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  1. Not my Guild, but maybe you can kidnap the ball with high-ARM players. Maybe Mash, near Esters and with Hopper's Tough Skin, or Stoker also with Tough Skin. A 3 ARM player in cover makes impossible to a TAC 4 player to steal you the ball without a Charge. Besides, Mash has a 2" melee UM, which is very defensive. Other form of killing the ball is using Quaff to walk away all you can. Take the ball, Second Wind yourself and flee 12" towards a flank (14" if you sprint, plus other MOV boosts you can get). It's influence intensive, but maybe you can get the time you need to get some TOs.
  2. Dene is not a mascot, but a player, like Seenah.
  3. -I don't think you need that randomness in Tracker. 2 INF for this Attack is enough cost, even with all the possible benefit you can get. I have an alternative idea maybe you may like: Tracker (CST 2, RNG 4"): This model immediately declares an attack against the target enemy model and gains [+3] TAC for each net-hit this TN test generates (up to [+6] TAC) and for the duration of the attack. In other words, you can make the TAC boost dependant of the net-hits you get with the TN test, and place an upper bound to limit it. You can change the values to fix the maths if needed. Thus, you don't feel you are wasting the INF AND you put enough randomness to the Play. -Marbles have Go Ape!, that it's a limited Counter Charge (she needs to stay close to Brick to enable it). Not so overpowered for a mascot I think. -The problem with Pack Hunter is that you get, with one activation, a charge from Dene plus all the stuff the first model were able to do. You get a free movement, a free attack and the nuisance of the presence of a 2" melee model to an esnared enemy. Maybe the Dene's charge won't get too much (as you well explained), but these three things are really good enough. One form to balance the trait could be forcing to pay an additional cost to activate it (like Bonesaw's Football Dervish). -I looked closer to Keokuk and the sum of all its capabilities will be a black hole to almost every striker of the game. If you get the cover from his forest, you get 3 ARM and the enemy suffer [-1] TAC. Strikers has mostly TAC 4, so it's impossible they can escape from Keokuk with an Attack. Then, Keokuk gets a very dangerous Parting Blow if someone tries to dodge him, thanks to Stranglehold: he has a KD in 3rd column, a T at 2nd column, and TAC 7 (5 + 2 of Parting Blow). Some strikers can dodge with plays, but with melee 2", Stranglehold and the KD trap, makes the attempt a useless one. Add the Drag to the equation and other of the best defenses of the strikers is blown: their mobility. You don't have to pursue and engage them, only walk and Drag. The only Keokuk's weaknesses to try to escape its gravity are KDs and pushes, and strikers are not famous for doing that. Maybe, you have to soften a little this guy. And you are right, 3 INF cost to Log Trap is a fair one. PD: Sorry for any odd expression or mistake, English is not my native language.
  4. The free charge is too strong. If Navo charges, even with all these assumptions, you will only get 8 dice (4 for charging, + 2 for Singled Out + 1 for Gang Up from Dene +1 for Assist (Dene)), not 14. PD: Try to translate "Nabo" from spanish. I can't take seriously this player, XD.
  5. I see some things: -I don't like the Tracker CP, too much random. You are already paying 2 INF for an Attack, forcing you to also make a TN test to enable it is too much cost. I think it would be better in this way: Tracker (CST 2, RNG S): Choose an enemy model within [4"] of this model. This model immediately declares an attack against the chosen enemy model and gains [+6] TAC for the duration of the attack. Other thing you have to explain is how other models interact with this CP. Do you apply Ganging Up and Crowded Out modifiers? -I would change the Keokuk's Nature's Cloak heroic play: Nature's Cloak: Place a [3"] AOE in contact with this model. This AOE is forest terrain. This AOE is removed in the End Phase. With this, you expand its range a little, you can use the forest to block some LOS but you lose the insta-cover (at least if Keokuk doesn't move later inside the forest). I think it's a bit more interesting. -Dene's Pack Hunter trait is too much powerful. You are allowing an out of its activation Charge. Counter Charge allows a Charge as a reaction, but only if the enemy wants. Pack Hunter does it only if a friendly model snares or bleeds someone (a very easy exploit to Hunters). For a mascot, this trait would be awesome, very thematic, but for a player it's too much brutal. Sorry if I can't express correctly my point. -Keokuk's Log Trap is too much expensive. You are paying 3 INF for a situational 3 DMG and a KD condition. I think 2 INF is better.
