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  1. custom printed solthecian team?

    They do look a lot more like you could single-cast them in plastic...
  2. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    It's actually just Rage's tiny little hat.
  3. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    My team that went 3-1 at Swedish Masters (L-W-W-W)
  4. custom printed solthecian team?

    Re-post of what I found.
  5. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

  6. Any guides to making momentum counters?

    Steal a Health dial from a Kick Pff model (Stave)
  7. Re-rolls

    This also matters for the plot card rerolling a scatter. Can you force a reroll after the first reroll?
  8. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

  9. New team for tournament in 11 days

    Sweet bases! Always approve of projects like these.
  10. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

  11. Strongbox in a hat.
  12. Easter Mascot Painting Challenge!

    I'll be painting some sort of egg laying animal. With a hat.
  13. Everything else feels really professional, so Katie/Joe really takes away from that. Kat/vetKat or whatever would be miles better. It felt like the talking was a bit more rushed this time than previously, but that might have been just me and my surroundings too.
  14. https://wmhwtc.wordpress.com/guildball/
  15. Tips & Advice Please?

    Hot lava colour on the bases and black with crackle medium on top of it? And perhaps some warm light from underneath lighting the model?