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  1. Steal a Health dial from a Kick Pff model (Stave)
  2. This also matters for the plot card rerolling a scatter. Can you force a reroll after the first reroll?
  3. Sweet bases! Always approve of projects like these.
  4. Strongbox in a hat.
  5. I'll be painting some sort of egg laying animal. With a hat.
  6. Everything else feels really professional, so Katie/Joe really takes away from that. Kat/vetKat or whatever would be miles better. It felt like the talking was a bit more rushed this time than previously, but that might have been just me and my surroundings too.
  7. https://wmhwtc.wordpress.com/guildball/
  8. Hot lava colour on the bases and black with crackle medium on top of it? And perhaps some warm light from underneath lighting the model?
  9. The only thing I find lacking when playing pure Guild is you don't really have a good spot for all your INF in a scrum. I like to have Harry/A&G for somewhere to put 4 INF and get good use of all of it in a scrum. Our Captains and Vitriol really don't like to be there and I play mostly vKatalyst, so Katalyst as a Brawler option is out.
  10. Avarisse is on low health and KD'd and wants to advance and hit someone for Momentum. Can he both Take a Breather to clear KD and later in the same activation benefit from Come on Mate from Greede to either heal or shake a potential KD from a Counter Attack?
  11. Would Pat understand going to eleven without the link? And Jordan almost sounded like a real person in this episode!
  12. I play almost the same five, but with A&G instead of Mist, as a Striker and a "Pusher" in one. Works well with either Captain too.