Ons, for April at first. In the update No 83 they said that the shipping would happen in two waves, the first would likely start in March. Quote: Currently, we are on schedule to start shipping the Core Game one month early - March 2017 - however, due to the sheer scale of the project with production and Chinese New Year, we have decided to split off the stretch goals and Add-Ons into a second wave. Now, some of the UK Bakers got their Core Game by the end of April. Not all, end the whole rest of the world still waits, including people like me who live in Germany, which should be damn close to the hub. Mine's not even shippes, so I'm pretty sure I won't get it before May. I'm pretty pissed as well, not just about the straight up delay (BTW, steamforged seems to avoid this word), but also due to the lack of communication.