  6. One question, guys: do you know if, when you use vHearne's Last Light, you are forced to spend only Momentum to pay the CP you want to use? The CP says you may spend Momentum instead of Influence, but this doesn't imply you have to spend only Momentum to pay the costs. If, with Last Light, you can mix Momentum and Influence to pay CPs, its usefulness increases a lot (more capability to choose).
  7. Yes, if you change Ulfr's card by Jaecar's (and changing some trait names), Ulfr would fitted thematically in the team much better.
  8. Surely, Skatha will have one or two more surprises than SFG have shown us. Normaly, captains have between two and three CP, and we only have seen one of them (plus some more traits). Ulfr (how have we to pronounce its name?) maybe has another CP (I think we have already seen all his traits), so more excitement for this next Friday!!
  9. You can actually Pass the snowball and then, activate a Teamwork (if the Pass is succesful). It's more like a Quick Time, but with a more risk/reward feeling.
  10. Assuming he has a 5" base movement, his goal threat could be: 5" from Midnight Offering + 2" from Fast Ground + 7" from its own Sprint + 2" from Fast Ground again + 4" from a Teamwork of the real ball + 4" from a Teamwork of the snowball + 1" from attacking to someone with a frost-token + 2" from Blood Scent + 6" from its own kick distance + 4" from Where'd they go?= 37" It's funny!! PD: +4 of Where'd they go?, I forget it!!
  11. According to the rulebook, the fast ground benefit can be gained once per Advance. So, you can get the benefit twice with Zarola's Midnight Offering.
  12. One question, if Skatha has both the real ball and the snowball, and an enemy gets a Tackle result (from a counter or a parting blow), which ball does the enemy take?
  13. So, the clue is that both players activate simultaneously, not sequentially (you can activate Greede first, then Avarisse, and finally Greede again). I am aware A&G always have brought odd mechanics to the game. I think it's the first example of simultaneous activation in the game, so it's normal this detail skipped to regular guys, XD.
  14. Hi everyone! I don't understand how A&G can get that goal threat. Assuming Greede is attached to Avarisse, Avarisse has the ball-marker and max INF (3 in total). Then, Avarisse makes a Sprint (7" // 1 INF) and detach Greede with the ball (Greede's base as distance won // free INF). Then Greede makes a Sprint (6" // 1 INF), uses his "Where'd they go?" Character Play (4" // 1 INF), and finally makes the Kick (6" // 1 INF). Adding all the distances you have (7+1+6+4+6) 24" of goal threat for 4 INF, indeed, but there is some problems in the calculation. First of all, Greede isn't in the Pitch so he can't generate INF nor you can allocate INF on him (page 19 on rulebook, allocating INFLUENCE). You can't get the 4 INF you need to make the move. Furthermore, Greede can only leech INF from Avarisse to a maximum distance of 6 inches, so if he goes too far, he won't be able to make the kick. With the same assumptions, Avarisse makes a Sprint, detach Greede with the ball, Greede makes a Sprint and finally Kicks. 3 INF on Avarisse and 20" goal threat (not bad). If Greede begins the turn on the Pitch, then he can't take profit of Avarisse movement and he is impeded with Avarisse bubble yet. If he reattach to Avarisse, he finishes its activation (is Greede who make the action of reattaching, not Avarisse), and, even if you detach him later in the same turn, he will not be activated again until next turn. The only solution I see is Zarola's "Midnight Offering" on Avarisse with a attached Greede. In this way, you win 4 extra inches, but at the cost of 2 INF or a BotSF, implying more complexity on the play. Have I made any mistake?
  15. Thanks for the reply.